1120 Park Avenue Petaling Jaya

1120 Park Avenue

1120 park avenue



1120 Park Avenue

This medium cost condo locate in old klang road, should be near the light industrial area. Look at the design similar to one high end condo. Guess is what? Is look like the taman desa papillon desahill. Actually is the same developer, no wonder the design look so similar. The price really no bad, as only start from RM 162,000 and 4 and 1/2 year no need to pay interest. Really so attractive, however not much previous property by this developer.

The Exterior design really nice, look like highend condo design. If the property can successfully built ,definitely the price can appreciate a lot. It consist of 1120 units, so the name also call 1120 park avenue. The price i guess until the last phase can goes up to RM 250,000 for 1 smallest unit. So have a visit for the show room now.

4 type of units: 1193sqf, 1020sqf, 870sgf (s1) and 870sqf(s2)

Development background

1120 Park Avenue

1120 Park Avenue is developed by 1120 Park Avenue Sdn Bhd while the project is managed by Peter’s Holdings Sdn Bhd. Peter’s Group of Companies has been incepted since 1973 and is involved in property development with the completion and sales of over 6,000 units of mixed residential, commercial and industrial properties.
Those interested in registering for a unit at 1120 Park Avenue can email 1120@petersb.com.my, call (603) 7782 9988 or visit the official website at www.1120parkavenue.com.

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  1. Great Blog! This looks like a good buy!

  2. i got to know this a month ago, b4 they started advertising it.
    i called them & registered. but until now, they didn’t call me up. maybe the demand is very2 good. =)

  3. just booked one… the sales office is now opened and people have been making booking…

  4. Have taken some of the photo on the show room but not very sharp. I have check with one of my architect friends. He say for high rise is more safety compare to terrace house if built on ex-mining land. As high rise need to do piling, so it will pile until the hard land. However for terrace house only do floating, so when the sand moving the wall will crack.

    This is just want i heard from my friend, may be the explanation not so detail. If you are the engineer may be you can explain more detail.

  5. Hi,

    Can anayone share the layout plan for this 1120 Park Avenue Project? and does this project build on solid land or ex-mining land?

  6. Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

    the picture taken from 2001, the land is squarter area. The brochure also not given the layout plan.

  7. Thanks.

    I am not sure if this is an ex-mining land or solid land. Because based on 2008 satellite, the site seems like ex-ming land with 2 ponds around that area. Also, in the show unit the SA told me that that is solid land but when I called to the sales office yesterday, a malay lady told me is “tapak perlombongan”. But i am curious with the malay lady as she seems not really firm with her answer.

  8. the 2008 satellite you see the pond could be the after demolition the squarter area and after raining become the pond. However from my architect friends answer. If the condo got piling then is not the issue for high rise built on ex-mining land. There is more problem if terrace house built on ex-mining land. because terrace house not piling. So when below sand is moving the wall will crack.

    I already not worry about the ex-mining issue. I just worry the environment there, and hope the PJS to kesas new road will be ready on next year. The PJCC can be completed soon. Also the Taylor university in PJS7, will the student rent the place here.

  9. From the floor plan that you have attached, that is Tower one right? and Type M is facing south right? (my direction is not good) I have visited the show unit on last Friday. I just can;t recall.

  10. Yes correct the one that i attach is tower A. Tower B is other way looking.

  11. i called today. only 10% unit left.

  12. yes, surprisingly only 7 days 400 units being sold. May be really reasonable price in this area. The price start from RM 180,000 but free 2 car park. one car park other place sell RM 15,000. 4 and half year free interest rate. Estimate can save RM 13,500. So the actual price only RM 151,500. That’s why is sell like hot cake. So wait and see how much it well appreciate on phase 2.

  13. I am interested to get a L-Unit. Not sure if still available or any cancelation from the buyers (if their loan is not approved).

  14. then you should check with the agent ask them to hold for you if any unit loan not approve.

    Heard from other buyer mention not more than 25 units on yesterday. Somemore is very low floor.

    If any buyer what to let go your unit may be can inform stephanie.

  15. Thanks. I saw u help to leave a message in lowyat forum. Ye… i have booked a M-Type unit and my brother keen on getting a L-Type unit.

  16. My bf booked a S2 facing W
    I like the sun rise in the morning!
    But some how, units are sold out real fast
    we only manage to get S2, 1st floor

    would like to have a L-Type as well,
    but anyway, when considering working @ Cheras area,
    don’t think we want to stay there…
    as investment..S-type will do????

  17. wow so rich PS, same time expected to get two units?

  18. i booked type S1 870 sf tower B 15th floor unit no 2.
    thinking of cancelling the booking.
    do they refund the money?
    any panelty imposed?
    any taker interested?

  19. mzmz, why u want to cancel?
    as far as i know, the developer salesperson told me that if we want to cancel, they will refund rm1500 only to us. 500 burnt

  20. rohaniah. tq for yr concern
    I am applying for a job oversea
    cant commit for this property.

  21. But I heard from other people explain if the loan not approve from two bank can get 100%. MAy be you are different situation. As you are not apply any loan. So need to deduct RM 500.

  22. This morning try to search the 1120 park avenue but couldn’t find the lowyat group discussion forum. There is many information need to be follow and discuss. So I paste a link here for easy to retrieve. As my website still show on first page.


  23. Dear All, you can continue discuss here about the status. Regarding the S&P, construction period, loan not approve refund how much? As I know the low yat forum already not in the first page.

  24. Hi mzmz, im interested on the unit that u may wanna drop. May i know which floor is yr unit and which facing is it? Thanks.

  25. kevent.
    you miss the boat already.
    i already got the replacement buyer!
    anyway u can register yr name for next phase, price 10% up
    good luck

  26. Hi, I’m not 100% sure so didn’t bother to call the sale office. Can anyone here tell me what is the typical price (non-bumi) for type S1 and M? Thanks 🙂

  27. beautylicious | December 27, 2009 at 12:17 pm |

    According to the sales person, the price for phase 2 is up 20%! So to speak, for type S1 & S2, price is >200k, type M, price is >240k and type L, price is 260k. I somehow think that it is abit over priced for phase 2 as we must bear in mind that there are certain risk that we should bear, if anything goes wrong within the construction period, you will still need to bear the installment. Location wise in PJS1 is rather convenient, but I don’t really like the surroundings, I saw run down shoplots and old residential houses. the sales person will definitely sweet talk you but we must really be rational before making any decision. Good luck!!

  28. If the price of 1120 park avenue really increase 20%, i think is still not over price. For example the price of smallest type 870sqf after increase 20% price will be RM 218,400. I assume phase 2 still have 2 car park and 4.5 years free interest. After deduct 1 extra car park cost RM 15,000 and free interest period around RM 16,380. The actual price of the house only cost RM 218400-RM 16,380-RM 15,000 =RM 187,020. Especially next year 2010 most developer already mention the price will be increase.

    For RM 187,020 if you manage to find a condo in PJ proximately 870 sqf please let me know.

  29. Hi all, Happy New Year!I had bought a M-size unit at 1120 Park Avenue face west. The unit there all selling very fast. Suppose I want to get the face south unit but just few second late, the unit sold already, so I take the unit next to it. For me, i think the location is good enough and worth with the price. I believe the price there will goes up in future. Anyway, I buy for my own stay because it is near by PJ, the place im currently stay.

  30. Yes, finally my loan was approve. Going to sign the S&P by this week.

  31. My loan only approved 80%, how about u guys?

  32. mine approve 90% from PBB

  33. congrats WC!! Now stop buying, unless u sell first. =)

  34. Thanks Azman. Haha, then have to wait for 3 years.

  35. really can wait for 3 years…? hehehe…

    anyway, congrats for your buy

  36. Is it worth to buy for investment purpose? I am referring to rental market. I went survey and the floorplans are indeed impressive for the price.

  37. try sell villa park condo la.. nearing completion right?

  38. Without furnish
    Sri Manja Court = RM 850
    Zamrud Apartment = RM950
    Sri Jati = RM 800
    Pearl Point = RM 1000

    If after completed and with all the facility that developer mention. The rental estimate can be RM 1,100 – RM 1,300. If come with full furnish estimate RM 1,500 – RM1,800.

  39. Hi Azman,

    Yes the villa park should complete on feb and hand over to buyer on june. If the price is good will sell it off and invest other place.

  40. Just heard from some friends who did go around that area to inspect. Apparently there is a factory nearby consistently emitting smelly gas on a weekly basis. Apart from that, even though mytotall has emphasized on “not really a concern” on the general concern on the land being an ex-mining land, it is still bothering. Reason being that this developer has some history of low quality development in the past, even though I believe the reputation turned over with the success with Papillion.

    Man…I am so confused now. The thing is, if we were to buy the 2nd phase with 10% – 20% increase in price, it is going to very painful and definitely more difficult to sell out if competing with those in phase 1.

  41. Hi Stace,

    I think I have mention before, for ex-mining land is not the issue for condo if doing proper piling. Is only effected to landed property, because terrace not need to do piling.

    Definately phase 1 user will have more power compare to phase 2 no matter of lease or subsale. However you have to justify your self. If similar condition of condo can you get some where else. Recently a new condo call one damansara but the actual location is in sungai buluh(but no so deep). Is selling RM 165,000++.

    So we still have to wait on friday what is their offer. I believe may be the first 300 buyer for phase 2 still can get better offer, they might increase the price again if they hit the quota. So decide your self.

  42. Taylor campus will moving to PJS 7 on 2010. Although the distance to our condo is 5 km but the subang ss16 all the expensive condo also 5 km distance. Suriamas need about 2 km but rental also expensive. You wull see recently many people let go the unit of suriamas. Because the Sunway business center the taylor student most people already move to new campus. If both place also need to take cab might choose a cheaper rental. So 1120 park avenue is the only option, tental might be RM 2000 for full funish.

    Do I think too much?

  43. haha WC. it isn’t wrong to think like that, but keep your expectation low ok? otherwise u might be disappointed later.

    yours is 1120 PA vs mine is Titiwangsa Sentral. let’s hope these 2 will do well when it’s completed.

  44. wow great Azman, Titiwangsa sentral should appreciated RM 100,000 for beginning buyer.

    Of course i will think the worst and best situation. Anyway thank for the advice.

  45. Students will just move to Puchong with more cheaper apartment/condos, More establish township, more anemities, shops, shopping mall (IOI Mall, Jusco, Tesco, Giant), life style retail (Setia Walk + IOI Boulevard), more food outlet, and LRT on the way.

    Since goin to 1120 PA and Puchong also need to pass toll, both way equally jam at Sunway – LDP interchange and Sunway toll, thus not much different interms of cost and distance.

  46. 1) establish township – have u visited oug, happy garden, tmn desa, kuchai lama and etc township along old klang road?
    2) shops – try to visit above mentioned township
    3) shopping mall – midvalley + the gardens and sunway pyramid + sunway carnival doesn’t better than ioi mall?
    4) food outlet – have visit kuchai lama and happy garden, oug already?
    5) Since goin to 1120 PA and Puchong also need to pass toll, both way equally jam at Sunway – LDP interchange and Sunway toll, thus not much different interms of cost and distance. – are u out of ur mind? after sunway toll the road is far smooth than the road after puchong toll. can’t u see how jam is the road in front of ioi? some more now have ioi boulevard, definitely extra jam. dare u to say not much different in term of distance.

    wonder where jean come from which hometown and started to work in kl or does familar enough about old klang road..

  47. im so confused now. the area is not so secure.

    please advise me the pros of the area. i booked 1 unit type s2, loan havent approve but after the booking i heard many cons about the area.

    please help me

    this is my first investment and i dont want it to be a bad experience

    thank you

  48. you have to realize the person that advised u. everybody come a mouth and have rights to speak. do a background check of them before u take their words.

  49. den I believe you still need to atleast drive for another 5 KM for food, township and mall heh…. For puchong, everything is within less than 2KM.. 2 cinema summore.. heh… good luck.. Time will tell.. dun be too sure… mytotally, sorry for the messy comment, I am just putting myself in the shoe if I am a Taylors student..

  50. For students, major key is convinience~

  51. yes jean, time will tell and we both will see of course.

  52. Hi waikiki,

    How much is the purchase price of your unit. I assume RM 215,888, after rebate 7.5% RM 16,191 and 1 car park RM 15,000. The condo will be cost RM 184,697.

    Like jean and resident also have their idea and comment. For renting to taylor student definately is not my only reason. Of course there are better area for them.

    Based on the rental market around there is price
    Without furnish
    Sri Manja Court = RM 850
    Zamrud Apartment = RM950
    Sri Jati = RM 800
    Pearl Point = RM 1000

    That why the price i estimate without furnish can be rent around RM 1,100 to RM 1,300.

    Wakiki is the first time invest on property, i believe the budget is limited. In petaling jaya with similar condition with price RM 215,888 is a bit difficult to get now. Especially in year 2010 definate all the property price will going up again. So 1120 park avenue consider good investment.

  53. Hi waikiki,

    I was having the same dilemma when buying my 1st property investment. For 1st investment property, here are my advices:

    – know the location inside out. maybe u’ve worked there or lived there or maybe u’re always there cos your friends/relatives are living there.
    – know what do u want from the prop. is it about cap appreciation/rental? For condos normally is rental. what do u expect from the rental? do u want to have +ve cf every mth or don’t mind –ve cf as long as it helps u to finance your loan (normally this is for landed).
    – get info as much as possible on the future plan in that area. for under-con props, u’re buying for the future; current situation is almost irrelevant. try google a lot, maybe u can find some news for that area.

    Risk of abandonment is always there for every project; be it Talam or SP Setia.
    How long have u been scouting for your 1st property? I spent almost 1 yr & visiting more than 20 showrooms b4 I made my 1st buy.
    For me, the most important thing is try not to lose sleep over it.

    Investment always depend on your own targets; not others. Others can say what they want; some may have high targets, some may not.
    Good luck, my friend.

  54. Hi Guys,

    Thanks for the comment. I extended the S&P dateline to next tues. Hope it can bear me more time to think of it.

    The lawyer will charge me RM3K for the loan agreement, im gonna ask for more discount. They are just doing some paperwork and then got 2K. Haih…

    Renting to students will secure the rental field, but the environment will be different. hehe.

    Well, let see if i can makeup my mind and purchase this very first time property..its hard as im a 50/50 mindset guy..

  55. 70 units left as at 28 Jan 2010 since phase 2 launched.

  56. hi waikiki,

    like you, i was also 50/50 about the development. but after talking to some property investors, they reckon it’d be good, especially for 1st time buyers like us.

    if you don’t mind me asking, have you got the lawyer to do the loan agreement? which lawyer did you end up using? and how much did he charge you?

    if you haven’t done it yet, we can group together, pay cash, possibly get a discount?

  57. Hi Tim,

    U can get 40% discount from the legal. That’s the best they can offer. for 198k loan, the legal fees will be 2700.

  58. The law firm just called me today to pay the loan agreement fees – RM3338.95. Both I and my brother ( property agent ) are surprised to know the loan agreement fees is not covered by the developer. Shit. Need to fork out the money

  59. My unit is M-size phase 2 (RM260k) Loan 90% from OCBC

  60. Hi Victor,

    Buying a house developer will do a S&P agreement and you need to pay the laywer fee. As the fee already absorb by the developer. Then you borrow a loan from bank and need to do a borrow loan agreement and you need to talk to the bank whether got zero cost or got lawyer fees charges. OF course if they charge you lawyer fee the rate plan will be better. However currently not many bank will absorb the lawyer fees, except few bank like public bank.

  61. THE link to Old Klang Road from the Kinrara-Puchong Inter-change on the Kesas highway is slated to be completed in October 2010.

    At least 20,000 motorists using the route daily will benefit once the link is built through five housing areas between the New Pantai Expressway and Kesas, said Works Minister Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor.

    Shaziman, in making the announcement, said the 120m bridge and 380m road will cost the Federal Government RM13.6mil under the 9th Malaysia Plan.

    THE link to Old Klang Road from the Kinrara-Puchong Inter-change on the Kesas highway is slated to be completed in October 2010.

    At least 20,000 motorists using the route daily will benefit once the link is built through five housing areas between the New Pantai Expressway and Kesas, said Works Minister Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor.

    Shaziman, in making the announcement, said the 120m bridge and 380m road will cost the Federal Government RM13.6mil under the 9th Malaysia Plan.

    Shaziman also said that the Public Works Department (PWD) had been told to recheck reports from the Malaysian Highway Board (LLM) on cracks at the Puchong Jaya Intersection-Damansara Puchong Expressway bridge.

    However, he assured that the cracks were only on the surface and did not compromise the bridge’s structure.

    “Nevertheless, I have instructed PWD to obtain reports from LLM and check again to ensure that the structure and flyover is really safe,” he said.

    He also said that the interim rebate for motorists who use their Touch ‘N Go cards to pay for toll more than 80 times a month will be applicable on all highways.

    “There are some who are unclear and think that it only applies to specific highways.

    “But they can criss-cross on any highway and get the rebate as long as they pass more than 80 times per month,” he said.

    He added that the Economic Planning Unit was still studying the system with the toll concessionaires and would present the findings to the Cabinet once it was completed.

    from the star


  62. anyone wants to sell hiw/her unit (phase1)?
    contact me: mr.oys@hotmail.com

  63. Hi guys,

    i just bought a unit at 1120 yesterday. Not many choices were left, but my unit is facing West >.< And it's at Tower 3. 1st time buyer here as well 😛

  64. Hi guys,

    i bought a unit at 1120 Type L phase 2, Tower 4. 1st time buyer. 🙂
    a lot of people saying that this condo a bit high density. What you all think?

  65. Hi newbiw, I am also a first time buyer. I also bought a medium phase 2 house there. Since already bought, don’t think so much. Just prayed hard it will have no problem and can complete the construction.

  66. Ha, Victor agree with you. The hair already get wet, and no turning back. Just hope eveyhting is working fine. As you survey now most of the project already more than 1000 units. However 1120 got two exist and two facility area. I will say not really high density, just worry a bit difficult to control. Especially collect the maintainance.

  67. Thanks Victor and mytotall for the advice. Lets pray that everything go well. 🙂

  68. hi all,

    i am now applying loan for UOB, OCBC, SC and HSBC.

    OCBC approve my loan within 2 days. very fast. the rest no news.

    Need advice from all the sifu here. Which bank you think is the best?

    SC locking period start from sign offer letter.
    OUB OCBC full flexi loan o.

    everyone got their pros. how to choose?

  69. I also applied 4 banks as well – UOB, OCBC, SC and HSBC. OCBC is the fastest. Thus I took its loan.

  70. public bank is good, but the lock in period is start from property completed time, so it could say 8 years of lock in period. I get BLR – 2.1

  71. FYI,
    no more public bank now. phase 2 only SC,OCBC, UOB and HSBC.

  72. Hi all,

    I’m thinking of getting a unit there as well. Are you guys buying it for own stay or investment?

  73. better fast and not much unit left, if going there please ask when the piling will start.

  74. waiting for my loan to be approved…will make downpayment once loan is approved. What do you reckon, are most people buying this property for own stay or investment?

  75. I got a few friends some buy for own stay and some for investment. Even got a friend told me is still waiting buying a house. In few more year definately cannot buy any property in klang valley. That is true as you see this year most of the project launching and the price is super high. Condo miniumum start from RM 250,000 in klang valley. Most people now buying property is for investment that why it push the property price higher. If want to wait another two years the price can goes up to RM 350,000 and above.

  76. Thanks for your comments. The only setback for this project is the surrounding area which put me off a little. Guess I need to overcome this factor if I’m gonna purchase a unit. Also, I’m a little worried with the quality that the developer will deliver for this project 🙁

    Hey, what do u think of the new condo coming up at kota kemuning called Lagoon Suites? Am also thinking of that one which I’m more confident with since the developer is Gamuda…What do u think?

  77. Still haven’t search for the lagoon suite but kota kemuning i think is a bit far from kl city. Unless you buy for own stay. For investment i think need more years only can appreaciate.

    surrounding area i am not worry so much, as mont kiara surronding also is a malay kampung, but still manage to sell for rm 350,000 ++ for 500 sqf. The most important is the location, it is quite near the main road so easily you can rent for rm 1,000 for empty unit. If you survey the OUG parkson the near by apartment the rental is around rm 800 – RM 1,000 for empty unit.

    Although the site nothing is happen but i still confident the project can be complete on time.

  78. guys,

    i just booked type S1 a few days ago. I got RM 218K for 14th floor, the corner unit. The price is 10% higher from the first phase but you will get free 2 aircond unit and 2 shower screen (according to my lawyer upon signing the papers) 😉

  79. Went to make booking today and told by the SA that piling work would be starting sometime this week.

  80. mytotall | May 4, 2010 at 1:00 am |

    hi filter,

    thanks for the update. hope they will promise what they say.

  81. Any idea if they have started piling?

  82. mytotall | May 6, 2010 at 6:45 am |

    Not yet but i think they will start soon, may be this month. My public bank all the loan file need to trasfer to old town public bank. I think because of the easy manage as the special 4.5 year interest free. So i think developer going to bill bank already for the first payment.

  83. As I met up with the banker today to sign my loan agreement and he told me that the developer will most likely start work in June…

  84. 1120 buyer | May 23, 2010 at 2:47 am |

    currently developer start build shops house near our condo land..our condo nothing progress yet..:=(..what their plan?build shops house first and then condo?

  85. dilemma buyer | May 24, 2010 at 7:09 am |

    I went to their sales gallery ystdy. The type L only left one last unit which is on the ground floor Tower 4 facing morning sun, selling at RM297k. The type L unit really looks spacious esp the living hall. Love it that they have a maid room which can be converted into a store room. The sales person told me that they started doing pilings. I actually went to check out the area myself, the land is huge easily 9acres. But the surrounding is a lil off, mostly malay residences and looks more like a malay area (no offense, but im more used to a chinese area). The shoplots looks rundown too. Am still in a dilemma to buy here or kuchai avenue sinve its freehold and its a chinese neighbourhood. Any advises?

  86. Compare of location of course Kuchai Avenue will be better. Kuchai Avenue is the mixed development the electric and water will be more expensive. But Kuchai Avenue already sub sale, of course the price will be more expensive. Of course if for own stay i will choose Kuchai Avenue, the place more conveniant. 1120 park avenue the surronding area is malay kampung, but i feel is ok. The location is not so deep. So going to PJ and sunway still very convenient. Potential of appreaciation still very hard, however already 6 months of sales and units almost sold out but no work in the site.

  87. dilemma buyer | May 26, 2010 at 5:15 am |

    Thats weird then. The units there are selling like hot cakes but no progression on the construction yet? Sound dodgy. My only concern now is the Developer. Has anyone here done any background search on the developer? I only heard that Papillion is one of their project.

  88. i plan to buy type M face east at tower 5 floor 3.It worth to buy or not?It got any pros and cons?Next time it easy to sell out or not?
    Cos I m first time buy house.Can give some advice?

  89. The project is worth to buy, if not it wouldn;t sold off in two weeks for phase one. However the developer still not start any construction now make us worry. The developer should be ok, just curious why they not start piling. Already 6 months, they only have another 2 and half year to complete the 5 storey condo. Can they able finish on time, is a question.

  90. It is worth if you buy the 1st phase – cheap. Phase 2 is already like market price, I am late, thus can only bought Phase 2.( M )

    To correct mytotall, it is not 5 storey condo, i guess is typo error, shall be more than 10 storey, can’t remember exact hos many storey

  91. vic, my totall most probably giving comment in a hurry, I suppose he mean 5 blocks of condo instead of 5 storey 🙂

  92. no more choice already.Just got few unit there. i choose the type M level 3 tower 5. is tat worth to buy?is tat too low level?few year later difficult to sell in good price or rent out?Cos i buy for invest or rent out.Can give some opinion..

  93. Thanks for jophy to correct me is 5 blocks. How much is the price now for type M? Even the price increase, i am still think the property is worth to invest. after few years what to you think the price of the other new property. Definately will increase compare to now. The location is not so deep and just next to old klang road. You can survey the old klang road apartment rental price around OUG there. The new taylor college in PJS 7, someone will say too far. However compare to sunway the price of 1120 park i think still cheaper. If the tenant willing to take cab. Expected the rented can go to RM 1,800 for full furnish.

  94. Forgot to mention. The site still not yet start anything.

  95. anyone contact the developer to question why work not yet start on the site ? bank-lawyer-developer-gov all one family, we the buyer like orphan

  96. I still waiting loan application status.Got anyone apply loan with Maybank?if got, then Wat the package Maybank offer? May I know can pay the down payment half with cash and half with credit card?Is that developer accept it or not?Got anyone here pay the down payment with credit card?

  97. Hi sktan6,

    Advice you apply few bank rather maybank only. So you can choose the best package. The down payment you need to check with the developer. Normally can but double confirm with them.

  98. thanks.I m the first time buy a house.May i know beside the down payment i need to pay? Still got any fees need pay while sign all document? May I know i still need how much i need to ready while sign all documents beside down payment? Can anyone can tell me how much the estimate for all the fees i need to pay?I m buying type M around in rm250k.

  99. Normally you still need to pay the lawyer fee for the loan. If the package that the bank offer you not zero cost loan. Other than that should be no other charges at the moment. So you need to read 10% = RM 25,000 plus the lawyer year around RM 3,000. My loan is zero cost so no lawyer fee.

  100. you loan from which bank?the maybank say need to pay 0.5% from loan amount for stamp duty..I really no idea with it..

  101. i borrow from public bank, yes you need to pay the stamp duty.

  102. site didnt start piling yet……sigh..

  103. The lawyer firm ravichandran is asking me to pay stamping fee of around 4k. May i ask if stamping fee will cost that much?? Mine is a type L.

  104. I bought 1 unit S type Tower 4 with balcony facing NPE. Can someone please tell me which direction my balcony facing? North?

  105. ur balcony should be facing north

  106. stephy, are you stephy lai?

  107. newbie, Thank you.

    lucky, im not stephy lai.

  108. 1120 buyer | July 1, 2010 at 1:18 pm |

    ellow guys..latest info about our condo project.this week i saw they start piling the condo land..gud progress form them.

  109. Hi 1120 buyer Thanks the good news sharing – piling start

  110. I plan to buy 1 unit there but wonder still available there???

  111. Can anyone tell me still have unit are available? Plan to buy 1 unit…

  112. still available, but unit at lower floor

  113. I just bought one unit 1120 PA type S..building 4 level 4 facing pool :).I hope they can complete within estimate period..i understand from the sales girl that there`s only 50units left..type S & M..and all lower ground and facing housing area…..anyway..i know the location is a bit off coz its a malay area..but i believe in 3yrs time we can see a whole different look in this area..and location is good since it is an easy access to bangsar, PJ and sunway…where can you get those affordable confo in klang valley area nowadays…btw..im not really understand between the low density and high density..anyone knows about sterling condo in KJ..thats consider high or low? i really hope it turn out to be like that condo actually… :P.
    lastly..just hope that the project will complete on time..

    p/s : piling has started :).

    those who are planning to stay there, lets get to know each other cox we gonna end up being a neighbour soon!

  114. hello,

    i will go to sales office on this sunday.
    maybe will invest for one unit.

  115. still have any unit are available???

  116. Overall about 40 units but only on 3rd and 4th floors

  117. this developer also developed that Damai senja apartment-next to 1120pa

  118. but accordingly to those lawyer doing s & p, this dev is not really good , when problem happen, u all will know…..

  119. Hello folk,

    I’ve been to the show units several times and really attacted by their design and most importantly is the attractive financing program. I’ve booked an unit at 5th floor (Type M) facing west (too sad i got to know this property too late, not much choices left for me). However I haven’t signed the SPA yet. I am still looking for a better unit at higher floor or facing pool. Anybody if you know of anyone who want to cancel their booking please kindly let me know soon. Thank you very much!! 🙂

    By the way, this blog is really great! I’ve added it to my “Favorites page”. Is mytotally the webmaster? Thanks a lot for the great job!

  120. hello everybody, i agree with vincemy,why not we also discuss about our condo project at there.more info we can get from there

  121. Hi everyone…i went to their ofis 2 days ago n sadly…there are only 20 units left!all for level 2 and below only lorr.facing shoplots and petronas.i/m not buying it unless if there are anyone who wants to cancel their booking/or shud their loan is unsuccessful.contact me at muncheng_kubi@yahoo.com ok!haha…

  122. aturday October 23, 2010

    Road connecting Taman Kinrara to Old Klang Road opens

    Smooth ride: This 350-metre road is now open.
    A 350-metre road connecting Taman Kinrara in Puchong to Taman Sri Manja in Old Klang Road is open to traffic today.

    The RM13.1mil road is also connected to the Kesas highway.

    The road also connects Jalan Kinrara Seksyen 3 and Taman Sri Manja, near Taman Sri Sentosa to Old Klang Road.

    Yesterday, workers wers still putting the final touches on the road.

    Senior Selangor state executive councillor and Kinrara assemblyman Teresa Kok said the residents from Puchong and Old Klang Road would now have an alternative route instead of using Jalan Puchong.

    “For the past eight years, Puchong residents wanted this shortcut and it is now finally open to traffic.

    “This road will shorten the route to their destinations for many residents,’’ said Teresa, who was present together with Kelana Jaya MP Loh Gwo-Burne.

  123. anyone cancel booking or selling at RM220k for Type M, please mail me whpisy@yahoo.com

  124. anyone cancel booking or selling at RM220k for M-type, please mail me whpisy@yahoo.com

  125. M type for RM220k? Purchase price is not even equal, and break even. Not to mention resale will lose rebate, and penalty for lock in period. Good luck trying to get someone to sell to you at that price 🙂

  126. The property completed the price of 870sqf should be around rm 300,000 and more.

  127. [img]http://bigsale.com.my/images/user/4253/Adv/9960/tesco-the-scott-garden-opening.jpg[/img]

  128. So how the development work at 1120?stop?

  129. 20yrsinsrisentosa | May 30, 2011 at 5:23 pm |

    yes, seen totally stop when passed on my way home. no workers at all, entrances been closed and no lights on the site at nights.

  130. Don’t know the developer can restart the development work.. So worry…Scare the project abandon.:(

  131. is the PJS1 project in the news in 1120? sorry not verry clear on that.
    if yees, what about the buyers?

  132. Nuber One | May 31, 2011 at 10:09 am |

    It will not abandon, is just that the project will not have sound reputation. Flood area and squatters area…fingers cross

  133. Everyday I passed by NPE to work & back home, saw they resume the work last week, the tower cranes are moving & with lights during evening!

  134. all activities is in progress now. :). dont worry. squatter issue had been settled somehow last month.

  135. wahhh.. it is a good news to all buyers 🙂

  136. Just got to know that this project faced stop work order…gosh…I’m first phase buyer waiting for the completion…hoping nothing untoward is gonna happen to this project. Fingers crossed.

  137. I still see construction continue as usual. Many rumours about stop work…but no one seems can provide the proof. Go to the site is the best way to know. Believe your eyes.

  138. 1120 PA buyers’ eyes can even see more and better – the red eyes of the missed 1120 PA project.

  139. I can see the progress getting faster! Good to see that 😉

  140. Seems there are some delay in progressive release by the bank due to incomplete documentation form the developer. Called 1120 but no firm answer. Anybody with updates.

  141. Spoke to developer wrt the completion of Phase 1. They are very confident that it will be completed on time. I hope the rush work will not be at the expense of poor finishes etc. Currently the developer is
    paying for our bank interest. if all goes well, this will turn out to be a very good buy in terms of price and location. When completed , the rate psf should be around RM 350 or more even though it is leasehold.

  142. AL ACCESS SYSTEMS | May 25, 2012 at 4:24 am |

    Dear , Mr. Chairman we are the supplier of door access and Parking barrier for most of the condominium . If you interested in . Maybe upgrading like Long Range Proximity Reader for your barrier access or others you can contact me for a demo . My contact is :-

    Steven Ang
    019 3387 029

    Thank you .

  143. Ready Buyer | July 11, 2012 at 6:59 am |

    Anyone interested to sell their units. looking for a 1193 sq ft unit.
    Currently what is the price now? Understand from developer that their
    last few 1193 sq ft units were sold at more than RM350K.

  144. William Yee who hide own photo on Facebook | July 25, 2012 at 7:01 am |
  145. anyone receive key?

  146. 870 sq ft units Oso going for 330k d la…

  147. I found out from the people who living near by for many years saying its a mining area. first i was quite interested but now i much worry. clarification is very important

  148. Total of 1120 owners had worried what you just started in 3 years ago and now they are getting their house key one after another. Time of clarification is very much important instead. You are in a way far far behind…

  149. Thanks for your marvelous posting! I truly enjoyed reading it, you may
    be a great author. I will make sure to bookmark your blog and will come back later
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    work, have a nice morning!

  150. After 7 years I review this project , luckily I bought it last time.

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