Magna Ville located in Selayang, just 5 minutes walk to the UITM Medical (Under Construction). It will boost up the property value around the area there. The Condo is lease hold, and price from RM 209,000. Do you think worth to invest?

Brochure 1

Brochure 2

Brochure 3

Brochure 4

Gallery uploaded on 11/03/2009

Dear All,

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243 Responses to “Magna Ville”

  1. Worth it kut… I’m still considering… thought of placing my booking soon.. what about you? what do you think?

  2. I didn’t buy because just bought villa park condo three months before. However the brochure mention the rental able to get RM 1,400 this must be include full furniture. Advance if for renting purpose just get the low floor and smaller size should be sufficient.

  3. I’ve placed my booking for a unit at magna ville already!! This is my first time purchase (property)! and I’m looking forward to it for investment/future residence. See how it goes! I hope the rumours abour the developer going through financial problem and trouble with the banks is not true!

  4. Congratulation Marina hope you have a good investment for you new property. Do you apply your loan already? I have apply my loan from public bank for my two properties. Their rate may not the lowest, but after 3 years you can ask them to review the rate again.

    One of the property loan when 3 years back is BLR + 0.25. So after 3 years I ask them to review again now they able to offer BLR – 1.5 . I really save a lot.

  5. Hey! I’ve tried to track this blog but couldn’t!! No worries, I bookmared it already.. ahahha!!! I’ve just sign the Loan agreement with RHB last week.. I’m gettting -1.80% throughout the whole tenure.. not bad aight?? It was suppose to be 2.1%!! they revised it after that… =(

  6. sorry!! it was -1.9%

  7. Have you notice around the area there got an apartment call 162 residency selayang. Nearer to UITM only selling from RM 110,000. In my blog also got list the property. However do you notice UITM itself also got the hostel.

  8. course uitm has its own hostel.. I myself was a uitm student too… anyways, I am pleased with the facilities, layout plan and location of the condo! Just pray the execution is as great as they claim to be. so far no bad. Block B almost done… going to be block A soon

  9. just share with you in shah alarm near subang bestari there will be a help institute campus will build it there. Definate will boost up the price of the property there. Now is the good chance to buy the property in that area. but haven’t visit there yet will go there this weekend and have some reseach.

  10. I wonder the price of magna ville was revised & increased rapidly & heavily for the last few months and now come with lots of offer & discounts. Not really sure its true worthiness especially current global economic condition & last cost increased in construction materials.. Any permit/license required for property discount like sale in the normal shop???

  11. I still remember the first face they launch is only RM 16x,xxx. Now already increase to RM 2xx,xxx. Is because the UITM is around. However UITM it self already got the hostel and nearby got the 162 residency selayang (still got available units). Can refer to my blog i got discuss it before. So if i buy for investment i will choose 162 residency selayang rather than Magna Ville. Unless you are talking about own stay.

  12. Hai ..i have bought a unit in Magna Ville…started to pay my loan as well.I got back my 16% guaranteed rental return ( RM 38560) upon sign up….but i dump the cash as downpayment…the unit that i bought is RM 241000… less my downpayment and booking fee….my loan is RM 200440……..any comment on this??

    have i made a good choice??

  13. So the price of the unit is RM 202440. Actually the developer use a lot of treat to sell their property. For me i think the price there only will cost RM 200,000. They purposly increase the price and say got 16% discount. So people will buy it. I still remember last time they say 16% guaranteed return is you rent out the house and able to get the return. I think now they are changing the concept already. Can any old purchase classify.

    Depend you are own stay or rent out. Of course for own stay, if you like the place then is Ok. But if for investment purpose. The only University is UITM, it self already got hostel and near by got a apartment call 162 residency selayang that i have discuss before .

  14. Is there any license from authority required for a developer to give such discount like the normal license in the normal “sale” in supermarket/mall etc?? This is to ensure that the discount is genuine and not a provocative or purely a marketing strategy. Shortly to say..”cheating customer”.. any expert here can advise?? It will be very useful for all future buyers…

  15. Anyway Passat, what size is your unit, which floor, which block?

  16. Also, can a developer revise & increase price as they wish at any time? Any license or approval from authority required??

  17. I think this is not first time strategic developer was using. There a property in bangsar south, start launching the price is 350++ per sqf, after finish the first block or a limit of unit(can’t remember). The price goes up to 500 ++ per sqf. So buyer must study a lot the area before buying property.

  18. well, now the developer try to mark up the price even in this economic slowdown situation. then, I think they will give special discount again. By the way, the developer set up road show at kuala tererengganu and kerteh ( terengganu ) … Hence, if so good, which still need sell at out of KL area ?

  19. That wht RM 250,000 ++ in selayang area is not worth it. Unless beside got college and big shooping center.
    Unless UITM got foreign student. Foreign student might not want to stay in UITM hostel.

  20. How’s the price now?
    Any increase or decrease maybe?

  21. i just bought one unit in block B around RM250k
    how is the progress oledi?
    heard from the office ii will be completed by year end, dunno how true is it??????

  22. Hi david you buy it for own stay or investment.

  23. Mine is at block A, 1259sf for investment. I took the 16% guaranteed rental i.e. 2 years period. Vacant possession only after 2 years from CF date. You may continue after that to let the developer rent it for you. (I was told that but nothing written in agreement). Hopefully I’ll get the capital appreciation & growth on top of the rental.

  24. Just pass by UITM and the building is almost complete. I think the UITM could be open on this year. If magna ville also completed on year end. So I think is good for the owner to rent out the unit rather holding the unit without tenant.

  25. myotall- i bought it for own stay, maybe will rent out a room for my fren study in uitm

    coolpix- how much u buy ya unit? and how many percent ya bank realease the loan oledi? mine oledi up to 55%.

  26. The selling price is ~320k (1259sf) as Nov. 08. Actual price = deduct: 16% + 0% interest during construction + a little special discount..

    I didn’t take bank loan. I pay cash progressively according to construction completion status as per schedule in the agreement.

    I wonder how much would be the rental rate once fully completed..

  27. I wish we could have more good offer & opportunity for “buyers” especially during this current economic scenario.

    Less demand = more bargain… I suppose…

    May be any expert here can advise..

  28. Wow coolpix you really rich, you manage to settle the payment without borrow loan. Of course they is another matter to settle to loan without paying any interest. Some bank got the flexipayment. Mean if you borrow rm300,000. If the developer ask for 10% you only bank in the 10% money to the saving account. So the borrow loan and saving account is always equal. Then the bank cannot charge you any interest. It only charge RM 10 admin fees monthly.

    Rental rate, i think the range should be RM 1,600 to RM 2,200. because only this figure only cover the loan amount. Unless you are the earliest buyer cost RM 170,000 ++. Then you can rent for RM 1,400 to RM 1,700 also no problem. This only my personal view.

  29. coolpix real rich man~
    me have 30 years burden wif bank
    have 2 work really hard 4 the house~

  30. Well, I’m actually work in Doha, Qatar and might be lucky enough to have a good income package here with considerable surplus (if compared to working in M’sia lah..). So I use that opportunity to avoid bank interest and much longer period of liability.

    Oil & gas has given Qatar a per capita GDP that ranks among the highest in the world.

    Qatar Statistics
    GDP $83.29 billion (2008 est.)
    GDP growth 11.8% (2008 est.)
    GDP per capita $101,000 (2008 est.)

    Malaysia Statistics
    GDP ranking 29th
    GDP $397.5 billion (2008 est.)
    GDP growth 4.6% (2008)
    GDP per capita $15,700 (2008 est.)

  31. So coolpix, do you still working there now. Do you have effected by the economic crisis. Yes a lot of my friend also work in Doha, Dubai or Saudi. You really can earn the money there.

  32. Yup, I’m still here in Doha & will be back home in this June for vacation & also to see the progress of Magna Ville & other new good investment opportunities, if any.

    I’m thinking of commercial/office lot next..

    I’m not really sure about M’sia market at the moment..
    I suppose it’s a good time now for buyer…
    What do you think mytotall??

  33. Construction, banking & other few sectors might had been affected fromthe economic crisis but not really for the oil & gas which I am in…

    Similarly affected for Dubai which is more focus on construction & properties as you know..

    Hi coolpix frankly speaking in klang valley minimum for shop lot cost RM 1 million above. In puchong nearby IOI mall and bandar puteri is very happening place. You might look into the web site for the shop lot just next to IOI mall. IOI mall is the biggest shopping center in puchong. During weekend it always clowded of people visit the place. I believe very easy to rent out.

  35. Just received letter from the Magna management asking deposit of RM610 to be paid for water and electric supply. Is it indicating that the condo will be soon completed? Anyone has an idea when the key can be collected as I am so hesistate to make my renovation, hahhaahah

  36. paid my api air dep today.heard that key hand over will be around sept this year….why very hard to find forum diskas bout this magna ville?

  37. maybe not well-known enough…
    well… you can make a start now to further discuss in this blog..

  38. wanD~
    try this link link~

    or maybe u can make a new post in the forum for us to discuss there.


  39. wanD.. which block you are in? Have you visit the site recently? How’s the overall completion progress?

  40. Dear commentor ,

    You can upload the photo in to my blog as well. Just subscribe any post photo web site. Normally I use upload the photo on that site. Then copy the site column link and paste in the comment box. It will look like this.
    example, I have take out the < in the first sentence to show you the code:
    img src="" alt="Image Hosted by"/>
    By limwc78 at 2009-04-26

    It will show the photo below
    Image Hosted by
    By limwc78 at 2009-04-26

  41. I will do a proper instruction on the site bar later for you all to refer. Hope it help all of you communicate more convenient.

  42. Where are those the remaining 1,000+ buyers of Magna Ville? Come on… join the club… don’t bother enough, huuhh??

  43. Hi guys,
    I’m one of the buyers. Mine is A1 type, block A. Hopefully this is a good investment…

  44. Hi tokbi..
    Mine also in Block A..
    Property should always give a good long term investment… capital growth + rental..
    I think it’s located at a strategic location… just beside the flyover… and many amenities nearby… less hassle & bustle if compared with the heart of KL itself..

    But I’m not sure what Selayang has in advantage if compared to location such as Kota Damansara, PJ areas, Kelana Jaya, Puchong, Subang etc… I think the latter areas are much more popular & quite classy & prestigious…

    When somebody said Selayang, the first one might imagine is the smelly, hectic Pasar Borong Selayang..
    Just hope for the best..

  45. I just realized that there are electric cabels crossing nearby…they use small and cheap tiles for investment units, ceiling looks quite low, for A1, there are 2 rooms, quite small rooms..and the 3rd room is not a room actually, it’s just a small space without a door. They said, they would fix a door later for the 3rd room for renting purpose.

    Comparing my cousin’s condo, Putramas II condo at Jln Kuching, is much more better and spacious, better quality materials and 2 balconies, the main one is very spacious…built size is 1400 sft…
    and the price was only RM 343 000….

    Any comment???

  46. That’s always the problems when it comes to specifications. Contractor knows very well how to play with it especially when they’re in the losing side.

    We’re given only general specs. & no specific brand / make of the materials. Cheap/expensive or low/good quality is just out of our control. It’s just between the contractor & developer.

    In this respect, buying a completed unit would give better view & judgement before making final decision but might have a big difference in the price.

    Just another pros & cons.

  47. I already mention on earlier comment, the price for magna view should not go up so high. It is because of the UITM nearby. The very earlier price is only RM 180,000++ and now become RM 300,000++. I worry the developer still using the previous material to built the expensive unit. Then this is not a good developer. However depend on your view, if you think the property can rent for good price. Then is good for invest. Putramas II is near jalan kuching, so no college near by. RM 343,000 consider come with good quality material. Jalan kuching later will have more property coming soon.

  48. hi all,
    mine is block C….as for the progress,block B&C already painted & fitted with windows/sliding doors.block A looks like already finished with the highest level.some side are painted.i snapped a photo for u all today.but only 2 blocks,bcoz there’s a tree at the junction :) …hehehe

  49. thanks wanD~
    mine is block C too at floor 19th~~
    we can be neighbor, hahhaha

    aprreciate if u could share more photos..^^

  50. Good job wanD.. if u can add some more with close up… would be great..

    mytotall.. What does ‘expensive unit’ mean? Are you referring to the bigger sq-ft unit?

    Any difference in material for smaller & bigger unit?

  51. hi coolpix,

    i believe the price from phase 1 to phase 2 or even phase 3 the price already increase a lot. Howevew is the material still the same or phase 2 or 3 the material is better than phase 1. I will expect phase 2 and 3 will have use better material even the price higher also worth it. Rather than only increase price but material still the same.

  52. Hi everybody,
    I am a buyer , i bought a c2 type unit at Block B.. went there last week.. but unfortunately i cannot look at my unit type ( actually i m no good in english but since all the buyers speak BI i guess a have 2 laa..) sori arr if tonggang terbalik my grammar heheh

  53. mazza..
    Tak per, practice makes perfect..
    why cannot see your unit?? Is it locked?
    mytotall… ooiic.. it’s your expectation..
    how can we verify that? must visit all phases…??

  54. hi coolpix,
    my unit @ blok b which not open for viewing pun.. but the show unit is only type a1 n located @ blok A which is still under construction. ingat nak g tgk type C2 but they wont allowed..dont know y la.. frust sikit. BTW i got a video of type B1 unit but i dont know how to downlod here,,the hallway is a bit narrow(sempit) n the club house seem very near to blok a..

  55. mazza~
    u can upload the video to than send us the link for viewing~~
    blok A still under construction? i tot omost finished built~~~!!?? until which floor now?

  56. david.. i already put the video in my blog the building already reach the complete level.. but the door,window la..sliding door la. all not complete yet.. u see the video u understand ler…actually it’s not safe to take a look coz i have small children but what 2 do i was xcited to see my unit i redah jer lah..but unfurtanely for me.. they dont allowed me..

  57. hi mazza, i think u put the wrong. May be i just correct for you. The link should be

  58. ooo no wonderlah… thanks mytotall

  59. opps…sori .. thanks mytotall

  60. Hi my neighborhood,

    Can i consider that?anyway i bought block C Type C3 ( 2 Room )seem almost completed. Last Thursday i went to see the progress on the project and pay deposit of RM610 for water and electric supply.

    Nice to meet you guys here.

  61. Nice video..
    so excited huuhh..

  62. silverhawk~
    i m ya neighbour too~
    mine in block c oso n had paid water n electric deposit too~
    u have any idea when the OC will be obtained?

  63. Hi guys,
    don’t u guys think the ceiling is quite low??? they use small and cheap tiles for investment units…but same price as non investment units….it’s not fair i think…

  64. Hi David,

    I’m not really sure about that..sorry man..

    Hi Tokbi,

    How do you know they using cheap & small tiles for investment units and non investment units?
    I just need clarification on this since i bought for non investment units..

  65. They might compensate their losses during crisis by using cheaper material…
    How can we complain as buyers??

  66. silverhawk…
    i went there together with the sales agent, i noticed the tiles different and asked him about that. He said the buyers wouldn’t bother if they bought for renting….
    (really ahh???)

  67. One more thing, the backyard is quite narrow and certain units have sewage pipe coming through the ceiling in the kitchen….not a nice view though…

  68. The only way we can complaint about this is @ OR

    I believe they will listen to our voice!!

  69. I pun baru jer beli type c3. this my first investment. i memang berangan nak beli rumah, sementara umur masih muda kata org. and i harap ini investment yang ok la..your view pasal magna ville ni mmg amat berguna buat i. i tgh proses loan neh,. Last week, i dah pergi tgk showroom. hmm block B n C almost 90% siap. cat completed, i think in finalizing stage. but block A, much to be completed. CF for all so need all completed la…

  70. silverhawk,
    can u represent us to complaint this matter??

  71. Anyone has participate in the “Merdeka Promotion Contest” by Magna Park Sdn Bhd? When you bought the Magna Ville condo it automatic entitle for the lucky draw. I have won a RM300 petrol voucher but haven received it until now. Any idea what is going on?

  72. Dear All/Tokbi,

    Orite guys we need to have a team work so that we can make this thing happened!!we need to have a solid documentation to prove the we as a consumer had been cheated!!List that we need to provide to the Consumer Rights sort of picture + price + building materials + agreement and the Brochure..

    Anyway I’m not really know the rite process but i will help to do a research and appreciate your guys help as well.

    We need someone who really expert and knowledgeable about this!

  73. anyone plz..??


    Complaint Form :-;Itemid=64

    How The Tribunal For Homebuyers Claims Works

    Just to share with you all.


  75. too bad to know about the non-compliancy to the specification.. Is it happen to all units and types? How true it is? I’m still out of the country to see myself…

    Ayyooo… like this not fair la… something must be done… we can’t just keep quite and see…

  76. guys, izzit worst to but 1001 sqft on rm232K. Your point of view?

  77. Deduct 10% downpayment, borrow loan is rm 208,800 for 20 years and montly installment is rm1,165. If use for invesment and you confidence rent RM 1,165 without furnish consider good investment. Of course i believe you must rent more than RM 1,165 so you must include furnish.

    For own stay i think got better option, definately 70% of the buyer is for investment. So slowly here will become a student accomodation. Can you accept that.

  78. adeeb,
    How many room is your unit? If 2, then total student can accomodate might be 4 – 5 persons.

    Say 5, then u give rental for say 1200, then each will pay average RM240 per person…

    I’m not sure how much student would normally pay nowadays for house rental…

  79. I got a unit in cheras near UCSI, the rental with full furnish is RM 1,300- RM 1,500. If empty house only can rent RM 800.

    I think in klang valley the only place got good renting for student is subang jaya SS15-16 and Bandar Sunway. Full furnish is RM 2,000 – RM 2,500. Empty house also around RM 1,100 – RM 1,300.

  80. If majority bought this condo for investment, there would be around 700 units for rent…if one unit can accommodate 5 persons, the total is 3500…hmmm, I’m wondering whether can get good rental price or not…
    Quick everyone, come and support Silverhawk to make complaint!!!

  81. yes my rum is 2 only. guys, thanx for ur opinion. hmm i also agree with t0kbi. i dont think target student reach 3500 ppl, and if im not mistaken,Uitm will also provid hostel for student inside the U itself, rite. So, who else can be targeted?

  82. magna ville the main target is for student. Next will be worker or family. However they wouldn’t be stay there because of high rental. They might look for other condo. Hope it will get a good return for all.

  83. You guys never did survey on this developer.. Good luck!!!

  84. Oklar, still slightly better than T*l*m…

  85. Waahh… nice new look huuhh..
    Nice job mytotall…
    maybe u can add a section where people can upload their photos without connecting through facebook..

    Do you know how is the sale of magna ville? Is it completely sold? Or how many % sold?

    Any price drop in KL for high-end condos?

  86. thanks coolpix,
    i will try to make a section for you all to upload photo. The facebook is user able to login using facebook account. So everyone can know each other more. Is a very popular tools now.

    I am not sure about the sale may be other can share.

    Currently the high-end condo still maintain the price. Even the new launch may be they will give special free gift. Like I recently post few property i feel got high potential. Like Casa Residence and Mutiara Residensi. May be you can have a look to it.

  87. im a buyer of magna ville but im not sure whether it is a good choice

  88. i went to the site few days ago and i looked up at the unit. the ceiling is a bit low and the kitchen is soooo small. im not really happy.

  89. sharifah, which block u buy?

  90. block a

  91. block A already completed? what is the progress now?

  92. block a is not completed yet,but they have painted the outside building (alomost wnt to complete the painting)and certain units inside…still fitting the door, electrician jobs, tiling n what not. until which floor, im nt sure

  93. Looks like another frustrated buyer… hmmmm

  94. I’m frustrated as well, but I need the rebate money for my business!!! Ho..ho!!!

  95. Does anyone still have the full size scan catalog/brochures that can send to me via email ( Thanks in advance first.

  96. Hi JMaguire, why you need the brochures, do you plan to buy one? You can just call them ask for information Tel: 7801 5505

  97. Hi mytotall, i’m not interested to buy any from this Magna but i need the brochures/catalog desperately for other usage. If anyone have the catalog/brochures or even S&P first page, it would be great. Teh O limau ais on me ok ?

  98. Hi everyone,
    I’m thinking to buy a condo for my own but not sure whether I make a right choice if buy Magna ville, any unit available for Block A?

  99. Caren, you might consider of Selanyang Springs if for own stay.

  100. Hi friendzz,
    I’m one of the buyers. Mine is D1 type, block B Level 13A.

    hope they can finish house nicely ..
    are now living in this area .. indeed always past forward Magna to go and return from work .. able occasionally enter site see their quality and progress

    I also civil engineer .. to me quality .. ok laa

  101. anyone knows when is the exact date of completion n when can move in to the hse?

  102. Hi everyone!
    anyone knows how much their reward is when we refer someone else buying their condos?

  103. not all the developer got this refer reward. You might check with the developer first. I heard some give rm 2000, of the property cost rm 480,000. So not sure about magna ville will give how much.

  104. Buyer get buyer incentive that i’ve received was RM 4000. Itu pun lepas bertengkar panjang dengan diorang. Diorang refuse nak bagi. Macam2 alasan putar belit. Sebab? Sebab kita xde bukti hitam putih yang kita sain dengan diorang untuk bagi RM 4000. So, sape yang dijanjikan insentif tu, berjuang la sampai dapat. Kalau tak, diorang bagi alasan macam2. Aku dapat selepas 8 bulan SNP sain. Rumah ke-2, loan kerajaan. So, x dapat lagi. Sape2 ada gambar latest bleh x hantar

  105. dun not get cheated by this kind of advertisement
    like rizal said, they will give millions of excuses not to pay u anything until u BANG on their table for the money they should pay u !!!!
    this Magna having lot of court cases ……… beware ………

  106. victims…
    court cases?????? such as what?? I’d like to know also for early precaution, for others as well….
    Normally who win the case??

  107. to would-buyers of Magna Ville, try and have a look at Selayang Springs Phase’s awesome, a bit expensive though..Phase 2 is very high end, 1100sqf-apartment has only 2 rooms!!

  108. well….
    actually the sales agent promised to reward me rm3k earlier, now the amount has been reduced to rm2k….but still worth it…

  109. wow tokbi not bad ah, you all can post a recommender here. After completed can 50/50 to buyer. So both also win win situation. at least recommender can get 1000 and buyer can save 1000. No need magna prima earn all the money. What do you all thing.

  110. if you all know about Magna Park history, their development in Kepong area having some big issue !! such as wat has promise is not what has been deliver (check chinese newspaper for year 2008 & 2009) what is stated in S&P doesnt fulfill the promise !!! when you argue with them, they have millions of excuse to ignore u !!! beware and good luck

  111. yesterday i call magna ville, they said maybe we can get the key on october 09.. yahooo!!!

  112. macam banyak complain jer area ini. memang ada cadangan nak beli tapi tak sure sebab ini rumah pertama so macam takut salah langkah.

    mungkin kah sewa akan dapat rm 1500? macam sewa tengah bandar jer?
    kalau nak harapkan student, tak mungkin semua student akan dok luar, first year biasanya dok hostel. kalau nak harapkan staff hospital / kerajaan…emm padan ker ngan gaji dia orang nak sewa rm 1000? macam tak logik

  113. sewa tue i x sure market bp.. i dgr dlm area 1k-1.5k.. i beli nie pun utk i duduk..

  114. Hello guys….
    anybody here has already received the RM33k rebate for 2 years rental guarantied???

  115. Dear Magna Ville buyer, you might interested to read magna prima another project in U1 Shah Alam ,
    cost RM 300,000++ and universtiy nearby.

  116. any latest photo of Magna Ville condo to share?

  117. sorry kalau I mencelah tak sure nak masuk mana! , just nak tanya forumer, mana lebih bagus magna ville atau banjaria court – batu caves?

    I thg survey, apa pendapat you all tentang banjaria court? tepi MRR2?

  118. david says:
    May 13, 2009 at 12:33 pm

    Anyone has participate in the “Merdeka Promotion Contest” by Magna Park Sdn Bhd? When you bought the Magna Ville condo it automatic entitle for the lucky draw. I have won a RM300 petrol voucher but haven received it until now. Any idea what is going on?


    hi all..i’m also a buyer for unit B level david said, i also won RM300 petrol voucher..but until now they still not process it yet.(but i just wondering in merdeka contest stated that consolidation prize rm500 petrol voucher-not RM300).At first they want to decuct RM300 from my loan etc whatever but i refuse and asked them to give me petrol voucher…(and i also want to know who win the car for first prize- or everybody get cheated-all won petrol voucher only?so how come aa?

  119. hi all..i’m also a buyer for unit B level david said, i also won RM300 petrol voucher..but until now they still not process it yet.(but i just wondering in merdeka contest stated that consolidation prize rm500 petrol voucher-not RM300).At first they want to decuct RM300 from my loan etc whatever but i refuse and asked them to give me petrol voucher…(and i also want to know who win the car for first prize- or everybody get cheated-all won petrol voucher only?so how come aa?

    make sure you guys follow up till the end and find out the TRUTH whether they really AWARDED the prize to the winner or just BULL SHITTING only
    this developer willing to do anything just to boost up the sales and end up making EMPTY PROMISE to all the puchaser ……..

  120. rezza says:
    July 11, 2009 at 3:28 am

    yesterday i call magna ville, they said maybe we can get the key on october 09.. yahooo!!!


    i called magna person -judy(012-3850219) and he told me that ready on the end of year..pulak..

  121. syazwan: really!!! this magna arrrr.. always to cheathing ours..
    so thats mean end of da year we can get da key larrrr.. but still ok lorrrr.. bcoz da agreement said Mac 2010 expecting date..

  122. @rezza – ok we wait n people out there, if we unsatisfied in any matter, pls raised in this least all buyer will noticed n keep updated..

  123. syazwan says:
    July 14, 2009 at 8:12 am

    hi all..i’m also a buyer for unit B level david said, i also won RM300 petrol voucher..but until now they still not process it yet.(but i just wondering in merdeka contest stated that consolidation prize rm500 petrol voucher-not RM300).At first they want to decuct RM300 from my loan etc whatever but i refuse and asked them to give me petrol voucher…(and i also want to know who win the car for first prize- or everybody get cheated-all won petrol voucher only?so how come aa?


    dun worry lar~
    ask them to deduct directly from the management deposit which need to be paid upon getting the keys at year end. if u really insist to get the petrol voucher, y not keep calling them until they give u?

  124. syazwan says:
    July 14, 2009 at 8:56 am

    yesterday i call magna ville, they said maybe we can get the key on october 09.. yahooo!!!

    rezza says:
    July 11, 2009 at 3:28 am
    i called magna person -judy(012-3850219) and he told me that ready on the end of year..pulak..


    dun worry dears~
    actually they r waiting for the issue of CF from the goverment department, which they dun know when it will be released. but since we oledi pay the water n eletric deposit, i think they r working on it, shld b able to move in by year end.

    it shluldn’t be any problem wif this Magna Ville since the developer still have few ongoing projects in shah ahlam such as magna city n U1. and i think this magna ville oledi reach the completing stage, maybe someone can go to the site and take some photos for us? ^^

  125. hello guys.. wahhh, so many pros & cons when goolge this forum..i’m also 1 of the buyer, block B level 22, the highest level.. hopefully there is no a big problem ith this Magna.. As introducer they promise to give RM4k, dont know can get or not but will fight till get my money as they promise. heheheee..

  126. Shack,
    i was once offered 3k as for introducer, now they have reduced it to 2k….not fair lah!

  127. reduce to 2k??? it also happen to me bro, but after bla bla bla with SA he agreed to help me to get that 4k.. That why i told u that i will fight for that.. bwahahahaaaa.. hope fully can get that money..

  128. dun be so excited now, wait till the introducer MONEY is in your bank account then only happy ………

  129. ya ya ya.. not so excited, will wait till the money in my bank.. heheheee.. thanks for advised bro..

  130. So anyone know when can we get the key and what the progress now?

  131. CIMB has blacklisted magna park. the bank will give no loan under this developer…

  132. why black list?is it true?

  133.’s true. The bank officer himself told me when I met him at kepong CIMB. All bank will check the developer’s record before giving housing loan to buyers….

    Well of course the developer had some NPL with CIMB for the bank to do so. Tak bayar bank loan la tu….

  134. anybody interested to invest? i wnt let go my unit bcause of workplace, i’ll move to singapore so if anyone want to buy my unit just send me a mssage to faizal.ibrahimfx{@}
    my unit is C4 type 936sft block B level 7.
    please contact me if anybody interested.
    potential buyer are needed. the nearest KTM station is at Batu Caves n Taman Wahyu, expeted date for KTM is end of december.

  135. hye all,
    i’m 1 of the buyer..mine is block A type A1..
    i’m quite disappointed with this magna park b’coz they used my unit for show unit but don’t mention to me at all..what do u think guys?is that ok?

    4 ur info,i’ve got the introducer reward in last few mnths. guys, i think maybe this is also dpnd to the sales person u are dealing with loorrr..u guys don’t stop pushing them for ur reward k..

    i’m interested with their design b’coz they have a bit different pattern if compared to other properties.but since ‘victim’ tell that they have a lot of cases, it turns SERAM la plak..

    la ni,what made me not so confident with them is that we are not provided the exact floor plan in the agreement copy,.if u all notice,they don’t show the exact sizes for each,they can easily cheat us with the size,right?

    k,guys..don’t forget to up date any info k…i’m planning to site visiting this w/end..

  136. hi everyone…
    betul ke project magna boleh siap by sept 09? anyone ada the latest news?????????

  137. hi all,
    pls update pics if anybody have site visit to magna k..

  138. Hi salina..

    My husband just call them last week.. you know what they said that the building will only be completed by end of this year..and we will get our keys by next year…huhu..

  139. Hi all,

    i have a question regarding maintenance fees. did the sales person mention about 1st year maintenance fees is waived? last week i went to the site, everything seems ok. but i wonder they have a rules that all workers must settle their ‘body waste’ in their temporaily toilet or not. i saw few units have ‘body waste’ , include mine!!! any updates are welcome (

  140. Hi TCS, When you submit comment you can click the “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail ” of course you have to key in your emaill address in the email column. If you display the email like that i worry you will get a lot of spam mail. Just advice la.

  141. Hi all,
    they said the buildings would be completed in Dec. 2009, and we’ll get our rebates once they get CF…I hope they are telling the truth.

  142. hi everyone…
    tok bi, betul ke the buildings would be completed in DEC 2009? yesterday i went there to the site. they told me that it would be completed by oct 2009.mana satu ni????????????

  143. Hi guys..yang lebih penting our condo is not terbengkalai.. Still follow date completing rite..”mac 2010″

  144. guys… check this out sakit????

  145. guys… check this out…..20SELAYANG “sakit”????


    oh my god, anyone can clarify the meaning of “sakit” status?
    will there be any problems for the issue out of CF/OC?

  146. i think word “sakit” is still ok.. maybe there’s more.. “tenat”.. hahaha.. :) anyway im also one of MagnaVille buyers..

  147. i manage to get the meaning of this “sakit” :-

    Projek Rumah Terbengkalai Tafsiran yang digunakan adalah projek-projek yang terhenti pembinaannya di tapak selama enam bulan berturut-turut selepas tamatnya tempoh Perjanjian Jual Beli iaitu 24 bulan bagi rumah tempat tinggal dengan bahagian tanah yang telah dipecahbahagi atau 36 bulan untuk rumah tempat tinggal di dalam sesebuah bangunan yang dipecahbahagi . Takrifan ini juga merupakan tafsiran secara pentadbiran yang digunapakai oleh Kementerian ini . Antara pertimbangan JPN untuk mengekalkan tafsiran terbengkalai adalah untuk mengelakkan banyak projek yang berpotensi untuk disiapkan masuk dalam kategori terbengkalai dan menjejaskan usaha-usaha untuk menyiapkan projek tersebut .

    Projek Sakit Projek yang pelaksanaannya lewat melebihi 30% berbanding jadual sebenar pelaksanaan.

    Projek Berjalan Lancar Projek yang mematuhi atau mendahului jadual pelaksanaan.

    Projek Lewat Jadual Projek yang pelaksanaannya lewat antara 10% hingga 30% berbanding jadual sebenar perlaksanaan.

  148. Projek Sakit Projek yang pelaksanaannya lewat melebihi 30% berbanding jadual sebenar pelaksanaan.


    FF, i dun understand y the project status is under “sakit”??
    i thought the projeck is on schedule as the three blocks
    aftucally completed oledi, onli now doing inside touch up n
    connecting wif water n electric. as i believe most of the buyers
    had oledi paid RM600 for the water n electric deposit.

    below photo taken recently from my fren :-)



  150. they said the buildings would be completed in Dec. 2009, and we’ll get our rebates once they get CF…I hope they are telling the truth.
    hi tokbi,
    which ‘rebate’ do you refer? my loan amount is exceeding the discounted price which they’ve offered to me. but inside S&P they mark up the price,higher than my loan amount.i wonder i can get it back or not?

  151. hi all.. from my experience, if they say it can be completed by year end, pls expect to get ur keys the earliest 6 months thereafter i.e. june 2010. CF process takes time and all infra needs to be completed according to the approved specifications as submitted earlier to MPS. As i’m living nearby, i can see that the project still has lot to be done before a CF can actually be issued.. so, a ‘sakit’ status is not a surprise..

    i also put my deposit for a unit at magna ville abt 2 years ago.. at that point of time, the price for the A1 type was abt RM190K.. with no fancy offers and promotions.. but after doing a bit of research, i decided to go for selayang point instead and hence forfeited my deposit at magna ville.. i believe i’ve made a wise decision then.. otherwise, i wud still be renting now.. to all the buyers, all the best of luck.

  152. Hi Next Door Condo,

    You were saying that “expect to get ur keys the earliest 6 months thereafter i.e. june 2010″, were you having the same experience in buying Selayang Point too? Noticed that Selayang Point’s residents started moving in lately only, although the entire building was completed and guards were hired as well for quite some time already.

  153. hi MV.. yes, i experienced it with Selayang Point.. when i bought the house in Aug/Sept 2007, the ads said that it will be ‘completed’ by August 2008. Then they said we can get our keys by Dec 2008. Some were even hoping to be in their new house by the CNY. The building and infra (water, electricity) were already up and running. Unfortunately, there were some delays in issuing CF.. After so much of waiting, finally we got our VP and CF in May.. Some moved-in immediately after getting the CF, but since I did some reno works to my unit, i only moved in last July.

    In the case of Magna Ville, i think the construction is progressing quite fast now.. maybe they are speeding up things due to its ‘sakit’ status ie. more than 30% late than its schedule.. the longer it takes, the higher the cost they have to pay. But personnally, i think the developer’s reputation has been tainted by its earlier projects eg casa prima, palm springs etc.. I just hope all the buyers, who paid with their hard earned money, will get what is being promised to them. Otherwise, they need to be united in one voice to be heard.

  154. anyone has any idea how is the progress? will it be delayed?

  155. hi all,
    i got a call from magna guys informed me to collect rm300 petrol vouchers that i won on merdeka contest 2008.(yeye dpt duit raya utk blk kampung)..i have to collect it from site office and i’ll update the progress once i’ll be there..daa

  156. i oso recieve a letter saying i won a RM300 petrol voucher since last year, but till now none of the magna staff call me to collect it T.T

  157. All Magna Ville purchaser,

    I would suggest you guys form a small pro team committee member now. Reason is to follow up every single progress before and after key collection.
    After 3 or 4 months from key collection, push developer to have AGM and form a JMB ASAP. Try not to let developer manage the properties for you guys.
    If you doesnt understand what i’m trying to tell you guys, go to Kepong area and find out the whole picture with the JMB committees from Plaza Prima or Casa Prima.
    Hope the purchaser from Magna Ville wont be the last victims to MPSB ……………..

  158. good suggestion JMaguire, but we need a good active leader to lead us……

  159. I agree wit u Jmaguire.. Start from now we have set up our commitee..

  160. hii all,thank for a lot info pro and con.
    i’m 1 of the buyer..mine is block c..thaz good idea to start form a team committee member now.My suggestion maybe we can create yahoo group for magna puchaser.that become easier for us to sharing ,discuss and make forward movement.Tq

  161. count me in when the commitee is ready
    i m the owner of Block C as well

  162. ya me too..owner of block C..

  163. hi everyone,

    I purchased a unit at Block A, 1oth floor, last year. I am from Pakistan. I would like to join your comittee. Thanks..

  164. Wow pakistan also buying property here. MAy I know, you are for investment purpose. Are you working in Malaysia?

  165. You don’t believe aahhh???
    Don’t play-play huuhh..

  166. To all muslim buyers, hopefully can celebrate Raya and open house next year in Magna Ville Condo..

    Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin..
    From Malaysian buyer in Qatar.. (Block A)

  167. hye all,

    i’ve oledi received the letter for the 1st month d/payment starting this november. Aaayooo..have to work hard to pay for 2 house..pening!!
    what obout u all? Got the letter oledi ka?

  168. nadia
    September 29th, 2009 at 10:12 am

    hye all,

    i’ve oledi received the letter for the 1st month d/payment starting this november. Aaayooo..have to work hard to pay for 2 house..pening!!
    what obout u all? Got the letter oledi ka?


    mean our house already complete? got the CF?

  169. So when can we move in to our new condo??

  170. nadia
    September 29th, 2009 at 10:12 am

    hye all,

    i’ve oledi received the letter for the 1st month d/payment starting this november. Aaayooo..have to work hard to pay for 2 house..pening!!
    what obout u all? Got the letter oledi ka?


    wat u mean 1st month d/payment?? is’it monthly installment

  171. hye all,i’ve visited magna ville on 18th sept on my way back to kampung…the progress so far so good i think.every blocks have been painted in yellow+brown n white house n swimming pool in the progress.the show unit also have moved to 3rd floor block A.(i cant remember what unit- pity if anybody of u let magna to ‘convert’ ur unit to be ‘show room’ n ‘site office’ in the 3rd floor block A.hehe..i’ve asked them about the completion date.They told me that going to finish in December and get CF roughly in march 2010).I do hope n pray that after i got my GRR, only then i can start paying for full monthly installment..amin~

  172. hye all,

    i’m sorry..last time i’ve wrote 1st month d/payment and its actually monthly installment…FF n silverhawk,even we have start paying, this doesn’t mean that we can alreday moved in.we still need to wait for the cf..sabarlah ye…heheee

    for ur info,that show unit (type A)is my unit.I never give them permission to do so and they never ask and even give any notice.i’m so dissapointed with it.anyone of u have any idea on this.i don’t know whether this is right or not.

    i’m agreed with u to set up a committee..lets start it now..

  173. nadia, please take action, report to persatuan pengguna..

  174. let’s start with a yahoo group…
    i’ve created one & pls join laaa
    if not how r we going to form a committee
    not even kenal each other….ekeke

  175. @nadia >
    i dah pegi beraya umah u (show unit la) hehe..

    for me u can take it positive or negative, it depends on u..

    positive-show unit u dh complete dengan tiles yg cantik n besar.toilet n bilik dah renovate bg cantik..’pow’ skali aircond kt living hall n bilik tidur nanti kt magna(takmau kasik kt i)

    negative-org lain dah rasmi umah u, so rasa tak best la.dah la tak minta kebenaran..

    i dah join yahoogroups tu..come on the rest give ur support!

  176. Nadia. Lorr ya Kerrr dh start kena byr installment.. Skrg nk kena byr 2 rumah, umah sewa lg.. But normally.. If we start 2 paying da installment.. We oledi can move to dat home kannn!!! Wand: I dh join magna group tue.. Hope we can start kenal each other Kay..

  177. Wan D ,thaks for created yahoogroup..Lets joint it..

  178. glad that you guys are aggresively forming up a pro-team committee :D do keep an eye on the surrounding of the buildings any problem, remember to take photos and start filing up letters to MPSB, make sure they chop and sign !!! in future can take this as a proof to go against MPSB.
    keep me in the loop if need any further information.
    let’s join forces against this cunning developer !!!!

  179. faizal,
    i xtau blh report or not..i have to make a research 1st..

    erm..thanks 4 ur visit…mmg ramai dh rasmikan rumah i..huhu

    fyi,tiles tu mmg i request ms diaorg offer duit or upgrade tiles bkn free pon..u xde ke?bilik n toilet tu pon nnti diaorg kemas blk..depends on us la kalau nk dmd,brg diaorg dh buruk…aircond tu mcm nk je..tgk la nnti,kalau sempat mintak b4 diaorg bukak..

    i mmg dh nk kena byr bln blom blh moved in lg coz umah nya blom siap n xde cf..xkan nk duduk..ntah brp lm la nk kena byr dua2 umah tu..eeerrrkkk…tolooooonnggg ;p

    nnti i join k..i ni psl komputer ni xla terer sgt..hehheee
    but dun worry,i’ll give my support..;)

  180. i join yahoogroup today..ada apa apa just inform yek!

  181. joined :

    but we still lack of members.. come n join…

  182. Joined just now….
    I’ll give my best support whenever required….

  183. I have joined. Let’s unite guys..

  184. Hi all..

    There will be a HAC(home Buyer Adice Centre) session on 10/10/2009 (Saturday) between 1pm to 5pm. The service is free.. we should go there to get an accurate advice before we take any action.So Magna Park wont make fool of ourselves…Hope we can meet there!InsyaALLAH..

    National House Buyers Association (HBA)
    No. 31, Level 3, Jalan Barat, Off Jalan Imbi, 55100, Kuala Lumpur
    Tel: 012-3345 676 | 03-21422225 | Fax: 03-22601803
    Email: | Web Site:
    Location Map:
    Donations are welcome. Our free service is for nice people only.

  185. hello folks, I just found this site when searching on Magna Ville,
    I also bought a unit there, Block C :) , currently i live 5 minutes away from this place, in a rented place. have no qualms about the “standard” of living in selayang. bottom line, its much less congested than many other areas.

    I last visited the site about 2 weeks ago, was told that the completion should be by the end of this year.

  186. Hi Guys,

    Recently i had gone to the site and checked the progress of the development myself. Right now they are working on the two polls and yes the condo is also nearing completion.

    But what disturbed me alot is the way they had erected the main entrance… does not correspond with the brochure at all.

  187. Siva
    October 27th, 2009 at 12:34 pm

    But what disturbed me alot is the way they had erected the main entrance… does not correspond with the brochure at all.
    this what i mean !!! beware of this developer !!! Magna Ville is the last phase of their project under Magna Park Sdn Bhd subsidiary of Magna Prima Bhd.

    get ready your camera and your lawyer, take down every single defects and claim from this developer. that’s why early stage i urge you guys to form pro-team committee ………….

    let’s FIGHT for our RIGHT as a PURCHASER !!!

  188. hi guys ..

    i’m buyer from Block “c” … level 7 … can’t wait to move to my 1st house .. by the way, i already site visit my own unit ..

    cheers …

  189. Hi Kayrol,

    Anything to share abour ur unit? Is the workmanship ok? any pic taken?

    Thanks in advance!


  190. hi silverwalk,

    you may refer to the attach link. enjoy the photo …

    so far, i’m happy with the workmanship. maybe need to bring my friend once i get my key. i think complete latest by mid Dec but have to wait at least 2 months for the CF depending on the how fast can get the approval.

    Now counting days and plan to do renovation for my condo. Need to do some budget for renovation.


  191. kayrol, can i have the link to view the photo oso, thanks

  192. silverhawk/david,


  193. kayrol,

    haha, i think ya unit is type c3,
    i like ya living room, it’s so much more spacios
    than mine, my unit is type b1, which has 3 rooms
    btw, have u check the toilet see whether the water
    has been conected?

  194. Bilerlarrr nk dpt kunci nie…

  195. approx by mid Jan 2010 after get temp CF. that what i predict after my visit last weekend.

  196. Oh ok thanks kayrol, Temp cf..developer can giv us key ker..

  197. Salam Semua:

    I bought my unit at Block A as it is nearer to the entrance, so we can just walk to the shops on the other side of the road. I think most of us are worried about this project, but this is normal and I’m sure that buyers at other projects are also worried about theirs. For me, once we have bought our units, we have committed ourselves to owning these units and our long term commitment of paying our loans have just started. Leaving the developer aside, once we got our keys, I think we are also responsible to turn our condo into a successful one. Kalau semua ikut kepala sendiri dan tak responsible, kondo yang bagus pun akan jadi tempat yang tak bagus untuk diduduki. Guano Gamok?

  198. i totally agreed with you. We need to be responsible with our condo. Turn our condo to be successful one.

  199. Dear all
    This is my first post on this blog.
    i have been bought 1 unit there Blok A (A01-07..lupa..)
    Pls update.

  200. Dear friends,

    i’m the first post on this blog.
    i bought my unit at Block C *C15-typeB*

    when developer can give us key?

  201. guys,

    pls visit our yahoo group. just upload latest photo on my visit early december.

  202. I would like to know market price for magna ville now 2010..
    Interested to invest for this condo..
    Hope to get some information from all buyers..

    Kamal Faiz

  203. kamal, depends on type and location..

    i believe CA will rise because of selayang development.. if u interested contact me at 0192514621 or

    start first before u left behind..

  204. Hi Faizal,

    R u the developer or buyer?
    I’m interested with type C3..Block A preferred.


  205. kamal, i just want to let go my unit.

    my unit is type C4 at Block B.. if u interested please contact me..

    reason to let go because of workplace.

  206. FYI, Mr Naim has created FB for Magna Ville Resident..See u guys there..lets unite..

  207. Hi everyone,
    I am a real estate agent. should anyone wants to rent or sell Magna Ville, please mail your details to or call me at 0162057759. thanks

  208. heard there are complaints about magna ville’s finishing?

  209. what complaints is that. however still have defect period for 1 and half year right?

  210. Terribe. The completion of the condominium is not up to the status at all. It looks like staying in flat…Regret buying it and a lot of defect.

  211. Michael
    March 29th, 2010 at 2:54 pm
    Terribe. The completion of the condominium is not up to the status at all. It looks like staying in flat…Regret buying it and a lot of defect.


    As i have mentioned early, have you guys group a pro team committee ?? Is yes, start gather all the information from what the sales person / developers have promise and what is not deliver ??? most important, did S&P stated what you suppose to have is inside your S&P !!!

    start taking photos for all defetcs and start filing with house buyers tribunal !!!!

  212. Hi, anybody who would like to sell Magna Ville. Pls sms me 012-3331825 Keith. My agent colleages has some customer interested with Selayang Condo.

  213. Hi all,

    How much is the market price now?

    Is it worth to invest?



  214. the market price only rm 203 per sqf. Even some ask for RM 260 per sqf but i think need to wait.

  215. now subsales start from rm250k? hmm. not even 30% appreciation.

  216. Condominium for Sell/Rent
    Type A1:1206sq.ft
    Block:B (End Lot)
    Contact:019-275 0031 Mr.Wong Meng Thong
    Rent:RM800. (not furnished)
    Land Title:Residential (99Years Leasehold)

    1. 2 swimming pools
    2. Indoor badminton court
    3. Half basketball court
    4. Gymnasium
    5. Mini theatre
    6. Multi-purpose hall
    7. BBQ area
    8. F & B area
    9. Cafe
    10. Mini market
    11. Children’s playground
    12. Library/Tuition Centre
    13. Wi-Fi Access
    14. Broadband ready

  217. For Rent

    Type A1:1206sq.ft
    Block:B (End Lot)
    Contact:019-275 0031 Mr.Wong Meng Thong
    Rent:RM800. (not furnished)if Sell:RM300,000.00
    Land Title:Residential (99Years Leasehold)
    Contact Mr. Wong Meng Thong

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  219. wong meng thong, are u the onwer there?

  220. wong meng thong, are u the onwer there?

  221. yes, charlie, i’m owner block A there. u want to buy or rent

  222. yes, charlie, i’m owner block A there. u want to buy or rent

  223. Hi Elwind, i am the agent. I am willing to help u if u want to let ur unit. :)

  224. no negro

  225. no negro please

  226. Hi everybody,

    I am property agent, Someone is interested to buy Mangne Ville.
    Please email me if we can make a deal. Cheers!!

    Welcome Owner Listing FOR RENT LEASE


  228. dear agents, want to buy magna ville, email me your offer, tq.


  230. I want to sell my unit.

    Type C2 926SF Blok A 7 storey Facing Genting and hospital selayang

    Digi63 11 43 0

  231. Any update for Magna Ville? Plan to buy an units from there with RM300k 1206sqf…any suggestion?And how is the maintenance? TQ

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