My Name is Lim and the founder of mytotallyproperty. Previously I just only an invester like to buy a house for investment. Suddenly I got an idea to write a blog to introduce the KL property. So I can more understand which property is worth to invest. At the same time I also like to everyone share their comment about the property that I introduce. I hope within one year, I able to introduce 100 new and old property. I am more focus on condo and service apartment. It is because I think the rental is easier than the terrace house.

I hope in the future I can introduce more property like , terrace, commercial and shop lot property. Actually I also got an idea able to work out with all the developer or property agent to introduce their new property. Of course I just need the description and image of the project. I don’t mind do it for free. If you are interested just write in the comment box, i will call you as soon as possible.

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  1. Lim, I think you need to brush-up on your English. Your English is terrible.

  2. Yes, i am forcing my self to read the star news paper everyday.

  3. I can help you to improve your English on your blog FOC…contact me

  4. Ally cheah | April 18, 2018 at 1:29 am |

    Tq for your sharing. However your post should include professional point of view but not simply blow water. it’s kind of misleading. Suggest may do more research and study before post.

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