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Finally the Atmosfera official launch on 16 and 17 may 2009. The show house is extremely nice but it is cost about RM297,204 – RM709,891.That why until now only 30% being sold for block A. The only attractive is 9% discount but all their project using the same technic. start from villa pavilion, then villa park and now also the same. However their work really fast, villa pavilion manage completed 2 1/2 years. Now villa park condo also 70% completed. No doubt they are reliable developer able to complete the property on time.

Just only for location wise is it worth for RM 300,000. May be the fascility is good but will you think about others property nearby. For example, zest kinrara, zen residence, kinrara mas and setia walk.

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  1. Look the interior very nice but don’t know how the outside. Already plan to buy one nearby but not sure which one to choose. It this worth to buy, want to drop by this weekend to have a look. Is anyone going?

  2. my friend just went atmosfera last week. Only 10% unit left. Wow this is really crazy like the price so high but still selling like hot cake. MAy be of 9% offer. This is incredible. My friend end up bought the zen residence prefer the security and environment. (I mean the interal environment)

  3. i prefer atmosfera kondo as it is freehold. I am also comparing the RM230 per sq (after 9% discount) with these facilities+ finishes+ free heater+ dryer+ the view. I think it is ok for own stay. For investemtn of rental is a bit out as the location is not loinked by public transport

  4. Hi pmho75, congratulation buy a own property. Do you think now property in puchong already overprice. RM 350,000 get a condo why not a terrace house. Terrace house also around rm 400,000. Do you think is because of low downpayment.

  5. le meilluer | July 17, 2009 at 3:51 am |

    Hi all, i bought one in block 1. Guess the design of the condo is much contemporary as compared to the conventional design (upon entrance, you see dining hall, then living hall, then all rooms are on one side) offered by zest, zen and koi kinrara. Setiawalk is totally overpriced with the size of the unit.

    The other plus points are more facilities compared to others (it has basketball court, tennis court as well), though the security is not as tight as zen (five times card touching before u get into your own unit), yet, i think it’s more than enuf to give us a good sleep.

    The great point is, atmosfera is freehold, located on higher ground than villamas. Koi Kinrara is freehold too, but on a much lower ground, even lower than sri bayu and villamas.Zen is leasehold, surrounded by ‘kampung houses’. Zest has great location, but the access road is not that ideal. If you work in KL and need to go thru bkt jalil, u need to make a u turn at the kinrara golf club, which i believe will be terribly jammed in the morning.

    Last week there were very few units left, mostly the lower units and those Type A units.

  6. Hi le meilluer, thank you for the long explanation. May I know you how much is the purchase price that you bought?

  7. le meilluer | July 17, 2009 at 5:51 am |

    Hello mytotal, I bought a smaller unit, costs me around 290k after 9% discount.

    Actually prior to this, my plan was to get landed property. I did a survey around the puchong area. I found this Serene (22×75) at bdr puteri, costs 560k, freehold. Can’t afford.

    Then i found the Lavendar (20×75) at puchong prima, costs 360k ++. But, leasehold. In addition, quite ‘ulu’. One has to drive thru all the low cost flats before reaching the taman, and there is a high tension around the area. Accessibility and surrounding are not so ideal, though the design (interior and exterior) is above average.

    I agree with you that the property in puchong is undeniably overpriced, esp in bdr puteri. But one also has to consider its strategic location. Yes, one might be able to get landed property in puchong around RM400k, but definitely not a new one in bdr puteri, probably further down to, say, bukit puchong. If work in serdang no problem. if work in kl, the travelling time spent in traffic is not worth it.

    I have been searching property in puchong quite some time, due to many considerations, i finally made up my mind to buy atmosfera for the moment, haha, coz still financially manageable.

  8. Yes, 4 years ago I bought a double storey in bukit puchong 2. 22 x 75 2300 sqf cost RM 260,000. After two years completed able to sell off RM 310,000. Not much appreciation in bandar bukit puchong 2. It need spend about 10 minutes from IOI to there.

  9. persoanly I enjoy staying at condominium. I am currently stay a landed property. However I would like to have facilities under 1 roof for me and my family to enjoy without driveing our off the HOME. Besides I prefer the security compare to landed propety. Frankly I feel unsave when I was oversea if thgere is no guarded and gated community for landed property. I dont mind paying for maintenance fees as i think if i choose to stay at condominium, then I will do my part to pay for it. 🙂 Also not forget the view of high ground and high floor of condominium unit that landed property cannot provide. My plan is to buy a condominium to stay and keep the landed to appriciate for future subsale

  10. When driving up to Atmos, you can feel the serene & peaceful environment. Just after the toll, one can divert to Atmos without joining all the Puchong folks in the jam….that’s the beauty of this Atmos’s location.Moreover, you can quickly hit the main road junction with great access to everywhere. You get to enjoy all the Puchong amenities i.e. banks, IOI Mall… yet can escape the frenzy traffic. On top of that, Atmos commands spectacular view and offers many facilities for utmost relaxation. All units are snapped up quickly being Type A (Premier): 1455sf – 1700sf, Type B (Deluxe) 1282sf, and very limited Type D (Duplex): above 2000sf with private pool or garden. It’s also a low density mid-high range condo with about 450units. Although sharing the same road access with other high-rise condos, the road has been widened, and has proper parking sys now….making Atmos more desirable within Puchong 😀

  11. Leong In Chau | July 10, 2011 at 10:11 am |

    Any facebook set up for this atmosfera kondo, kindly advise. Thank you

  12. The wait is over , we will be getting our keys very soon. Anyway, last
    weekend , visited the site. Very disappointing , still a lot of
    unfinished works. The plastering of walls are poor , very uneven.
    The facilities are not complete. The most disappointing is the
    badminton hall. With proper planning , they could have 2 badminton
    courts instead of only one.

    The Management of Villamas is quite rigid. They do not entertain request for customers to collect the letter of clearance on Saturday, luckily we can collect our keys from Henry Butcher on Saturday. When they want to sell their units , they are open 7 days a week ! but when
    it comes to serving their customers after collecting all payments
    from them/Banks , it is back to working hours,weekdays only.!!!!!!

    This is not how u treat your customers!

  13. Currently Villamas is doing some rectification works, hopefully they

    can improve the finishes for the building, it is worse than medium

    cost apartments !!!!! Even though they have provided shades for the

    parking but the arrangements is ridiculous and it will be a huge

    inconvenience for the residents if the inner car wants to go out first.

    We were not informed of such parking arrangements when we bought the

    condo. We have been misled and conned ! Those who are intending to buy

    Zefer must make damn sure they know what they are buying.

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