Azelia Damansara Avenue


I really like the design so much, the price should be rm500 per sqf. If base on current market rate is not expensive in the area. the smallest unit 614, 969, 1356, 1345, 1905 on high rise and 2110, 3433 on low rise. So the smallest unit will be selling fast.

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5 Comments on "Azelia Damansara Avenue"

  1. Hi,Is it going to lauch very soon ?

  2. HI bro,

    when it will launch ? Got contact number ?


  3. Anonymous | May 5, 2011 at 8:05 am |

    Launch is this saturday 7 May

  4. Hi,

    Thanks FYI.

  5. Anyone went for the launching? I missed it. How was it?

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