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Surprisingly this property can be fully sold within six months. 385 units apartment can be fully sell six month i thing because of the nearby UCSI and just next to Econsave and foodcourt. The price is start from RM 180,500 this is only the when they first launch after that already increase to RM 201,500. Not sure about the shop lot. I think mainly most of the buyer is for investment purpose. As compare to connaught court as starting price from RM 165,000. I will be invest on connaught avenue. However connaught court already completed. AS I wonder why IJM 180 Mandarina why still don;t want to launch they project as i can see in taman connaught the property price is increase a lot compare to 5 years times. That is why Puncak banyan the price now should be RM 200,000.

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  1. i think lots of Cheras’s new generation who is <30 yrs old buying cos they love Cheras.. i remember the have lots of freebies as well..

    One more project for u:
    Apartment at EduMall @ South City Plaza.. at Sri Kembangan.. now they have SEGi college, ICHS etc as their tenants.. they want to build 2 blocks of 13-storey apartment targeting students..

    but from The Star article, maybe they want to lease it to SEGi only.. =(

  2. thanks azman, will look at the edumall. I have take some photo of connaught court , check the puncak banyan topic. As I say the design not very nice.

  3. i also heard that connought avenue is sold like goreng pisang panas. they are selling block B rite?
    how much is the maintenance actually?
    i used to call the developer about this but i dont really remember how much. hm.. about 25 cents psqft or 20 cents, but i am not so sure. then since it is a service residence, the utility bill tariff will be slightly higher.. like our domain @neocyber.. hehehe

  4. for the edumall, it quite tempting to read that they will have cineplex there. i think south city plaza is not doing well as a shopping complex. but the apartments nearby is almost fully occupied. my sister said that lots of her male friends renting there.. they are tech park college students

  5. The IJM apartment nearby is called Manda’rina Court.. 249 units.. price RM158,800-RM181,800..
    boss, still blur on the exact location of mandarina court.. is it near econsave? or near to UCSI?
    if it’s near to econsave, can walk to plaza phoenix & connaught avenue or not? cos plaza phoenix will have lrt in the future..

  6. IJM in connaught the completed unit is mandarina court, now is open for register. In the future should have one more apartment and condo (180 Mandarina) nearby. Connnaught aveneue is just next to Econsave. So walking distance to phoenix is nearer. Mandarina Court is on the entrace on jalan alam damai turn into the jalan 10/142. Both actually quite near, walking distance to UCSI could be 15 minutes from both property.

  7. The maintenance fee is RM0.13 per sf, for your info.

  8. Connaught Avenue’s maintenance fee is RM0.13 per sf, for your info.

  9. Thanks Stace, but already sold out rite?

  10. They still have about 8 units available as at Aug 19 for the price of RM229k the cheapest. I really like this development with lots of freebies. The true purchase amount is only about RM200k after reducing the worth of freebies.

    The plan of the condo is also nice and quite spacious. I think to rent it out is also not a problem.

  11. 0.13 per sqft..
    it is cheap.
    i remembered i called the developer early this yar.
    the lady on the phone said that the maintenance fee is rm0.20 – rm0.25 per sq ft.

  12. if rm 200,000 the rental must be RM 1,100 to RM 1,200 without furniture only consider a good return. Think twice can you able to get that rental. Of course if the LRT in phoenix there really constructed, it can rent for RM 1,100.

  13. IMHO… RM1200 unless fully furnish.. bare unit hardly reach 1k.. together with high assessment fee due to commercial title, thus it doesn’t seem to be a good investment instrument..

    I agree with azman, buyers are youngsters who grew up in cheras and seek for upgrade..

    I have been to CA way back more than half year ago, not surprise that it can sell like hot cake because such concept is relatively new in cheras and the population in cheras is already sufficient to cater for CA market..

  14. Can anybody give me more info regarding this Mandarina Court? I’m interested cos CA almost fully sold. Thanks!!

  15. you can go to IJM sale office in bukit mandarina. I think you can know more info there.

  16. Called IJM office yesterday, price is about RM160,000 onward. But only 780sqft, lower specs and not much facilities. No wonder CA sell like a hot cake. FYI, CA still have a few units left due to loan being reject for some buyers but the developer top up another 10k for those unit.

  17. actually the mandarina court still worth to invest as it already completed. Near to the new LRT station and UCSI as well. If the LRT is completed as well, the rental could be RM 800 without furnish.

  18. CA sale person told me that the proposed LRT station is somewhere btw CA and phoenix plaza, but after circle around, I found out that space btw ca and phoenix plaza is all occupied by highway and flyover; is it still possible to put a lrt station there? I doubted.

  19. Hey, can i know now this service apartment isit still available?? Thanks!~

  20. lrt is at phoenix plaza

  21. 1 unit shop office 2 sty in block D to let go. Do contact me 0167152285 if interested.

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