D’Tiara Hotel & Suite

Recently i quite aware of KL Sentral property. It is because KL sentral will become very happening place. Few new property will be construct in kl sentral. I am thinking what business can be do over there. I find out this property just near by kl sentral and 10 minutes walk only. However the price is extreamly high, but they have the investment plan you can choose.

D’Tiara may be not familiar but Tiara Beach is very popular in port dickson and i stayed there more than 6 times. IS the same corporate and now invest in kl. So will you invest on this property.

What to find out more information can access their web site http://www.dtiara.com/properties/office_and_hotel_suites/index.html

Property Type: Office and Suite

Building Nearby: KL Sentral

1-Bedroom Suite

* Type H1 (587 sq ft) : fr RM550,000
* Type H2 (668 sq ft) : fr RM616,000
* Type H3 (710 sq ft) : fr RM647,000

2-Bedroom Suite

* Type H4 (872 sq ft) : fr RM760,000
* Type H5 (920 sq ft – PJ View) : fr RM791,000
* Type H5 (920 sq ft – KL View) : fr RM801,000
* Type H6 (1,032 sq ft) : fr RM867,000

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