90 Percent Loan

Now Malaysian need to pay more down payment to purchase third and subsequent property after the Bank Negara Malaysia said on 03 Nov 2010.

The central bank announced with immediate effect on 04 Nov 2010 to implementation of a maximum loan-to-value (LTV) ratio of 70% for people buying their third or more house, meaning those wanting their third property onwards have to come out with their own cash amounting to 30% of the value of the house.

“Financing facilities for purchase of the first and second homes are not affected and borrowers will continue to be able to obtain financing for these purchases at the present prevailing LTV level applied by individual banks based on their internal credit policies,” Bank Negara said in a statement yesterday.

The central bank said at the national level, property prices had increased steadily and remained manageable compared with the historical trends but for certain hot locations, particularly around the urban areas, faster growth in prices and transactions had been seen.

note: above article from malaysialoan.com.my

So please do not waste your opportunity to join name with your friend, wife and relative. Unless you salary not enough to borrow loan. It is because the first two properties you can borrow the 90% loan. If you join name with your wife, so next time both of you only got 1 more charges to buy a house with 90% loan.




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