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Happy Garden is a convenient place go to anywhere, go KL only 15 minutes. And PJ also around 10 minutes. Easy access to Kesas, MRR2, pantai highway. Near to sri petaling and bukit jalil so can access the KLIA highway. Actually i also stay in happy garden about 30 years, and feel comfortable to stay here. Few shopping center around like PArkson OUG, Carefour Seri Petaling, Central MArket. Only 10 minutes drive to Mid Valley.

The near by property already appreciate a lot , for example gembira park selling price is RM 150,000 and now sub sale is RM 250,000. The price of G Residence is start from 318,143 and now got RM 5,000 rebate. The price is reasonable in term of 3 tier security , 2 car parks and freehold. If not my high commiment I definately will get one.

Location : Taman Gembira
Built-Up : 1168 – 3068 sf
Storey : 24 storey
Bedroom : 3 – 3+1
Bathroom : 2 – 3
Total Units : 467
Tenure : Freehold
Minimum Price : RM 318,143.00
Maximum Price : RM 1,134,938.00
Bumi Discount : 5%

Developer’s Detail
Company Name : Kelang Lama land Sdn Bhd
Company Address : No. A-1-9, Pusat Perdagangan Kuchai, No. 2, Jalan 1/127, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama, 58200, Kuala Lumpur

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  1. hi mytotall,look like you are so confident with this property appreciation value.. is the showroom at the site?

  2. 012-290 3832 Alex Lee
    012-911 9604 Derek Lee

    Currently no show room, only can see the model but i heard very soon. Office around in kuchai business park. But you can call them where the location. Yes rohaniah the condo definitely can appreaciate to RM 450,000 after completed. I think block C almost sold out and they are release block by block. So next block price might be increase again.

  3. how about rental? how much is the rental rate & demand.

  4. Happy garden definitely demand is there. I got a friend also rent a place in happy garden and he love this place so much. He rent in gembira park unfurnish RM 1,000. So estimate the G residence have to rent RM 1,800 unfurnish.

  5. wow.. rm450K!
    i just call alex. he said the lowest price available now is rm344 before discount.

  6. Hi Rohaniah,

    why i say it will go up to RM 450,000 as now continental height in happy garden selling price is rm 360,000 for 1300 sqf. The bukit jalil covillea is rm 488,000 now. Covillea got golf view by in term of location happy garden is better. So after completed the price of RM 450,000 is acceptable.

  7. hi, i’ve bought one unit at blk A (phase 2). Blk C (phase 1) jst left less than 5 units when i booked. phase 2’s price has increased by more than RM20k per unit. i booked 16th floor at RM404,088 less RM5,000 = RM399,088. Price increased by RM2,000 per floor. Actually i think it is quite expensive lo becos i dun intend to rent/sell after completion. i bought it becos it is near my in-laws’ place. but i hope it is worth it..
    For those interested better be quick cos the 3rd phase, also the last phase is gonna be more expensive.
    This project is not yet officially launched but one block was already taken..

  8. For your info, i booked the smallest unit with 1168 sq ft.

  9. Is look like haven’t wait to completion the price also reach RM 450,000 already. I already see the truck is move in and out now. I think the completion should be quite fast.

  10. Hi, any price indication for 1488sqf?

  11. 1488sf on 19th floor for block A selling for rm519k

  12. actually i dun quite understand why is this condo so overpriced..

  13. Seems like current market is having this trend, high price, high class condo…

  14. Do u think the price will upto RM500k after completion?

  15. Ya I agreed, half a million for a condo is quite expensive for now at this area.

    I stayed in Happy Garden for 30 years, and most of the area here is freehold and lot of the landed houses are 20-35 years. Perhaps there is lack of luxury condo in this place so far, that’s why. But do you think the price will appreciate 30% after VP? I doubted..

    If for own stay is fine, but if go for rental, i just afraid there is less tenant.. just my opinion..

  16. currently RM 519,000 for 1488 sqf, mean . The coming launch metro centra in old klang road going to launch at price RM 400 per sqf. So after completed the price of G residence RM 400 per sqf is normal. So 1168 sqf if completed asking price for RM 480,000 is normal. You have to see in happy garden do you have more land to build similar condo. Currently next to G residence all the tree being cut down. I think is another property going to launch.

  17. anybody heard of the developer? kelang lama land development sdn bhd.
    I think is new one. is it stable?

  18. i’ve called alex, he told me they will build a showroom (for the biggest size but not the penhouse) n estimated to complete in may 2010, thereafter they will officially launched the project..

  19. the show room going to be 1578sq feet type

  20. i know have a new luxury condominium build near by G Residence around 400 meter. It is develop by See Hoy Chan and built-up area from 1300-2500sft, around RM400/sft & will launch by this year. Like this status, do you think can G Residence price upto RM420/sft after completion.

  21. I quite worry about the access next time.

  22. Marco, wat do u mean by ‘worry abt the access’? you mean you worry there might be traffic jam next time?

  23. hi marco, you no need to worry that much. Happy Garden got a lot of exist. So no only one road in and out. Of course talking about morning and after offic hour every place also jam. However happy garden just near to sungai besi, so you can very fast reach there. IF you don;t want traffic jam i think very hard to get in klang valley area.

  24. yes.. no need to worry about jam.. there are many routes.

  25. Not much is known about the developer of the condo. So is the quality and completion. Prefer to buy from better known developer.

  26. With the increasing costs of building materials, many of the first time developers may not be able to complete their projects due to financing. Be warned.

  27. not heard of the developer, reliable? btw it’s overprice for this area. i’ve lived in oug for the last 30 yrs, yes it’s convenient but yet it’s also very dirty. The road in happy gdn is very narrow & congested, it takes me abt 1/2 hour from oug to happy gdn!!

  28. i have been living in happy garden for the last 20 years. Although i agree with the cleanliness issue and the narrow road, but g residence is located in front of a very big and wide road. this road can easily access to old klang rd and kl seremban. Location is very strategic. I think it’s bout time that some developer should bring up the class of the area. i can see the gradual growth of the expat here (eg. jap & korean). i’ve also been seeing quite a number of guai loh here. G residence can cater to these expact and the next generation who wants to leave nearby their parents who stay in this area for ages. for both stay yourself and investment is good. i’m not marketing for this condo but rather i support the upgrading of the area with beautiful condo as such is a good move.

  29. i jst went to the sales office on saturday. the official launch will be on 17 july 2010. now the show room is almost complete. the first block was fully sold. 2nd block only left a few units on the 1st few storeys. no yet officially launch already sold 2 blocks. 3rd (oso the last block) will be released on launch day.

    i’ve oso visited the show room for another new condo Desa Residensi, which will be developed at a junction away. there is only one block with 130 units, but all fully sold (only left those units for bumiputras). that is fast, maybe due to the potential at the area.. but i think the layout of G Residence is nicer compared to Desa Residensi.

  30. I plan to release a booking of the g residence. If anybody interested, call can me at 0122929181. tq.

  31. Leong

    Which block are you bought? Wat’s your selling price?

  32. Hi Mun, can you sms me your no. so that i can give you the details. my no. is 0122929181. hope to hear from you soon. thanks.

  33. hi leong, have u signed any S&P with the developer? or only signed a booking and paid RM5000? cos if this is the case, i think they can refund fully the RM5000 to you, cos its written in the booking slip. maybe u can check with the sales office?

    i thought u quite supportive of this condo? how come?

  34. Excited can’t wait for the show house launching on 17/7. Hopefully nice specs given. If really french folding door is given, like an european feel. Already imagining my dream home, lol. Love the layout too. Location quite good near Kuchai entrepreneur and next to new reputable Chinese School.

  35. Hi Penny, i have not signed the S&P and i’ve only signed for the booking. Yes you’re right that they will refund the 5k booking fee to me upon cancellation. If i ever cancel the booking, the developer will take back the unit and resell it at the higher newly launched price. So why not letting another genuine buyer to enjoy the early bird price? it’s a win win situation here, if you know what i mean.

    I’m brought up in this area. My parents and grandparents all live in this area. In fact, i’m staying nearby this project. i’ve been looking forward for a project with a nice contempary design (french folding door as said) like this one. so maybe i sounded supportive. I’m not promoting g-residence in particular :p

  36. a bunch was held up by someone to boost the selling price… a common phenonmenon to boost sales & keep up the price. otherwise, by now, it should have no more units already if it’s really selling that fast.
    there’re many condos around the area, no doubt this new one could be of better looking design & could pick up a bit more of appreciation than those old ones. but i guess those old ones aren’t selling that expensive.
    since it’s not as logistically strategic as Bt. Jalil & Sterling Condo in PJ, going beyond 400K mark means it really has some selling points exceed those area.
    let’s see how it goes, the mentioned appreciation is just a speculation.

  37. i don’t know if any of you knows about another new project by See Hoy Chan, just 500metres down the same road as G Residence. I made a call to ask the other day. Apparently they are launching their so called luxurious condo in Dec 2010. Starting from rm400/sf. Can you imagine that. It could really be both good and bad news for G.

  38. Anonymous | July 15, 2010 at 2:24 pm |

    just got to know that the G Residence has been renamed as Gembira Residen, why the developer changed the name without informing the buyer, it sounds so terrible.

  39. realy? Gembira residen.. G residence sound more modern..

  40. how can they jst changed without our knowledge? Gembira Residen sounds like low cost flat!! i am not going to pay $400k to buy a condo with such a cheapo name!! I’ll call the sales office tomoro!!

  41. ya, agree wif u, wewe. i wan to have a look first at the project by See Hoy Chan. i have not sign S&P with G Residence yet, eh, it’s GEMBIRA RESIDEN. I am unhappy on this too.

  42. Anonymous | July 17, 2010 at 3:17 pm |

    wonder is anyone interest to take over mine, block c, since the block b is selling higher price now. can hv a deal if u r interested, pls leave your number here and i will call you. thanks.

  43. Anonymous | July 20, 2010 at 7:48 am |

    I plan to release a booking of the G-residence. If anybody interested call me at 012-292-5566 / 012-3225630 / 012-3216826

  44. Anonymous | July 21, 2010 at 8:45 am |

    i wonder why this residence is going fast sold out and overpriced
    Last Saturday i went to phase B launching and plan to buy from them
    but i feel shocked when i saw the price…
    my friend told me yesterday he called them and ask r phase A and B still available
    then they tell my friend YES!!!! Phase B actually still got many units r available
    is it develouper want to fried the price very very high?

  45. Hi Anonymous,
    I’m not surprised tht phase A&B still available. however the new prices for phase A (which was launched during the early bird), price has increased very high now, right. I still have another unit in blk A 1168sf (early bird S&P price) to let go. interested call me 0122929181.

  46. Looks like most of the early birds buyers of the G Residence have no confidence in the developer. They are throwing out their units. Klang Lama Land Sdn Bhd have no track records in building condos. It is better to check with the ROC and REHDA.

  47. The naming of any condominium project is as important as the neigbourhood itself. I agree that the last minute change of name from G Residence to Gembira Residen makes the project sound like a low medium cost apartment. The return on investment would not be so good.

  48. Hi!Michelle,

    Not true that early birds buyers of the G Residence have no confidence in the developer. I went to the site showroom/sales office, Block A & B fully sold! Block C (last block launch)only have some larger units & Pent House left.Also, smallest units (1168sf) bought at RM380K now cost RM440 for Block C.

  49. Hi Investor, i agree with you. but just that you made some errors on the info part. Block A&C are fully sold, Block B is the latest block launched.

    Also fyi, i let go not because i don’t have confidence with the developer. i just wish i have lots of money to own one of the biggest unit. where i’m staying now, it’s also a pilot project of a developer. now they are very established. i still think they are better than ho hup for now.

  50. Blogggger | July 26, 2010 at 2:38 pm |

    I dun believe the units sell this fast!! the developer must have keep some units in the first two blocks to give the impressions tat they are fast selling, and so that they can launch the last phase at the maximun price.

    similarly, there are many investors who paid the Rm5000 booking fee, and wait for the last phase to be launched at expensive price, then only they release their booking at a higher price than the initial price they buy but lower than the current last phase price, to earn some money without any cost. Good move!! Am i right, Leong and Anonymous?

  51. initially i booked not to make money. i only learnt how to make money this way after somebody wanted to sell me his booking from desa residensi. I wanted to buy one of the units there, almost confirm buying, but since the guy is cutting throat, i decided not to go for it. well, g residence is not the first case people sell booking. If you feel not comfortable buying a booking from others, then don’t it. For those who purchase a booking from another, they must have calculated if it’s more worth than getting from the developer. Would you rather pay more to the developer?? we’re talking about 50k more. i’m not so good in math, but 50k is a lot. i rather get deals from blk A&C, if sold out, forget it. Frankly speaking, i won’t pay that much for blk B.

  52. REHDA confirm that Kelang Lama Land Sdn Bhd is NOT one of their member. Therefore, REHDA will not provide any advise/feedback on this developer. REHDA advise that further check be done with Ministry of Housing and Local Government (MHLG) on this matter.

  53. really? hm.. there surely be a risk here..

  54. Hi how are you? I want to release my booking. Email me jcwc78@gmail.com

  55. I’m absolutely agreed with you Blogggger. This is a treat to earn fast money with no cost in collaboration with the developer, especially for those insider. This is an unhealthly sign in property market to sell “booking” and affected those genuine buyer.

  56. what is that got to do with genuine buyer??

  57. blogggger | July 31, 2010 at 1:13 pm |

    let’s not argue here. actually i support what leong do. it’s a good move to make money. but leong, it’s easier if the sales office can help u cos they have some genuine buyers who cant afford the current high price..

  58. Tx blogggger for being fair minded. Actually what is the difference between ppl selling their booking now for whatever reasons, and ppl who flip/sell their units only upon completion? let’s not be hypocrites here. It’s all willing buyer willing seller. If you can’t bear it, go buy from developer then with the increased price. Perhaps the extra money paid to the developer still make you feel better, by all means! peace 😉

  59. Looks like everyone wants a piece of the cake! Not the property eh.. Rber there r people who wants to build a home but hv to endure so many pocket pinchers to get one ish ish

  60. Hi, good day to all. Can contact me if need to apply loan. Thanks.

    Leann 012-598 5590
    Maybank Mortgage Consultant

  61. Hi all,

    I just went to visit the Block B show unit today, it left only 4 units. I am interested to this condo but the last 4 units were not in a good unit location. Anyone interested to sell your booking in block A or C or B, can i have your reply soon? My contact: devonliong@yahoo.com / 012-3355744


  62. Hi,

    I am interested in purchasing a unit here, if anyone has a spare, could you please get in touch with me:

    012-3373225 or subsash@gmail.com


  63. Rental of a fully furninshed condo in Happy Garden /OUG/Taman Yarl is less than 2k per month. If want buy with intention to get rental income better than FD, then sorry lah. Only hope is Cap appreciation. But if price rises beyond RM600k in 2011, then as a customer for a subsale, I ‘d prefer to buy condo unit of similar size in Bangsar with better ‘class’ and accessibility to KL/PJ

  64. Hi. I am interested in getting a unit here. Do contact me at adelyn_yz@hotmail.com / 0126621050. Thanks.

  65. Hi all, I’m looking for a unit in G-Residence to stay. Is anyone planning to sell the unit? thanks.

  66. Hi. I am interested in getting a unit here. Do contact me at csyow331@yahoo.com / 0122978088. Thanks.

  67. well this is a good place for those like it . You cannot compare a BMW and Mecedez . There is a value for eveything and eveywhere . For 500 K and 1500 square feet and a very good architect good finishing compare to KM1 bkt jalil is indeed value for money .this location is superb with the new Laiming chinese primary school around the corner walking distance and 10 minute drive to Mid valley bangsar and sunway why you bother to stay anywhere else for 500k aiya a very good buy indeed

  68. The existance of low cost flat just 10 feet next to the property and pasar malam along the main road is a big draw back.

  69. Anonymous | April 4, 2011 at 6:56 am |

    Hi. I am interested in getting a unit here. if anyone of you want to sell, please let me know 016-2263320 wilson.

  70. Well, talking about whether this condo is good or not good doesnt mean much now.. cos it’s fully sold (if not, then mayb left a few units).. i think most ppl wont let go their units now, cos they know the price sure shoot up after completion.. now the construction is going on smoothly (hopefully until completion), and sometimes after 4am (according to my fren who stay beside the construction site)..

  71. As i said according to the architech the developer is very commited to this project even KM1 with not too good finishing going for 600psqf and ours is only 345psqft how wrong can you go with this ?

  72. KM1 dont have any balcony but the yard is big

  73. anyone can email me what the price and unit available? anyone want to let go?i always get to know about property listing for last minutes..hate that so much

  74. Hi

    I am interested to get a unit, anyone wanna sell? 012-9070867


  75. Hi there, I am looking for a 1488 sq ft unit, high floor. If anyone wants to sell, please text me at 012 2949498. Thanks.

  76. anyone have a unit to sell here.. do let me know..interested ..


  77. Hi, anyone wanna let go the unit, i am interested to get one unit there, thanks
    i can be contacted at 0163817625

  78. Hi, I am interested in 1488 Sq ft unit, If anyone want to sells please email me @ jesslllim@gmail.com. Thanks.

  79. Hi, I am interested in 1488 Sq ft unit, If anyone want to sells please email me @ jennycheah01@gmail.com. Thanks.

  80. i have one for sell 1488 blk A level 14 email me at syeanho@yahoo.com

  81. hi, anyone here gonna let go their unit.
    kindly email me the details.

  82. hi, if there are any units avalaible please contact me. thanks~!


  83. Anonymous | June 16, 2011 at 5:54 am |

    hi, if there are any units avalaible please contact me,i want lower floor one. thanks~!


  84. kryptonite | June 18, 2011 at 9:08 am |

    visit G Residen Group on Facebook.

    Look for G Residen, Happy Garden

  85. I have a unit to let go. Block B Level 3 facing fountain near guardhouse. Call me if interested 03 2785 5101 eng.hm@etiqa.com.my

  86. size 1488

  87. HOW MUCH
    CALL ME 0125677531

  88. My auntie have sold off the unit already. She did not reveal the price. TQ

  89. 3+1 unit with pool view to let go – gimme a buzz at 016 776 0168 for genuine buyers only thx

  90. Hi, I’m interested to buy 1 1168 sq ft. Please call me at 012-2732109

  91. need mortgage loan? plz contact me @0163038820 wah

  92. saw in forum, there are 26 remaining unsold unit to release…

    just wonder, remaining unit are priced at RM430++ psf.

    Still worth to buy?

  93. It’s building up smoothly.. now already more than 12 storeys…
    For those who are interested to buy (Vincent said got 26 remaining unsold, as above), better be quick, as after the construction is completed, price definitely will increase more!

  94. Anybody knowa, How much is the developer selling now for 1168 sq ft, what floor?

  95. Anybody knows, How much is the developer selling now for those unsold units with BU 1168 sq ft, what floor?

  96. Gembira Residen
    no. house number Build-up (sf) Facing View Prices
    1 A-20-3A 1,488 south block c 648,080
    2 A-19-3A 1,488 south block c 646,080
    3 A-17-3A 1,488 south block c 642,080
    4 A-13A-1 1,578 north KL view 672,980
    5 A-13A-A3 1,488 south block c 636,080
    6 A-12-1 1,578 north KL view 668,980
    7 A-9-1 1,578 north kuchai lama 662,980
    8 A-9-5 1,488 south block c 626,080

    no. house number Build-up (sf) Facing View Prices
    1 B-6-3A 1,488 south pool garden view 684,480
    2 B-6-5 1,488 south pool garden view 684,480

    no. house number Build-up (sf) Facing View Prices
    1 C-20-2 1,168 west happy garden 516,880
    2 C-18-2 1,168 west happy garden 512,880
    3 C-18-3 1,168 west happy garden 512,880
    4 C-18-7 1,168 east salak south 512,880
    5 C-18-8 1,168 south sri petaling 512,880
    6 C-13A-5 1,168 east salak south 504,880
    7 C-8-2 1,168 west happy garden 492,880
    8 C-8-3 1,168 west happy garden 492,880
    9 C-8-7 1,168 east salak south 492,880

    Remaining unit.
    Price given by agent.
    P/S : I am not agent

  97. Thanks…Did u buy any unit here?

  98. Luckily I bought a block C unit during soft launch.

    Thank you.

  99. How much n which floor?

  100. UOA will be lauching their condo nearby … will be good for G Residence

  101. wat is the name of the condo which UOA will launch?
    where is it located from G Residen?

  102. interested with G residence condo, anyone gonna let go their unit? preferable from 7-9th floor…pls contact me. thanks

  103. how to let go after S&P signed?

    i got one unit.

  104. any unit for sale? where is the new launching?

  105. Is it possible to let go? I’m contemplating of letting go my 7th floor unit.

  106. how to let go after signed S&P?

    i want to let go also if got good offer.

  107. Darryl : mind to pm me at itemojin@yahoo.com?

    Vincent: Pm me your unit details as well… Thanks

  108. I’ve oredi pm u, jin. Did u get it?

  109. Superboy: are u Ben Au? I m interested more 7th floor -9th floor

  110. My unit at 20th floor, block C.

    can let go after signed S&P?

  111. Darryl, u r letting out yr unit? how much?

  112. 3 blok? land so big?how big? blok a , blok b , blok c each how many units? perfloor units? enough lift each floor? 3 blok also same size? same layout? type? how much before launch? after? and now? worth to buy? still available unit to buy? which blok? or all blok launch together? when can move in? 2 year? 3 year? invest for rent better or stay better? any advise? good rent this area? thank you so much

  113. i like the Type D design. how much huh. got any more ha. no facing cheap plug area hor. high level for expansiv lookout

  114. anyone letting go their unit..

    im interested.. thx

  115. i interested to buy a unit.

  116. i also want a unit

  117. cheap area but expansive price. why. kuchai lama sounds like sochai niama.

  118. Darryl, is your unit still available?
    My contact is 012 302 1367

  119. any unit for sell pls contact 0123145050 e-mail chaiminteck@gmail.com thx!

  120. This company called kelang lama sdn bhd will only reap benefits and profits from buyer , as they are so ignorant and do construction on Sunday and Public Holiday. With numerous complains to authorities. Furthermore, if you come and have a look around the surrounding area, its going to be a very high density population and going to cause congestion and traffic jams.

  121. hear here got devil. dare not buy heat lar

  122. anyway this still a good buy.

  123. good buy or `good bye’

  124. agreed with boy, such a ‘good bye’.

  125. Hello
    I am from China, I would like to know the details of the project, the Chinese people can buy it? Chinese people are buying an apartment, you can apply for a second home plan? You can get 10 years visa?
    Thank you reply!
    Happy New Year!

  126. hi, i would want to know if there any unit 1168sf left for sale ?

  127. BOON CHENG | March 6, 2012 at 8:07 am |

    Hi,I am interested to buy a unit on 9th floor , BLOCK C ,Gembira Residence ,if any body has that unit and would like to sell , please call me at 012 657 9165. Thanks

  128. wayne yau | April 3, 2012 at 2:44 pm |

    interested to buy. 1168 or 1378 sq ft. 012 2766119 wayne

  129. wayne yau | April 3, 2012 at 2:46 pm |

    i am looking for a unit for own stay. 1168 sq ft or 1378 sq ft. 0122766119 wayne

  130. Anyone letting go his/her unit? pls email me at ken_neth22@hotmail.com. thanks

  131. interested to buy. 1168 or 1378 sq ft. 012 3700375 Eric

  132. Anonymous | June 25, 2012 at 2:33 pm |

    Any units for block B or Block A
    1488 sq ft n higher floors. I would prefer.
    Anyone or developer got left over units ?

    SMS me
    Jeff 0122262783

  133. Am interested to buy Blocks A or B or C
    High floors, pref. 1488 or 1578 size
    Call or SMS me. 0122262783


  134. Hi, does anyone want to let go of 1168sf or 1378sf unit? Kindly SMS me at 018-2191919.


  135. rosli hamid | November 3, 2012 at 4:47 pm |

    urgent pls cont me 012 6619387

  136. What facilities does G-Residen offer? Badminton, Squash, Tennis?

  137. im looking to block b (center block) 1168sqf. who want to let go pls email to me.thanks!

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