Gaya Apartment @ Melawati

RM 346 per sqf service apartment in Taman Melawati , do you thing is expensive. For me I will think is expensive but Sime Darby really launch the property form RM 346, now already goes up to RM 450 per sqf. Gaya aparment locate in Taman Melawati, near by the Urban 2 commercial center is just launch, not really well develop but already sell for this price. It is because they manage to find some investor from singapore.

“An enclave of serviced residences for urbanites.
Discover the setting of a new suburban enclave. Consisting of unique serviced residences, with features designed to pamper. And facilities designed for convenience. Fulfilling your dream for a life of great expectations in this great city.

Welcome to the new urban living concept at Taman Melawati.

Beyond the luxuries of amenities in this suburban residence is the luxury of facilities at your doorstep. A perfect extension to your elegant Gaya home.

Enjoy peace of mind with 24-hour security
Bask in the sun or refresh at the Swimming Pool
Shop or dine at the landscaped boulevard… and many more”
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  1. i did get the option to buy studio unit here at RM161k @ that time, still got 4 units left (now sold out)..i declined as:
    -Melawati Urban 1 hasn’t fully picked up yet; Urban 2?
    -not sure about apartment market here in Melawati; e.g. Desaview, Hillside apartment etc. maybe it’s like TTDI, DSLs are great here but not condos.
    -not so much office lots and only have one college nearby.

    Maybe SJMC will open their branch here..

  2. Option? so where you got now.

  3. option = when i come there, the officer reserved one for me for a day.. i got one near Vistana Hotel..still u/cons..=)

  4. hie…good day..
    do you have any review on 3Residen?
    its near to the Melawati urban as well..
    developed by SD..

    wish you can share ur opinion? tq

  5. hey bob,
    it’s already RM400k isn’t it? in ’07 when they launched it, it’s only RM250k+; how at that time i think it’s expensive!
    for own stay, it’s ok.. melawati has lots of amenities nearby, good schools, pasar etc. but for investment i’m not sure.. your rental would be at least RM2k/month to cover your instalment.. is that doable? not sure..

  6. yup..mine type B 400k++..i bought in on March 09
    i’m from the area quite strategic and ambience too..i have surveyed a few places such but not to my liking.. even nearer there Serenia Garden, several banks cant accept my application..because they said its too I ended up buying a condo lorr..ehehe..

    true..for rental wise, i need to mark up a little bit more..but for the time being for own stay (just got married a year n half ago) it would be my 1st property then..

    ohh yeah i know..previously on 2007, the price was 250k+ for type C, i knew from the Malaysiarealestate Dot Net Dot My..

    so azman…are you an investor in property??for buyig for urself?

  7. Definately for 400k++ house only can own stay, unless rent to expat. Definately don’t rent to student, they will mess up the expensive house.

  8. so mr mytotal..
    what do you say/opinion on 3Residen project?
    ehehehe..just wanna hear from someone that are more experience than myself on property..

  9. may be we are different some prefer condo and some prefer terrace. For me I will prefer terrace. I got a friends just buy a condo near puchong cost about RM 350,000. He like the security and facility that the condo provide. So he don;t might buying a condo cost of RM 350,000. Melawati the previous investor will but the property rent to Tar student. Like 3Residen , Gaya Apartment is more on the people for own stay. If you like the environment and facility, no objection on it.

  10. u’ve bought it, so u get to live with it, be it good or bad.. landed props in melawati is appreciating in value.. there are some condos that are depreciating, like Desaview towers cos of maintenance issue.. i think u won’t have that prob with Sime Darby.. i think this is part of SD’s huge integrated development project over there.. lots of green areas right? maybe there will be landed houses near ur condo, once the jungle is cleared.. for sure the price will be very expensive..

    and as u’re Petronas staff working in KLCC, the access to work is good.. =)

  11. erkk do you know I’m working at KLCC and petronas?? we know each other? ahahahahaha…i’m not petronasian, but half JV petronas company..ehehe..

    yeahh its true..i’m scared as well in terms of maintenance issue, since my colleague staying at desaview tower(if im not mistaken) also got problem…

    I dont know why we(me and wife) not prefer on sub-sale prop.. i cant say why, and dunno the cause..ehehe

  12. i don’t know u, but watch your back bobadlin.. haha..
    i don’t prefer subsale as well.. cos of its low density, i think it would be very exclusive..
    eh, yours on the 4th floor right? which level is the common facilities area?

  13. aa ah..i think u get all my info from the rite?
    yup that my strong point of 3Residen..the low density and exclusive + build by Sime Darby…

    common fac will be on the G floor I guess..I dont think its going to be on any floor of the towers block…

  14. I have a friend already bought a Gaya unit type C 10++sqft (the biggest one). He bought it at RM321K but unwilling to continue due to money problem. He wants to let go if anyone wants it with RM335 price (still cheaper than current value).

    Call me if anyone is interested.
    Syam: 016-6681983 Thanks!

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