Greenfields or Anjung Hijau

Greenfields is located in bukit jalil opposite of Green Avenue. Most of it for own stay because is a bit far to college, walking distance about 25 minutes. To LRT station also about 25 minutes if walk to there. The OUG link bridge is open convenient them to go OUG or old klang road.

Location: Bukit Jalil
University : Apiit and IMU
Rent without furniture : RM 800
Rent with furniture : RM 1,200 – RM 1,600

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114 Comments on "Greenfields or Anjung Hijau"

  1. any comment for anjung hijau?any fren staying that area?good location?convenice?1st floor 996sqf for rm 200k is it worth?this apt good for investment?

  2. If the price is RM 200,000 i will invest on the nearest condo green avenue. The building newer than anjung hijau. The rental is not much different but the second value green avenue is higher.

  3. Hi Zian,

    there is a unit for auction. refer the web page

  4. wao…the price so cheap at there
    that 1 available for sale or auction???
    auction unit is it good???
    wat requirement for auction??

  5. auction most probabily the owner not continue settle the bank loan. If you haven’t settle the bank loan the property still belong to bank. So bank can sale your property to others. Auction normally start from lower price, so every one also can bid the price. The highest bid price can buy the property. If you are the only buyer then you can buy at lowest price. You have to register and pay i think 5% of the property price. If you are not successful get the property the deposit is refundable. Then is only one thing not good for auction is you can;t see the internal of the property before you bid. Hope you understand my explanation.

  6. Land Lord of unit C-01-11 | May 13, 2009 at 12:43 pm |

    I have a unit available from Jun 1st for rental at Green Field, it is 1st floor unit. currently is w/o furniture, but there is option to be furnish. depending on your offer.

    If anyone interested, pls email me and leave your phone number. i’ll get in touch with you. Thanks!

  7. frangipani | June 22, 2009 at 2:12 am |

    hi landlord, may i know ur email address? i’m interesred to rent there

  8. wat is the rental price for thr?
    without furniture…
    partly and fully.

  9. unfurnish RM 900 – RM 1,000
    half furnish RM 1,100 – 1,300
    Full furnish RM 1,400 – 1,600

    Just for reference. Also depend on condition.

  10. hi all fren,
    my bro just baught a unit
    he plan to rent out this unit on 1st sept
    newly renovated,basic unit rental rm950
    intrested pls giv me a call 0126543288
    thx and nice day~!!!

  11. Is there a good rental market there? How about the capital appreciation trend? My personal observation and knowledge, Bukit Jalil is quite a good area in terms of infrastructure, accessibility to various areas such as near to city, connected with MRRII, Seremban Malacca highway, Besraya, etc. Quite convenient if with a car or at least a bike.

    Just want to know from property observers views.

  12. It should be no more appreciation, as now the subsale rate aroung RM 200,000 ++. It is very hard to appreciate to RM 300,000. Rental price around RM 1,200 to RM 1,400 full furnish. Still can cover the installment but have to settle on 30 years. You still have to include lawyer fees and trassfer title fees. Now outside got a lot of good investment property with free legal fees, so i will advice not to invest on the property. look for other might have more appreciation.

  13. I am looking for an unit at Greenfield, anyone is interested to sell, please leave a msg here, I prefer at least 5th floor high. Thank you.

  14. 1 unit at blok C available for rent
    just hand over key,no ppl stay before
    my fren asking price:
    rm900 for basic unit
    rm1100 with fridge,washing machine,air-cond,dining table
    ashley if u r intrested mayb u can leave me ur mail,
    i try to look for u bcos i am staying at blok B.

  15. Hello, any direct owner wanted to sell Anjung Hijau below RM200k?

  16. Is it a good location to stay? I see the market price is from RM230k for 1k sq ft, worth it?

  17. I heard Jalil Park City by Hohup is going to developed nearby. Is the place going to appreciate in the value? Seem like the rental return sound good. But from the agents told, all the units mostly 2 rooms (>230k ~ wah!so expensive), only few 3 rooms (above 250k)…

  18. If I were to invest an apartment in bukit jalil for rental income, shall i go for Anjung Hijau or Green avenue? Pls give advise if u hv the expertise. Tq.

  19. The rental between anjung hijau and green avenue is more or less same. However Green avenue is newer than anjung hijau. But the price anjung hijau will be less around RM 10,000 – RM 15,000. The future of LRT station will be around here. so definitely the price still can be appreciate. Of course if want to buy the property must bargain for the price. If can get anjung hijau lower than RM 200,000 can be consider.

  20. Thanks for your opinion. How sure are u that the LRT station will be built near this area? Any plan or map to show? Which website?

  21. Hey, jz for opinion, if there is a unit at 2nd flr, facing the park (not guite cos it’s low)if the price is alright abt 210k, can consider to buy?

  22. if loan RM 190,000 after deduct from 10% downpayment. The every month pay to bank is RM 907. Haven’t include the maintenance. If furnish can get RM 1,300 only able to earn RM 200. The stamp duty also very expensive, i think RM 210,000 cost about RM 2,+++ for stamp study. So bargain may be can lower to RM 190,000.

  23. i stay here almost 2 years, the location is very good,the building is a bit old,design still ok not so out dated.but comapre to other apartment,it lack of good facility like swimming pool,gym,sauna.

  24. anjung hujau new painting and maintainance upgrade
    cctv already add on
    block A and B started for paint
    hopefully like vista komenwell
    after paint so nice and price appreciate a lot compare last year~!!!

  25. Hi beautiful people, i am looking for an apartment to rent at Anjung hijau. Not furnidhed. Anyone has info, please do let me know ya…Cheers!

  26. Hi Tata,
    I have a unit at Anjung Hijau available for rent now. Please leave me your contact at my email, can arrange viewing on 6th feb onwards.

  27. Douglous Lim | February 23, 2010 at 2:42 am |

    I have an studio apartment unit at sri hartamas,
    looking for those agent who have client in hand to rent it out
    016 3330781

  28. Hi, I have a unit fully furnished in block C, high unit, facing the golf course. Beautiful view, and very airy. I’m currently doing some renovation on the flooring and piping. Will be available from April onwards. Please contact me if you are interested. My email is

  29. Greenfield Block C high floor for rent, interested pls email Fully furnish. Converted from a 3 rooms to 1 room studio concept – 1100sqft. Suitable for singles professional.

  30. I’m looking for non-furnished Apartment for rent at Anjung Hijau. Any available unit? Please contact me at

  31. Is there any units in Greenfield for sell now? Anyway, when i was there viewing last week, seem not all units is occupied..coz the lights is not all turn on even its’ 8pm-9pm. Any ideas friends?

  32. I just viewing a unit at Greenfield sold for 220K which only 800++ sqf with fully furnish, issit worth? what is the actual sqt there, cause the agent still cant get the right sqt for me yet..anyone know

  33. I am looking for a unit unfurnished for rent at Anjung hijau. High floor, corner unit and facing the golf course would be nice. I am available to move in from May onwards. Any available unit? Please give me a contact number or contact me at Thanks.

  34. dear all friends,
    i am an agent who stay at greenfields apartment
    in here got few type and sizes
    start from studio,2+1 rooms and 3 rooms
    studio sizes ard 750 to 800sf
    2+1 rooms is 994sf,996sf,998sf,and 999sf
    3room 1015 sf onwards
    market value for the apartment
    cimb RM230k
    public rm220k
    aliance rm210k
    rm220k for own stay and the furnish u like it just go ahead
    actually is worth to buy,their maintainace keep upgrading
    adter repaint i think the price will increase
    compare to current market freehold apt with ard 1k sf not bad
    somemore maintainace fees just abt rm130++ if next time move to landed tis unit still easily get a tenant
    any frens who looking for unit to buy or rent can giv me a cal
    0126543288 zian tey
    thx and hav a nice day~!!!

  35. curent unit available for rent
    1st april
    partly furnish rm1400 nego
    fully firnish rm1700 nego
    -lcd tv
    -kitchen cabinet
    -whole house laminate timber

    for sell unit
    1st of may
    999sf basic rm220k facing back
    996sf partly furnish rm230k facing bungalow
    996sf partly furnish rm270k high floor,nice view,ready tenant rental rm1200

  36. Hi,

    Are there any other further condo development in this area? Looking to invest at this place.

  37. Hi Bob,

    Convillea i think still got unit left. If not you have to wait for berjaya MK1 (luxury condo) or Ho Hup already. However that time the price could be rm 600 per sqf.

  38. Hi,

    I’m keen to buy a unit in greenfield apartment@mid or high floor with at least of 2rooms. Drop me an email if you’re serious seller or agent.

  39. Hello, I’m searching for apartment to rent in Green field, preferable 2 bedroom, partly furnish. Can someone help me , please? If u have any information, please contact me, or +60163120451. Thanks a lot!

  40. Hi,

    Noticed many enhancemet done for the past mths.

    Painting–> In progess
    CCTV—> Done
    Water filter for each blocks—-> In progress
    New upgrade landscape—> Done
    Cutting Dangerous Trees around the internal compound—> In progress
    New rules on Hangling Textiles item,Plants. etc at Common corridor—> In progress

    It seems the Office staffs in charging this Property it very Serious in Making enhancement and Implementing rules for all owners. I was realy impressed after all staying here for almost 2 years. I though i may have brought the wrong property last 2 years as that time really looks like a below average apartment/Flat with Many Aircon compessor, hanging textiles items, brooms,mops and plants hanging/Place here and there.

  41. I saw that also, always pass by there. Even same the komanwel condo also doing painting. Bukit JAlil will be the desire staying place.

  42. Yeah saw Komanwel condo been painted. Hopefully all property in Bkt Jalil will increase as it is freehold. Looking around Kinrara and Puchong hardly any Freehold property now. By the way Kudos to Komanwel Management to save the property from falling below market price all this while.

  43. Hi

    I’m looking for flat there for rent, 1 or 2 bedrooms.
    please call
    012 2946365

  44. Hi owner,

    Can you tell me how you know about all these water filter thing ? Which block are you staying ? I am also an owner there.

  45. i saw the water filter been delivered and installed recently. So shouldn’t we applause the Management for making the place a harmonius place to stay ?

  46. Anonymous | July 14, 2010 at 2:53 pm |

    hi guys
    i need a house to rent in Anjung Hijau
    prefer unfunished or semi funished
    prefer 2 bedroom house
    any available house email me at

  47. Anonymous (

    what is your budget?

  48. can someone tell me the web site address for Greenfields (Anjung Hijau)Apt? i believe there is a web site recently created by the Greenfield]s mgmt office…let me know i would love to view the web site ,pls. help me out…thank you very much & appreciate it alot…

  49. Hi all

    I am looking for a car park urgently in Greenfields, as currently I need to park the car outside the apartment.
    If someone has any available car park for rent
    please contact John 012 486 6164

    p/s: by the way, I would like to get some comments or opinion about the safety / security condition around Greenfields from all the residents at there.
    Is there any case about car been stolen happened since you all stay there for the past few years?

    Appreciated to all your comments.


  50. Hi, interested to buy a unit at Anjung Hijau. Preferably high floor with park view. Furnished is not my major criteria.
    Will be in Kul on 28-30Aug. If there is unit avlb, would appreciate to view unit during this timing. Please contact Anna, 012-4920918 or email for more details.

    Thans n regards

  51. Hi I am looking for a unit to buy at green field or Anjung Hijau.

    Pls contact Margaret ,019-2398558 or email to

    Thanks and Regards,

  52. Hi there,
    I am looking for a apartment to rent in Anjung Jijau,
    2 or 2+1 bedrooms
    furnished or semi
    if there’s any available please let me know via my e-mail
    please dont ask me about the budget, you give me the price, I’ll let u know if i think its unfair.

  53. Don’t buy now. Prices are rising too fast this year, there will be a bubble burst soon in nov.

  54. I’m looking for Green Avenue or Anjung Hijau, please email to me for any unit for sale, thanks & regards.

  55. Hi green,

    Don’t buy now ???? You are wrong …… So many agent calling to ask selling and some even make strong Offer Pay cash, Price in AH won’t Fall. So far demand is far more than supply. Currently i expect AH Will touch RM 260~275k basic 996sf. This will subjected to futher increase as more upgrading in process. Bank currently only rated RM230k but if interest to buy then must cash rich ohh min RM 85K on hand. I personally sold my unit within 2days. many came to view my hse and interested to buy but many rejected as depend on banks which only loan max 90%

  56. Owner

    You sold yours already ? So the bank evaluation is much lower than the selling price ? That goes to show that a lot of these people don’t know that the govt is going to reduce speculation in a few months time. So why are they so stupid to buy something with a lower evaluation when price going to drop ?

  57. Dear Green,

    Yes i did sold off my Unit. Normally Bank won’t evaluate so much for high rise building. They just stick to Basic Guildlines. What i known is Gov is going to increase interest further that should be done in 2009 but they delay to early 2010. Klibor is more acurate to known actual Economic suppose to be. Gov always brain wash malaysian… this how to they control we wouldn’t want to become like what had happen in Thailand, Indonesia, Philpines. Land tittle freehold is almost Zero in Klang Valley prime area except in Klang.Shah Alam. Bukit jalil and Bandar Kinrara is the only Free hold land in Southern Klang valley. Prices in Bandar Kinrara D/S Terrace House reaching RM 700K and New condo in Seri Petaling, Kuchai Lama, and bukit Jalil averaging RM 430k. I personally brought the hse in 2007 and start staying only end 2009. I make my homework when i brought in 2007 when still low compare to buy Arena Green or green Avenue. and make hi good return for seling last mid year 2010 and I manage to secure a brand new D/S Terrace hse in Bandar Kinrara 3rd Qurater 2009. prices now almost reaching Rm 700K. I brought at 420K that time.As for me i forsee prices in Sorrunding bukit Jalil will not Drop. most residents here Move to landed property an not selling the apartment to cover cost of landed property. Calvary Chruch project is back on track now and when the completion Of LRT Station and New Calvary Convention next 3years from now i don’t think price will fall

  58. Owner,

    You win with your arguments. How much you sold your property ? I was looking for one unit, now it is too late. Strange, I move from double storey to apartment but you move from apartment to double storey ..

  59. I’m interested to buy an apartment for own stay at Greenfield. Prefer any unit above 9 floor with at least 2 rooms.

    If you hv a unit for sale, pls call me at 016-2213632 or email:

  60. hi guys,i need a house to rent as soon as possible in anjung hijau.please an email if you got at
    thank you

  61. I have a first floor unit 2+1 type (1012 sqft). Will let go for 250k.
    early settlement of my loan will cost me a bomb, so will not consider anything less than that.
    email me if anyone is interested.

  62. hi duke,

    i am agent who stay at greenfields apartment
    do u mind to drop me an email or contact about your unit ?
    if your unit stil available,i make sure you can get rm 250k excluded agents fees.hope to get your reply soon
    thx and have a nice day~!!!

  63. hi QM property agent,
    it seems like there is an error in your email. have tried sending email with gmail domain, hope it is the right one.

  64. Hi Duke,

    I’m representing a serious buyer whom your unit size fits his requirement. Please email me further details at We can keep in touch via mobile from then on.


  65. duke,

    250k is too cheap. you can sell for 270k.

  66. Green,
    Is that real? mine is 1st floor unit still can fetch 270k?

  67. Duke,

    I’ve known a lady who bought higher floor 1K sq ft unit (forgot 8th or 10th) for RM270K, and its from auction!

    Not so sure the price on first floor, but it should not be too far off 🙂

  68. Hi duke, i think depend the market la, rm 250,000 is a reasonable price.

  69. block_c

    Auction unit also selling at rm 270 K ? Then might as well buy direct from market.

  70. I am looking for an studio unit for rent. As small as possible because I am single. Preferably unfurnished. If you have an unit available, do drop me an email to, Thanks.

  71. Hi Duke,
    I’m a direct buyer. Is your unit still available? Please drop me email and we follow up from there.

  72. hi wk,
    sorry the unit is taken last week.

  73. hi,

    urgently need a car park to rent in anjung hijau.

    Please let me know if anyone is renting out their carpark.

    Email me at


  74. duke

    How much did you sell ? I want to know the market rate nowadays.

  75. Read all the complaints against the management here.

  76. Waa… the price coded so high, true market value and bank valuer is RM210k for 1000sf only, somemore unfurnish.. more than tis price better buy a new unit..

  77. Nobody is going to sell at RM210K this year.

    Bank valuation don’t reflect the market price, they reflect the lelong price so you have to pay extra cash (>30%) to top up the difference in bank loan amount.

  78. just an update for all friends who interested for greenfields apartment

    bank valuation for greenfields

    1015sf 1st floor rm 255k
    994 sf 1st floor rm 245k to 250k

    valuation report from uob and cimb bank

    this year highest transaction

    rm 340k fully furnish 10th floor

    rm 270k fully furnish

    after painting the building,the greenfield apartment management
    K.I.V some new plan for the building
    1)upgrade the lobby and drive way for block A
    2)install cctv and upgrade the lift
    3)the new design for the entrance of the apartment

    a)do you think the apartment still got the potential future price increase????
    b)KM 1 ,Z residence and The Treez will bring up the selling price or rental price???
    c)the future link of LRT will make this location more convenience and demanding???
    d)the rumours of jusco confirm will come in bukit jalil area???
    e)2013 the Lai Ming primary school coming in also????

    any professional agents or investor mind share some advise and opinion????

  79. Rental price will drop because people want to stay in newer apartment. When rental price drop, selling price will also drop because most are investors and not owners.

  80. is it the timing i sud sell my unit also????

    people prefer new or prefer cheaper for the rental???

    the newer monthly installment all at least rm 1800k to rm 3k ++

    any owner willing to rent for that low price????

    rm 1k for basic?rm 1.2k for partly?rm 1.5k for fully???

    as i know greenfields apartment 70% is owner and own stay

    should i sell off my own unit????

  81. QQ1010, if ur planning to sell, email me details and price. I have a ready buyer who wants to buy for own stay. Don’t sell so high please, as his budget is not at the near 300k level. Email me at Thanks.

  82. I’m interested in buying a studio apartment in Greenfields.
    If you have one for sale, please email me at with details and price. Thanks.

  83. There is a lawsuit going on between a group of people and management. This will bring the price down. Stop buying.

  84. Hi Agent,
    Refer to your posting on 12/12/10. May I know how’s the price of Greenfield Apt will drop cause there is a lawsuit btn “group of people” & mgt?
    I personally feel that the apartment price is too high & not justifiable.

  85. alex

    Read all the details here.

    there is abuse of power and corruption by the management.

  86. ooo..thx for ur sharing dear agent

    do u think the management wil get trouble soon??

    a people who break the house rules and strata act so easy to take down management team????

    how many % price will drop as a profesional agent estimate???

    how come 746 units of residents ,only plenty of people support for that guys???

    i think a lot of resident stil support management team because they very appreciate the management doing well and bring up the price

    i heard this property already 10 years never increase the price,only recently the price increase a lot,is it not justifiable?????
    wat mean buy justifiable?????a lease hold studio at pj easily increase rm 100k within 4 to 5 years it means justifiable??

    kinrara resident house rm 300k shoot up to rm 700k whithin 4 years it means justifiable???

    kajang apartment launch at rm 250k
    rawang apartment launch at rm 235k
    selayang apartment selling at rm 380k
    do u think all property above location better than bukit jalil???

    bukit jalil area stil got abt 30acres of freehold land coming up
    is it means the potential is there???

    need some opinion ………

    dear agent do update us the latest news!
    if any price below rm 250k please do update all investor here

    thx and nice day!!!!!!

  87. haha….hope the “agent” simply make a rumours to make price drop!
    then give us some cheap property

  88. Mr Tan

    If you have any comments, please post in that blog and argue with the owner and not me.

  89. Price has gone up all around bukit jalil. Bank valuation is much lower so if you want to buy this area, don’t expect to get 90% of market value.

  90. Dear agent,

    so sorry i am not meant to argue or comment

    just want to find out the truth

    and what make u so confidence and ask investor or buyer stop buying?

    may be can share your opinion or advise

    any others condo or apt which is good buy and no resident complain at all + easily can get 90% loan + freehold around this area?

    thank for helping we al investor

    nice day!!!!!

  91. Mr Tan

    You cannot get 90% loan anywhere in bukit jalil bcos prices have gone up too much in 2010. Bank valuation is still at 2009 price. You have to pay more to top up with your own cash.

    Vista commonwealth is a good investment and easy to rent out to students and near LRT. Arena Green is near LRT but the management is poor. Green avenue has good management but LRT only coming in 2014.

  92. thanks for your advise

    but is it u estimate the price will drop?how many %?

    what is the selling price for vista commenwell now?
    and the maintaiance fees?

    where is the exactly location for lrt station?

  93. Mr Tan

    If you like greenfields so much, just buy loh. Why ask me so many questions ? Look in newspaper and you’ll know the price lah. The new LRT station is opposite green avenue.

  94. Hi all i am looking for a room to rent in anjung hijau.urgently,if you have any,get back to me at

  95. Dear ellen,

    I have room to rent but only for man as I am a man myself.

  96. There’s a unit 1041 sf asking for rm340k. Abt RM327 psf. looks ok compared to those new condos coming up.

  97. Most recent asking price is RM460k for a 1,131 sf unit facing the Bukit Jalil Park.

  98. Hi all, Im seeking to buy greenfield which is at middle floor and above , facing golf field with balcony. If anyone interested, pls give me a call at 016-5008660. thanks

  99. Is there any unit for rent at the moment? if there is any, pls send me an email at

  100. Hi all
    1.I have an serious buyer looking for anjung hijau budget below 350K.
    pls send me email at 016 421 3523 if you keen to sell your unit. thanks.

    2. Serious tenant in anjung Hijau with budget below rm 1200 (basic unit withou furniture is ok).
    pls email or call me if you keen to rent out ur unit as well.

    Thank you.

  101. Hi,

    Is there any unit that still available for entry this November. The rental price between rm800-rm1000. Please send me an email at or give me a call at 019-2255744(wan). I do really need the house by 1st November 2011. TQ

  102. Anjung Hijau is very peaceful….Nice to stay .

  103. Hi Anonymous,
    Concern about the traffic, once the Treez, KM1 condo, the Calvary church, Hotel beside Bukit Jalil and the commercial development by Ho Hup are coming up.

  104. Can I said that Anjung Hijau will not be peaceful & not nice to stay once all this developments are ready!

  105. Yes, with all the traffic and conveniences in the city, I think I’ll just pack up and to live up a tree in the forest – no cars, peaceful.

  106. Hi all can anyone help me here is there a unit at anjung hijau for sale. I am serious to buy but prefer deal with owner. I heard from friend that bank valuation for anjung only 250K wherelese the agents hike to RM350K. This makes the condos very expensive in KL. I am from outstation.


  107. Only desperate owners will sell below RM350K. It’s a very cosy place, breezy and with excellent views. What more with the LRT and Lai Meng School coming up in the very near future…

  108. Hi, I’m looking to either purchase/rent a studio apartment around Bkt Jalil/Puchong area.
    Pls call me at 012 283 5254.

  109. Nobody is going to sell at rm 250K. Which bank gave you that valuation ?

  110. Most staff of local banks are not bothered to check for better valuations from several valuers. You may wish to try UOB’s mortgage people – from my personal experience, their people go out of their way to get the best valuations (well above my purchase price!).

  111. I`m looking for unfurnished studio.

  112. Hi people, I’m a working professional looking to rent a small studio apartment in GreenFields.

    1). Preferably Unfurnished
    I’m a minimalist myself, less things = cleaner and spacious =)

    2). Budget RM800

    Anyone renting out can email, sms or giv me a call, thanks!
    zero one two – 9713109

  113. Kitteh of the Galactic Empire | March 20, 2012 at 2:42 am |

    Wat is the bank valuation for this property?

  114. Anthony Lee | June 1, 2012 at 7:15 am |


    Anyone using Unifi service at Anjung Hijau now?
    I have check at TM Unifi service is available at the building, just would like to confirm there is no issues on the building’s internal wiring to success the installation.

    Thank you

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