KLMU Wangsa Maju

Did anyone know the location of KLMU in wangsa maju. So I can search the nearby property. Thanks.


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  1. sorry, try as i might, there’s no info on the Net about the exact location..

  2. ya, really don;t know where is the location is. It mention suppose completed on 2009, but no new on internet. Cannot be so secret and no body discuss about this building.

  3. found it in wikimapia.. dunno whether it’s correct or not:

    Cosmpoint is the old name for KLMU right?
    more like in sri rampai than in wangsa maju. can see lots of public housing nearby only.. the nearest condo maybe villa wangsamas.

  4. is on construction. just next to villawangsamas condominium. near to sri rampai LRT station.

  5. been wondering of the location myself since I live in wangsa maju.

  6. at where this campus ?

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