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Recently found out this property in Cyberjaya. Near to Multimedia University (1km), and aslo Lim kok wing (not sure how far-guess within 5km ). Of course here you can rent to the IT professional as well. There are so many famous company like, DELL, HSBC, Shell, EDS, Fujitsu and etc. The starting price for 3 room is RM 174,000 and now already goes up to RM 231,700 with some discount either 3% or 5%. 3% discount if you ask them to rent out your unit:

The rent is RM 1,350.00 per month with the following fixtures given:
Curtain Tracks
Water Heaters
Once you have paid all vacant possesion charges and upon full loan disbursement from the end are received by us, the tenancy agreement and the above-mentioned fixtures worth RM 3,000.00 will be transfered to you.

If you want to get 5% discount the above fixture not included.

Look like a good deal but it still have limited unit. Soonest they will launch the apartment just next to Domain service apartment.

If you want to invest on cyberjaya property some of the information you should read.


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  1. according to their website, they’ll launch their apartment (not serviced apartment) in qr3 2009. Build-up area: 550 & 750sqf, 1 & 2-bedroom units. total units = 600. starting price = RM160k onwards (which should be for the lower floors).
    is 600 units a bit too much? can it be congested? i heard a studio there can fetch rental of RM1500 p/mth!

  2. that is why i bought the phase 1, the servie apartment…
    i dont want to wait until this 3rd phase
    because the phase 1 is still exclusive due to limited unit
    eh, the 3rd phase is no longer service apartment?
    are u sure because it will be build on the same piece of land

  3. not so sure on that one, but according to their website, it is described as apartments only..

    try read the Project Profile; they classify it differently.. and also in the last para..
    still not sure about the demand.. maybe depends on tenants at Office Tower..

  4. Phase 3 is office tower and phase 4 only the apartments.

    Phase 1 – consisting of 67 units of shop-offices (Biz Avenue 1) and 272 units of serviced apartments (The Domain) which are completed with CF and ready to move in anytime.
    Phase 2 – consisting of 138 units of shop-offices (Biz Avenue II) and 1 commercial lot (6,555 nett land area)
    Phase 3 – consisting of 2 blocks of office towers (262,000 sf of nett floor area )
    Phase 4 – consisting of 4 blocks of 600 units of apartments.

    Cyber Ria apartment is just next to Multimedia University and the unfurnish unit rent for RM 1300 – RM 1500. So I expect the NeoCyber 3 room apartment able to rent RM 1,500. This saturday will go there a visit to see the remaining of service apartment.

  5. Hi Rohaniah, did they mention how much the maintanance fees?

  6. sorry for the mistake.
    it is phase 4, rite?

    i am very positive on the prospect of the domain
    because mmu is going to take more foreign students in the future.
    i heard they plan to have 10,000 students.

    mytotall, better u go for site visit first.
    if u happy and willing to buy, u can give my name as the referral
    we can share the buyer get buyer commission..

    the maintetnce for the 3 bedroom unit is rm150. includeing sinking fund

  7. sure no problem. So your full name is rohaniah noor right. How much is the referral fees. You don;t might telling me, and other might need to buy and introduce your name when see this post.
    I saw the internet the 3 rooms don;t have the kitchen. Is it correct. I only see the yard and living. How they modify the to have a kitchen.

  8. it is only my name.. excluding my surname.
    if u want to submit my name, the developer will request my full nama and my ic number.
    can i have ur email address, so that i can give u when u have made ur decision.
    the commission is rm1k. so each one of us will get 500 la..
    the apartment definitely got kitchen.. it is an open kitchen concept.
    if we want to divide the area, we need to build bar kitchen cabinet.

  9. thanks , i got your mail. If i want to buy will inform your name.

  10. finally book by a unit there. Now waiting for loan approval. Before that wanted to book a unit without tenant. Expect to rent out myself because able to get higher rental. At last book the unit come with rental because of cheapest price. Forgot to take the image of phase 4 apartment. Look nice than service apartment. Will take the picture next time if i go there.
    I rohaniah i have mention your name to them. I think should be ok if my loan approved. Thanks.

  11. congrats WC!!

  12. thanks azman.

  13. congrats mytotall.
    actually i got this info on sunday.
    kenny called me.
    wah.. we will be ‘neighbours’ rite?
    what floor ur unit is?
    mine is at 11th floor

  14. mine is 13th floor. i wouldn’t stay there. just for investment. Have you saw the apartment show room. Quite nice ah.

  15. Wednesday September 10, 2008 (Source
    UEM Land plans housing project in Cyberjaya

    CYBERJAYA: Growing demand for medium-cost residential units here has attracted more developers to undertake property projects in the township.

    The latest developer to join the fray is UEM Land Bhd, which plans to undertake a mixed residential development that includes 2,000 medium-cost apartments on a 100-acre site opposite the Multimedia University.

    Setia Haruman Sdn Bhd chief operating officer Lao Chok Keang said if all went well, the project, which was now awaiting approval from the Sepang Municipal Council, would start next year.

    Setia Haruman, which is the master developer of Cyberjaya, is 25% owned by UEM Group Bhd.

    Setia Haruman aimed to increase the number of residential units to 42,000 in the next 10 to 20 years from 28,000 units currently, Lao told a media briefing yesterday.

    He also said land in Cyberjaya had appreciated by 85.7% to RM65 per sq ft from RM35 per sq ft 10 years ago. To date, 2,840 acres remained of the total saleable land of 3,764 acres .

    “Demand for medium-cost apartments has improved a lot over the last 12 months. Students who have found jobs in Cyberjaya continue to stay. Consequently, new students were forced to move further away,” said Lao.

    Multimedia University is one of three universities in Cyberjaya. The other two are Limkokwing University of Creative Technology and Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences.

    Lao also said Setia Haruman planned to launch in November its CBD Perdana 2 project comprising six blocks of office suites with retail outlets on the ground floor. CBD Perdana 1, which was launched last year, was fully taken up.

    Each block has a total built-up area of 30,000 to 40,000 sq ft, with prices ranging from RM600 to RM800 per sq ft for the ground floors and RM300 to RM400 per sq ft for the higher floors.

    Lao said interest in Cyberjaya was picking up with the recent opening of the Kuala Lumpur-Putrajaya Highway.

    On the move to attract small and medium enterprises (SMEs), he said an additional 1.64 million sq ft was expected to be ready by the third quarter of next year.

    This would increase the area for the SMEs to 5.86 million sq ft, he added.

  16. appreciate it very much if u can take pics of the show unit for the phase 4 apartment.
    if cannot get tamansari (depends on the price), maybe i can consider studio apartment there (depends on the no of units).. =)

  17. No problem azman, will post another topic soon NeoCyber Apartment. The agent mention total 600 units, studio and 2 bedroom. However UEM Land also build another medium cost apartment 2000 unit opposite Multimedia University.

  18. mytotall, yes i have visited the show house of the phase 4 before place booking of the phase 1.
    think thoroughly before made my decision.
    azman, the show house is nice.
    if you able to come, better to watch by yourself.
    but, do you think that the medium cost apartment will give an effect to the neocyber?
    i heard this project since last year but until now, nothing materialised.

  19. (source from

    Our Cyberjaya development is a part of UEM Land Berhad’s long term strategy of diversifying the geographical location of our developments as well as our source of income and to expand into the Klang Valley. At the end of 2008, UEM Land acquired 98 acres of freehold development-ready contiguous land at a site adjacent to the Central Business District of Cyberjaya.

    This development will be divided into several parcels with each having a different theme and design concept. It will comprise a total of 2,865 residential units of mixed landed and high rise strata, and limited commercial components in the form of SOHO units contained in a block of high rise building and the Village Centre. There will also be a Club Village, designed as a series of pavilions scattered along the length of the stroll garden and linked by covered walkways.

    With the recent completion of the Maju Expressway, a dedicated highway that directly links Kuala Lumpur to Putrajaya/Cyberjaya, the better accessibility to our development will be a pull factor to potential home buyers.

    The entire project will take eight to 10 years to complete and the gross development value is estimated to be in excess of RM1 billion.

  20. 2008 they just buy the land and waiting from approval to build the mixed development. I thing definately they will on the project as they see EMKay able to sell average of RM 300 psf. However UEM Land should not built medium cost , they should go for high end. If Phase 4 apartment selling for RM 330 psf. Why don’t they sell for RM 300 condo. May be 2000 units is a lot so they expect reduce the selling price and sell it fast. so Phase 4 600 units + UEM 2000 units. I think would not impack a lot to Neo Cyber. As I know many workers and student currently they stay in Puchong or USJ. If next time cyber jaya got available units they might stay in cyber. Don’t forget they are many corporate office construct now. HP data center next year is completed, another 2000 staff will work in cyber. So the demand is there.

  21. hm.. it make sense..
    last weekend when went to iproperty luxury collection, i noticed that there is a booth on cdb2
    i personally thinks that CBD2 has a lot of potential.
    currently CBD 1 occupancy is good. there is a government department renting there and i heard that few govenrmnet agency is coming to cyberjaya too.. due to the current office id not enough for the increasing number of staff.
    CBD 1 is preferred because it has shops lots below.
    easy accessibility to food

  22. Some of the info should read before invest property in cyberjaya


  23. Hi, I am very interested in this condo for investment purposes. May I know if the there is any more units available?

  24. It should have available units. As i visited 2 week before still have 2 units( come with tenant) and 10 units (without tenant). The price miniumum is RM 233,900. You can call kenny 012 – 669 4319 to ask for available unit. There is an introduce fee if you mention who introduce you. MAy be you can check with rohaniah wants to be your introducer or not. So she will give you back RM500 for introduce fees. However this is no promise that many developer make be refuse to give at the end. However we at least have a chance to get some fees. My loan not approve yet so no point mention my name.

  25. thanks mytotall for your reply. When i called the sales ofice, i was told that this condo unit is very near to MMU, but when i check the map, it seems far. Any way, i will check it out this week.

    hi, Rohaniah, can I have your full name & IC No.? So that you can be my introducer? My eamil is


  26. Is near to MMU walking distance about 10 minutes. However the NEoCyber the main tenant is not on Multimedia University. It will be lim kok wing. You will think so far from lim kok wing will they rented here. Don;t worry, infront of NEo Cyber got a lot of cab waiting there. MU student will look for CyberRia. Of course please don;t rent to african student they will lower down the impression of NEoCyber. Like Cyberria Cresent most of the tenant is african. Don;t think of RM 100 -RM 200 more from african, for long run it will depreciate your property. I am not against of african but experince if the condo more than 30% of african they given a lot of problem.

  27. hi stephanie…
    the domain is not as near as cyberia crescent or cyberia crescent 2 from mmu.
    but, as i know, iranian students prefer to stay here compared to cyberia because they want to run from african students who stayed in cyberia.
    i can see that they dont mind walking to mmu.
    i have witness that they walked in group.
    also, they like it because it is easy accessible to bus, taxis and restaurants too.
    lots of arab restaurants there..
    so, we are very happy to have you to join the group the domain owners.
    but please dont rent it to african.
    u can contact kenny to make an appointment and give my name as the referral.
    once your loan disbursed, the develper will give me the commission, then we share 50-50.
    i will email you my full name and ic number.

  28. mytotall, which bank do you apply the loan?
    it looks so long to get the approval

  29. Those document is submit to the agent on wednesday. Bank agent only call me on this week monday, tuesday. So i think need some time for them to approve. Somemore I a bit high commiment.

  30. o.. i see..
    i thought it has been two weeks already from the date you submit your document

  31. haha, i aslo quite excited to get approve of the loan. So i can faster get the CF and collect the rental. As now the rental still pay to the developer. So rohaniah is you start paying to bank loan already. I wonder if i start paying to bank loan, developer should give us the rental already.

  32. So stephanie have you book a unit there. Still have how many unit left now?

  33. good news for property market in cyberjaya, mah sing joins in:

  34. luckily they are develop terrace house and bungalow. Neo Cyber still have 600 units apartment, UEMLand another 2000units, MyHome@Cyber jaya not sure launch their units. Look like in the near future more than 4000 units will be build there.

  35. hehe.. banglos is for different type or target customers.
    cyberjaya seriously want to develop residential property now. it is obvious that houses are booming. if they plan to have shopping mall or cinema there in the next 5 – 10 years, i think cyberjaya will no longer a boring place.

  36. Image Hosted by
    By limwc78 at 2009-08-19

    Image Hosted by
    By limwc78 at 2009-08-19

  37. cannot read la..can u translate it?

  38. is the same news of azman post that mah sing will develop in cyberjaya the site just next to lim kok wing university..

  39. Hi mytotal,

    Is it cheaper 3% discount with tenant option for neodomain, may i know why? since for 5% you only pay 12k dp compare to 17k for the 3% discount. And may i know which bank that offer 90% mof since most bank only give 80% for commercial land building.

  40. 3% is come with grille, fan, light and 2 water heater. If install outside could cost about RM 2,500. It come with tenant if outside agent fee will charge you RM 1,350. So is still have RM 766 different. Frankly speaking if 5% discount is more worth it but you still have to look for tenant after getting the key. It could take about two months.

    I think most of the bank still giving 90% discount. You can ask the agent there they have bank to recommend. Do you plan to buy a unit there, phase 4 apartment going to launch on next year jan 2010.

  41. still thinking about it, since neodomain ROI is more than 10%. My calculation for ROI is
    1080 (monthly installment + maintenance fee)*12 =12960
    1350 (rent) x 11 month = 14850,(spare 1 month for misc expend)
    14850-12960 = 1890
    1890/17000 (initial capital) * 100 = 11%
    seems like a good deal, what do you think, should i wait for the phase 4 apartment?

  42. haku, i am a buyer of domain too.. alliance bank and RHB can give 90% loan. if u want to apply alliance, u can call mr yong 0126519616. rhb i didnt applied but my friend did.
    i prefer to buy the first phase compared to the phase 4 because the unit is already completed with CF. no need to wait for another 3 years. plus, within this 3 years, there is no competition. there will be new intake in october and the coming students will look for our units to live in.
    looking n the ROI, yes, it is obvious hat it is a great invesment.

  43. Hi Haku, if you want to buy can ask rohaniah as your introducer. That she can share the 50% of introducer fee. My loan still not yet approve, so cannot get any introducer fees at the moment.

  44. my unit already cancel due to loan not approve. I will keep on target the cyberjaya property. Definately will get one in the future.

  45. mytotall… i got the news from kenny this afternoon…
    sad to hear that..
    hope u will join cyberjaya property owners soon

  46. haha thanks rohaniah, no problem i will keep on my searching.

  47. Hi, I am looking Neo Domain as well… may I know is this selling by developer or agent? An agent at Neo told me the rental there is RM1,300 for non-furnished unit and fully furnish is RM2,500 doesn’t matter what which type of apartment. Is that true? How much you all rent out? Furnish or not furnished?

  48. is sell by developer, you can call kenny 012 – 669 4319 (developer staff) and ask for rohanniah as your introducer. Agent normally will give the higest rate. May be got fully furnish able to rent RM 2,500 but may be only 1 or 2 units. As I know, the basic unit can rent for RM 1,300 the fully furnish able to rent RM 1,800.

  49. it is really a special case if u can rent it fully furnish at rm2500. maybe to expats.
    i heard that one owner got an offer from a company at that rate but it is for 6 months rental only. however, she do not accept it since she do not prefer short term tenancy.
    elaine, if u interested, do visit the show house first. and yes, u can refer my name to kenny.

  50. Thanks mytotalproperty and rohaniah…

    Rohaniah, may I use your name as intorducer? Can i have kenny’s number to make an appointment?

  51. You can call this number to check still have unit available or not? kenny 012 – 669 4319

  52. got info on neocyber, maybe future project:
    min price: RM180k
    total floors: 15
    total units: 180

    maybe u can ask your SA on this, thanks. i think it’s the future project.

  53. do u know how much is studio in neocyber?
    type b and c..

  54. no more units of tybe b and c, even type a i think only 6 units left.

  55. subsale price for one bedroom unit(not sure type b or c) is rm180K. just june this year

  56. Dear Rohaniah, I am interested to purchase as well…

    May I use ur name as introducer?

    Pls kindly email ur ic to my email, thx…

  57. according to the latest info on their website:

    but i can’t seem to register.. anyone knows how to do it? still need to do homework on cyberjaya b4 investing though..

  58. to register, u need to go to the show house and do registration from the sales officer there.
    better u contact kenny first and make appointment with him.
    kenny 012 – 669 4319

  59. Thank for the info azman,

    studio 601 sqft RM 183,000
    studio 698 sqft RM 223,000
    2 bedrooms: 801 sqft RM 234,000

    Feel very expensive. I might invest other places. Will you invest azman.

    Not sure rohaniah will get another unit there or not?

  60. don’t think i’ll invest. i’ve never been to cyberjaya, not familiar with that area at all. even though it’s good, we need to be familiar with that area b4 invest right?

    i’m still waiting for some specific projects due to launch in the end of 2009 or early 2010.

    got one under-cons condo in june this yr, so not in a hurry to buy.

  61. no la.. one is enough

  62. azman, if u dont mind, what is the condo u bought?

  63. Hi. I would like to know if studio size is good for investment in cyberjaya? If yes why? I’m interested in studio 601 sqft RM 183,000 but not sure how well it will be accepted by the prospect tennant? I read somewhere that some of the students prefer to rent a studio unit due to its privacy.

  64. there is some studio unit manage to rent highest RM 2,000 but very rare. Everage the price will be RM 1,500 with full furnish with air cord.

  65. Hi.
    I’m an iranian girl and i look for an apartment with 3 bedrooms in domain. I prefer the higher floor(more than 13).I want a full furnished apartment. we are just 2 persons that most of the time are not in the house(in university). if anybody have any apartment with 1700rm rent for 15th of dec, plz mail me. Thank you so much

  66. hi there..

    i bought one studio at the domain.. how much is roughly the market price for the unit? anybody, any ideas??

  67. Hi,

    I just invested in Neocyber for Domain 2. Just checked out from the MMU and Lim Kok Wing website that the in house hostel rental is about RM200-RM300. Will the students actually fork out >RM 1k to rent outside the uni?? Will there be many foreign students finding the rental reasonable outside? Please enlighten me…thanks

  68. Hi Rohaniah,
    I have bought 1 unit Phase 1 as you my introducer. Kenny told me he has yet submit to get the introduce fee for you. Please let me know if you received it.

  69. hi elaine, may i het your contact number or email address and unit number? si that i can inform you when the commission is already received.
    anyway, congrates for your buy!

  70. Hi Rohaniah,
    I have dropped you an email to your gmail.


  71. Dear all:

    I am Gary, who was just invest a unit: Type A2,698sqft with 1+1 rooms, Domain 2 on Aug 2010 as some buyer loan is not approve, and estimated will be completed by March 2012, Domain 3 was just launched and sold-out around 60% and price is up a stage for 6k. Price is getting higher, for those who are interested to invest Domain 2 or 3, feel free to drop me an email or msg here and we can discuss, thank you.

  72. Hi there,
    I was made to understand recently there are at least 3 developers who launched studio-type apartments in Cyberjaya. Mah Sing’s Garder Residence, D’pulse and Shahsbury Square.

    All of them are selling above RM450 psf, with some comes with fully & semi-furnished packages. Domain 2 & 3 is still selling at around RM350 psf, plenty of rooms for appreciation.

    I also heard from the developer that there are launching Domain 4 very soon with price still well below RM400psf. Still good buy?? anyone??

  73. domain neo cyber the first phase 750 sqf full furnish can rent rm 1,800. If you buy the condo rm 265,000 for rm 1,800 you still can cover your loan but need about 18 years. Too many unit in neo cyber, is the risk for the late purchaser as the phase 1,and 2 can reduce the rental. The D’pulse and Shahsbury is different concept having shopping mall. So you can compare with neo cyber. If the tenant willing to spend money for rental i think they will choose d’pulse and shahsbury, rather than neo cyber. So many unit share the same facility.

    For your information another project serin residency will be launch soon the price might be RM 400 per sqf. I will interested this more than neo cyber.

  74. dear mytotall:

    Are you mean “Serin” residency? or “Symphony park:

    The domain 2 is still under construction and will be estimated completed 6 months early, which is End of 2011 (origin completed by July 2012), currently built up to 10th floor already.

    Domain 4 is new concept of “DUPLEX” with 536 sqft but completion is Jan 2014, too late for now…

    For those Domain buyer, we can open a forum or group in facebook to share experience, vacancy and discussion on this investment to achieve our capital appreciation.

    Happy New year 2011 and Merry X’mas to you all ~

  75. Hi All,

    Do u think Cyberia Smarthomes(1162spf) for RM280k, a good buy??

    Thanks in advance.

  76. Hi,

    i went to the sales gallery, but unfortunately there’s no showroom available for Duplex…
    i plan to buy one duplex, but i still have doubt on this…
    is it good for investment?
    my target tenants it IT professionals…

  77. hi shaxy,

    nice to meet u, this is gary here, 1 of the investor in Domain 2. Honestly saying that, the Duplex unit is much more attractive and unique, coz the building structure and concept is double of the normal Service apartment, moreover, there is never have such duplex unit in Cyberjaya, so, if u really desire to buy or know more, i can recommend to my friend, Rainer, the sales staff in the developer, she can asssit u a lot. email, Thanks!

  78. Anyone can suggest me if The ARC is a good investment?

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