One Damansara, Damansara Damai

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One Damansara

First i saw the name thought is in damansara, but look carefully is locate in sungai buluh. The rental there is not very good. But compare to the last three years the property is appreciate. Exspecially the recent sungai buluh to subang airport highway is open, so definately the price will increase again. Not much info found from their web site, so i will upload later.

One Damansara

One Damansara

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  1. this place worth to buy ? any comment ?

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  3. Anonymous | May 21, 2011 at 9:02 pm |

    Not sure whether good to buy. Nowaday the property either you say ‘Good Buy” or “Good Bye” to them…

    Some where around KL, or near Damansara, its hardly find property less than RM300k. This One Damansara only cost around RM258k – RM290k for intermidiate lot, which I believe still have its potential there.

    Whether for investment or own-occupied, this property can be considered, coz as per the MK Land officer, EconSave has already signed up agreement with them. Opening in the lower level [2floors] as hypermarket.

    Traffic condition, not really good, if you are travelling daily to KL or Cheras area coz have to pass by MRR2 [bottle neck]. Otherwise its OK coz near to NKVE. If depending on Public Transport, then its a good challenge coz I don’t see any there. MRT is confirm at Sungai Buloh, but its about 8km from there.

    Population, its about 5:4:1 [Malay:Chinese:Others]. Don’t have any specific attraction as their selling point. Have to wait till the EconSave opened.

    Anyway, I have purchased an intermediate unit there [coz no more corner]. Expecting a 20% capital gain in 3years time [2yrs construction + 1yr consumption].

    Wondering what is the loan package offer by Maybank as I’m looking for loan on this property. Thx

  4. Hi, Jasmine from Mortgage Broker. We do offer various bank package to suit your financial need. You may contact me at 012-3511580 or email me at

  5. Anonymous | July 7, 2011 at 7:50 am |

    so is this condominium a good buy?

  6. fingerlady | July 9, 2011 at 8:32 am |

    hi, i booked 1 unit from this property.. MRT is launching so i guess this property soon will be appreciated.

  7. Fingerlady, definitely we expect the price will be appreciated. Howeve, I don’t think the MRT will take effect on it, as I mentioned earlier in my comment, MRT is confirmed at Sg Buloh. But its 8km away from there.

    Anyway, I have checked with the MK Land officer the other day again. Currently they have balance about 15units. Pricing will be revised by year end to minimum RM300k+.

    Subsequently, they will launch their Block B. Pricing will began from RM300k+ for intermediate, and RM417k+ for corner, as I intend to get an additional corner unit by then.

    During my last week visit again to there, I have done another round of land area survey. Surprisingly for me [may not surprise for many people, i presume], Damansara Perdana in fact is next to Damansara Damai. If there is a link [I’m not sure whether currently have it], its actually behind each other.

    If, they are really can be connected, then, will definitely its a good thing in terms of transportation:
    – skip the toll
    – avoid the bottle neck near Sri Damansara
    – spill over pricing effect from “real” Damansara

    More importantly, I believe there is one thing MK Land should do, before they hand over One Damansara to the residents, its to clean up the surrounding shoplot areas. Coz it really looks not attractive & messy.

  8. Anonymous | July 20, 2011 at 9:09 am |


    Hi buyer…i purchased a unit there as well….hopefully the property price here goes up…heard that the units almost sold out…

  9. Get to know lately from the MK Land officer again, they Block A unit has fully sold out. What they have now currently is those unit unable to obtain loan, and release it back. NO much pricing increase neither adjust as per current.

    On the other hand, they are preparing the Block B launching soon. By then, those Block A unit release back will be up together.

    Site construction seems fast. Apparently already completed Block A 1st floor & keep moving up… As their plan, hopefully can be handed over by end 2013, coz EconSave is opening in 2013 at their Ground Floor…

  10. Anonymous | July 21, 2011 at 5:28 am |

    Thanks for the update buyer….good to hear that the construction is fast….any idea when will block B be launched?

  11. …If everything goes smoothly, latest launching on Block B will be end of yr2011…

  12. i managed to buy 1 unit here… it’s good to know the positive progress.eventhgough it’s not exactly in damansara i’m more than happy to know that it’s still nearby ikea, tesco etc…n econsave is coming soon. hope we can share more info here for each other reference.

  13. hi lin…yes, we should share more info here for each others references…at least each of us are updated about the progress & stuff..was just wondering, will they be changing the current colour of the building which is in pink in colour….the colour looks odd to me…

  14. Frankly speaking, the pink colour is really….”cute” at the moment.
    Perhaps my concern is the environment seems not clean.

    I believe once they completed they building, they will repaint again the Car Park or the base. Hopefully it will looks better.

    Changing of colour or structure, I don’t think is possible coz its required approval. Subsequently, delay the construction….

  15. Any updates on the progress of the condo this week?…

  16. So far don’t have much information on the update…

    For info, the Block B already started for registeration this month before their actual launching.

    I have paid a visit again the other day on the site, its completed the 2nd floor structure & on 3rd floor progress now…

  17. hi anonymous, sorry for he late reply… quite bz with the raya thingy πŸ™‚ that day i’ve called the developer. they said they’ll change the colour due to too many request from buyers. thats good! but i’m not sure wether is their show unit still open for visitors?

  18. Lin & buyer,

    Thanks for the update….btw, slmt hari raya Lin..:)…anyway, i visited the site as well and noticed that it has progressed to the 3rd floor…it seems to be progressing well….they are even working on weekends…that’s good….i assume that they are trying to complete the project way before the deadline….i m happy to hear that they be changing the pink colour to another colour…:)…anyway, the show unit was opened when i visited during the weekend….guess thats all from me now..hpy holidays!!

  19. hi, i get to know about the building is actually left construct for few years already. anyone know about this matter and why?? im so concern as i already bought a unit there.

  20. Hi Man,
    This project is true has been abandoned previously roughly for more than 4yrs. According to them, it was due to economy no good during that moment. Thus, stopped it.

    Those buyer during that moment, they had done a full refund for them.

    Due to currently the property market is booming, I believe they redo this project. Also, the land available for property at Damansara Damai already fully utilized. That’s the last part they can make money for it.

    For info, they are currently accepting Block B registration prior to their soft launching…

  21. Interested buyer | September 25, 2011 at 4:13 pm |

    hye all..
    been reading your comments, and some i perceive as good news, some as bad..firstly, good to know there is progress on the building as i’ve booked one unit already, only awaiting loan approval..eventhough im excited by the prospect of owning my first home, i still have my doubts..i’ve been reading through some articles saying that MK Land is not a reputable developer..they tend to “abandon” their projects, once they’ve completed no maintenance of buildings, surroundings, etc..they also said that the workmanships of MK Land developed properties are bad..really bad..and so on and so forth..

    i have many doubts, but what i am really concerned about is the developer..should we go for a more reputable developer, with a higher quality of delivery = price or go with one with a questionable reputation..

    advice would really much appreciated. thank you

  22. Interested Buyer:
    Your concerned & evaluation is understood.
    However, i always tell myself: Quality = Money

    It all depend on our choice.

    Current property market, we hardly find property less than RM300k, more so if talk about reputable developer.

    Of coz, everyone is hoping for reputable developer with a “reasonable” price. However, I don’t think we are able to find it nowaday.

    MK Land, basically i would say its under “OK” category. At least, able to deliver completion property. Rather, some developer unable to complete the project.

    For this ONE Damansara, my main concern is, can they really deliver the Block A on time. I hope they really can.

    Some update for this property also, they will officially launch the Block B on this coming 8 October. Pricing:
    – Intermediate: RM310k++ onwards
    – Corner: RM440k++ onwards

    More features is building in together for this Block B…

  23. Block B is launching now is it?
    What is the differences between Block A & B in term of size & design?
    Heard that size and design will be same but the price is tremendously higher than Block A.

  24. i heard that it is launching this weekend (according to the sales agent)….yup, u r rite….price will be much higher that Block A…not too sure on the design though…

  25. Just for sharing, as fas as I know, different between Block A & B:
    – Block A is only ordinary empty unit.
    – Block A will have more add on features ie aircond point & hose pre-install, water heat point…etc will better touch up.

    The size is the same between them. However, its lower density coz lesser floor. Car park arrangement is better & nearer to lift.

    In comparison, the pricing is higher compare with Block A. However, if those are familiar with that place, I believe it is still a lower price compare with the neighbour garden.

    Damansara Avenue, also just next to Sri Damansara, the unit of less than thousand square feet, pricing around million…..

    Again, the choice is on our own, whether Good Buy or Good Bye…

  26. hi everyone… yup it’s either a good buy or just goodbye!
    i went few weeks for site visit. the progress not so bad. at first i thought it was very2 slow… but the staff there told me that they took longer time on swimming pool…
    n she also told me that the project is expected to be completed on dec 2012. n keys will b handed to buyer on mar/apr 2013.
    another thing, i really hope they change the pink colour. it’s an eyesore!

  27. yup, totally agree…
    the pink colour really down grade the appearance…

  28. Buyer, are you meaning that Block B and not Block A that will have more add on features ie aircond point & hose pre-install, water heat point?

  29. Econsave will open at ground floor? That is a good news.
    But does it means ground floor will be all shop lot??

  30. As I know that Block B got additional feature like air-cond hose, more light point, ceiling at living room to kitchen, and intercom to guard house.

  31. Oh thank god I found here! Cause I also bought a unit at block A and glad to hear so many useful and positive feedbacks. As I’m still young (25yo) and lots to learn from u guys. I bought this unit so rushly and never do any proper survey. Somemore I stay at Cheras area and I only visited the area one afternoon and I found that the shoplots are all closed (almost) and that made me so worried on my decision. One more question, if I come from Cheras, which road will the the most convenient? Highway is ok for me. Gps brought me to go towards jalan Kuching then link to jalan kepong and I think it’s so inconvenient and jam..

  32. Oh thank god I found here! Cause I also bought a unit at block A and glad to hear so many useful and positive feedbacks. As I’m still young (25yo) and lots to learn from u guys. I bought this unit so rushly and never do any proper survey. Somemore I stay at Cheras area and I only visited the area one afternoon and I found that the shoplots are all closed (almost) and that made me so worried on my decision. One more question, if I come from Cheras, which road will the the most convenient? Highway is ok for me. Gps brought me to go towards jalan Kuching then link to jalan kepong and I think it’s so inconvenient and jam..

  33. You always can use MRR2 go to kesas highway, then turn to LDP highway from puchong and all the way to Damansara Damai. Of course you need to by pass at least 3 tolls in total. Will cost you RM 5.20 in total.

  34. Hi there… Surprise for me that there are many comment lately few months…as I just back to Malaysia…

    I visited the site last week again, found the progress seems fast.
    Also, the Block B seems doing the foundation work too.

    This is really good for those Block A buyer, as it will direct or indirectly shoot the pricing up coz Block B starting price already RM310k+…

    Found there is query about whether is there retails lot inside the building. YES, there is. However, subject to any tenants in future.
    IF, the EconSave can do well, obviously there will be more tenants there. So, the key point will be the EconSave…

  35. hey i have a suggestion! y not we create a page in fb n name it one damansara? we can get to know each other in a friendlier way. we r gonna b neighbours soon… what do u guys think?

  36. Hi Lin:
    Concurred with your proposal!!!

    With that, anyone of us once have any update can post it up there.
    Eg site progress can take picture & upload it…

    ….unfortunately, I’m not familiar with FaceBook [sorry a bit outdate]… :(~

  37. The progress of the condo seems to be fast….was there last week to check on the progress….looks like they are well on course to complete it by end of next year….about the seeting up of facebook, it’s a good idea….anyway, there is already a group created in facebook…it’s named One Damansara Condominium but not at all active….

  38. Yehaaa!! Finally I found 1 Damansara Community here. Thanks for the info given. πŸ™‚

  39. hye all!!!

    wow!!!, so many crowd here…
    huh, im the 1 to be your neighbours πŸ™‚
    nway, anything update let us in the know yea…
    especially mr buyers πŸ™‚
    we will fight for our right (ex sinking fund and maintenance cost)…for me, the price a bit we can use our power (voice@right) to lower down the price πŸ™‚ agree???

  40. may i know where is the sales office?

  41. alexis, sales office is located at damansara damai….the same place where the project is currently taking place…it is just beside the mamak restaurant…

  42. Thanks anonymous..anyone has the exact address of the site? thank you.

  43. Hi Alexis:
    You may call the MK Land Officer for the exact address:
    Pn Mona, HP: 016-2751538

    Basically is an easy place to find, if you family with Sri Damansara or Sg Buloh.
    From MRR2 all the way till you pass by Sri Damansara, follow that will be Damansara Perdana. Subsequently is Damansara Damai. Keep left, and turn in. ONE Damansara is in Damansara Damai.

    Once you turn into Damansara Damai, on your right, you can easily see the Maybank & Perodua. Keep right & take the 1st turning into the ShopLot. The Sales Office or Gallery is just there. ONE Damansara site is just behind.

    Hopefully you will be one of our neighbour…

  44. I think the “Buyer” mean LDP rather than MRR2.

  45. thank you both Buyer and mytotall:) will check it out this weekend

  46. Hi, I’m new and could be your neighbour. I just booked a unit in Block B last Sunday. Have yet to secure a loan and sign SnP. Any suggestion on good loan deal?

    Anyone here also on Block B? I just hope the project will complete and the price appreciate favourably.

  47. Hai En. Murad, can you share with us the starting price for block B? So that we can compare the price with Block A..

  48. Facing pool: Intermediate from RM342,600, corner from RM482,900
    Facing township: Intermediate from RM337,600, corner from RM476,600.
    It comes with aircond wiring & piping, intercom for security, water heater points, etc. Early bird get 1.5hp aircond.
    Discount 7% bumi (+5% promo.

    What’s your view or comments on MKLand – performance, workmanship, LAD, etc? Read good and bad comments about them.

  49. Hi Mr Murads:
    Glad & wish we are “Block-mate” soon, as I purchased Block A.

    I would suggest, since you have purchased, don’t worry too much about the MKLand performance, workmanship….etc. Basically no matter what developer, for sure will have problems. Coz at the end of the day, its a business to them.

    My main concern only have:
    – Can they complete on time?
    – Is the facilities & maintanence is as good as mentioned?
    – Will Econsave pull back?

    If the above is OK, then I will consider my investment “selamat”…

  50. What loan are you all taking? I’m contemplating to take ING where their rate is fixed at 4.8 (Non-zero entry cost) and 5.2 (zero-entry cost). I prefer fixed rate so that I can plan and avoid uncertainties. Flex payment and resettlement, no penalties.

  51. Hi All,

    I’ve been reading this page since Sunday and I’m glad to see that there are new posts everytime i check.

    Like Mr Murads, I’ve booked a unit in Block B and yet to secure a loan and sign SnP.

    Mr. Buyer, your posts are very resourceful, and thank you for constantly checking on their progress and sharing it here.
    May I ask,
    – Are you purely investing or are you going to stay here as well?
    – You mentioned you planned to get a Block B corner lot.. did you?

  52. Hi Mr Murads:
    I’m taking from RHB housing loan, coz they provided me the fastest service among few banks during that time.

    Basically, I believe you already knew what you want.. :)~
    …You just need some one assurance on your choice… :)~~

    For Housing loan, normally I just check on few things:
    – What is the lock-in period for the loan & penalty?
    – Interest on daily rest with flexi payment AND withdrawal?
    – What are additional cost charges [though can finance back into loan] ie MRTA, Legal fees..etc.
    – Lowest monthly instalment.
    – My personal cashflow & monthly commitment.

    Coz nowaday most bankers they talk banking technical terms which I hardly understand. So, I will just check what I want, and can they honour…

    So, if you prefer certainty, I think ING package sounds not bad…

    Hi WS:
    Welcome to join as our neighbour…
    Frankly, I just provide whatever I knew & saw only…thanks for the complement.

    This ONE Damansara, I’m still not sure whether to stay, as I always travel to oversea.
    Initially I planned to get Block B corner unit. However, when during the launching, I invested at Melaka service apartment that cost me RM300k. So, temporary Block B corner unit I have put on hold…

    However, once my cashflow is ok, I will reconsider about the corner…

  53. hi there..

    just booked 1 reopen unit at tower A.
    still waiting for my loan approval..
    yet, still can’t believe in my own decision. because i just go there and pay for the booking after looking at the show unit.
    hmm…still worried after read some cases about the developer.
    anyone can make me clear?

  54. Yes, initially I was happy and sure about my booking. Although the price from block A to Block B has gone up around a hundred K, I was told that the place will bloom as Damansara expands and when the MRT arrives.

    However, I have been browsing around and found a few things quite worrying.

    1. I found this web page.
    I am not sure when this was posted, but looking at the launching price, the info should be quite recent. The worrying part is at the bottom of the page under ‘Analysis’ section. This is what it says..

    “It is doubtful that this development of One Damansara will make it through. Most potential buyers claim that the price offered is quite on the high side, due to its location and high density factors. After a year, MK Land claimed that it was just 60% sold”

    I truely hope that this is an old posts and is no longer relevant.

    2. I have earlier heard that in Damansara Damai, the most well established condominium there is ‘Armanee Condominium’. It is a duplex condominium and the facilities they have are more than what One Damansara have. And so, their price should be alot higher than One Damansara. However, when I checked on Iproperty, I found a recent post dated on 29/11/2011 placing a price of RM380K for a 1,645 sq. ft.

    A corner lot for block B in One damansara is only 1,396 sq. ft. and the launching price is RM483K. I really don’t understand.

    Unless One damansara is a better condominium than Armanee condominium? Or maybe I just cannot compare it like that? I’m not sure.

    I am a first time property buyer. I hope to hear your thoughts. Thank you.

  55. the 60% sold is an old post for block A. Now block A is full sold out. There was a unit in block A reopen for sale recently for about RM295k, which I believe mrs_zul is the one who purchased it(?).
    Armanee is a high end condo and bigger. Not sure why there is an offer for 380k. normally if it’s too low for a highend condo (i believe it’s from existing owner?), then there must be something’s not right there.
    as anyone else, I am also quite cautious and doing all research to make sure I made a sound investment.

  56. WS & Murads:
    The Propwall forum mentioning that part is true. However, it was old post….

    I believe everyone if went to the site before, will confirm have doubt on this project, coz of the environment, AND most importantly, it was an abandon project in abt 4yrs back…

    I have been considering about ONE Damansara for few months before I made my purchased. My main purchase reason:
    – It is hardly find a property around Damansara [though its Sg Buloh] area with less than RM300k [Block A].
    – Conveniency as surrounded by Shoplots & near to highway.

    I have visited Armanee condo previously also. It is really a nice duplex & cheap as for that type of duplex. NOT cheap as for my budget…However, conveniency is another issue for me as there is only 1 road in & out. Also, the surrounding seems so “lonely”…

    Sometimes, property is very funny. Though that is good, but the price will hardly increase. Chinese will call it “manyak sui la”….

    If we were to compare Block B with Armanee, then I will foresee Block B of ONE Damansara will have better future value, especially in terms of Rental, coz of convenience…

    Again, everyone of us keep thinking of MKLand a good developer?
    I would say, it depends on how we make our comparison…most people will definitely compare it will around Damansara area developer ie See Hoy Chan…
    Is anyone compare it with some developer around Selayang or Kepong? Then I believe we will feel better…especially for myself :)~ as I have purchased a landed property in Kepong which took 5yrs to hand over & there is only 86units. Some how, there are numbers of defect required to repair for few years….

    Therefore, my end concern is still very simple, as long as ONE Damansara can hand over on time is OK for me…

    ps: I’m not MK Land employee πŸ˜›

  57. Hi Peeps,

    I’m currently contemplating between Armanee Condo and One Damansara. Spoke to the agent (one damansara) this morning and was told that old reopen unit in Block A are sold out. Looks like it I have to go or Block B then.
    The MK agent told that the Block B is a lower density compare to Block A and it comes with the aircond and water heater piping, more lights points and better security. He told me that Block B will have 3 security Level which is guard house, lobby and to the floor. My only concern now is the price between one damansara and armanee is not so much different. The market opening price for Armanee is RM380k but upon nego.. the price can go as low as RM370k. This is actually new unit as it no tenant before. However, the price for One damansara is currently from 337k (level 11 with one parking lot) and 355k ( level 15 with 2 carpark).The sad back is one damansara is way smaller 986sqft compared to Armanee which is 1600 sqft.
    Aiyooo.. I can’t decide! I like one damansara coz we are getting the discount and all but the sad part is its way smaller and the area is slightly slum.By the way the agent told me that it’s a confirm that Econ Save is opening under block A…M

    Mr Buyer….help me out here!!

  58. By the u guys know that there a building a highway/mainroad from damansara damai to Sri damansara.The road is actually from the chinese school in SD to sutera damansara, damansara damai..But there wont be any link from damansara damai to damansara perdana except LDP.

  59. check check. My posts are not getting through.

  60. Earlier I’ve typed 2 long posts. But my comments were not getting through. Sigh.

    Let me try again. but this time I cut short.
    I have contacted the person who posted the sale on Iproperty. Apparently, it was from a bulk purchases who bought it at low price. Initially he had 18 units on sale and now he is left with just 2 units. Both selling at RM380K. I’m not sure how much of this is true.

    I have no intention in purchasing Armanee Condo. It is just that I feel very uncomfortable knowing that there is a (High End Condo) with larger space and better facilities nearby and selling at a lower price than One damansara. If what Mr.Murads said (there is something not right there) is true, maybe its not just the units but the entire condo got problem. I just hope it is not the entire damansara damai got problem.

    This is the only issue that bugs me right now. Other than that I think it is quite ok.

    To share abit about Econsave. I was told that It will start business in 2012. Even before block A handover. Econsave will be open for Damansara Damai’s public and if it turn out good. I’m sure it will benefit us.

  61. When you guys mentioned about Armanee Condo, I tried to search around and found several sites such as these:

    Not being prejudice but apparently there are africans there and you know what happens when they start to swamp the area. Hope OneD won’t end up like that. Owner please don’t spoil the value of OneD.
    Here’s a website on Armanee Condo for sale, surprisingly a lot. And quite a number are recent adverts.

  62. I found this about Armanee Condo. and apparently quite a number is selling their units.
    something sounds not right here.

  63. Hi Zai:
    Bill Gates said before, human tend to make things complicated. If everyone can make things simplify with “0” and “1”, life is much easy. Therefore, he created an user friendly software name “Windows”.

    Similarly like your case, don’t confuse yourself. just ask yourself what you want ie I take car as example. Honda Freed, such a small car also cost RM100k++ compare with Honda City which less than RM100k. Yet you will still see people buying, coz it suit what they want.

    Don’t compare the size. Are you a big family members staying together? Or you prefer a Romantic style of living? Or Convenience & strategy location?

    Armanee Condo:
    The area seems lonely as I mention previously. If staying with couple or your married couple, its kinda romantic place with facilities there.
    Interior also very spacious, & your can play around with the design…

    ONE Damansara:
    Its a convenience, crowded place. If not sure of own staying like me, it is good also whereby not to afraid on rental. Investment basis will still have its opportunity.
    Interior is very simple, no need to worry on how to deco the house. But no good for BIG family as limited rooms…

    By the way Zai, are you currently staying around there? Thanks for your information regarding the road. But sad to hear that there is NO link between Damansara Damai to Damansara Perdana…

    Hi WSWS:
    Similarly like you, I really ego on seeing EconSave opening, as it will definitely benefit not only us BUT the entire shop area there…

  64. Hi Buyer,
    Thanks for the advice.I’ve just place my booking today 12am 2.12.2011.I bought the reopen unit in block A.I also went for site visit just now and according to the MK agent , they are currently at level 8-9 already.That’s great to for level b,I think they r working on the younger sis

  65. Ops sister is also purchasing tomorrow at they reopen another 5 to 6 units in Block A.but they are selling like goreng pisang panas.Luckily we got the one with 2 parking lots n facing for the recreation area..I was told that they allocated 1.2 acre it’s similar to the one in Armanee.My agent also told me that armanee condo will build another 3 more new of it will be single floor n not duplex.hmm maybe I can consider I’m few years time.
    Anyway buyer,I’m currently staying in taman tun.

  66. More news to share about Armanee Condo.

    Mr. Murads was right. Something is not right there. Last year, there was a suicide case. Someone jump down from block C and died. This news came from Armanee residents itself.

    Few years back there were also a few theft cases because their security was very poor. But they already upgraded their security now.

    Also, the development of Armanee was very very poor. Lots of problems. They are blaming it on this MK lands subsidiary. Which also caused MK lands reputation and stock to go down (now only around 20cents). The residents maintenance management couldn’t cope with the problems face and they have now changed management.

    Perhaps all this is the reason why their price is so low.

    Mr.Buyer is right. Cannot just compare like this. I think Armanee Condo is worth more than 380K. I think when one damansara is completed, Armanee may also go up in price.

    About the link from Damansara Damai to Damansara Perdana. I doubt that it will ever happen because if they really make a link, then everyone will want to take this route in order to skip the penchala toll. If that happens, the jam in Damai will be very bad. Now itself I already heard that traffic jam is very bad during schooling hours (becuase of that 2 schools – another downside for Armanee Condo).

    As for the link from Damai to SD. This is very good news! Thanks for sharing Mr. Zai. You mentioned that it will be a highway/mainroad? Do you know if they already started working on it? or when will the road be ready?

  67. Hi wsws,
    My name is ms zai worries.The road is already there actually. but currently its not connecting to Damansara Damai. I heard that the SD residents are currently sending petition to protess on this. However, Im preety sure that they will open up the road.MK currently liasing with MPPJ on this.Anyway.. do you guys know that they are building atrium 88 somewhere in SD?This is very good and I’m sure Damansara Damai will boom one day. The only set back is the serrounding is quite slum. Hopefully they can clean up the place a little bit.
    anyway.. do you know which bank offers good rates for housing loan?

  68. Yaiks.. I’m sorry Ms Zai.

    I’ve just looked at google map and yes I do see a road that can connect to SD (Jalan PJU 10/5 and Jalan Tanjung SD 13/3). But the road near the border is not well constructed (in google map which is outdated) and it looks like just a few trees is blocking the way. I can understand why SD residents are protesting, this link will benefit us more than them.

    And yes I do hope they can clean up the place. Especially that abandoned house just at the entrance of Damansara Damai (you can see it in google map too – by Jalan PJU 10/1a). Its like bad ‘feng sui’ for Damansara Damai haha.

    As for the bank offers, I am currently going with UOB as it is recommended by MK land agents. Interest rate is 4.2. And that is all i know. I don’t know about other banks. This is my first time buying property. I am sure Mr. Buyer would be able to advise on this. If you read his posts above, you’ll know he is very experienced in property investments.

  69. hi all..

    thanks everyone for your useful discussion.all the informations give me clear mind and now i knw i’ve made a right thing.

    by the way ms zai, why don’t u try al-rajhi?

  70. Mrs Zul,

    How much is al-rajhi giving?

  71. Since we are talking about home loan and banks, I noticed there is a link call ‘Home Loan’ on the top of this page. You need to key in your Name, Email, Phone, House Price (SnP) and Property name and location.

    Has anyone tried it before? Is it of any use?

  72. I’m not sure how to define a “good” housing loan, neither which bank offer a “better” package…

    Again, I would suggest to check on ourself, what we want.
    Of coz the easiest way, is to use the interest rate as comparison. But I see it irrealistic. If only compare by that, WSWS is getting a very good loan coz WSWS is getting a package of BLR – 2.4%, whereby in the market now is offering around BLR – 2.1% to around BLR – 2.3%, subject to loan amount within RM200k – RM500k.

    I afraid if give more example here, will complicate & confuse everyone.
    I will just quote a simple example whenever you check with banker.

    You should always ask them, HOW MUCH IS YOUR TOTAL INTEREST PAID, at the end of your housing loan settlement day.

    By giving different package combination, you will see a surprise.
    An interest rate that 4.6% might make you pay lesser TOTAL interest [ie RM100k interest for total 25yrs] , compare with an interest rate that 4.0% [ie RM250k for total 25yrs].

    That’s bcoz of our life style of spending & saving, cashflow & investment plan.

    My requirement on housing loan is very simple:

    – Lowest misc fees ie Legal fee & MRTA
    *Though bank can loan it back to the housing there. Yet we are still paying.

    – MUST be flexipayment PLUS with withdrawal facility
    * Flexipayment help to reduce my TOTAL loan interest.
    * withdrawal facility will not lock my cashflow.

    – Lowest montly instalment [regardless the interest rate]
    * this will make combination of loan tenure + interest + misc fees
    * if for rental, lowest instalment, you still able to get some extra for maintanence fees or some extra income from there.

    – Shortest lock-in period & lowest penalty
    * If market is good, can sell it out within short period with lesser penalty. Increase profit.

    – Service level of that Banker
    * I prefer those experience banker, as they able to provide accurate information. Some new banker, they seems not sure most of the thing & simply tell you. Once you signed off their offer, there is NO service after that & they only can “SORRY” for wrong info provided.
    * Some banker they even come to my door steps to provide service. But some banker, it seems I need to beg them for loan, though they are from the SAME bank.

    Currently HSBC seems aggresive & able to provide the above for me.
    But for ONE Damansara I have taken RHB coz HSBC banker during that moment is slower. UOB banker did not contact me…

    I’m not sure if Al-Rahji Bank is the developer panel end financier. If they are not, then it is a bit tedious for that bank to pull & register it. Some how, the rate offer will be different compare with those are panel end financier ie UOB, HSBC, RHB, etc…

    That’s what my experience that able to provide….If wanna go deeper perhaps will involve some sensitive element ie income level, cashflow, investment plan….etc

  73. dear all,

    I just wonder.. does mkland install the fibre optics directly? I saw the advertisement in i-property recently, looks like Block B has better facility such as 3-tier security and SMATV system to Astro Beyond (what’s that actually? can’t block A install astro byond?!?)

    i bought block A few months ago. Do you all know when will Block A be completed and we can get the key? Agak-agak?


  74. By the way, great to know that this is one “community” at here.. and i have so many neighbors.. hehe

  75. hi ypyp, great to know that we are neighbours… i’m not sure bout the fibre optics. need to call the agent to clarify. but, definitely tower B got better facilities.
    i booked my unit in tower A jan 2010…n few times i went there for site visit. as informed by the staff there, key of tower A wil be handed over to residents on mar 2013. completion of tower A on dec 2012.

    how bout tower B? anyone got any idea?

  76. One of the buyers | December 5, 2011 at 12:11 am |

    Good to see so many contributions on this One Damansara forum…. :)btw, i was there on Saturday to check on the condo progress…I was told by the agent that there were 3 units reopened in Block A….(due to loans not being approved)….if i m not mistaken this is for the 936 sqft units…

  77. One of the buyers,
    Ok now you are freaking me out.why do they always have reopen unit when they claimed all the unit in tower A are sold out.when I visited the showroom 2 weeks ago, I was told that the have 5 reopen unit.when I call up last Tuesday, he said all the reopen unit are sold out.later in the afternoon the guy call me up saying they are going to reopen another 6. That’s when I place my u r telling that they r reopening it again…hmmmm

  78. One of the buyers | December 5, 2011 at 3:43 am |

    that is what is puzzling me also….everytime also there is a unit being opened….maybe the buyer booked the unit recently but could not obtain a loan….i guess we have to wait and see….

  79. Lin, From the previous conversation, you suggested to open a community page in facebook, may I know how to do it? It is a great idea.. Some other condo/housing blocks do it too..

    Last time what I heard from my friend (who bought a Block A unit few weeks ago) — Block B may be completed by end of December 2013…

    Ms. Zai, it puzzles me too.. Last time when i booked my unit, the staff also said just few units left… due to unapproved loan.. Looks like this “incident” keeps happening..

  80. …..basically my experience told me that re-open unit happened to all new development.

    What happen nowaday is, people can just make a minimum of deposit RM500 to RM1,000 to “own” a unit, subject to loan approval. So, as long as there is a deposit paid, considered sold.

    For others development, normally they will increase or re-adjust the selling price for re-open unit.
    Meaning like ONE Damansara case, suppose the re-open unit will follow the Block B pricing, NOT as the old pricing.
    This is fare to those earlier buyer, and encourage people to buy earlier…..if the pricing for re-open unit is the same, or with a bit adjustment only, then it will benefit to those people come behind, who able to see the site progress…

    For ONE Damasara case, not sure is a good thing or bad thing on the re-open unit, as the price adjustment not much…BUT confirm it is a safe and normal thing on re-open unit.

    By the way, anyone know that is there a corner unit for Block A re-open? What is the pricing?

  81. I am troubled. My problem is tha I feel that there is alot of potential in the area. However, everyone that i talked to is telling me that the security in d.damai is very very bad. Mainly because the majority in the are are low income earners and chances are higher for them to resort to violence and commit crimes for survival.

    At first I was not very worried about this point because I have always felt that as damansara perdana expand, so will d.dmai especially whan the mrt arrives, the area around there would blossom and become more peaceful. However, more and more ppl around me is telling me otherwise.

    In addition, knowing that more and more units in block A are opening is also affecting my confidence with this condo.

    I made a visit to Armanee condo last sat just to survey the place. I personally dont quite like the design of the units. Even it is bigger than one.d, i still prefer one.d design. The corridors to each unit is a lttile dark and creepy. Alot of blocks are still empty and it gave me an eery feeling. I really worry why no one is buying the place. I worry this reason will also apply to d.damai.

    I was previously very confident about one.d but now my confidence is shrinking day by day.. Can someone shine some light here?

  82. Oh.. Another point my friend mentioned. Mk land depends on their strong ties with the current government (i didnt want to bring in politics but no choice). I was told that MKLand = Dr.M.

    When i first heard of One Damansara, i thought of one utama shopping centre. But in fact it should be linked win Najibs One malaysia. They are copying his concept of one malaysia. Thus, one damansara. Now if PKR win? How ar?

  83. Is the ‘re-open unit’ their marketing strategy ?
    Now block B lower floor unit all purchased by investor.
    They might reopen unit B as well, after higher floor has been sold out?
    Any future MRT plan in that area? KTM is the nearest public transport as i know..
    Anybody know the building progress until which floor already?

  84. Im one of the buyer for block A since end 2010. Glad to know all my future block-mates..

    Last week i went to the sales office and got to know that Tower B had been launched recently.. and all the units in tower B selling fast.. they told me tower A will be completed by end 2012..then we will get the key tentatively March 2013..never expect can move in so fast.. not prepared mentally and financially yet… hahaha…anyway, i should take it positively as i don’t have to rent a room anymore… say goodbye and no need to see to my sohai + arrogant landlord at BRP now…

  85. 1st Home Buyer | December 21, 2011 at 9:01 am |

    Hi everyone, I’ve just place my booking yesterday (one of the unit) in Block B..This is my 1st property or to be exactly said, this is my 1st home that I bought. I’m hoping that im doing the right choice to choose the One Damansara as a place to live..:-)

  86. Guys, is it true that One Damansara offering interest free during construction period for Tower A but not Tower B?

  87. Never heard interest free for tower A. As i know, interest need to be paid and base on loan amount payout by bank to developer.
    Is it interest free for Tower B but not Tower A during construction period?

  88. Tower B definitely got no free interest. but if you look at the brochures carefully when they launch for Tower A, it said interest free.

  89. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

    During my last Sunday back from Airport, I did drop a visit at the site. It seems progress well:
    – Block A is reaching 11th Floor.
    – Block B seems doing the ground work.

    It seems getting more neighbours here…
    Talk about re-open unit, basically the worry should come, IF, there is NO people interest to buy the re-open unit.

    However, as I know, it is selling fast on the re-open unit. Meaning there is a demand there.

    Why re-opened, as I mentioned it previously, many people can easily make a deposit of RM2k to own it…once loan reject, developer will re-open OR re-sell it to others.

    Actually do you all aware, the developer actually did charge 10% “admin” fees it the buyer loan rejected?

    The more rejected loan, the more “admin” fees they are getting…another type of “revenue”…

    Anyway, for all of us that have purchased, should look at the bright side that developer ABLE to hand over the unit by early yr2013, AND we should start planning on how to design our “home sweet home”…. :)~

  90. I’m actually a Block B unit buyer. I made MK Land wrote a letter to say that the booking fee is totally refundable with RM 100 charges + 3% charges if using credit card as long as SNP is not signed and endorsed.

    Maintenance Fee is RM 0.18 per sq feet
    Sinking Fund is RM 0.02 per sq feet

    So Management Fee is RM 0.20 per sq feet. Not stated in SNP, but need to them to state that since it would be risky once this condo handed over to management from developer. The management could simply charge though.

    TNB Deposit: RM 600 to RM 700 for Single Phase
    SYABAS Deposit: RM 400 to RM 500
    MBPJ Assessment: RM 120 per year, paid by buyer after the titled issued.
    Fire Insurance: To be decided after titled issued, too

  91. I wonder ‘who’ will be the management..I hope the quality of management can be equivalently to the maintenance fees charge.
    By the way, can we request from MK Land for hand over the condo to some reputation management?

  92. Just for the sake of curiosity, what will happen to us if this project is abandoned again. I mean, what will we loose. Do we still have to pay our loan?

  93. That’s a touchwood! Anyway, Block A has already been fully sold out. So I doubt. Last time they made full refund to those buyers after the project was abandoned in 2007 to 2009 due to bad economy. I’m not sure if the interest was covered.

    But this time, nop!

  94. BTW, which bank have you guys financed your home loan? how much MRTA and how much legal fee?

    I’m applying for 3 banks, Ambank, UOB and Bank Islam, not sure which is better.

    Bank Islam is not bad, offering fee legal and November & December repayment break every year without any interest charges. But MRTA is compulsory and slow in processing.

  95. As with any property development, the risk of project non-completion is always there, it’s just the level of risk is different as it depends on several factors such as capability and reputation of developer, economy, etc. If in the unlikely event that the project is abandoned, the developerhas no obligation to our financier (loaner) and the relationship is only between the loaner (us) and the financier. Depending on the agreement, as long as the financier has disburse any amount, generally we are to serve the interest on the amount already disbursed.
    However, I was told that (and I’ve seen)in the S&P, Bank Rakyat is to seek and appoint a new party to complete the development within 6 months, in the event of non-performance by MKLand.

    BTW, I have read through and the maintenance rate is also stated in the S&P. It must.

  96. Hi Murads,

    How much is your maintenance fee charged in your SNP? You bought a unit in Tower A or Tower B?

  97. Armanee Resident | January 4, 2012 at 8:46 am |

    I would like to reply a comment made by wsws, it wasnt a suicide but an accident where an Ah Long (not the owner/tenant) was trying to escape from security and police, and it was happen in Block A n not C, and it was somewhere in july 11,
    Probably for you, you are not a people who likes cozy style, dimm light situation but for most of us we find that very cool n not creepy/eery kind of things, and since u did mentioned bout suicide thinggy+a bit dimm environment probably you are referring to any superstitious “entity” things. But, touchwood, me, my fellow frenz n neighbours had no experienced with such entity.
    Security wise, you have to bring your keycard wherever you go, if not you have to call the security to open the door in order to access each blocks.
    African, there are some but not obvious, there are not even a minority here, u can count them n there r not troublesome type, u wont see them ingering at pool like u can see in some of the condo in kota damansara.
    Quality n finishing,…investment wise? Cheapest u can get is rm380,000 basic unit, n rental can go up to rm2200 per month.
    So, before summarize any bad things about armanee, should consider to ask those who already live there since the day it was ready to be occupied…..cheers

  98. Hi Armanee Resident:
    Since you are staying there, can I have your opinion:
    – How is the Armanee Traffic condition, as I see its only hv a road in & out.
    – Is there any good unit with reasonable price available there?

    I am actually considering to stay/rent out my current ONE Damansara unit. If Armanee have a better option, perhaps I will stay there & rent out ONE Damansara…

  99. Sujatha Ramasuppu | January 4, 2012 at 2:08 pm |


    Re Loan application, UOB & Alliance are offering BLR 2.4% while Al-Rajhi offers 4.5% for the whole tenure.

    Appreciate your comments / inputs.

    Thank you \ Sujatha

  100. Hi sujata

    Just for clarification, you mean UOB and alliance offers BLR 2.4 (so the load is 4.2) while alrajhi offers 4.5 as a fix rate right?

    Which means if bank negara’s 6.6 goes up, taking alrajhi’s would better right?

    So which is better? Which are u going for?

    Sorry I’m a nervous first time buyer

  101. For Loan Application:

    Mostly giving -2.4% while current BLR is 6.6%.. lower interest might be given depend on loan amount.

  102. WAH..!!! The rate so attractive now!!!
    I obtained my loan with BLR-2.3% only….

    As I know, UOB provides flexi payment, partial flexi withdrawal.
    Alliance provided FULL flexi payment & withdrawal.
    Islamic Banking provided Term Loan/Hire Purchase Loan [like Car Loan].

    There are pro & con on Islamic banking where fix the rate.
    Pro: Safe, no worry about up & down on interest rate.
    Con: No matter what, they charge you already the interest rate.

    I will still stress on 1 thing, depends on what you want….

  103. One of the buyers | January 17, 2012 at 1:18 am |

    Any1 knows whats the progress of the condo?

  104. The progress is not stated online or on the webpage… which is a shame. You need to either follow up with your Sales Developer and go down the site yourself.

  105. T
    he progress is smooth where it already built up to floor 11th.

  106. any progress with Tower B?

  107. Heard that the developer will repaint the car park with different color… any info on the new color?

  108. I went there today and the progress for block a is around 11th floor (my unit 10th floor facing pool), one thing I worry is the shoplots at the entrance to one damansara.

    As I noticed, alot of shoplots are like being paste here n there (rent&sale) phone no everywhere. This made the place look so old n messy. Are the shoplots also properties if MK land? If yes, can we request them to restrict the owner to only stick the papers at the aluminum gate only
    instead of pasting everywhere on the wall?

    As I know, the shops there no value at all n Im worry that it will influence One d. How is the condition n enrollment of students at the nearby university? Mainly?

  109. Only if Damansara Damai can be as good as Damansara Perdana

  110. The key factor will be the EconSave.

    IF, the EconSave really opens in yr2012, “supposingly” it will able to pull the crowd & concentration to there. Subsequently, move up the value of those shop lot surrounding.

    Frankly, there is a risk, BUT I see it as an opportunity, if to invest on those shoplot….

  111. Oh I see. Hopefully!!!

  112. year 2012 is now… n we hope to get the key on time…

  113. most of the units (below 15th floor) are only 1 car park and econsave will open soon. i can foresee that parking lot will be an issue. hopefully the vehicle wont be simply park at the roadside and causing traffic jam……

  114. I raise the Car Park issue among my fellow friends before. However, they have given me a good point also. A place that with jam, means that’s a welcome & develop place ie KL. A place that nobody like, will never have jam.

    So, the more jam the place, the higher value of that area… πŸ™‚

  115. Hi Guys, just a question for those who have already signed on the SNP, if you have noticed the fifth schedule is blank without stating the duration of payable service charge and amount of service charge…. It’s like literally signing a blank paper which could be amended by MK Land anytime. The said service charge is RM 0.18 per sq/ft but what if they amended with a higher amount later? Appreciate some advice.

  116. Last time i did ask the salesperson on the maintenance fee…
    RM0.18/sqft is not the fix amount.
    He mentioned that the maintenance fee for Armanee Condo is still remains same as before from launching until now. Thus, no need to worry so much on this.
    but not a promise…

  117. I googled and found that is a university nearby. May I know is the rental for study purpose a high demand at this area?

  118. For the maintenance fee, noted. I think it’s a normal procedure here in KL.

    For the demand, I won’t jump into the conclusion yet. Two years later, we won’t know how high the market demand would soar.

  119. may i know the security system in this project?
    any access card to car park, lift entrance, etc?

  120. 3 tier security, car park, lobby, and lift.

  121. How about security at TOWER A?? it still 3 tier security??

  122. I think Tower A got only 2 tiers. And no Security intercom

  123. Means that Tower A does not provide any lift security??

  124. how can condo at tis price no lift security?

  125. When it mentioned lift security, it’s not just some general security. It means one require to tap the access card to get to the floor they wish to go.

  126. Mind to share what is the security system for TOWER A?

  127. Tower A seems like less secure than Tower B..
    At least it needs more security guard in Tower A for ensure resident’s safety

  128. One of the buyers | February 21, 2012 at 2:54 am |

    Does this mean that there won’t be any security guard at the door entrance when we go in?

  129. Armanee Resident C | February 23, 2012 at 3:44 am |

    I’ve just moved in to Armanee for the past 2 months. But lately the traffic to the main road was extremely BAD! It took me about 1 hr and 15mins to arrive at One Utama.

    I cant imagine how worse it can be when one D is ready soon! most people will use the shortcut and driving through the shop lots. Seriously it sucks! Not to mention on the messiness of the place. so horror!

    anywy, I just love Armanee too much! still hoping that there’s something MK Land can do about it.

  130. Totally agree!!! There is only one way in and one way out at damansara damai.
    There are more projects going on and population is increasing. Really hope that this issue will be taken to keep residence at Damansara Damai continue to stay happily…

  131. I was recommended this web site by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my difficulty. You’re amazing! Thanks!

  132. Hi Motorbikes For Sale
    You are facing Motorbikes difficulty or Property difficulty?

  133. How was the One Damansara progress already?? can anyone share??

  134. Anonymous | March 2, 2012 at 2:59 pm |

    Block A was build till 13th floor..

  135. Hopefully can finish it on time (with gd quality)…
    can’t wait to move in, dun wan to rent house anymore…

  136. Me too… don’t want to rent house anymore… but heard that by March, next year, we may get the keys…

  137. buyer buyer | March 3, 2012 at 10:01 am |

    Just went to site visit, cant believe ECONSAVE is opened!!! block B construction is working in progress now..

  138. Econsave is opened?
    How bout the vehicle? Vehicle can enter the One Damansara car park???

  139. Yeah,Econsave is opened few days ago..
    But no sure car can park inside or not..

  140. Yup, I went there. Can park inside (there is signboard to indicate the direction). Crowded. But looks like still not yet completed.. Anyway, I believe it increases the market value of one damansara.

  141. That mean everyone can simply go inside one damansara car park later???
    Then it is hard for security control???

  142. I don’t think entering the car park is allowed for the public at this time. This is so dangerous, since the construction is still in progress. Car Park is still literally the construction zone.

  143. Public Parking is allowed. But only a special designated area (level below ground/lobby) — for Econsave customers only. Other areas are still closed due to the construction. And residents have another route/entrance (of course, it is in future — after we get the keys)

  144. Then Econsave already opened and car park is occupied now. Then will MK Land repaint the car park? The ugly pink color.

  145. Wishful Thinking | March 11, 2012 at 2:02 pm |

    Yes, it will repainted to grey colour…. so says the salesperson at the showroom *Yay*

  146. heard it from my Sales that it would be repainted. that was just the foundation colour for protection. but didnt mention what the final colour was.

  147. buyer buyer | March 12, 2012 at 10:26 am |

    everytime i went there i also will ask and double confirm with them whether the building will be repaint, n everytime they also say will painted as the model proposed color.. so i think thy wont lie to me..

  148. So future i can park at econsave carpark if it is free entrance πŸ˜‰

  149. i think it will not open 24hr

  150. any update on block B?
    still not fully sold yet?

  151. I went to the site last week and found out Block B still have lots of unit for sell.

  152. However, the promotion and discount no more. Not unless you’re bumi…

  153. Response not so good still no discount for non-bumi……

  154. Tower A supposely progress till level 15 is it? Juz count it during passby the road side.

  155. I wonder what’s the progress for Tower B.

  156. i also wonder if hand over key to tower A is on next year 2013, it that mean tower B and all the facilities are completed??

  157. Tower B will be completed on 2014. Only Tower A on 2013.

  158. How many floors have they built on Tower B?

  159. How about the facilities in the building?? handover together with tower A?

  160. One of the buyers | March 21, 2012 at 4:06 am |

    I heard from the sales person that Tower A can moved in first….

  161. tower A will be completed on 2013 and tower B is on 2014.

  162. once completed, i hv 1 unit of parking lot to let go. pls let me know if u r interested… thanks.

    btw, mine is from first tower. it shall be completed n handed over by march 2013.

  163. One of the buyers | March 21, 2012 at 6:24 am |

    Wonder what’s the progress of Block A?…Has it reached 17th floor?

  164. will the electric & water bill will be charged higher than normal rate?

  165. why should the utility charge higher than normal rate?

  166. some of the condo will b charge under commercial rate is it?

  167. I think tat is service apartment.. please correct me if i am wrong…tq

  168. Wonder what the progress of Block A? Anyone mind to share??

  169. May i known isnt good place for stay?

  170. One of the buyers | April 2, 2012 at 2:42 am |

    Just went to the site yesterday…it is currently at 16th floor..

  171. I just wonder.. once the Block A is completed. will the common facility be ready? Or the facility will only be available after the completion of Block B? Any advise? Tq.

  172. My friend bought a condo at puchong, all the facilities are completed before start the 2nd block progress.
    i think one damansara will complete all the facilities once block A ready to move in is it?

  173. I did ask the staff there. and she said the car park paint color will be as same color as the model. IF it is true, then suppose it would be brown color.

    I have another question, can block B residents/visitors access/enter Block A via facility level? Since block B has 3-tier security, including the lift security, then suppose it has no problem on the security. Actually 2-tier security (block A) is also okay, but if ppl can easily move in(out) via facility level, then it becomes quite risky and no privacy…

  174. One more thing: recently MK land launched Metropolitan square Block C. Hot-selling (though the price is about 600k++). Even faster than 1 Damansara.

  175. heard they will build up college around there,and block B first 4floor will b use as hostel for it true?

  176. First 4 floors at Block B for students? That’s kinda bullshit!

  177. One of the buyers | April 17, 2012 at 6:04 am |

    I don’t think so the first 4 floors at Block B is for students…Anyway, do any of u know what’s the progress currently for Block A in terms of floor level?

  178. what i calculated last weekend was 17th

  179. One of the buyers | April 17, 2012 at 7:39 am |

    thx for the update ypyp…3 more levels left then….looks like it will be ready before end of this year..

  180. The main structure is there but there is a lot of work for inner construction. Hopefully can move in on-time with nice facilities.

  181. deal with it, I was told Block B should be erected by 10 floors once Block A has risen up to 20 floors. Now it doesn’t sync… so once Block A has the residents moving in, they gonna bear with the dust and construction at Block B…

  182. One of the buyers | April 19, 2012 at 8:53 am |

    Looks like it is going to be very dusty then…..

  183. No choice lor, if wanna move in early especially the side facing Block B.

  184. anybody know where to throw your rubbish at each floor?

  185. Normally will bring it to ground floor and throw it to a specific big bin. correct me if above statement is wrong.

  186. One of the buyers | April 23, 2012 at 7:37 am |

    I have also seen rubbish bin located at each floor….there is a special room for it…not to sure bout this condo…

  187. I believe it will be the same like most condos. I enquired about the rubbish room from MK staff and the informed me that there will be a room near the elevator (properly concealed, of course).

  188. One of the buyers | April 24, 2012 at 8:41 am |

    just wondering whether any of u guys have started to service your loans?…

  189. I have started my payment. I signed Islamic Loan.

  190. I not yet start the loan payment..

  191. One of the buyers | April 30, 2012 at 2:09 am |

    I think most of the buyers have started the payment as most of the floors are completed…if i m not mistaken there is only 2 floors left for completion of the structure….

  192. Heard that metropolitan there offers DBIS. Is it because property investment activities slow down? or the DASH highway is really (and ready) to be built?

    Will it affect MKLAND, or it is just merely a marketing strategy from MK?

  193. I just booked a unit at block B yesterday and that is my 1st property, I have 30 days to re-think and finalize my answer before i proceed on bank loan. I am 28 years old and earning income about 3k-4k so i really hope all my friends here could help me. I’m worried taking a wrong step or decision.

    The main reason i bought this unit are:

    1)It is DAMANSARA! ( as we know damansara property is blooming every year , but so sure about Damansara Damai)

    2) The price is affordable for me ( booked intermediate unit at RM 300-340k)

    and here is my concern.

    1) Does it worth for future invesment? Usually what will be the price after handed to owner? I am concern about Damansara Damai which i believe the price will increase according to Damasanra Damai progression.

    2) Yes,I understand the traffic is a mess, but how bad is it? What time usually is a bad time to driving?

    3)Does it true the price will increase massively once the unit is complete? and does it happen when MRT is complete (wondering where is MRT station anyway?

    Its hardly to find residence property between 250-350k in Damansara.. I assume is should be boom if Damasara Damai is expanding as other Damansara. If the price is going up fast, nobody will complain about the density of the area, neither the bad traffic jam..

  194. Sharkfish | May 7, 2012 at 6:13 am |


    i believe at the end of the day it depends on the reason why you are buying the property. if you are looking forward to stay there, appreciation of the property is the secondary issue compared to logistical needs (i.e. traffic congestion and other amneties). but if you are looking into flipping the property in the next 5-10 years, then it is a different scenario. no doubt that the property will appreciate. the question is by how much? or are you looking for rental yeild. again the question would be by how much?

    do extensive research on what other options you have within the range. look the appreciation and rental yield. then make your decision.

    as for me, i bought the unit (block b) as i’m looking to capitalised on the appreciation within the next 10 years. also looking at getting acceptable rental yield. not so sure about the coveted rm1500 per month, but it should be around the figure.

    with regards to the trafiic, my argument would be: show me an area that is free of traffic jams. if one needs to avoid being stuck, leave home early and come back late…more productivity, more income… πŸ˜€

  195. woah, very quick reply, better than MCD delivery call.

    Yes, my initial plan was to stay there for few years (2-4 years) then thought of selling the house after it. not so sure whether im taking a right decision as i never had any experience in buying property.

    i dont mind about the traffic as long it doesnt drag me more than an hour to reach i-City, shah alam as my office is there. I really attract with convenience around One Damansara (curve, ikea, ou,MRT, NKVE) currently, im staying at USJ 11 subang and fortunately, my journey to my office is against the ‘heavy wave’.

    Can somebody tell me what will be the price after few years BASED on your experience of buying property.

  196. Went there to take a look yesterday.

    The structure (main frame) of block A is almost done. Just left one or two levels.

  197. Perhaps, some of you get known already.

    Kolej Perkembangan Awal Kanak-Kanak will be (or has been) shifted to One Damansara , from Ritze Perdana, Damansara Perdana. The college’s founder is Pn Farah Mahami binti Tan Sri Datuk Hj Mustapha Kamal — In short, MK big boss punye anak. Heard the guard said that the entire “level” (i am not sure what is meant by this term) is occupied by the college.

    Somemore, the Econsave is already open. Hence, the risk could be minimized.

    Anyway, May I know who purchased level 1 – level 10 in Block B? Is it reserved for the college? or A big company/institution bought it for investment?

  198. Meaning to say this condo’s value will be dropped? What is this college? The name sounds so weird… brainstorming the kids?

  199. Hmm… Not really.. Since it is already open (both college and Econsave).. Then i think there is no doubt on the completion of the condo.

    There are good and bad things — one college below the condo; good for rental. Before this, ppl might have a doubt: Who should I rent for? And Econsave is just next to the door. Thus, there is a demand to rent a house there.

    Bad thing/factor depends on the management. Since we expect/predict there are students/non-owners staying there, then management needs to manage well on the facility and security.

    Just my two cents.

    As to the college, it is something like a school of education — for pre-school level. Try to imagine, UPSI is to produce secondary and primary school teachers. And this one is to produce pre-school teachers . It is suitable to those pre-school teachers or those who are interested to know about pre-school education. Anyway, we need to refer to MQA for more information, such as the quality, assessment etc…

  200. One of the buyers | May 8, 2012 at 5:51 am |

    Actually the college has taken one level just like Econsave…the sales agent told me this….

  201. Sharkfish | May 8, 2012 at 6:16 am |

    for those who are looking for rental yield (like me), i guess the opening of econsave and the college will be considered as good news as it will attract tenants.

    as for those who plan to stay, this might be an issue. then again, it depends on whether they are opening a college on the entire level or taking it up as hostels.

    agree with ypyp that the management of the condo will be crucial. if it is managed well, price will appreciate further. if not, then it might be stagnant. in any case, with the potential and current developments being planned, i think this will be a sound investment (if not great) in years to come.

    To those of you who are worried about people telling you that this is a bad investment, ask that person again, where have they invested their money. chances are, most of them have no money to invest in property anyway. or at best have only one property that was bought 5-10 years ago.

  202. 1) how about the distance of Komuter Sg Buloh? How long does it takes from one damansara to the station?

    2) As stated on MRT website, i saw 2 station will be developed area One Damansara which are Sg Buloh and Kg Baru Sg Buloh, is it near to our location?

    thank you in advanced for your reply friends.

  203. Sungai Buloh MRT station is next to the existing Komuter Sg. Buloh. It takes about few minutes (driving distance) to reach there; 1 or 2km only. I wonder if government/developer has any intention to build a pedestrian bridge from damai to MRT/Komuter there? But doubt it a bit… If really got, then it is really a bonus to damai residents, especially One Damansara.

    Thanks, Sharkfish. I agree too. In general, a good/nice investment means it can gain its capital values and rental yield. Well, high rental yield means there are non-owner residents staying in that area/condo. Then it really depends on Management. And unfortunately, a good investment indirectly tells you that TRAFFIC CONGESTION is one of the issue. KLCC and Bukit Bintang, nice to invest — and expensive, but the traffic is like hell… Unless if you take public transport (not even bus, but the train!), then you may avoid the traffic jam.

    One good thing for One Damansara residents is the public transport. You may park your cark (or even take a bus from damai terminal — walking distance) at Sungai Buloh station. The take public transport to the city.

    Pro and Con. Staying at One Damansara means u need to face traffic congestion or you may take public transport.

    Another Pro and Con: Staying at One Damansara potentially appreciate the property value but could be an issue too..

  204. My friend who lives at Damansara Damai told me that if travel along LDP to PJ/KL has less congestion? Is it?

    Anyone can point out this? LDP or NVKE? But Subang area, i think it should be NVKE, right?

  205. One of the buyers | May 8, 2012 at 8:30 am |

    Was wondering how many buyers of this property are actually looking to stay at this place?…i m looking forward to staying here once it is ready…

    About the jam, i think you can’t avoid it as everywhere in KL is jam….you can’t predict LDP as at times it can be jammed up but i still feel it is ok as it is moving traffic…yup, to Subang you got to take NKVE…

  206. i am looking to stay there. about the traffic, yes, it is congested but it is a moving traffic. nkve also link with Guthrie Highway. i think traffic should be fine and what i need to do is to be patient till the MRT is complete.

    I always think positive that damansara will be one of the hottest place to be developed,

    I made mistake on kota damansara a few years back which i feel like no one will stay there and the price will be stagnant or even worst, dropping. and take a look at their current development, it massively develop, and property price goes up like hell.

  207. One of the buyers | May 8, 2012 at 9:04 am |

    well said mfz…just need to be patient till the MRT is completed and then we can see the results…i still believe that this place will massively develop…

  208. Yup, I will be staying there too. Currently Damansara Perdana is massively developed. Empire city will be built there. I believe the next would be Damansara Damai.

  209. Damansara Perdana is way to awesome to compare with Damansara Damai, simply it’s like next door to Mutiara Damansara… I hope Damansara Damai can at least achieve Kota Damansara’s status.

  210. Anonymous | May 8, 2012 at 3:10 pm |

    my friend told me that KL 2 is in progression rite now means they are expanding KL development from paya jaras to kepong area which will be involving our topic. i dont know how genuine this info.

    anyone could help?

    i really need somebody to advise me to decide whether to continue with bank loan or should i pull out my booking back… im earning average monthly CURRENTLY, really hope i wont make silly decision at the end.

  211. Im the one who wrote at above.

    Mr Buyer, any update. since I really need ur opinion. but all my friends here also really helpful.

  212. one of the bloggers mentioned it took 1 hour to come out to the highway just before NKVE. means we are going to stuck at the traffic light after one damansara for an hour.

    i dont know if this guy talking with facts, experience, or just assume.

    anyone here who have any experience.

    sorry for asking many question, i am naive about buying property.

    takut nanti duit habis bayar hutang saja…

  213. mfz, property investment would always be worth because the property will gain its value. not unless something happened in that area and therefore depreciate the value of that piece of land, and not just one damansara, but the entire damansara damai…

    as for the traffic, it’s a one in a life time thing that could lead to one hour jam… like flash flood which happened on monday.. it’s jamed everywhere…

    i have a friend staying in sg buloh, further than damansara damai, it took him an hour or less to reach menara TM to work… so he would usually go out at 6.30am…

  214. BTW, im also curious about the first floor that is going to be occupied by students… block a or b?

  215. Wow!!! Its crouded here again…

    Hi mfz,
    Your words remind me when I 1st bought my property….:)

    Basically I believe you already had your decision. Just that you wish to have some kind of support to your decision… :)~

    Anyway, my view is very simple on my 1st bought property, I just use Bill Gates theory (limit to 2 options only):
    – Own stay or investment?
    If own stay, is the monthly instalment equal to my current rental paid? If more or less same, then jalan. I won’t concern about the capital value. Coz no matter how, won’t sell coz own stay mar… Important is, the developer ABLE TO COMPLETE the project.

    If investment, then property in KL, Damansara, PJ,…WORST scenario, you don’t gain any capital increase. BUT also you won’t make any losses, compare with if you invest in Pahang area, Tanjung Malim, Port Dickson, Kuantan…..etc.

    Based on the current property trend, property value will still continue boost, coz the foreign property investors still around Malaysia to “support”. How fast & how much, will depend on the area & the estate AGENT….
    If to buy, price around 250k – 350k for apartment/condo, its a CAN buy property, where you hardly find now…

  216. Hmm. Look like nobody knows who purchased level 1 – level 10?!?

    Also, Block A has two-tier security while Block B has three-tier. I heard that the third one would be the lift?!?

    So may I know if visitors/residents walk through common facility area, can they go up to Block A directly? Any experience/knowledge on this kind of design?


  217. mr buyer, yes i agree with ur advise, not much property which around 250-350k.

    -at long the price wont drop, im ok with it because i bought it for my STAY for few years (maybe 3-5 years) then jual, MRT should be completed by then. then if it true, the price might go up, even a bit.

    -i have also a blogger friend who staying at armanee, mentioned to me that he bought his house at 350 and now he can sell it up to 500k so i can say, One Damansara price should be grow up even a bit.

    -now my main concern is traffic (try to avoid lateness to office), damansara damai area itself ( messy shoplots arrangement and density).

    all factors above, we cant decide or discuss now because it will happen in the future unless i have superpower who can predict or see the future!

    im meeting with my agent this weekend, i will deliver her with some of ur concern which will be mine as well and will update to u. hopefully she wont hide too much disadvantage of One Damansara or Damansara Damai…

  218. Mfz,

    Can you please do me a favour? And please update us here. When you meet your agent, can you please help to ask if there will be any shop (like restaurant etc) in one damansara — since Econsave occupies one, while college occupies another one level.

    And also, how about the security wise, means can resident/visitor go up to Block B or Block A “sewenang-wenangnya” through common facility area. Thanks.

  219. sure, i will, i will baseball bat to act like ah long as well to ensure they answer us wisely. hehehehehe.

  220. *bring.. hehehe

  221. Im just kidding regarding baseball bat.. hhehe

    anyway, this is a latest news i read about upcoming MRT project. So, could help u guys.


  222. Sharkfish | May 10, 2012 at 5:59 am |


    i believe its like the one at Platinum Victory. They have security at entrance, lobby and camera in the lifts. But as usual, security guards would be lax in performing their duties. I managed to walk in and use the elevator without any hindrance. But maybe its because I am handsome and do not look like a buglar… πŸ˜€

    In any case, it depends on the management. At the end of the day, having good security features are always better than having none.

    Agreed with Buyer that the most important factor is the ability of the developer to complete the project. So far, things seems to be going on track. So, I belive we should consider the investment prospect as, to the very least, moderate.

    As I am not living in Malaysia at the moment, really appreciate your comments on the development of the project.


  223. hey,
    has anyone started paying for unit purchased at block B?
    I bought a unit on the 11th floor.

  224. Mfz,

    Thanks for your help. NO worries, we knew that you were kidding. πŸ™‚

    Hi Sharkfish, thanks for your advise. Yup, no matter how, there is a “way” to sneak in. And ” … having good security features are always better than having none.”

    What i wanted to ask was that: since we know there is a security tier (heard that it is smart access door) in the lobby — then will it be installed in every parking lobby + common facility lobby?

    Heard that Block A has two-tier security (smart access card) — Parking entrance + lobby.

    Block B has three-tier — on top on the two system mentioned above, the third one is inside the lift — means level one residents can only access level one etc.. Further more, Block B provides intercom — lagi secured. (wonder how about the management fee? Same as Block A? or higher? By right, should be higher, since has more facility — higher maintenance cost)

  225. Hi folks,

    How’s everything? Anyone here Mancester United’s fans, im very disappointed because the just win a PLATE… A PLATE!!

    Anyway, yesterday i went to One Condominium and met with my property agent. Here is the answer.

    1) Regarding traffic: yes it is really congested especially on Monday and Friday. My workmate stay in Kepong and he mentioned the traffic is bad at NKVE heading to Klang (en route to my office, Shah alam).

    2) Block B’s security wise is more secure compare to block A because it comes with 3 tier security (parking, condo, lift). and regarding control on people entering block A, it will depends on how aware of security guard shall every visitor or outsider must register themselves.

    3) I checked the distance between One Damansara and KTM Sg Buloh, it’s not far. About 5 minutes from O.D.

    4) Construction progression is doing well.

    5) She mentioned there shouldnt be any development around there because there werent has any available land for new development.

    I also spend a few hours sitting, walking and observing O.D surrounding and here is my points:

    1) that place is crowded with low income foreigners (indon, bangla, notorious black, myanmar and etc which can be same categories)

    2) i ask ‘makcik jual jambu’ in front MK Land office and she agree, traffic is really bad during office hour…

    3) I can see factory along of jln kepong/jln sg buloh, and I can say, my property acceptance will take longer time because not so much they can do on factory area unless the take the land but do they can take it from the owner?

    4) all the black man seems like not student or they just use student pass. they are sitting, chatting in front of empty shoplots.

    5) people surrounding OD also mentioned not much criminal around that area nor snatched but only fighting between foreigners and sometimes involve our local because they disturb local wives…..

    I can say my chance to continue with OD is lower because of above factors. I believe my future neighbours will make me feel like home but i am really concerned about the traffic (seems like one whe worst area in selangor) and foreigners surrounded that area.

    and that place looks dirty.. and MPPJ MUST do something about it.

  226. One of the buyers | May 14, 2012 at 5:17 am |

    thx for the update mfz….ermmm….i m just concerned on the security for block A, unless the guards are really checking people who r coming in then it is not a problem, otherwise it will b an issue as far as safety is concerned….agree that the place needs to spruced up….this is where MPPJ need to do something or maybe MKLAND as well…..actually on the foreigners,i assume that they are staying at the flats as well as the shoplots…

  227. Sharkfish | May 14, 2012 at 9:55 am |

    Thank you mfz for the update.

    damansara damai is not the only area affected by ‘invasion’ of foreigners. i believe that most mid-level apratments/condos in Malaysia have a quite a number of them. think flora damansara in damansara perdana or lagoon perdana in sunway. these are nice areas, yet facing the same problems. but i would understand that it is quite intimidating to see the foreigners roaming around in groups. funnily enough, the was a study that indicate that areas with more african people tend to have lower cases of petty crime. however, like the makcik jambu batu coreectly stated, brawls do occur from time to time.

    like what i mentioned before, these things might be an issue for those who plan to stay at OD. but the conforting fact (if any) is that the foreigners tend to stay at low cost apartments and shoplots. in our busy daily life, how many times do we bother to go to the shoplots? and with econsave at block A, grocery shopping would be simplified. need to go for weekend activities? one utama is not that far away.

    then again, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. for me, i’m just concerned on whether the project will be completed and handed over on time (give or take 3 months)and whether the would be prospective tenants for my unit. as for now, the indications are positive (site progress, amneties such as econsave, college etc) and i hope it will stay that way.

  228. One of the buyers | May 15, 2012 at 2:55 am |

    quite true sharkfish….the foreigners tend to stay at low cost apartments and shoplots..

  229. let’s try not to be biased. do we presume the area would be more prone to crime if crowded with foreigners from 3rd world nations? of coz we usually presume that area crowded with foreigners from 1st world nations seem to be better and more valued like bangsar, damansara area…

  230. no lah, hehehe, im not trying to be biased here. I take advise from my dad who are policeman.

    my concern is there are possibility for this black man renting the condo in any future. Trust me, it will be annoying sometimes. I rent a house at Cyberia, Cyberjaya few years back. It surrounded with middle to high black man community plus all the Middle Eastern and Persian.

    I never had experience with this low to middle class of blackie but just some of concern for future satisfaction.

    Their social life is not really suitable for us Malaysian. U cant bare with all the noises, eye-staring from them.

    Yep. Foreigners is not a big issues but it might required for some decision maker here.

    As long as our country still printing money, property price will still grow up anyhow.

  231. Sharkfish | May 15, 2012 at 6:36 am |

    surprisingly, koreans tend to be the worst tenant. I have an experience 5 years where my fully furnush apartment in ampang was in a mess (sofa, cabinet, tv all in bad shape) when the vacant the unit. the same experience was shared by a friend of mine. from then on, i always screen thorugh any prospective tenant to make sure that such things do not happen.

    coming back to OD, i would most probably not lease out to a blackie, but who knows, if the person pays the rent on time, keep everything in check and no hanky panky business, i might just do.

    mfz, just to help you out, based on my limited research, here are some other alternatives within the same price bracket as OD:

    Koi Prima, Puchong
    TTDI Adina, Shah Alam
    228 Condominium, Selayang
    Selayang Spring Phase 2, Selayang

    There are also a project in Sri Kembangan, but I forgot the name. Not sure whether this would suit your logistical but here they are.

    As for sub sale units near Damansara and Shah Alam, you may wish to look at:

    Suri Puteri, Shah Alam
    Sri Acapella, Shah Alam
    Brunsfield Riverview, Shah Alam

    Palm Spring, Kota Damansara
    Perdana Exclusive, Damansara Perdana
    Pelangi Damansara, Bandar Utama
    D’Rimba, Kota Damansara

    Hope this would help to start the ball rolling. Happy hunting! πŸ™‚

  232. Hi friends, i will buy 2nd hand house at D’Rimba. less traffic, bigger square feet, future MRT as well. 2 kitchen (dry/wet), Good acceptance.

    I really like one damansara condo, but traffic, surrounding, and density arent so pleasant.

    thanks for those who helping!!

  233. One of the buyers | May 18, 2012 at 4:01 am |

    Anybody going for the One Damasara event this weekend?…got a letter saying that they will be updating on the progress of the condo and etc….

  234. D’rimba is also a nice place. Anyway,

    Honestly it is two-way justification: price and enviroment. For instance, Damansara Perdana is a hot place now. Empire city is being built. The area near to Flora Damansara (and next to Masjid Reserved Area) is under construction. Heard that Taylors University College wil be built there… So Metropolitan new phase cost 600k++… size is still about 1000++ only…

    And Sunway South Quay (A very nice township) there costs almost one million per unit condo.. LOL..

    Just hope that the amenies and public transport around One Damansara will help to boost up the value of OD. Although I will be staying there, but who knows one day might go back hometown. If the value increases, at least i can sell it at better price..

  235. Sharkfish | May 20, 2012 at 4:30 am |

    just like buyer rightly commented previously, the most important thing is getting the project completed and handed over on time. as for the amneties are concerned, i believe OD is on track (econsave, kolej, public transport etc.) in other words, it is safe to say that buyers will at least get 20 percent appreciation on their investment (if not more).

    anyone have any idea of how much other projects in Damansara Damai have appreciated over the years? is there a lot of unoccupied units around the area?

    appreciate your inputs.


  236. Sharkfish,

    I am not sure whether link is allowed to be posted here or not. Hmm , u may google search “damansara damai armanee condo appreciation” then click the first link. First few years looked like no much change. But these one @ two years, it appreciated a lot. Somehow it is nt the latest one. From certain page, it shows that the condo is about 300++ psf.

    Friends, may I know if there is any sharing/update from the meeting/event with MKland last weekend?

  237. One of the buyers | May 21, 2012 at 2:14 am |

    Just to give an update with regards to the progress as I went for the One Damasara event yesterday. I was quite impressed with the number of buyers purchasing units for Block B. Anyway, the progress of Block A seems good as they are already on the 20th floor. Looks like Block A is going to be ready by end of this year. The sales people also told me that we should be getting our keys by February. As for the college, it is already in operation and they have taken up the whole lower floor.

  238. we dropped by last saturday. i can say, it’s a good progress. as discussed earlier, 2-tier security for tower a n 3-tier for tower b. i’m pretty confident they’ll complete everything within the timeframe. bout half n hour chit-chat with the salestaff, made me feel excited to move in… n the best part is, she said it’s no jam around that area except if got accident n if it’s raining… hmm hope that’s true.

  239. Anonymous | May 23, 2012 at 7:49 am |

    hi guys!

    im so so happy i found all these info here. thanks to u guys, it makes my informtaion gathering so much easier πŸ™‚

    anyway, i’ve just booked a unit over the weekend and was very very happy with the condo’s layout and size. however,your info on the 4 floors converted into hostel is scaring me. do u guys have more info on this? i’m planning to stay there once it is completed, but having experienced staying at places with students around doesnt really appeal to me much. do u know with whom i can talk to confirm on this?

    thanks everyone! πŸ™‚

  240. I definitely not feeling comfortable staying with students not… no bias but I was a student before and I know what kind of silly things students will do. I definitely need my peace afterwork and weekend… not some silly noise made by the students. For this, i think MK Land definitely owes us some explanation…

    if it has come into so much inconvenience, perhaps someone could lead to protest such move and acquire all buyers/residents endorsement..

  241. Dear all,

    I went to visit there again as my friends are interested. Had a nice chat with the sales agent there.

    1) Block A reaches 20th level. Block B has been started.

    2) So called two tier and three tier security are different because:

    Block A has first access card system (tier) at the parking entrance (and to parking level 2). Second is the “lift” access card system (I think it is referred to lobby around lift).

    Block B has one more additional access card system (third tier) at parking level 3. It is used to separate residents and customers/visitors (econsave etc).

    3) Block B has security intercom but Block A does not have.

    4) Block B unit is 1012 sqft — no longer 986. The additional area is used to put the aircond. Therefore, management fee is slight higher than Block A. Hmm… additional 5 ringgit only. (1012-986)*0.18 .
    It is fair enough. As Block B has better security, such as intercom.

    5) No shoplot as all are occupied by econsave and college. But walking distance to the season square.

    6) College is already open and when I went there, I saw quite a number of students waiting for bus.

    7) Important issue — no hostel will be built for students. But agent believed that some investors just intend to rent their units, not for own stay. Hence, they may rent their units to students — if students are affordable.

    I think it is reasonable. Every condo has investors that looking for rental yield and capital gain.

    8) First 10 levels in Block B are purchased by agents. But some agents could not apply the loan(means not approved by the bank) and the units are re-sale back.

    In general, Block B starting price is RM300k.

    9) Still got some units in Block A. But RM298k for normal unit. What mentioned by Mr. Buyer is true. The price of resale unit is increased.

    10) Compared to some other condo developed by MK LAND before this, OD is able to complete according to the schedule/timeline. So it SHOULD BE the BEST news to us.

  242. From 986 to 1012 sq ft??? no way! it;s already mentioned in the SPA and are they going to change all the spa and legal fee?? no way…

    and i have asked my sales, he said no college students will occupy there… he reassure and say can ask the sales manager jayanthi

  243. As far as I know, all the legal fee are free…(?!?) Anyway, to avoid any misleading info, it is better ask directly for confirmation from the sales manager. What I wrote was from my understanding which should not represent developer or officers. And I keen to know more details too…

    Then it is good. No college hostel.

  244. Anonymous | May 23, 2012 at 2:47 pm |

    hi guys!

    thanks so so much for the info. phewwww what a relief especially on the student hostel issue. i was worrying the whole day, i really dont feel easy with the hostel thingy. i booked the 5th level corner unit, i guess i got the one rejected by the agent :pp

    about the condo size, my sales agent mentioned they were wrongly advised by the architect on the size. not sure if it will affect the spa & legal fee though..i really hope it will not..

  245. Haha Anonymous,

    You are so lucky.

    Anyway, heard that still got some units in Block A. So might think about it. Block A — denser but cheaper. Block B, lesser but more expensive.

  246. Sharkfish | May 24, 2012 at 7:09 am |

    I bought a unit from block b but was informed that it is 986sqft. not sure about the increase of size.

    however, good to hear that things are progressing well.

  247. Hey All,

    I have checked with the sales person from the sales office and it is confirmed that the there is an increase of size from 986 – 1012 sft to accommodate the air-con for 2nd room. Nothing is affected from buyers end πŸ™‚

  248. Hey All,

    I have checked with the sales person from the sales office and it is confirmed that the there is an increase of size from 986 – 1012 sqft to accommodate the air-con for 2nd room. Nothing is affected from buyers end πŸ™‚

  249. them how about SPA got effect?is 986sqft wanna change to 1012sqft?pls leave more information !thx !

  250. It is confirmed that nothing is affected. yes, it will be 1012 sqft

  251. the area to allocate the aircond (outdoor) needs 26sqft?? from 986 to 1012sqft?

  252. sure effect on maintenance fee later πŸ™‚

  253. I don’t think so…. We have already signed the SPA which is 986sq feet, so it won’t change what so ever…

  254. Hi guys,

    glad to hear you all talking about OD, i’ve booked block B above, cos very hangky pangky some say lower lever could be used for student college worried though.

  255. Anonymous | May 28, 2012 at 3:54 pm |

    hey guys,

    do u have any ideas on what will the future development be like within the area?a lot of people are saying damansara damai doesnt really have much appeal to it. any thoughts on it? thanks πŸ™‚

  256. Most of my frieds stayed at KD and DP, talking about DD area for now still slow but once the MRT complete DD will be develop more cos people are investing the area and population will increase, i just be positive for tomorrow

  257. Just Back from OD site project, block A reaching level 20 and that is a very fast and the quality as i look at is not like Platinum lake condos (brick), hope’s everything going to be good.

  258. HI teeq,

    “… and the quality as i look at is not like Platinum lake condos (brick) …”

    Can you please elaborate more? thanks.

  259. hard to explain about surrounding development since traffic is a mess and lots of factories. maybe it could be as slow as sg buloh.

  260. Hi ypyp,

    Actually i prefer concrit to cement bricks that bricks easy to crack when its getting old maybe 20years from now, if concrit they do as LEGO but solid cement, but anyway it depends on the developer using type of meterials of construction.

    Anyway now in Malaysia is a mess, becouse of traffic here and there and people serounding is getting more and more can’t avoid that, but for sure gov or NGO’s will have alternative way to plan for its country no doubt on that, now MRT is already started, before this Sg.Buloh trough Damansara is hack of traffic, but soon MRT connect From Sg.Buloh till Kajang, so it’s a Wow factor there putting low population of development to a Mega Area maybe not now we will wait.
    Well it depends on our mentality thought.

  261. Hi teeq, thanks.

    Just went to econsave at OD. it is crowded. But I really wonder when we back (from town/city) to OD, which route is the best? passby the showhouse? make a big U-turn? ANyone has the idea on the urban/town/traffic planning?

  262. For me i will use NKVE, LDP totally will be very jam..

  263. sometimes, NKVE will also jam for no reason..anyway, most of the time NKVE still very smooth except for peak hours like during after office hour.

  264. Sorry,

    Hmm… Actually my question was when i go back to one damansara, which route(in damansara damai) should I use?!? passing through the show house there, or make a big turn passing through the McD/Shell? Any other better route?

  265. Anyone know the longest time that might trapped in traffic jam if i drive from Damansara Damai to KL?
    Will it be faster if taking KTM to kl?

  266. Hi KK, the fastest u can get there is within 30mins provided no JAM!
    Alternatively, u can skip the jam by using use the small road to reach KL faster. Once u stay longer there then u will be able to find out the alternative road to KL.

  267. Hi,

    Hopefully there are many small road for me to skip the jam.
    Like passing by mont kiara area or somewhere else

  268. Not very sure, nolmally just pass by the show house. unless if we wanna drop by mcD have to go big round then πŸ˜‰

    Yupe, NKVE peak time for sure very jam, so will find alternative way finding small road agree with that.

    Good idea oso use KTM sg.Buloh but still the train have to wait quite some times or delay at kl central… you know KTM only the new train improve but not the managment. but still can consider lah run out from JAM!

    Any way hows the progress of 1D? any update guys???

  269. Just back from the site OD this morning, very jam at LDP fuh cant imagine how to go the curve… any idea guys from OD to curve not using LDP?

  270. Anonymous | June 2, 2012 at 9:56 am |

    hi all,

    u can use the back road to go to the curve. from D.damai exit, take left, and turn right when you see the army camp. go straight until u see signage to turn left towards kota damansara. from there, u can go straight all the way and will exit at the junction of sunway giza. however, traffic at kota damansara also known to be jammed, so probably not the best alternative route to avoid any jam. but that’s the option.

    anyway, teeq, what time did u go there? how bad was it?

  271. Hmmm… yesterday was public holiday + Msia school holiday + singapore school holiday.. So can expect traffic at anywhere is also congested…

  272. Not very Bad still can move i think school holiday people starting to move torward North well balik kampung or vacation follow sungai buloh way..

  273. Aliance Bank before say 2.4 when i put my booking for OD, then call me back its 2.3 ,, Why is like this?? is it Banks doing like this ??

  274. Hi Guys,

    can somebody help me i booked and waiting bank aproval on my loan, How long do it takes the bank can confirm me my loan aprove or not?

  275. Hi glad to know that some of you talking about 1D, hope we can be neibour soon.

  276. Hello,

    How is the status of the Condo of 1damansara ya? any idea guys? the car park the sales person say will change the colour..hoping they will

  277. Anonymous | June 5, 2012 at 8:15 am |

    hye guys…

    long time i’m not involved in this blog. but i’m always read thru your comments. but today i want to highlight 1 issue to all of you. yesterday i met my lawyer (who incharged my account for 1 damansara) and she told me that Mk Land (thru his agent Medan Prestasi) having some problem with the bank (im not sure which bank, but i think Developer Bank’s which is Bank Rakyat) that they having some problem to disbursing the money. Especially for block B. maybe somebody can check my comment whether it’s true or not. Thanks πŸ™‚

    **p/s : Im 1 of the buyer from Block A..

  278. One of the buyers | June 5, 2012 at 8:26 am |

    Zinta:- usually it takes about 1 to 2 weeks to know whether your loan application has been successful or not….i guess it depends on the bank or how efficient they are as well…

  279. OMG.. hope it’s not corect i hopefully i won’t listen the block B is pospone for another year… goin to check with sales at 1D

  280. Hi,

    I agak already from MKland, sure got something, but ayo how lah hope my loan from public bank OK.
    Hope no more pospone like the previous year only do the car park. i Booked at Block B already….

  281. hi all,

    anonymous: when u said there is an issue, does that mean it will affect the development for block B?

  282. BuKitS... | June 6, 2012 at 8:18 am |

    nzaw : Yes, it will effect the development for Block B because the Principle Bank will not disburse their money to Developer Bank. so it will stuck somewhere. i just throw my concern after i met my lawyer last 2 days. and i need help form u all guys to check with developer whether this news is true or not. if its true, we maybe have to do something especially for Block B buyer (Block A Buyer also will get some impact if this project having some problem).

  283. what I heard from my friends in bank was currently the property investment is slowing down, especially after the new policy implemented by Bank Negara — below RM5000, based on net income, no more gross income.

    So it brings impact to property lower than 500k, especially.

    But if quite a number of ppl buy units at block B, then should not be a problem. But if just two or three units purchased by buyers, then it is a BIG risk where bank won’t disburse the money: suppose bank will disburse 5 million, but the buyers not enough “contribute” 0.5 million, definitely bank will hold on first.

    THis was what I heard.. could be incorrect as I am not from finance dept.

    So, if Block B has impressive selling, then should not be a problem..

  284. future owner | June 6, 2012 at 12:02 pm |

    from what i understand, disbursement is based on the progress of the project and buyer.

  285. yup… so if there are plenty of buyers, then no problem.

  286. Just went to pay my first billing there today. Block B left 30% tenancy vacant.

  287. future owner | June 7, 2012 at 1:52 pm |

    oppss..forgot to say one of the buyer as well hehe..

    70% take up should be good…usually 60-70% for their disbursement condition..of course with other conditions as well i.e. relevant docs and approval from relevant authority bla bla bla..

  288. Hi There All,

    Really hope there is no issue on disbursement from bank to developer especially on block B, cos im one of the buyer on block B, really really and really hope everything is goin to be good finger cross no more pospone. Haisss..

    Thanks for the info i will try ask agent on this matter again.

    BTW how is the progress of block B ? any body knows?

  289. Thanks for the info one of the buyers

    Hmmm… Now listen about the disbursement from bank to developer make me more worried ohhh.. i have no xpirience buying house and this is my 1st property and i bought Block B hope you guys can give or share advice so im not worried bout 1D again…

  290. Some of the comments here are not genuine and just merely alleged claims… especially the college students occupancy…

    As of this finance issue, if it’s a trumour instead of rumour, I think it would be already up on newspaper…

  291. One of the buyers | June 9, 2012 at 2:26 am |

    i actually had asked one of the sales agent about this matter and she told me that it is only rumours…nothing true bout this…

  292. Hopefully it’s only a rumours though..

  293. Hi Kekawan,

    Apa macam semua,.. tak de latest news ke 1D , dah lama tak p tengok kat site 1D sebab rite now saya keja kat perlis.. any info update me ya

    Beli kat block B

  294. Just have a look at the area, think need to ask developer to work more on the area near the Condo to put fence or else very crowded especially Econsave, i think econsave is there not becouse of malaysian people but for the outsider country…

  295. Teeq,

    Yes, it would be a good idea if there is fence (but would it be?).

    As to the econsave, i had been there for several times, a lot of malaysian indeed. Actually D.Damai has a lot of malaysian citizens.

  296. Anonymous | June 13, 2012 at 3:46 am |

    I agree alot of malaysian there, but maybe my time at econsave actually multi races but more on outsider that time.. well 1 malaysia cant say much about it. Im not sure need toa ask sales of 1D, how is the fence if they do just normal fence or a wall type fence much more better i think.

  297. I think it’s quite corny to read the comments here when some of you mentioned “there are many Malaysians” in One Damansara… Come on guys, we are still within the territory of Malaysia and of course there are a lot of Malaysians… I’ve never come across any area in Malaysia where we’re outnumbered by foreigners…

    So you can either say “many foreigners” or “few foreigners”, but never “many Malaysians” or “few Malaysians” in Malaysia…

  298. Hi Guys,

    Need advice regarding bank loans, which bank is better Aliance Bank or Public bank? and which is better semiflexi or fullflexi.

    Really need your guys help though.

  299. Maybe u can try alliance islamic loan..

    BLR – 2.3 @2.4;

    Full flexi and no fee inccured (per withdrawal)..

  300. hmm.. Aliance only give 2.3… Public bank give 1st year 2.5 2nd and 3rd year 2.45 then Rest of the years 2.4.. but not easy goin for public bank very details on monthly comitment even CCRIS good but comitment very bad they wont aprove the loan..hmmmm

    Hopefully aprove from PB if not i go for Aliance bank cos they say mt loan on 1st stage aprove..

    Thanks YPYP πŸ™‚

  301. hi guys πŸ™‚

    i’m also waiting for approval from banks. still checking on Alliance & PB, but your info here definitely helpful. thanks! u guys been such a great group πŸ˜‰

  302. That is nice, Public can give such an attractive package. What are their terms and conditions? Or free Full flexi? My bro signed public bank conventional but the requirement is RM50 charge per withdrawal..

    I prefer islamic loan (regardless of bank) as it gives more offers, such as “ceiling point of interest” (my one will be capped at 10%, no matter how high the BLR is) and no fee incurred when you withdraw your money from the current account. And no “notice in advanced” when u want to withdraw your $$..

    Please correct me if I am wrong. As it was informed by the banker — he said that only islamic loan has these benefits. Conventional one has incurred/hidden/extra fees…

  303. Hei Guys,

    just want to share got this problem, my friend got this problem, His a Bumi (sarawak) and the wife is not bumi(chinese), if anything happend touch wood to the husband, the house supose go to the wife rite and if the WILL the husband put the wife name rite? but talk to agent they say CANNOT? becouse Bumi’s cant put the wife name if the wife is not Bumi…..

    Need advice who can help my my friend

  304. Yupe i agree every windraw rm50, but if fullflexi there is hidden charges somebody tell me maintanance fee’s open accnt fee and the rest is hidden. full flexi is good cos its current acct not under house loan accnt that have to pay any wthdrwall…hmm… well waiting for loan PB oso give islamic loan. till now waiting bank aproval.. same time i go to al rajhi islamic loan ..

  305. Hi everyone,

    As far as I concern, what MK Land claim to our bank not as what they claim these days. Their construction look very slow as before. Shoplot around One Damansara not very good looking. Parking area for shoplot also seems crowded. But the price maybe acceptable. The traffic to access One Damansara from main road also uneasy for us. For me Astro Beyond not my priority but internet access (fiber more important). I think in future most TV will using Digital Connection (fiber connection). Just forget Astro. Hahaha..

  306. Hi Clair,

    What do you mean astro beyong not my priority but internet access?

  307. For people like me, I don’t care if developer provide SMART or not. Fiber optic using Maxis to Home or Unifi is more priority. We still can have entertainment even without Astro. Then SMART is not item that will increase the value of our house. For people that need extra security, they can install by themselve or our committee can discuss further with develepor with some extra payment for house who need security at their house. I’ve experienced stay at condo like Block B. For me there some pro & cons. Pro = more safe & secure. Cons = not safe if there emergency case. During emergency such as fire, sometimes alarm system will not function. Then you will have trouble.

  308. just went to take a look again. Pretty well.. All in good trend/progress.

    Can start planning the home reno and deco already as soon we will get the key… πŸ™‚

  309. Anonymous | June 20, 2012 at 4:07 am |

    Oh Ic now i understand Clair,

    Yeah i agree with you there is pro and con as i bought Block B very secure but when come to manually fire or else very unsecured already..

    Hi Ypyp,
    You bought which block? how is the progress at block B anything to share with me…

  310. I bought block A. They started building block B (main structure), but still at low levels. Main structure of Block A has been almost completed, i saw the walls, partition etc.

    As to the vacancy, Block A is fully sold out — at this moment, no re-sale or re-open unit (due to disapproved loan application), except level 1. Block B has about 10% only.

  311. And I was confused again… THe agent told me that the third tier in block B is within/inside the lift — as what we expect/understand. But then another agent (last time) told me that the third is to “filter”/separate an additional parking entrance… :s Don’t really get it…

  312. Anonymous | June 20, 2012 at 8:15 am |

    Ohh.. ic hmm i need to ask the agent also like this really confused me regarding the 3rd tier security.

    so the entrance of 1D is from block A if rite correct me if im wrong?

  313. All residents and visitor (to visit friends in condo; not Econsave shoppers) would have their respective entrance and access — at the back end — opposite to the bus terminal).

  314. It is truly a great and useful piece of information. I am
    happy that you simply shared this useful info with us.
    Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

  315. Anonymous | June 21, 2012 at 3:35 am |

    Thanks YPYP,

    So probly you can get your key by january next year rite?

  316. Anonymous,

    yeap. It is scheduled/expected that Block A owners can get the keys by next year Jan or Feb. πŸ™‚

  317. Wow.. Thats cool ypyp,

    cant wait my block B to complete.. πŸ™‚
    how long you you drive from 1D to EKEA?

  318. heard that from morning around 7am, there will be serious traffic jam at the exit of Damansara Damai. The population in DD is growing, hope that the developer can do something to improve this issue instead of just increasing the housing area…

  319. i don’t think so. my friend said, jammed already start from sg buloh. not because of population in DD. my friend stayed at DD. she mentioned it to me.

  320. Anonymous | June 22, 2012 at 5:55 am |

    I can say 6.45am already jam becouse i xperience once already and i agree not becouse of population at DD but whole area of PJ. but the jam getting slow around 9.30am onwards. Evening after work well 7pm still jam though….. thats why now MRT is coming but 3 more years to come but i can say the MRT station will provide a very good a very large area of car park to people park their car and follow MRT to work with no stress.. My friend working doing project for MRT he explain good thing bout MRT.. well the good part is MRT is going to have one station at Bukit bintang area dunno where but my frind say bukit bintang central…

  321. 6.45am is already jammed as i experience before.. It’s not becouse of the DD population but the whole PJ area and all people now usong the way to work..

    Now MRT is 3 years ahead but this MRT is totally going to pump up Damansara area and soon there will be RII (rubber things lah) and i got a friend doing MRT project says that MRT at sungai buloh has a very large car park.. for those people easy to park and go work without stress of facing the JAM anymore..
    Im working at BERJAYA group MRT will have stop station at Bukit bintang central its a wow factor there cos im staying at Damansara Damai.. everyday travel to work make me stress sometimes hope MRT will be something that can be pround of la maybe not now but future…

  322. Anonymous | June 23, 2012 at 2:48 pm |

    DD only has one entrance and one exit. If there is more option route then can reduce heavy traffic on morning because all the transport need to pass through same exit.

  323. Cuorisity | June 25, 2012 at 4:55 am |

    Hope DD area that MPPJ will take action on the rubbish throwing on the area.. very dirty alot of rubbish. sumore add traffic light on the first juction entering DD town the second juction as well… really really MPPJ need to do something already on DD area ..

  324. Hi all,

    been there yesterday to sign SnP guest what block A starting to paint as i saw from below the color its wow amazing hope fully the car park color there will repain i cant wait to see new color on the car park.. my eyes dont seem prefer the pink color.

  325. Good news..

  326. went to look at 1D yesterday but couldnt find the place.not familiar wth DD and got lost in SD.i saw a plenty of new developments around 1D near to SD.the most notable development is by TA Global i think.will try again tomorrow.cheers.

  327. Anonymous | June 28, 2012 at 6:23 am |

    DD is near to sungai buloh toll.. up front again folow sign board to kepong k.l but just keep left till you see DD

  328. Anonymous | June 28, 2012 at 7:39 am |

    Anyone went to econsave before? Mind to share your experience? Is it good? Parking? and how’s the college management? Thanks.

  329. One of the buyers | June 29, 2012 at 1:08 am |

    yup been there a few months ago..u can basically get everything there….when i went there, i parked at the parking lot inside…not sure whether this is a temporary car park or wat…the college has been opened already and it seems quite well set up…hope that it stays that way….

  330. Just went to OD this morning..It a good news..the block A progress well. The outside wall are painting and the window glass are installed for level 1 to 5.
    We can view the main body structure from lvl 1 to lvl 10.

  331. Anonymous | July 2, 2012 at 3:36 am |

    Why doesn’t the developer provide a better platform to introduce its developments/one damansara? If we have a webpage/forum/facebook page to discuss One Damansara, it would be better, right?

  332. Yes it’s more better, feel worried sometimes when the developer dont provides any platform or forum to itroduce regarding 1D.

    Hi Tmman,

    What is the colour painting of the building is it the same with the house model white if not mistaken? you bought 1 unit there as well? worried bout the car park colour till now still pink

  333. Anonymous | July 4, 2012 at 1:31 am |

    The sale agent said the car park color would be changed. I think it needs some times, as it involves both block A and block B.

  334. One of the buyers | July 4, 2012 at 5:36 am |

    Yup, that’s what the sales agent told me also…the car park colour would be changed…

  335. Anonymous | July 4, 2012 at 1:40 pm |

    Change, yup, but when? after completed block B???

  336. Anonymous | July 4, 2012 at 4:11 pm |

    changed before CF

  337. Anonymous | July 6, 2012 at 6:05 am |

    Just get back from the sales house at 1D, good news now mppj putting traffic light in DD before no traffic light worse jam serious. Block A look very nice. Cant wait to move in…

  338. oh really? where is the new traffic light located?
    Is it help to reduce jam issue?

  339. Anonymous | July 7, 2012 at 3:53 am |

    1st junction to the sales office 1D, 2nd junction upfront to mcdonald if not mistaken…

    Yes very jam when there no traffic light, people rushing never give change have to wait quit long time before, i hope 1D will bring up the area of damansara damai..

  340. Yup, there is a notice board at the first junction (OD sale office)

  341. New colour still looks pinky. Why!!

  342. Anonymous | July 9, 2012 at 11:13 am |

    Went there yesterday… The agent said will re-paint it … So mayb ja wait n see…

  343. Yeah.. if they not gonna change the colour im gonna sue them serious, i already putting alot of money for this Condo and they promise to change the colour and what so ever.

  344. I supposed the new color is another layer of foundation before actual color is paint. BTW, tower A is already topping out if not mistaken, any updates on the completion date? My family bought tower B.

  345. I saw tower A started to paint dy… Tower just start a ill bit work only… May I knw latest price for tower B?

  346. oldsilver | July 12, 2012 at 6:07 am |

    My family bought it for RM358,000-/+, intermediate unit on April this year.

  347. Cool ..

    Hopefully everything is gonna be good, but i really dont understand why tower A is already almost done and can get the key early by jan or feb if not mistaken, in the same time tower B still far ahead and still under construction, this is the 1st time i saw a condo that tower A is getting the key soon are happy but don’t you think while you get the key and starting and ofcourse stay and have a peace of mind will be be disturb becouse of Tower B noises of construct as well doing the pool area? and tower A owner cant use any fasilities such as pool or gym or tennis court what so ever becouse of safety. if the difrent is just 2 month to complete tower B is should be ok… but tower B will complete end of 2013 almost a year have to face dust and noises all day long… perhaps tower A facing pool are gonna face this matter worst.. i already shout to the sales of 1D but they say dont wory dont worry bla bla… as i check with my friends contractor now doing setapak green condo by UOA developer, he say it’s not an organize situation by developer or contracktor doing such thing, it will effect tower A. how can you sleep and rest with people working doing tower B? feel worried now cos im one of the buyer at tower A but not facing pool…

  348. Wow .. dude now you opening my eyes yes you are rite, why i never think bout this before… damn im facing pool tower A. How any advice ?

  349. tower B if not mistaken now starting from 314k…

  350. Thought that all facilities should b done when completed tower A and residence can utilize the facilities before completion of tower B isn’t it?

  351. Just grab a unit at tower B ….320k… Hmm… Nw I’m worry since their work so slow… Dun really confident tat they can done in end of 2013 lol…. N those facilities stated also won’t as wat I saw…

  352. Based on the development on Metropolitan Square, it should not be a problem. They just finished Block D and started Block C. Well, they share the same facility with another two blocks (which had been completed few years ago).

  353. tower A looks cool.. but how can they paint the building before putting windows ???? hope the windows is not just a Glue just paste it.. doing painting have to complete with windows or glass door 1st as i know painting is the last thing to do, like the car park the agent say the finale will be painting the car park,sorry im doing Architecture so fussy bout this thing hmmm.. buying this house for my parents as they are from sarawak bought block B facing pool.

  354. hi Big.B, I’m also from Sarawak, buying Block B facing city

  355. I think they wanted to paint 1st to attract attention hahaha xD cz till now block B still not sold out yet….

  356. Anonymous | July 13, 2012 at 4:22 pm |

    just past by.. they really serious about traffic coz i saw traffic light already in progress & the road looked brand new πŸ™‚

  357. Yeap 1D agent told me that the are of damansara damai going to develop and clean the whole area as you can see alot of rubbish on the side of the road any where and shop lots mppj have to work and progress to remove all the banner or sticker of money lending and what so ever..

    Hope by next year DD is one of quality area to be prove to people who say DD is a dead place..

  358. ohh cool MP86..

    which floor are you staying? wah cool got sarawakian in the neighbour hood .. my friend also bought there block B his sabahan.. we can go for a Tuak if you dont mine YP86.

    Yes T,

    I agree as block B still got 100 unit not sold yet.. as spoken to my friends this is the marketing strategic to paint the building 1st but in the end hows the quality??? we putting big quantity but no quality for what??? hhmmmm ….. im going to shout to the 1D agent again. They promise me end of 2013 to get the key for block B… if not they will see..

  359. Big.B
    House quality might be ok I guess… Jz the facilities I think it might vary… N the quality… They promise without black n white it’s also nothing… Sure agent gt their tactic ..just cross hand n pray.. Everything will b in order…

  360. Big.B, I’m at floor 11. Not a real big fan of tuak.. haha.. but sure can drink up some times.

  361. Heard that there will be a new route (maybe like flyover etc) to link Jalan Kuala Selangor directly to new MRT station. If like that, it indirectly helps OD.

  362. Haha ya still can go for drink then, im at 18 floor.

    Wow good news if there is a route out from DD. Hows the progress of 1D any news my friends??? hows the painting for block A looking???

    Hei mp86,
    The agent of 1D got say block B can get the key end of 2013 ar.???? or some of them say early november..???

  363. Hope everything is good lah T,

    If this is their tactics of doing sales is good hope is a quality product what we get dont want in the end got problem more worst we wanna sell oso not easy..

    Cannot compare to Metropolitan sq, the developer is Saujana triangle but subsidize from MKland.. Saujana Triangle is well known developer.. like Medan Prestasi is still new they get Subsidize from MKland to handle 1D… and Metropolitan sq the sales team look very profesional and as i’ve been they to see their launch block C the architek is they explaning what is what.. but the price well 500k above and is located at DP.

  364. Big.B,

    I was told that Block B to be completed by end of 2013, handed over by early 2014

  365. Just white color paint on half of the building… Dunno whether they will re-paint or not… I saw they started work on block B already…

  366. Ic.. hope they deliver good quality then.

    Now waiting my lawyer to ask to sign the agreement, my lawyer ask me are you sure buying thst condo.??? why he is saying like that..??? when i ask him back he just say will be a nice place to live…
    I totally feel an easy with that… seems something wrong.

  367. Yeah… Must read carefully on the agreement might get some tricks… Try ask ppl in tat law firm n c lol… Sounds there’s something wrong…

  368. oldsilver | July 17, 2012 at 2:59 pm |

    Hi T,
    May I know if the agreement is sales and purchase agreement? If yes, I think the principal instrument (SPA) should be standard (Schedule H) as it is prescribed by law. However, we should look more into other subsidiary instruments such as DMC.

  369. HI Oldsilver,

    what is DMC?


    hmmm… will ask other friends again sound weird dhoe,, please give a good news regarding this 1D.. finger cross all the time till get the key,. the waranty of this condo’s is only 1 year, i though 3 years ohh.. i better check propertly before buying this unit..

  370. Big B,
    Warranty only 1 year @@…. I also better double check on it…

    Old silver,
    Can you please explain further?

  371. oldsilver | July 18, 2012 at 1:00 pm |

    big.B, T,
    Based on my understanding SPA consist of multiple document, one of them of course is SPA itself (principal instrument) and usually for condo/apartment, we will have DMC (Deed of Mutual Covenants) and another document which I forgot the name (it consist of what facilities will be built by the developer, what falls under common area and so on). DMC is basically the list of do’s and don’ts within the community. Except SPA, other subsidiary documents are non standard. If not mistaken, the defect liability period should be more than 1 year, 24 or 36 months after VP, I can’t recall but definitely more than that. If it is only 1 year, something is really wrong here. Let me check my family’s unit SPA.

    Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, the above statements are just based on my experience and some information might be inaccurate if not wrong.

  372. Blk B - Floor 15 buyer | July 20, 2012 at 7:15 am |

    Not been catching up with the progress lately, anyone can up date on the progress here?

  373. Y u wan to sell once get the key? Blck A floor 18

  374. Block A buyer | July 20, 2012 at 2:56 pm |

    Hmm… Might be tough a bit… When block A residents get their keys, there might still some units for block B. If block B unit still around 300k++, ppl might not go to take block A unit at price of 370k. Unless if block B increases too..

  375. Anonymous | July 20, 2012 at 6:06 pm |

    from the sale list, i saw block b floor 18 sold at 380k

  376. Hi Guys, especially block B -floor 15th buyer

    Yesterday just back from 1D site.

    So far everything is doing good, block A building starting to paint white but as i mention above this is the strategic marketing to paint the building but not yet install the windows or balcony bar grill…
    The road entering 1D putting traffic light, as i spoke to the MPPJ guy who is overlook the traffic light and some minor repair road things, he say they going to do a route to MRT station and to cut to sri damansara.. well still i dont get clear on what he say but just wait and see what is happeing.

    Hi buyer from block A,
    I bought block B level 18 as well the price is RM370k but with 3 tier security. You buying for invesment ??? thats why you selling after get the key???

    Hi Oldsilver,

    Thanks for your info, sounds like you a lawyer though… haha but thanks alot now i understand, you buying 1 of the unit at 1D as well oldsilver???

  377. oldsilver | July 22, 2012 at 1:31 pm |

    Hi Big.B,
    Haha, not me but my family and I will be staying there. The MPPJ guy mean there will be a road from sri damansara to Sungai Buloh MRT that will pass by DD?

  378. Yes oldsilver something like that what he means…. this guy say MKland request alot of thing from them(MPPJ) such as traffic light road connetion to main road… well i just make my self understand but they all doing now is good rite???

  379. oldsilver | July 23, 2012 at 9:10 am |

    Yup, looks like they are trying to repair their DD township and their reputation. Their first step starts with paying dividend for the stock. Haha. πŸ™‚

  380. good to hear bout MKLand is requesting lots to improve DD. Hope tat MPPJ will do as much as they can to make DD same level as others “Damansara” area.

  381. Hahaha.. Yeah paying dividen ofcos,

    Compare to all Damansara area, DD i can say still need alot to improve but it takes time to develop and to clean the whole area…

    MKland need to bring back their reputation as you all know what happen rite.. now MKland subsidise to local developer as Saujana triangle doing Metropolitan sq now cost at RM600k for tower c but selling fast.. Medan prestasi developer doing ONED condo also subsidise from MKland but as i called up last week the agent, block B still got 100 more units.. but if MPPJ can do the necessary things sure the area of DD can be a bloommmm area sure the Condo will be ocuppied and the selling price also 350k above…

  382. Hi All,

    i went to 1D today.. very nice painting and windows on blok A.. πŸ˜‰ can’t wait to move in by february next year… at the top of the building, u can see a big banner “completed in DEC 2012” … hip hip horreyyyy.. btw, i’m the owner of corner lot type of block A πŸ˜‰ nice meeting all of u here…

  383. Anonymous | July 25, 2012 at 3:49 am |

    happy for block A.. need to wait 2014 for block B πŸ™‚

  384. Hye all,

    Its nice to see this forum stil going on… πŸ™‚

    Wow that cool block A complete in DEC 2012 then get the ket by Feb rite? Im waiting mine at block B end 2013 but get the key 2014 can’t wait to move in.

  385. Haha.. Yes completed DEC 2012 as mentioned on the banner.. Insyallah πŸ™‚ Its ok la.. Block A or Block B, we are still neighbours ya.. The residents of 1D condo.. Hooreyy!!! πŸ™‚ i like 1D bcoz its build of many green glass windows and the L shape balcony.. Also, the layout of corner lot type.. Unique and not typical condo layout.. Dats just my 2 cents πŸ™‚ happy fasting everybody!!

  386. That is a good news few more month is already complete for block A,

    Hi Karl,
    What do you mean by green glass??? the colour of the glass is green??? Well the condo of 1D as i can see is almost the same like the new Setapak Green Condo L shape balcony.

    You one of the buyer for block A Karl???

    Happy fasting to you to..

  387. Hi Big.B…
    Want i mean by green glass is normally condo build wif transparent window glass.. Now a lot of luxury condos use “tingkap warna hitam or hijau” replace the normal transparent window glass.. Make the condo view from outside look classy and elegant sikit πŸ™‚

    Ohh ya i google it setapak green condo.. Yes it looks almost exactly the same.. Except the glass balcony fence.. So sad dat 1D using typical balcony grill πŸ™ .. But of course, i can see that condo is quite pricey over there.. Tapi iya la near to downtown KL rite of course lagi mahal.. πŸ™‚

    Oo yes i’m one of the buyer of Block A.. Already bought a year ago.. πŸ™‚ so what do u think about 1D? Maybe in term of investment or staying? For me dat area ghettos.. But i dun know why i bought properties over there.. Maybe they set up show unit 1D wif some renovation.. Make me imagine what i could do with my condo later .. Haha.. Demnn.. Haha.. πŸ™‚

  388. HI Karl,

    ohhh ic, ok now i understand what you mean by the glasses, well sounds cool to me, Yeah Setapak green pricy but before open for sale the price its about 350k not mistaken but now 500k to 600k and its already fully sold out cos before im intrested on that condo haha.

    Well for me i bought block B its for my own not investment. maybe now 1D still not yet complete and the serounding DD as you can see still far behind compare to DP or KD but hope MKland will do something to show them self that DD its a reputable place that is my hope lah… πŸ˜‰

    Hahaha.. ofcos after you seen the show unit you mind will change wanted to buy before you survey the area right, im buying for my parents so just let them stay there have a good time to relax cos there is Econsave there easy for them to go down and do grocceries no need to go far far for groceries. Hope everything is doing good and quality is there that is my concern now.

  389. I’ve go there last 2 weeks & I found that there a quarry approved by state government beside natural park. I’m not sure how there would be a quarry at centre of DD. The presence of that quarry will affect the natural of DD and noise to our settlements later.

  390. Hi Clair,
    What they are doing quarry there??? so it means all the big heavy monster(lorry) will enter DD rite..??? this is crap totally make my blood presure up..

    If quarry is going to be at DD serious we are going to hear big explosive… but how come there is aquarry at the area???

    Hmmm.. i will go and have a look, i really dont like if things worst that construction such as quarry is been targeted at DD… make me feel no mood only now to move to DD..

  391. Sharkfish | July 31, 2012 at 6:18 am |

    Hmmmmm…. something smells a bit odd here.

    Is Clair even a buyer of OD? From this long thread which have started from 5 November 2010, there are only 3 postings from Clair. And all of these psoting were rather negative. And all of them comes when there is a feel good factor building up in the thread. For example:

    1st posting by Clair

    June 19th, 2012 at 6:43 am

    Hi everyone,

    As far as I concern, what MK Land claim to our bank not as what they claim these days. Their construction look very slow as before. Shoplot around One Damansara not very good looking. Parking area for shoplot also seems crowded. But the price maybe acceptable. The traffic to access One Damansara from main road also uneasy for us. For me Astro Beyond not my priority but internet access (fiber more important). I think in future most TV will using Digital Connection (fiber connection). Just forget Astro. Hahaha..
    errr… “construction look very slow”? what i heard from the others are construction looks to go on well.
    2nd posting (in reply to Anonymous asking why astro beyond is not priority)

    June 19th, 2012 at 2:30 pm

    For people like me, I don’t care if developer provide SMART or not. Fiber optic using Maxis to Home or Unifi is more priority. We still can have entertainment even without Astro. Then SMART is not item that will increase the value of our house. For people that need extra security, they can install by themselve or our committee can discuss further with develepor with some extra payment for house who need security at their house. I’ve experienced stay at condo like Block B. For me there some pro & cons. Pro = more safe & secure. Cons = not safe if there emergency case. During emergency such as fire, sometimes alarm system will not function. Then you will have trouble.
    u have experience staying in a condo like block B? Appreciate if you could enlighten us on where is this condo. Maybe we can avoid buying it later.
    3rd posting (after big.B, Karl, Zinta et all is reporting good progress)

    July 30th, 2012 at 7:54 am

    I’ve go there last 2 weeks & I found that there a quarry approved by state government beside natural park. I’m not sure how there would be a quarry at centre of DD. The presence of that quarry will affect the natural of DD and noise to our settlements later.

    hmmmm…u seem to be very knowledgable about the DD area. Can u tell us specifically where this quarry area is so that others can vouch for it? Thanks.
    my question would be, are you even a buyer of OD? I didn’t notice any mention on whether you bought block A or block B.

    I understand that this is a public forum and i strongly support freedom of speech and expression. But I also strongly believe that the freedom should come with responsibility. If you don’t like the place then just say you don’t like it and leave. No need to flame others who have made the commitment. Clear example is mfz; he came, ask questions and give inputs. And when he decided OD is not for him he went somewhere else. Easy.

    I am not trying to be offensive. Just stating my observation. And I stand corrected should it is not as what I percieved.

  392. I’m buyer also. That’s all. I’m curios to know more when one of our buyer said his/her lawyer act something odd. maybe the information will help us to push the authority & MK Land move forward. I’m good to hear the good progress. All information happen to my friend and me. There’s no intention to defame this 1D.

  393. Sharkfish | July 31, 2012 at 9:00 am |

    Good to hear that. I don’t mean to get personal or anything. I appreciate the input that you and many others have given in the thread. I’m working abroad, so the inputs really help me to keep up to date to what is happening on the ground.

    By the way, where is this quarry that you mentioned about? Maybe some of us can go and have a look or check with MK.


  394. Maybe anybody can go and reconfirm again. but we’ve seen lorries park there. we can ask if MK will built other condo there.if not, there will impair the view of natural park.The site just beside the natural park(don’t know what they called) in front of IWK open pool if not mistaken.

  395. HI Sharkfish,

    The agent MK not sure as i ask them regading the quarry, no worries the will let me know as soon as they get the real info from MPPJ regarding the quarry..

    HI Clair,
    Just want to ask if the MK not sure bout the Quarry, where do your get the info from.????

  396. Hi All,

    Fyi, MK Land staff at 1D told me last time there is no more condo/house project at DD after dis.. 1D condo is the last project since there is no more land to build any properties over there πŸ™‚

    Yes i understand sharkfish concern.. Same here wif me.. I bought dis 1D coz i wanna stay here.. I think DD is not dat bad la.. No one likes a traffic jam. In fact, people plan daily activities to work around high traffic hours even if dat means waking up early, sleeping late, even da dreaded carpooling method. Β Now, traffic jams are a harsh reality, regardless of how early u wake up or how many people u cram into ur Proton Persona πŸ™‚

    Yes i also understand about the communities/people staying there.. Yes never stay there more than 2 hours, but i dun see a lot of foreigners like some people here mentioned before.. In fact, i dun see them.. Maybe the time i came, i dun bump into any of them.. I just see malaysian.. A lot tau πŸ™‚ yes i totally agree the DD surrounding like ghettos area.. Maybe bcoz of the crowd and old faded shop lot building.. But what u expect from DD near sg buloh? It’s not Damansara at the “real damansara”.. Its cannot be like even Kota Damansara.. If u go dat both places, u will know what i’m trying to say here.. But who cares ah, u have many roads to “get out” from DD to excellent place to hang out such IKEA etc.. Haha :-p it’s good what to have quiet place like DD to stay.. Relaxing.. Privacy.. A bit far from KL compared to Rawang, Bukit Beruntung… In fact, only 30km to reach KLCC.. Not bad la kan πŸ™‚

    Haha.. Very long talking of me huh?! Must be boring rite.. Haha.. Okla whatever it is.. Just thank to God for given us an opportunity to buy a properties.. Actually it’s hard to own condo/house around KL wif dis price now.. Just wait n see DEC 2012.. If not ok, all of us have rite to sell it πŸ™‚

    Dis weekend i’m going to DD to see the quarry dat Clair mentioned it.. I will give guys update ya.. No fight2.. Smile ya.. πŸ™‚ adios guys!!

  397. The sign board said “Kebenaran mengeluarkan batuan”. I’m not sure how long. Hopefully setle before we move-in.I can see MRT also inprogress, maybe can give us credit. :))

  398. Hi Karl,

    Cool dude, you build my confident back haha… no fight fight here soon we will be neibour rite :), I totally agree with you, now a days any way oso jam, thats why MRT is been build up at sg.buloh station and as i been trought the lay out of MRT is totally owesome serious, there is car park been place there as well, now Bukit Bintang specially BB plaza soon will be closed reason of the project of MRT, even it takes time but think for future lah not now..

    Oic…. πŸ˜‰ , yupe MRT is totally in progress rite now Clair will benefit soon im happy for that as well haha

  399. Block B-3A | August 2, 2012 at 4:30 am |

    Agreed with Karl & big bang πŸ™‚

    We’re lucky to owned a condo with so much facilities + security with high tech system πŸ™‚ (if the management managed well) with affordable price below 290k. Plus the location in
    Klang valley and near to MRT station+Econsave+school etc.

    Traffic is normal in other places when peek hours so don’t worried about it. Just we as a neighbor need to cooperate to keep the OD look nice and safe place to stay.

    Future Owner Block B


  400. yeay! bravo to karl, big.b n block b-3a… wohoo

    feel relieve to stay in cool neighbouring… no need to talk bad. it’s us to make the place better.


  401. MRTA & MLTA?

  402. Went there last week, saw some motorcyclist ride motorcycle without helmet one…
    The econsave indeed is very convenience for groceries..But econsave car park got lot rubbish around, hope our condo would not look like that in future

  403. Hi anonymous,

    well motorcyclist ride mototcycle without helmet is normal now a day not only at DD anywhere hopefully they dont disturb people lah.

    Now econsave car park got alot of rubbish and looks not organize enough, but i got spoken to the MK agent and the sales manager, She said that now the whole building still dont have managment to manage the area of 1D, once the Condo is complete for sure there is managment of the Condo to over look the place and the 1D cleaner still not there yet.. so we will wait lah, once the condo complete and the managment of 1D is there we can voice out, no worries if the managment can’t do anything change the managment request to get the good and most expirience condo managment. Reason why i say this we are paying them the maintanance fee everything i think rm230/month rite?… we have the right to voice our problem πŸ™‚ and to give the Best for our place to live that is One Damansara….

    I Forgot already whats MRTA and MLTA, but i bought my MLTA from Great Estern and MRTA is provide by the Bank where we taking our home loan and is already include in our loan scheme.

  404. Guys, shall we form a group in FB?

  405. good idea, then we can see who will be our future neighbours from the fb group..
    Lets ensure that the condo and surrounding area are always clean ..

  406. Pass by everyday at 1D if I’m not Rabun… I just saw they are working at nite too at block b section… Even Sunday working at block A…

  407. Good idea to form FB, more visualisation for someone who can snap the progress of 1D and uploaded in on FB to share with everyone =)

  408. Guys, 1D FB group is existed since December 2010. Not sure if it is still active.

  409. ӏ eνery time used to rеaԁ articlе in
    nеws ρapers but now as I am a user of inteгnеt therefore from now I am using net for
    content, thanks to web.

  410. The group last post was on 2011 @@… din seems its active…

  411. Hi all,

    I went to 1D last friday.. just look around DD and wanna verify Clair statement about quarry.. yes i think i found the place mentioned by Clair.. maybe dis quarry kut. it’s infront of low cost flat. There is one signboard “Pengeluaran Bahan Batuan”.. what i can see here,the permit valid for one year(Dec 2005). But can see the entrance of the site still open and saw some lorries over there.. But i dun see many lorries passing thru dis road pon.

    Foreigners? after all of us mentioned about the issue, i look around DD again.. yes, i found some black people (niggers) πŸ™‚ but dun worry la ever thing still under control.. normal la got foreigners πŸ˜‰ just hopefully 1D condo will not allow foreigners especially black people to rent there.. kinda scary too what πŸ˜‰

    yes, it’s a good idea to create one FB group for 1D. yup already got FB group for 1D now but seems not many members inside the group.. also not many comments or update.. yes if u guys really wanna active from now on, maybe we can create one more active fb group for 1D… But make sure la dis new group won’t senyap2.. no update.. maybe not la talk only about 1D condo every topic.. perhaps we can give some ideas how to do interior design, deco, etc.. just make sure dis new group alive la.. haha.. cheers guys.. πŸ˜‰

  412. Block B-3A | August 7, 2012 at 3:04 am |

    Thanks Big B,

    are u sure RM230/month? If i’m not mistaken for block B RM0.20 x 1012sqft = RM202.40

    so for the MRTA / MLTA, must take both ke?


  413. The old FB not active. We create new one 1 Damansara 1 Malaysia for FB πŸ™‚

  414. Old FB not active. We create new one 1 Damansara 1 Malaysia for FB πŸ™‚

  415. Hi Guys ,

    Just Back from my holiday… and past by 1D yesterday but heavy rain around 3pm so i can’t really have a look properly, any way im happy to see block A very nice windows as mention by carl green windows look awesome ya πŸ™‚

    Hi block B-3A,

    As i check mine its rm0.18 x 1012sq ok lah lah rite sorry tot rm230 wrong calculation πŸ˜‰

    Up to you but for me i take both MLTA and MRTA well MRTA is a must to take, MLTA is just like life insurance, but its only cover your house and up to us paying monthly or yearly…

    Its cool to have FB but who going to create 1.. maybe we vote ????

    I vote Oldsilver for creating 1D FB page ;P

    dont worry oldsilver we support you as we are in 1D neibourhood soon πŸ™‚

  416. One of the buyers | August 7, 2012 at 5:45 am |

    Was there as well yesterday….progress looks good….they are definitely going to complete by December 2012 with the way it is progresing now….anyway, the facebook group suggestion is a good idea and hopefully it can be created as soon as possible….

  417. So nice we are going to have FB for 1D…. hopefully soon i cant wait to see all of us there and chating among negbours of 1D.

  418. We want FB group!! We want FB group!! We want FB group!! Haha… πŸ™‚

  419. Been there again this morning just bring my friends have a tour around 1D. Today i try to follow spk industrial park damn regret jam tot can folow short cut trough jalan kuching but im wrong…

    Btw do you all know there is a new shopping mall is been develop infront of Menara BATA at DP by young developer datuk Shawn, my friend told me that it is bigger that Mid Valley and as they say Mid Valley Damansara. Its quite near to our place though compare going to Ikea, still dunno what is the Name of the Mall yet cos its still under progress.

  420. As required, a page has been created. But as it is just a beginning, the page has nothing. Feel free to upload pictures/give comments etc.

    Note: This page is not the official page supported by the Management/Developer. It is mainly used as a SHARING platform. Admin has not right and would not represent the management/developer to answer any question. Thanks for the understanding.

  421. Thanks anonymous.

    Pics of the progress would be very helpful for those who are not residing in KL/Selangor/Malaysia. Keep up the good work!

  422. Dear all,

    Old Silver Mcfly has uploaded a number of pictures (of the progress). Thanks.

  423. Cool…

    Thanks for updating the FB,

    But why there is less people there …

  424. Yeap, looks like still lack of people/members, but still hope that someone can keep uploading/updating the progress etc.

  425. Big. B,

    the place you mentioned is quite likely EMpire…

  426. Hi Yu,

    Is it? i dunno the name of the mall but wow EMpire cool name rite.

  427. It’s great to have found this site πŸ™‚

    I’ve got a question here. When I went to the site in May/June, I could see that concrete blocks are being used for Block A (at that time they have not gone so high yet). However when I was there again on last Monday, I could see white bricks are being used for the upper levels of Block A. I thought that the entire building frame is supposed to be made out of the concrete blocks as claimed by the deveoper? Does anyone here knows about this? Thanks.

  428. Anonymous,

    Yes, Empire developed three projects in DP, where one of them is considered as joint-development with MK. As to its history — Subang Empire is the best description.

    If you go to ask the agents in Metropolitan, they will tell you another news — Taylor’s University is very “likely” to establish its new campus/building in DP too…

  429. I supposed that part is the wall instead of the building frame. Wall usually constructed with either brick or RC. I could be wrong as I’m not sure which part of the building that you have seen is built with brick.

  430. Hi oldsilver,

    I’m referring to the view from the car park of the sales gallery. If I can recall clearly, the sales person told me that the bricks will be used in the inner side of the wall. Outer layer would be the concrete blocks. Pls correct me if I’m wrong. I have seen condos built with purely white bricks and in just a few months the cracks are showing its line. Kinda worried.

  431. Hi All
    Am new to this forum and will be joining you guys at OneD upon completion of the blocks.
    btw,any of you taking home financing from Al-Rajhi? do you guys have any idea why the bank has not requested for any payments?

  432. Hi Lynn,
    I understand your worries regarding to the usage of cement sand brick (white) in the construction. Cracks in a building are contributed by many factors (material, workmanship and etc). If the foundation and workmanship is good, rest assure that cracks cause by material is easily repairable or else it doesn’t matter if it is constructed with RC or clay brick (red). RC not necessary better than cement sand brick, both has their pros and cons. Most important things are workmanship and quality control.

  433. Hi oldsilver,
    Thanks for your input. Yes I do agree with you it’s the overall quality that matters. Just wanna ensure that there is concrete blocks used as well for every floor, (as mentioned by the developer) on top of the bricks. Perhaps there is, maybe it’s being covered by the bricks that I saw. The bricks could be on the outer part while the blocks are in the inner part… I don’t know. Will double check again with them. It’s better to have thicker walls I assume? πŸ™‚

  434. hi

    im a blobk B, level 13a buyer

    here the fb pages created long time ago πŸ™‚

    got progress image there
    feel free to comment

  435. NAN,

    If the developer had/has asked for $$ from Bank, for sure Bank will ask you to pay the interest. If Bank never disburse(d) any amount, it is better to ask the Bank.

    The reason is: If the developer asked for $$ from Bank, and yet, after the dateline, the Bank has not made the payment, the buyer has to bear the penalty incurred.

    But it applies to all those buyers with different legal firms. (Eg: S & P lawyer is different from loan agreement lawyer). If same lawyer, by right, the lawyer will settle all without delaying.

  436. Hi Yu
    Thank you very much for the info!
    I shall check with my agent and the bank officer.
    Anyway,out of curiosity,do you know how much would the penalty be?
    Thanks again!
    Cant wait to join you guys at OneD πŸ˜€

  437. Nan : hye,welcome to Our New Family πŸ™‚
    Btw, regarding your loan, i think u facing the same problem with me. i also took loan from Al-Rajhi Bank. With whom u liase from bank side?ist kamal or Mior? for your info, the bank lawyer from al rajhi very2 SLOW and LEMBAB!!! i get frustrated with them.i think better u push them (bank Officer) to check and speed up the process. if not, u will pay for unnesassary thing (not your fault).

    Block A buyer,level 9 πŸ™‚

  438. We have already have had facebook. why don’t we just post and ask at Facebook? Easier.

  439. Hi All,

    I think people worried to be known in FB, so still remain here but here cant post any pictures of 1D.

  440. i cannot find the new fb pages for OneD.. “One Damansara Damansara Damai”.. already close huh? Now only have One Damansara condo pages for fb..

  441. Hi Bukit.
    You are right.both of us and several of my friends also having similar problem.the alrajhi agent that i liased with was gonna call him and get him to expedite the process.
    Thanks for the info!

  442. I applied both Bank Islam & Al Rajhi Bank. Both were quite fast to deliver the result and offer letters compared to conventional bank like UOB… perhaps dealing with wrong guys?

  443. hi all,
    i’m new here n just booked a unit last sunday πŸ™‚

  444. Hi All,

    I’m going to sign with Al-Rajhi bank today. The package looks good. Hope everything going to be smooth i hope

  445. Hye JOJO…

    just to share with u and others.. i bought 1 DD Condo in the year 2010 and Symphony height last year. both of my property funded (loan) by Al Rahji Bank. the rate quite attractive plus free legal fees. the main problem is the Lawyer side from Al Rahji very2 SLOW n LEMBAB!!! u have to push them (Bank Officer) to make the process faster. if not, u will be blame for the late payment (penalty from developer)…

    p/s : Plz deal with Kama-0192753854(Al Rahji), he’s very proactive and helpfull..

  446. Hi Yugi,

    Its nice to know you as a new neibour to us at 1D… πŸ˜‰

  447. Hi yogi
    May I ask while u went last Sunday there’s still got how many units available?

  448. Hi Big.B πŸ™‚

    Hi T πŸ™‚ when i last saw at the booking table it was 5 units left.

  449. Wao thanks Yugi for the update… It’s great left 5 units

  450. Got some question need some advice.
    When I apply loan I mention the snp ja my name. Now loan approve, is that still allow us to add name in snp?

  451. Dear T,

    As what I know if the loan is under 1 name, automatically the snp only for 1 name.

    If you really want to put another name, you need to discuss with the bank officer. Info that I gather is u need to print the CCRIS report from Bank Negara for the other person together with other document also.

    For me it’s somehow to hassle to handle; Easy way is to apply new one.

    p/s: don’t sign the offer letter yet if u want to put another name in snp

  452. T,
    Is there a reason why you want to have another name. Normally when people put two names into a property, is either because a) they want to qualify for higher loan margin b) married couple wants to ensure that the property will be “managed”. Whatever the case, the downside of having two names is that if one of the person pass away (God forbids), the other party has to continue paying his/her portion. If there is only one name, and he pass away, the insurance (MRTA) will cover the loan and the beneficiary will inherit the property.

    If you want to put two names, definitely the loan agreement also need to put two names, because the peroperty is charged to the loan (bank) and bank wants to ensure that the other party continues to pay.

    Anyway, there is no right and wrong here, it’s all a matter of personal interest and strategy.

    Just sharing.

  453. Hi T,

    Just to share and agree with Murads, dont sign anything yet if you want to add 1 more name in the agreement even your loan aprove.

    Well T you are Bumi’s? sorry dont mind to ask.

  454. Nope… Non-bumi here. Thanks a lot for all the advice cz I’m too new on property thingy… Hmmm actually my loan gt 2 name me n my bro. I requested to put my name only in snp. Hahah xD thanks. So I will ja proceed with 1 name in snp.

  455. whatever decision you want to make, think again and again as any changes would require legal firm to make the changes in all documentations (e.g. SnP, Pejabat Tanah, Deeds for Assignment, Deeds for Receipt & Reassignment, etc)and legal fee is not cheap
    (Any legal practitioners here, please don’t take any offence by the statement)

  456. Thanks alot for the advice should clarify before i sign anything….

  457. Hi all,

    I’ve got dis photo from fb group for one damansara condo

    It seems a little bit smaller than show unit version.. Dis for corner lot unit.. Same goes to intermediate unit.. Both are with same measurement except extra build up for masterbed room..

    What do u think guys? Yes maybe bcoz of the angle of photo taken or just my eye.. I dun know..

  458. Btw, to all muslim neighbours.. Selamat hari raya aidilfitri.. Maaf zahir batin.. πŸ™‚

  459. Hi Karl,

    slamat Hari Raya to you to…

    Just want to ask what do you mean by extra build up for master bedroom? meaning its a bit bigger than show unit?
    Cos show unit master room a bit smaller just can fit wardrobe and king size bed πŸ™‚

  460. Hi Big. B,

    Haha.. What i meant by extra build up for master bedroom is if u see the layout of both design, Intermediate and corner lot type.. Both types are wif same sqft for living hall, room, toilet.. Except for corner lot comes wif extra room (master bedroom + L balcony).. Rite? Dats my point.. But here, my concern is from the link i gave in previous comment, there is a pix.. the living hall is quite small.. a little bit smaller compared to show unit.. Have u seen the pix from the link? And try to compare wif pix of show unit for corner lot..

  461. Hmmm.. From the show unit itself, there are two different sizes (living room). Corner unit has a living room that is larger than the intermediate unit

  462. Hi Yu,

    At 1st yes i tot so.. But when u see the layout for both intermediate n corner lot, u can see both are same size for living hall.. Except only corner lot comes wif master bedroom n L shape balcony.. U try to google again the layout.. See the measurement.. Suddenly i feel dat i just pay another RM80K for size of master bedroom n L shape balcony.. But the same size of living hall like intermediate.. I just notice it.. But what to do..

  463. Hi Karl,

    Both online floorplan (and the brochure advertisement) and the show unit show that corner unit has longer living room than the immediate unit.

    The Living room of the corner unit is longer and hence the Balcony is at same line with the Master room windows. The intermediate unit has short living room. As a result, the living room + balcony is still short/not at same line with the Master room windows.

    In other words, the living room (of the corner unit) itself has almost same length as the living room + balcony of the intermediate unit.

  464. Good day.

    How was the progress of one?


  465. Hi Guys,
    Hows the progress of block b’ herd from frlmmy friend lawyer, got problem with developer and bank rakyat. Herd that bank rakyat won’t rebushment money to block b’ there is an issue between deloper and bank rakya, can somebody check with this matter is it true?

  466. Now block b built up to 3rd floor already.

  467. Sure or not?

  468. checked in <- Level 17 forgot house number..hahaha.

  469. Thats why we are not sure, maybe somebody can get info from developer as i check they say small issue. but as my friend says his lawyer told him got internel problem between developer and bank rakyat… hope just small matter between them not efecting us (buyer)

    Cool then if block B is already 3rd floor.. hope continue progressing till complete then.

  470. Going there this saturday..will see whether there will be people working or not..

  471. just called my agent. they’ll be in pwtc for roadshow this weekend.

  472. Hi lin,

    You mean property roadshow..?

    Been there yesterday block B progressing well till 2nd floor already.

    Hey guys,
    Do you think our 1D will have fencing or wall serounding to cover the area of 1D

  473. not specifically on properties. i guess, they just open a booth there.

    Perfect Livin 2012
    Date : 30 August 2012 – 02 September 2012
    Venue : Tun Razak Hall 1, 2 & 3, Pelantaran Putra, Tun Hussein Onn Hall, Tun Dr Ismail Hall

  474. Hi lin,

    Thanks for the info.

  475. Hi all,

    Anyone know how r the selling progress in block a and block b. till now the team still pushing the unit at fair, seem like not a good news.

  476. One of the buyers | September 3, 2012 at 3:08 am |

    As for Block A it is already sold out.

    Block B there are still some units available due to some buyers loan being rejected.

  477. Heard that developer having problem with
    Bank. Anyone know about this??

  478. Yes, indeed. I even received the letter from my lawyer, cc to me. In that case, our loaned banks won’t be able to disburse the money to the developer and MK LAN shall not charge interest penalty on us due to this issue.

  479. Hi guys,

    SO meaning that the progress of block B also will be stop? and says that block B will be complete end 2013 will be pospone?

  480. No, they will continue. that’s what i think.

  481. Hope fully ya..

    Cos bank that we are loaning is not going to sub the money to the developer as per my lwyer.. and i ask until futher notice dunno until when Bank Rakyat and developer will be good.

    Any way hows the progress of block B still moving????

  482. One of the buyers | September 11, 2012 at 4:00 am |

    Block B is progressing well..3rd floor is in progress when i visited the site on Saturday…

  483. Hi all,

    I am blk b, 9 flr.
    the developer having a problem with bank,
    means all the bank or only bank rakyat?

    really worry abt it la…

  484. Developer with Bank Rakyat only..

    our bank wont will hold our loan until developer and bank Rakyat thing seatle.

  485. Developer are charging cabling, sewage and roof charges at block a. Mean the units are completing soon?? Anyone of u visit the place recently? Can update us on the progress. Thanks.

  486. Hai Tmman,

    I dont understand developer charging cabling sewage and roof charges at block A????

  487. This is part of the schedule you would have to pay, means for Block A, they have completed and charged till Part 2(f), the sewage works serving the said Building, accounted for 5%.

  488. Block B — 4th floor

    Block A — roof — framework; painting..

  489. hi, looking for the prospect to buy the property but the rumour about MKland having a problem with bank Rakyat worries me…anyone can advice the current status now?

  490. Now sure how this goes. But good to know the construction is ongoing and Block B has risen to 4th Floor.

  491. One of the buyers | September 20, 2012 at 4:38 pm |

    I don’t think that it is really an issue as construction for Block B is progressing well as it has risen to fourth floor….

  492. One of the buyers | September 20, 2012 at 4:39 pm |

    I don’t think that it is really an issue as construction for Block B is progressing well as it has already risen to 4th floor….

  493. I went to take a look yesterday. It has reached level 5.

  494. That’s very great! And yet our banks are still not disbursing the money to MKLAND… feel like this is our special DIBS…

  495. Wow..!!!

    Thats great level 5 for block B, i think there is no isues between us as the buyer, important once is in progress consider good just let the develover and bank rakyat do their part. Block A is almost complete already so meaning nothing serious everything is under control again, just cant wait to see the contractor to repaint the car park color. very happy happy to see 1D is in progressing well but once i look at the car park pink color ayohhhh…!!! , well the agent say will repaint so my trust is on them now πŸ™‚

    Hey guys, do you think once the block A complete the show unit will be move to block A as few of condo’s doing like that.. at least we can have the real look once is already in the 1D…

  496. Good news guys,

    NOw there is no more issue between bank rakyat and developer everything seems gonna be smooth been there to see my lawyer so there explain bout the developer and bank rakyak actually is block B side but dont worry everything is good now … next month im starting to pay my interest for block B already waiting for the letter from Bank..

  497. Hi guys,
    Im so happy to see this forum here.. We going to sign SPA this week. for Tower B. but we have few misleading and wrong information from them.

    We only notice after we signed the offer letter from bank

    1) Do you know One D Title is under commercial ? and this is under commercial land.

    – Basiccally to say, our TNB and Water bill is expensive then others, exem: under Residantial is RM 6.

    2) In Show unit there is a Door in Study roon but we are not provided for the door?
    – because the sales agent told us that the show unit will be same for Tower B which provide the door for study room, so look like 2+1 room
    – We also asked agent is it indigate in the SPA, the answer is “Yes”.
    – now they said actually they didn’t provide for tower B!

    3)If they MK land is planning to convert Commercial to Strata Title, we have to bare the “charges” (Stamp Duty) which is cost again few thousand. However, currently they didn’t have any planning to convert also.

    i they management andhave write an email to they just reply that the menagement will not to conpensate anything on this only can refund us the deposit.

    The thing is, we buy a house for stay not for investment and to select a property to stay is not like a pasar malam buy a thing.

    Now, we are still waiting their “higer Management” team reply.

  498. I recall the title is Master. So before converting the master title, MK Land will have to bear all the fees and land taxes.

  499. Hi nicole,

    well im not sure who is your agent but, as mention to me the mk agent says that no door for my unit for study room as i purchase block B as well no door that you are rite…

    as spoken to my lawyer most of MKland condos is still under comercial title, the egent say takes 8 years to change to strata title but actually NO maybe more than 10 years… maybe as my lawyer says…

  500. What I heard and know should be taking max 3 years to change the title.

  501. The agent of mk says 5 to 8 years ohhh…. ayo why so confusing.

  502. 5 to 8 years no need to pay for the land taxes? how amazing…

  503. tomorrow ill sign for the SNP, i will clarify further on this with them. so means that after tomorrow we are neighbor de.. so see u in 2014.. hahaha.. hopefully tomorrow will get more information from them..

    MP 86.. u mean if we are under commerciaal no need to pay land taxes? but our TNB and water bill is expensive then others, for water bill is like RM30 diference wor, i heard from The Zest Residence’s owner as their also under commercial land and just converted to Strata status for the building only.. but the developer paid for their stamp duty++. he show me the water bill before convert even he didn’t use already cost him RM 30. What he said TNB also higher.

    i asked before the AM from MK land, she admitted that also…. However, I like the location & the living room la.. hehe..

    Zack.. Let me ask my lawyer tomorrow.. haha.. see what story again.. ^>^

  504. So which mean the study room is without the door….? Pls correct me if I’m wrong, cz my agent told me it will be the same as the show unit…..I rmb thats a door for study room
    So now confirm is under commercial title?

  505. Bit confused here but isn’t the strata title is a form of ownership devised for multi-level apartment blocks be it commercial or residential? As for the utilities fee, it can be converted into residential rate even though the building sits on commercial land if the unit is being used for residential purpose only. However our quit rent will be based on commercial rate, this we can’t escape. The stamp duty for the conversion from master title to strata title a.k.a MOT transfer I’m afraid we will need to bear it ourselves which could easily cost around 8~9K depending on your buying price. If not mistaken the developer only bear the legal fee and stamp duty for SPA only.

  506. is it the study room is without door for block B? but block A is with door???

  507. Hi All,

    I have confirmed with their AM and Manager. There is no door provided for Tower B as follow your SAP (ind).

    As I know Tower A also they didn’t provide la, they will follow your SAP floor plan….

    So.. If we add a door at our own unit, will we get any penalty? will condo can “tahan” if we add on many units?

    For the Convertion, yes, currently confirmed is under commercial, commercial status can convert to Strata status BUT Stamp duty we need to pay, it may cost few K.
    (But as per MK Land AM said, they do not have any plan to convert at the current moment, their “Management Team” only will “Decide” after completion wor…
    (but any MK Land Condo convert before? any ideal?)

  508. The title master means commercial.. So the lawyer said, developer can come out a letter for us to apply the TNB n Syabas under residential. So the manager of MK land said will “discuss” again with his superior on this..

    For the door on study room as their promised, we are still under discussion with the developer..

  509. Hi Guys,

    there is two show unit there rite, the one without funiture we have to look at becouse the study room no door as i check before becouse the show unit you all been with the funiture is corner unit got 4 rooms.

    I’ve asking my lawyer as well regarding the comercial title and strata title, says that it will take few years to convert to strata title becouse most of MK property already 10years still under comercial. I wondering why this thing takes so long???? the proses to change the strata title cost few K…big money again.

    Hi Nicole,

    Before this i got ask the MK agent if i want to add door to the study room he say if you have budget to do can go ahead there is no wrong to add door to the study room but couse 4-5 THOUSAND he said… well i will consider that maybe not now πŸ™‚

    Hi CK,

    Yes is still under comercial title….


    Yeah i agree there the MK agent says that utility bills from comercial can be change to residential, the managment will arange it they said as i really hope so……

    Hmmmmm… not easy also yeah having isues like this, stress sometimes, ofcouse we want the best for our own property or investment, but im so lucky to have a very good and sproting neighbourhood like you all to share and care for our property at 1D. πŸ™‚ hope when is all complete for block A and B, lets go for teh tarik, there is mamak shop near there rite… πŸ™‚

  510. big.B, you don’t need to spend 5K to make a door… unless your door is from some very very expensive wood and the doorknob is made in pure gold!

  511. Hi MP86,

    Read carefully before you say its me to spend 5k to make the door. I just say i will consider rite, did i say i want to ?????

  512. Spoken with the agent there the Park Avenue also take around 8-10years to convert master title to strata title….. Why now it seems so much of problem pop up…. Wish they really will “discuss” on the utility bills can convert frm commercial to residential.

  513. Just realized One Damansara Condominium should change name to One Damansara Serviced Apartment as Apartment on residential land = Condominium and Apartment on commercial land = Serviced Apartment. Haha.

  514. Hi big.B,

    Perhaps it’s a wrong interpretation. And I didn’t accuse you were spending that extravagant amount to buy the door right?

    Anyway Guys, I’ve referred this title matter to my Sis, she is also in the property and developer field, working in Mudajaya, she assured that our utilities are all paid in residential fee, since our SNP, and the form we submitted to TNB & Syabas are all in residential format.

  515. MP86, sorry , what did you mean by “..the form we submitted to TNB…”

    You meant we can submit TNB form etc already?!?


  516. MP86, sorry , what did you mean by β€œ..the form we submitted to TNB…”

    You meant we can submit TNB form etc already?!?


  517. sab, when we signed the SNP, MKLand will pass us the TNB & SYABAS application form, those forms are for residential purpose. Hence, residential it is.

  518. Oopss.. I did not receive any application form.. No wonder I don’t know…

  519. The Flora Damansara is still under the Master title and residents pay the utilities at residential rate. Is it same to One DAMANSARA?

  520. But yesterday my lawyer said need to wait MK land come out the letter from them we only can apply for the TNB and Syabas under residential.
    Our SNP format is Scedule H, under Residential? i recall yesterday from lawyer said like “Commercial” wor..
    My TNB and Syabas also with the agent.. Feel like not secure ler..

  521. I’m quite confident it should be the same, there should be no double standard.

    sab, your Sales must have overlooked it, please refer to him or her.

  522. Hi Micole,

    Are you sure about this? Perhaps your lawyer may make a mistake… our SNP is purely residential SNP.. commercial SNP is different and more complicated.

  523. can u confirm with your sister about SNP for Schedule H is under residential or commercial? as SNP also stated Master title ler.. So do we need to get back TNB & Syabas form from them?

  524. Hi Mp86,

    No worries lah :)….

    Comercial title actually is a master title.. they wont put comercial title there… well every property or condos/apartment if not yet complete yet still under master title. well guys from master titled change to strata title takes 8-10 years.

    Here some info for you guys and hope to understand, its from Oldsilver when we are talking at one damansara damansaradamai FB :

    Guys, we will need to stop panicking at the commercial title thingy. Residential highrise usually either sits on a piece of residential land or commercial land. If it sits on residential land then everything is straight forward. However if it is sits on commercial land, some fees like utilities fee, quit rent and etc will be under commercial rate which is more expensive. My understanding is utilities fee can be converted into residential rate later on but who going to do it and how much is the cost I’m not sure about it. Now back to the strata title thingy, currently it is held under master title and strata title is not yet issue. Malaysian Strata Title Act did said that the developer must divide the master title into strata title after the project completion but since it is lack of enforcement from the government, it usually takes a very long time depending on the developer. Buying and selling the property before the the strata title is issue will need to get the developer consent. In the other hand if the strata title is issued then you will need to get consent from the land office since it is a leased hold property. The procedure of buying and selling the property that held under master title is much much more complex but then it is not our concerns as it is the lawyer’s job. Faster or not it will depends on the developer and lawyer. Something for sure that it will be taking a long time if it goes through the land office.

  525. In nutshell, we don’t need to pay our utilities charges based on commercial and we not going to pay the quit rent as long as the title not changed. πŸ˜€

  526. As per my understanding, master title and commercial title is not related to each other. Master title, strata title and individual title is a form of ownership. Master title -> land ownership belongs to developer or it’s proprietor, strata/individual title, your land/parcel’s ownership belongs to you. Whereas commercial thingy specify the land designation. Apart from the commercial land, we’ve got residential land, industrial land and etc. Schedule H is a form of standard SPA by HDA(residential) to protect the buyer’s interest. Schedule H for Condo, serviced apt, townhouse, SOHO (SOVO, SOFO, SOLO excluded) and etc and Schedule G for landed property like terrace house, bungalow, Semi-D and etc. Starts from year 2005 (if my memory serves me right), all property types that I’ve mentioned above must abide to these 2 schedules.

  527. Hi,anyone knows is PBB full quota ?

    thank you.

  528. there is a door in study room in the floor plan inside my SNP (for block A) why said block A will not hv the door for study room?

  529. Hi Y’all!

    As far as I remember, even the show house has door for study room right? Then there will be door!

    Anyways, just wondering…anyone of u know how the corridor gonna look like? I don’t want the creepy one….

  530. Hi all,

    Someone said MRTA is a must but other agent said MLTA already cover both so no need to take MRTA. How? πŸ™‚

  531. Block B-3A,

    If you already have MLTA then there’s no need to take MRTA

  532. Thanks yaya! I’m not yet take any, just curious.

    How bout u, which is better?

  533. Hi block B-3A,

    You already confirm your loan with any bank i mean a proved?

    If approved MRTA is a must becouse MRTA covered your house while is still under consrtuction and for sure the bank got include your MRTA in your loaning around 3K…

    Well im not sure yours but as i already confirm my loan MRTA is a must but only period of time until 5 or 8 years you can cancel.

    what YAYA say its true you already have MLTA no need MRTA but MRTA its from the bank its self, becouse bank need to secure their money as well..

  534. yup al-rajhi bank approved..but not yet open bank account+MRTA or MLTA. πŸ™‚

  535. Hi Block B-3A

    How is the progress of block B ya? any news?

    If there is a choice you better take MLTA … im taking great eastern, i got a friend work there he organize everything for me.. you want i can give him his number he will explain to you.

  536. went there last saturday..Blok A almost complete and Blok B already level 6..level 7 is in progress..cant wait to move in.

  537. Interested buyer | October 7, 2012 at 3:45 pm |

    Hi all,

    I just dropped by the sales office in this weekend and felt that “One Damansara” is really cheap since it is less than RM400/sq ft compare to current market. It really attracted me to buy a unit there. However, i think i should do a full survey of that area (eg. environment, traffic, population, etc) before make a booking and i start searching net, unfortunately i found the feedback from the which is really bad on “One Damansara” and MK Land. It almost makes me pull back my mind. But once i found this page, i felt that most of the users are buyers of One Dsara. May i know what makes you so confident on this project, the buyers are mostly for investment or own stay? What is the races of the majority buyers?

  538. Block B-3A,

    MLTA covers life insurance as well. That means you have to pay MLTA for the premium yearly. While MRTA just one time right? And MLTA is attached to your name instead of property. So the next time you want to purchase another house, you can just transfer the MLTA to your other house.

    Hence if you already have life insurance, I don’t see the significance of having MLTA.

    Oh I choose MRTA.

    Interested buyer,

    I was hesitant too at first. What more after reading numerous discussions on forums. But then, I just go with what my heart want to believe. LOL. I love the fact that it’s already with close distance with major malls, and highways. I’m buying for own stay. The last time I asked my agent (one year++ ago) majority is like 1Malaysia lah. 50% Malay, 50% chinese + yindian. I don’t see problem with this πŸ˜€

  539. Hi Intrested Buyer,

    Well the forum into at lowyat is old forum, before there is no traffic light but now you already have. well my case is like you before is cheap and once enter the show unit my mind thing wanna renovate this and that well im looking for my own stay πŸ™‚
    Feed back from other forum make me wanna take back my deposit.. after came into this forum here talking bout 1D feels that the comunity here majority own 1D so with no worries bring back my trust.. important is can manage to get key on time and hope as well the quality of the 1D.

  540. good to hear that it has up to level 7, main point is that “The Management” of the building need to be extremely good…otherwise it will end up like “Mentari Court”and “Laggon Perdana”in Sunway

    My understand is the Management will be held responsible by the developer from the first 2years or 5years and then it will leave it to the Community ,just hope that all owner of the building will care for the enviroment and don’t let the area down

  541. Hi,

    PBB did give 90% load + MRTA to customer @ Kepong Branch, u can try for PBB.

    Good to hear for block A SNP there is the door. We are still “waiting” their feed back on that lo.. Wait until the “durian Drop”.. haiz..

    For MRTA is tranditional type cannot transfer if u purchase new house, is cheaper then MLTA, its just can’t transfer to new house. I took MRTA from BSN. Is depends which bank u apply the load lo..

    I brought there is to own stay for this 10 – 15 years time. 1D location is consider very good for me, my work place at Mid Valley, my husband at Subang Airport. Also my family staying near by.. so i feel confortable although the comment and the devoloper is not good. i Like the living room & swimming pool..Econsave.. ELC internaltion school, MRT is comming.. NKVE/MRR2/LDP.. 1U/ The curve..

    Hopefully everything is going very well there.. I just come back and go survey.. 6 floor d.. and night time i also can see there are moving πŸ™‚

  542. kamarnorhaidir | October 8, 2012 at 11:51 am |

    Dear value customer,

    FYI, alrajhi cant give any financing to this project anymore, we already reach our capping. for me, this project is like “my periuk nasi”. in case u STILL not paying the profit(interest), this is because, our panel lawyer didnt receive any disclaimer letter, which is from bank rakyat. our lawyer will try their best to help u. if u get the financing from me or my colleague, do contact us.

    fyi, sometimes, the developer will issue the billings to the bank and cc to the purchaser, dont worry, we’ll help u for this matters.
    feel free to give feedback and call me at 0192753854

  543. If sοme one wishes tо bе uрԁated ωith hottest technologіes afterwаrԁ he
    must bе νіѕit thiѕ sіte and be up to datе everу day.

  544. Thanks for the advice reza & yaya.. well progress for Block B. grill painted black. just curious where they will locate centralize dustbin??

  545. Hi block B-3A

    You mean block B already got grill? or block A…?

    Sure in the center of the building like the rest of other condos.

  546. Hi All… It’s good to see everyone so keen & keep updating on the 1D progress…

    Based on the progress, I believe Block A resident can obtain their key (vacant possession) next year around February.

    Those who are on investment basis:
    Expected return of around 15% should not be a problem.
    ie: Buying price x 110% (RM260k x 115% = RM299k)

    Minus all your interest to bank, misc cost, you are expecting to have minimum of 5% return upon vacant possesion.

    If you are expecting higher return, you may hold it until there is 50% occupied (normally 6mths later), subject to economic situation change.

    Alternately, you may consider on renting basis.
    Based on the surrounding market rate, RM1,500 monthly rental is reasonable. Minus out the monthly maintenance fee ard RM250, you should get ard RM1,200. Earn or loss, depending on your monthly installment.

    In the event MRT completed, and transportation is convenient, the rental might go higher than that…
    Or, you may do some furnishing or partial furnishing to make your rental higher…

    Those who are on own staying:
    Major consideration is the surrounding environment that does not look nice. However, conveniency is the major advantage.

    My major preference on it is the population breakdown is 40:40:20 (Malay:Chinese:ohters)
    Just like this forum, we are able to see roughly the 1D community. Happy to see that everyone is so concern on it. I would say this is the good sign, unlike others apartment, more on individualist.

    Initially, I plan on rent it out. Because of this forum, let me know all residents that so care about 1D, I have changed my mind to own stay upon collecting the key.

    Surprisingly, that day I went to the site, the EconSave seems not operating. Just wondering what happened… Hopefully it will resume the business upon moving in…

  547. For those who plan to rent out their unit, please be selective of your tenant. We don’t want to create another Mentari Court at 1D ya?

  548. Reza i meant for block A πŸ™‚

    Agreed with yaya.. For those want to rent their unit, please ban negros (not racist). Just don’t want 1D became like mentari court.. πŸ™‚

  549. One of the buyers | October 11, 2012 at 9:22 am |

    Yup, hopefully all owners will be selective of their tenants when renting them out….

  550. what is the rate charges? whether residential or comercial rate>

  551. what is the rate charges of electricity ? whether residential or commercial rate?

  552. Booked Block B level 20 | October 15, 2012 at 1:42 pm |

    me n my husband, just booked a unit, we are newly married couple n this is our first time buying a house. we book for 1012 sqft for myr 378++

    hopefully, everything will goes smoothly πŸ™‚

    main concern is the management, current place that we renting at, the management very good,, you can see place is clean n well maintain, but we cant afford to buy it here..

  553. management team is important and we also need all the resident to keep the area clean, well maintain and follow the rule in the residence area…

  554. HI all,,

    yeah agree… managment must do very important part to manage 1D very good. but we have the rite to complain if the managment is not good.. when my previous stay at OBD garden the managment change for 2 times becouse to bad and not doing anything, from the gardener cleaner not doing anything…. just drama for 1 hour then tak nampak already missing in action so hope we have to be very strick to our self to take care our place as well… I think we can do with all our neigbourhood here is very good πŸ™‚

  555. Hi booked block B level 20,

    Where you staying that you cant afford to pay the managment.. how much is the maintanance fee ???

  556. so what’s the progress on Block A/B so far?

  557. 1st Block B Buyer | October 19, 2012 at 4:16 pm |

    Almost a year later… No one from MKLand/Medan Prestasi update me on the progress… Should i worry? No! As long as my lawyer do their job. FYI, i just get a letter from my lawyer to release the payment from the bank to the developer.

  558. Reza, I think what ‘Booked block B level 20’ meant was that although the current place that they’re renting has very good management, she and her husband can’t afford to purchase a unit there – which is why they bought a unit in 1D.

  559. Any news on OD?
    Econsave still open for business?

  560. Yeap. Econsave is still open. Quite crowded, especially during weekends.

    Block A is at final stage. Block B has reached leevl 8. Now level 9(main frame/structure).

  561. Heard the staff said that the common facility is almost done. But swimming pool not yet. So they still expect Block A is completed by Dec 2012.

  562. HI Turtle,
    ohhh ic.. hope OD will be good ya πŸ™‚

  563. all common facilities were done? only left swimming pool? Good!
    the gym in OD is indoor or outdoor?

  564. Block A almost complete but the car park still in ugly look…

  565. 1st Block B Buyer | October 27, 2012 at 2:45 pm |

    I’ve updated some pictures on

  566. HI 1st blcok B buyer,

    cant see any update pictures ….

  567. Hi All Neigbours !!

    Hows everything doing progress of 1D any good news, just back from my home town and tommorow need to go have a visit to 1D read all of the feed back seems everything is doing well, just the car park still not yet change the color huh…. hope lah the mk agent dont just say will change will change but in the end nothing. i got talk to 3 difrent agent of MK,they make me confuse one say color brown and the other agent says dark grey and other one say like the building frame color, so jump into conclusion but not solution, talk to the sales manager says contractor will decide but not the current color(pink) well…. i have to really ask them again what is the color for the car park.
    Gym also same, talk to the 1st agent located at block A then other agent say located at block B so i still dunno where the gym will be located but as i know is Indoor gym with access. Progress of block B oso not bad ar… already level 8 as per YU, cant wait to go and have alook tomorrow…even though is fast but important is the quality of the building and finishing πŸ™‚

    Want to ask you all who buy block B… start to pay interest already ar????? cos i still waiting letter from bank or lawyer and still they never get back to and put alot of reason.. haih..

  568. I didnt receive any bill to pay for the interest.

  569. MP86,

    Have you get the letter saying your loan been released yet? I bought block A and loan with UOB, they took 1 months to process.

    But I only get the due letter few months after that.

  570. Nop, didn’t receive that one. My last memo was from my firm telling MKLand that UOB cannot disburse the money due to some issue between MKLand & Bank Rakyat that has to be settled.

  571. 1st Block B Buyer | October 29, 2012 at 9:11 am |

    Hai Reza, its under “Recent Posts by Others on One Damansara Damansara Damai”. I think u need to login and like the page, then u’ll be able to access.

  572. Hi MP86,

    Meaning to say that MKland and bank rakyat still not yet seattle properly??? ya i agree i still waiting any bank letter but till now still not yet get.

    will check again tomorrow.

  573. where is the new update pictures??
    still the old Picture from mcfly

  574. 1st Block B Buyer | October 29, 2012 at 2:18 pm |

    Hai anonymous! Its under β€œRecent Posts by Others on One Damansara Damansara Damai”. I think u need to login Facebook and like the page, then u’ll be able to access. Its because of their security setting.

  575. 1st Block B Buyer,

    I still cannot see the photo. Maybe direct link of the photo please?

  576. One of the buyers | October 30, 2012 at 6:58 am |

    Yup, still can’t see the photos…only the old photos can be seen…

  577. 1st Block B Buyer | October 31, 2012 at 12:25 pm |

    I can see my post, even from my wife FB still can see the post even though she’s not in that group. YOU NEED TO LOGIN YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT FIRST THEN FIND ONE DAMANSARA DAMANSARA DAMAI PAGE. Hope that’s help.

  578. not really 1st Block B you mean your post on 20 Oct on AKPK thing??because that’s the latest on the wall..n still d same all shit photo..n 1 more thing..i’ve login my fb duh..

  579. 1st Block B Buyer | October 31, 2012 at 4:43 pm |

    I just want to share the info. No need to get mad. If u cant see the image, maybe the security setting by the page owner. FYI, econsave, pasaraya sakan, all the shop lot was open during that day. And, my bank UOB has released the 1st stage payment to Medan Prestasi. I never had a chance to call my lawyer, but i think the “thing” between bank rakyat and MKLand already settle. Block A looking good with the painting, i can say 95% ready. Block B is on the track. So, i have faith on MKLand for OneD will be finish on time. About the parking painting, they will change the color. Although its look ugly now, i must said we are the buyers and we have the right. Cheers! BTW, its fund by bank rakyat. Why are we worry about?

  580. Same. I’ve login, liked the page still cannot see. Who’s the admin for the facebook page anyways?

  581. No worries 1st Block B Buyer,

    We are not mad we are neibour just only feel over excited want to have a look maybe some of us stay qte far from 1D have no time to go and have alook the progress πŸ™‚

    like me im at Nilai so by internet we can comnicate like this sharing.

    Anyway mine still not yet get any letter from bank starting to pay i got call my lawyer firm ask they said wait until my level floor that is 19th floor only start…

    Car park still not yet change the ugly color, any idea why still not yet change or wait until all block complete they will paint it..???

    But not fair for block A their are going to move in soon but everything is not complete in proper way… Ehh… want to ask you all hows the traffic light at DD still not working?

  582. Hi I am the admin of One Damansara Damansara Damai facebook page. But I could not see any new uploaded photo too.

    The available pictures are still the old one, uploaded by Oldsilver, on August.

    1st Block B Buyer, would you mind to double check the webpage again, or maybe you can try to send a msg/post on the wall. Thanks for your help.


  583. I have requested to join the group but still not approved yet… Ill go there to have a look tomorrow..

  584. Hi micole,

    What do you mean requested join the group but not still approved?

  585. yes.. i sent the request d..

  586. 1st Block B Buyer, mayb is due to privacy setting that only allow friend to view the photo. So other than your friend are not allow to view.

  587. Micole, do you mean One Damansara Condominium Group? That group is no longer active and we don’t know who is the admin.

  588. Dear all,

    I did discuss with my friends on the reno, furniture, etc.. They told me that some condos (including theirs) have strict management rules (so called house rules). They cannot simply design/install grills based on their favours/preferences, simply change door/do in-wall wiring etc. All residents must refer to management prior to installation/renovation and all designs must follow/compliant with house rules. Management wants to standardize all designs etc.

    Is it same “pattern” to condos under MKLAND project? As far as I know, Flora Damansara has no such rule, but how about other condos and One Damansara?

  589. Not sure about door and wiring but grills we will need to follow management’s standard.
    I suppose most condos have similar house rules and the different is whether the management enforce it or not.
    IMHO, the condo will looks terrible if everyone of us install different grills and hacking the wrong walls for wiring might jeopardize the condo’s structure.

  590. Oldsilver,

    Thanks for answering my question.

    For Block A, the metal grill entrance (main “gate”) is not given. That means we need to install the grill ourselves. Is the “security door” is applicable/compliant to be installed?

  591. Hi All,

    So glad to see an active community and acing neighbors to be…I just realized this forum and very happy with such pro active people in it.
    Anyway, just sharing with all of u, I learnt from the management of Mk land that block b will complete sooner than targeted considering the block a tenants will soon. So, it is good news to all block a and b owners….:)

  592. Guys, I posted the picture in Facebook d.. πŸ™‚ I just passed by again.. Can see lights in block A..

  593. Micole,

    May I know where you’ve posted it? I can’t find them.


  594. Micole,

    I still can’t see them and I think this is due to the privacy setting. That means only the ppl in your friends list and yourself can see them.

  595. Hi,

    I am the admin of the One Damansara Damansara Damai.

    Since we cannot view the photo you all uploaded, I would recommend you to msg the page and send the photo directly. Then I will re-upload the photo . The credit is still yours and I would cite/quote your name according to your preference.


    As to some other pages, we may share out each other as long as the residents can get the information. As it is just a community page and non-profitable, I don’t see there is any problem. πŸ™‚ All we need to do is just to keep updating and sharing until we really move in and there is a real management to take care all of this.

  596. Hi..
    Yeah still waiting the pictures. Hope someone Can update Us as we are far from damansara. We Will be happy to see the latest update from you all my neibour, nΓΆt Been pushing bit really want to see something happen..

  597. haha, guys i know why u all cant see the picture.. i have posted again.

    there are 3 in facebook.
    1) One damansara condo – Group
    2) One damansara condominiun – page
    3) One damansara damansara damai – Page

    -_- so now which shoud i follow?

    i just sent msg to One damansara condominiun – page
    and also posted @ One damansara damansara damai – Page

    Hope u all can see la.. if not.. add my facebook lo.. Find Micols Sik ^.^

  598. One of the buyers | November 7, 2012 at 3:34 am |

    Finaly can see the pictures that Micole posted…

  599. Block A neighbor going move in 1st or wait for block B complete? Haha.. Just out of curious..

  600. I’m gonna move in as soon as I get the key πŸ˜€

  601. Me too. Hopefully can move in before May 2013, after getting keys + reno

  602. Hi,

    Anyone know how much cornish cost? Let’s say for the living room? Agak-agak?

  603. Hi all,

    Since structure for block a is conpleted, anyone clue we have cf and key handed to owner? Or anyone been inside block a before?


  604. Hi
    Hows the progress of 1D? Can block A buyer enter the site? The Car park still the same color again? When Will they paint everything?

  605. Sry noob question it takes how long u all gt the loan agreement after signing everything.

  606. What? The parking lot still same pink color? Shall we paint it together, by ourselves, once we get the key?

  607. Rather than keep talking about the parking lot colour, I think we may have to raise up again the land title. Previously there was confusion and argument about the land title, but now it seems confirmed that the land title is a commercial title. As such, residents have to gather together to write and appeal to change the title to residential title as soon as possible.

  608. Ask DP condos residents…. been years and i dont think the title has been changed to residential.

  609. Hi guys,

    My client has 2 units to let go in Block A mid floor,
    986sf with 1 car park asking only RM310k!

    The reason he is disposing as job contract to KL was cancelled.

    Kindly give me a call at 016-5927927 for more information.


  610. Hye all,

    I quite suprise when Mr Khai proposed to sell that condo with low price. it quite suprising me u know…huhu.. i also planing to let go my house at 9th level at Block A with starting price RM400K. u know why, the price for block B which is still available almost RM370K with minimum different of size and the block B is still under construction and i don’t know why u all want to sell it with low price.huh….

    **our condo very startegic location.
    **Don’t sell with low price la…



  611. I think Block B left higher floor like Lvl 19 and Lvl 20, so that’s why the price is high.

  612. Hye MR MP86,

    i agreed with your statement. but when all the building is complete, for sure they will try to sell it around RM450k rite?

    and for us (owner block A), please dont sell your house with the lowest price..

    tq πŸ™‚

  613. Hopefully when everything complete, the price will be high. The owner maybe want to sell urgently, without any installation such as wiring etc. But hope agent also can consider other owner if they want to sell lower price. Is there any big different between Block A & B that affect the price?

    Owner Block A πŸ™‚

  614. There will definitely be its own market price, the margin. But if the seller is willing to sell and the buyer is willing to buy, that’s the deal. The good deal per se like discount etc is totally between the buyer and seller, usually not exposed.

  615. Block A Owner | December 3, 2012 at 2:35 am |


    I believe the price will defer if not much. This is due to Block A completed earlier and the view (mountains and highway)is much better… that’s my personal opinion anyway..haha!

  616. facing pool is much better.. πŸ™‚

  617. so block A almost complete and anyone receive d info on when can get d key?
    but the car park still not repaint yet…is d agent talk talk oni??

  618. the lower part (or car park levels) is covered again… not sure if it is to paint or…?!?

  619. Been there today,, the Car park starten to repaint but dunno what color as i see the contractor starting to peel the Old paint.

  620. Hi all..
    Maybe there is reason y the block A owner want to sell very cheap we dunno y but y need to put it here mostly we are the owner of od, and for sure we want to sell especially me I’m buying block B 17th floor, but that is my personal discussion with agent how much I want to sell it. As before I bought for 359k and I will up the price when block B is completed, and for sure above 500k due to strategic location. Well everything depending on the quality of the condo if is good sell with good price if not lower down the price see how and wait till complete.
    Block B very soon get the key just what I see and I don’t understand the roof top got platform and look not the same as show unit. Very disappointed. Maybe u all can go and have a visit there at the site.

  621. rooftop got platform???
    anyone can update on this??

  622. rooftop platform is new design, it looks nice.
    just called my agent, she said block A could collect key probably on end of this month.

  623. At the moment, my bank uob havent pay any $$ to bank rakyat, so my loan should considered as DIBS. πŸ™‚

    From A-18

  624. really can get d key by this year?
    but i din receive d message from my agent yet…

  625. wow, cool.. anonymous! i wish block B would be the same too!

  626. I also not yet received any notice from agent.

    great to see all the feedbacks, Yea I agree that we cannot sell our unit with such low price like RM310K, and we should also standardise our rental fees upon key collection, any suggestion on rental fees? standard should be around RM1500 cause included maintainance fees

  627. or should be higher??

  628. Hye all,

    At last,i got some supporter here πŸ™‚

    Ok, macam nie, i think better all the owner should have the same voice for rental and selling price.

    I suggest to all owner if they want to sell their house, please set the minimum price such as RM400k.

    For rental purpose, i suggest we rent it around RM1500 per month.

    So guys, WHAT your VOICE???

    “Bersatu Teguh, Bercerai Roboh”

    Bukit’s πŸ™‚

  629. Well I won’t mind setting the selling/rental price to maximum if I have the cash flow to keep the unit empty for months or maybe for years.

  630. Well. I suppose the incoming MRT will further increase the price. I know it is too early to say it. But we can really see the progress now. Price should not be set too low. Price like 310k at this moment maybe still fine. But once after getting the keys (at most is Feb/Mar next year , some even said end of this year?!?) , 310k is really too low..

  631. The rental i think RM 1500- 1700 ok la as the maintainace fee also about near 300 d.. i not really get it who is selling 310?its too cheap la.. I brought also almost 330K d la..

  632. One of the buyers | December 6, 2012 at 4:49 am |

    We will only get the keys around March or April 2013 and not this month as mentioned by one of the forumers earlier…

  633. Maybe that owner is one of the earliest buyers, hence he/she get cheaper price than all of us.

    I bought my unit for less than 300k

  634. Agree on the rental, should be minimum RM1500. This one just nice to cover loan + maintenance.

  635. Block A level 6 | December 7, 2012 at 9:59 am |

    i dont think so end of this month can get the for block A as you can see the car park also not yet paint yet and block A still need to touch up few unit on the painting and structure concrit due to raining season now a days. As spoken to the guy who work at the site he says that need to look every building worried got lackage becouse raining every day, its good rather when we stay in already and got this problem lagi susah have to move out pula again. πŸ™‚

    Well regarding the platform on the roof top when is complete only we can get the clear picture now still under construction cant say much…

    Well most of you all here going to rent out your unit or sell it but hope dont take nigger lah ye.. even they can pay high price for renting but 1D need also have to look more better on the reputation couse i might going to stay there not renting and selling… but if most of the unit going to be pack with nigger or middle east or prostitute activities i also have to sell my unit also lah..
    But i hope you all can get executive level malaysian to rent out your unit.

  636. May I wish to remind that for a unit to be rented at 1.5K per month or more or selling at 400K is not cheap, some low or middle income people won’t be able to afford this.

  637. So meaning rent to foreigners only we can higher rent income rite? Good idea oso I will rent to middle east people since I got few frens doing business here. I agree local people can’t afford to pay 1500.

  638. Yesterday agent call for electricity registration. She said water supply still not start for application. Take at least March to get the key. Maybe March every should get or key. Congrats to person can get the key this month. πŸ˜‰

  639. One of the buyers | December 8, 2012 at 5:36 am |

    I hope that for buyers who r planning to rent out, please consider your tenants first before renting out as we don’t want to jeopardize the safety and etc espoecially for buyers who plan to stay here….

  640. Agreed…pls consider well your tenants and do not simply rent out juz because of wanna get $$…this may end up with terrible condition for the residents and down grade the condo, safety and even the selling price….

  641. oh please, no nigro.. not to say all of them, but most of them going to disturb your gf/your wife/your daughter.. so please, dont rent to foreigners especially nigro

  642. Block A level 6 | December 11, 2012 at 9:26 am |

    Good i agree with you all NO ………….
    but for sure i cant stop all owner to rent out their unit to who ever people include nigro cos they can pay high monthly fee, so money is the only point we buy cheap then rent out high of course is all about money.. i can blame owner also but if can try consider la ye, worried women/young girl kena kacau and 1D reputation not so good already people will look down on 1D and in future who want to buy and to rent this condo if reputation not good already.. think properly before consider renting to people ye… i really hope every thing is going to be good staying at 1D very peacefully place.

  643. want more $$ –> simply rent out –> bad environment –> bad reputation –> low selling price… think of it

  644. management have right to control/not allowed owner rent out to nigro

  645. Anonymous
    December 11th, 2012 at 2:08 pm,

    Yeke? I don’t think such law/rule exist.

  646. Hi

    Just to inform that I’ve took some photos while driving by 1D today. I’ve uploaded them in One Damansara Damansara Damai’s facebook page.

    Few quick updates,
    – they’ve closed the junction turning into 1D. So now u gotta do a U-turn. (photo in fb)

    – the carpark is still dirty pink. No sign on paint job initiated.

    – the garbage area next to block A/econsave is still messy. Something has to be done. (photo in fb)

    But Block A do look good. I think its quite nice. Though I only see 4 roofs instead of 6 as advertised. If they make the whole condo and the area around it to look as good then price will surely go up. And i’ll one happy resident! πŸ™‚

  647. some of the condo will set the rules to stop for nigro. but not sure 1D has such this rules or not.

    To $$$, no one can force/stop you to rent out yr unit at certain price.
    Just hope everyone do not simply rent yr unit out.
    Eg: U can rent it to a family rather than “samseng” looks gang…

    if 1D becomes an unsafe place one day, then hopefully yr tenant will continue to rent yr house FOREVER. if not the housing price and renting price will not as your expectation.

  648. Guys, be more civilised. I understand that you may come across bad experiences with the foreigners or “nigro”. But I believe not all of them are bad, I don’t think banning the “nigro” is the solution, this is totally a discrimination rather than banning or take proper action on the mobsters & barbarians.

  649. Block A Owner | December 13, 2012 at 5:29 am |

    I believe most of the buyer are civilised enough to know that pre-caution measure has to be taken.

    Kota Damansara condo owners association has already started banning the african from renting.. can read it from The Star last month.

    I have lived in DP (another MK project)… go there midnight during weekdays you’ll see and how you wished you have a gun.

    Anyway.. yes it is up to the owner. Nothing can be done about it.


    Good luck on your rate…. 260k meaning you paid around 1200 for the loan + mtenance fee. 2500 = 1300 profit per month. That’s a lot $$$.

    For me if i want to rent it out would be happy if i can get 1700 partly furnished.

    Even at Kota Damansara, RM2500 hard to get tenant. But then again no african student policy.

    Thinking of letting go my unit earlier once i get the key @ 400k fixed. Mid floor. Intermediate. Anyone interested can reply here with email. If bank value it at 440k may be u dont even have to pay the deposit.


  650. high floor/2car parks, going to sell at 420k.

  651. Dear all friendzzzz,

    i think we should have the same voice here. later, we also be a neighbour among each other. maybe one of us be “AJK” ker for JMB.

    so i think, my earlier proposal should be good enough. Rental min RM1500 and for Sell RM400k Min.

    For Negros, i dont think so we can be neighbour with them. at last, our wife they will “KEBAS”. be carefull ok. Don’t too “Jual Ikan” πŸ™‚

    PeaCE NO waR πŸ™‚

  652. Agreed to Bukit’s. Hope as neighbor also can consider others rather than high profit. Maybe for 3-4 years we can have that profit, but after 5 years? sales price also 50-50. If we greedy today, we will lost future. If we help each other, we can have a safe & happy community. Love to have a happy community. πŸ™‚

  653. I do understand.. I don’t mean Negro gangsters that I want middle east people or foreigner family also good I will look their profile before renting to them. 1D and DP is different area as you can see future got Mrt and will have shuttle bus enter D
    D, totally very convinience for people rite some more public transport very easy to find just behind 1D. It’s up to us how much want to rent out. You all have the right to complain if my tenant not good, I can kick them out but there must be an evidence if they doing bad things.
    Anyway can’t wait to get my key soon, do renovation and look for tenant and of course try to put high then can nego till they take it. Sory mates looking extra money only for living..

  654. Hello all.
    Progress of block B oso progress very well, block A amazing just pay my visit yesterday at damai. Dssarawak heavy rain this few days and bec yesterday to kl also raining hope our condo doing good cos effect from rain structure material have to keep dry all the time.

    Hey $$$,
    Please consider your tenant ok. Don’t bring any bad your attitude you just think you self only, think people around you specially neighbours.. may I know you are from which level of block A

  655. Just visited one damansara this morning, looks better now coz i can see there are some guards around and the econsave CAR park become more clean than before.. Heard the college start operating also..
    Anybody know when can we get the key for block A?

    I think we should be more alert if there is any suspicious foreign or local neighbours..

  656. I support $$$..we need money lor..2.5k fully furnished is affordable for foreigner..for me, living at pantai hillpark no problem lorr..nigger or others…1 malaysian spirits long they dont disturb other why bother?dont prejudice ma…malaysian no money lor…its easy deal with foreigner than malaysian..

  657. i think they are not racist, just hope that everyone can select their tenant carefully even for malaysian and not only foreigner.
    do not becomes irresponsible just because of money…and this will bring down the housing price later if environment/reputation goes down in future.
    look for long term. don’t b “short sighted”.

  658. If simply rent to bad tenants, regardless of nationality and race, the owner/landlord will feel the impact at first. They might break your things, over use, delay the rental etc. So for those who think “as long as they pay $$, you don’t care at all”, soon you will see the impacts, if you simply rent out to bad tenants. I have friends who experienced it.

    As to the owners who want to have own stay, if there are tenants who do not behave themselves, the easiest way is to file a complaint/report to the management and police. In case you are “disturbed” by someone, don’t just keep quiet, go to complain…

  659. I support “Anonymous”.

    We cannot force ppl to rent/not rent to certain groups of people. But we can stop/reduce the annoying scene/incident.

    File a complaint. Make a report. This is a condo. If you face difficulty, or see something wrong, just voice out. You have right.

  660. Block A Owner | December 16, 2012 at 4:11 pm |


    Most of the african “student” can even pay 2 years rental upfront. And then 3 months down the road the unit will come out on 999 or local newspaper. Haha!

  661. Agreed with Block A owner. There are some condo’s management already make a deal with the owners+agent banning the africans. It is true about DP, I went there, they scanned every women with their x-ray eyes!!!

  662. Block A Owner | December 17, 2012 at 8:45 am |

    Maybe we can all apply to be JMB committee members. Then we can have a voice on this.

    Should any of the owner wanted to rent it out to african or middle eastern “students” please do a thorough check on all their documents, visa etc. The most important will be the guarantee letter from the uni and their academic performance. Need to filter out those who really2 here to study.

  663. Dear $$$ good day to you and I don’t care who you want to rent it. And hopefully your unit is not next to me. In the future if your tenant do something funny or disturb my family members then you will have to face it. I will using a right way legal way to against you. Don’t believe me and you can try it out after getting CF on end of Feb 2013.

  664. Block A Owner | December 17, 2012 at 3:29 pm |


    Just to inform you should any of your tenant use it for drug’s lab. Your unit will be seized for god knows how many years under court order. Evidence. You cannot lease nor sell the property. Good luck! Cheers πŸ™‚

  665. we want to stay there peacefully without any disturbance. pls dont put the community at risk.

    what is your unit num mr$$$?

  666. Hi there,

    Glad to see majority owner here care much bout 1D.
    I meself will be own stay there. Hope can be neighbors with any owner here.

    I currently stay near. There’s african but not many now.
    those guys been raided couple of times. Not being racist but most of this guys are con & trouble maker.

    To Mr $$$, i against u, however it’s ur call.
    Good luck


  667. Dear $$$,
    Yup, we all see nigro like we seing a devil as you seing them like u seing an atm.

    Plus, i’m really not agree with you when you said just complain to management. small case maybe ok but how about big one. Disturbing our dougter, wife etc. its about our safety, our life. This is our home where we need some peace of mind after long day at office.

    I think its ok to rent to foreigner but not nigro. please.

    I hope we can rise up to management about this.


  668. Block A level 6 | December 19, 2012 at 8:55 am |

    Hi Mr.$$$,

    DO you have family? i dont think you have….

    you just think that this 1D belongs to you, and you can do what ever you want.. i know from your comment you still defending your self.

    Please lah ye i merayu.. im a mother of 4 daugther and my children depending on me now. i don’t want anything happen to my daughters, hope you won’t take nigro’s…. that is my hope. Thanks

  669. nlock a level 6 too... | December 19, 2012 at 10:14 am |

    we are against you mr$$$… we can watch for each others but not watching your tenant only.

  670. Block A Owner | December 21, 2012 at 9:19 am |


    Thank you for being honest. With your opinion and all the feedback here i believe who ever plan to lease their unit now would think twice. I know you are and you will not be the only one who wanted to rent it to these “students” to get fast return. Just please do thorough background check on your future potential tenants.

    Thanks again.

  671. Yup, we cant control them from simply rent out their unit.
    Coz there are still many irresponsible people all around.
    Hoping the number will be lesser and lesser…

  672. Salam,

    I’m assuming block A will get to get the home key in march??
    Anyone get any latest updates? Pls share with us. Currently eagerly waiting for any news. What about current pictures?
    I dont think the current facebook on one damansara provides good updates. No offense ye..
    How about the road going in to ODC? Did they totally remove the traffic lights? Having to make u-turn at the roundabout is a bit slacking i guess. I really hope the Dev creates another passage for us, straight to the parking lot. Just my 2 cents.

  673. Dear all just to inform you Block A confirm get the key by end of Feb 2012. I had checked with developer last week. For those need an update pictures pls send me ur email and I will email to you all. Thanks.

  674. block A expected will get the key in 2 months but i wonder why the car park still no progress yet??? color still remain and no sign to re-paint. any update?

  675. C,

    I don’t think car park color is a big issue. Plus, it has been raining these past few weeks, don’t think they’ll do painting in this weather.

  676. Agent MKland told me that it will take time to do the car park paint.. as i ask them becouse of raining then they say not really sure and will get back to me. So as i waited for more than 2 weeks still no news regarding the car park, i follow up with my calls, and they say yes will repaint the car park, and i say when to start cos you say block A going to have the key on March but car park still the same.. the agent told me that re paint the car park take 3 days only very fast, i said so fast only 3 days? the repply my question yes becouse the colour will be almost the same color as usual color now.

    Now i dont understand before i booked 1D the agent told me the color will be change not pink color anymore, ok i believed them but know seriouly the are trying to keep something behind the of me. and very disapointed again the roof top there is only 4 roof in the model 1D condo there is 6 roof… i ask the agent why only 4 roof, they say will add again next year the contractor waiting for meterial to come.

    There is 2 issue here :

    1) The agent say want to change the color but until now still the same color i feel cheated.

    2) Dont promise if you cant delivered, before i bought 1D, the agent promise this and that in the end diffrent from what i aspect.

  677. salam,

    thank you ‘owner’ for the updates. and merry christmas to whomever celebrating them!

  678. For indecent renting for quick profit return, i hope we can settle thispeacefully.

    Reza, don’t give up till the very end.what comes around goes around.

    And what website?

  679. Reza,

    May I know who is the agent? All the times we listen/hear from different “agents” and receive different “information”.

    It’s better to provide the agent name (if he/she is from MKLAND, or I-property etc) so that we may further investigate/find out if the info is fake or true.

  680. One of the buyers | December 26, 2012 at 3:48 am |

    just a quick update,i was there on Sunday and could see the trees around the swimming pool has been planted..

  681. Ho..Ho..Ho Merry Chrismas!!! to all N’bourhood of 1D who celebrate this festive season!! πŸ™‚

    Hi Reza,
    after read your comment feel worried also, quite long time i didn’t update my self on 1D, i try to ask my agent is it really true on the car park, as i know before also they said will change the color.

    But if they say will repaint the car park, for sure will repaint it back again, we buying 1D not cheap ohhh…

    3 days to paint the car park, amazing! maybe got 50 workers going to paint it we dont know rite. We just wait and see Mr.Reza cos now not 100% complete so cant say much yet now.

  682. Yep, maybe they have larger brush to paint? So can finish work fast… we don’t know kan?

  683. One of the buyers,

    wah really? U didn’t take any pictures to share?

  684. One of the buyers | December 27, 2012 at 3:49 am |

    yaya, u can see the photo in facebook..

  685. ok thanks One of the buyers!

  686. Level 15....A | December 27, 2012 at 7:23 am |


    Im one of the owner ODC.

    Yaya and Bing.B,

    both of dont relize that when a house painted as fast as posible do you know the quality is it good or not good???

    We are buying house here, or maybe you all buying then after 2 years sell it becouse the place that you bought looks terible the paint goes cracking and peeling, why??? you all pushing wanted things to be fast so the contracktor do fast fast and fast in the end no quality. there is no point rushing i do understand the time given by the developer but we cant force the nature some more this few month raining the whole day especially in the evening and noon.

    I just hope the quality the place that i bought its a good return to me and my family.

  687. Level 15….A,

    Err I didn’t think I did any statement that sounds like pushing

  688. Hi Level 15,

    Cool mate dont get to Emo!

    I never ask the contractor to fasten their job regarding the car park painting.


  689. Hi all,

    Just saw the pics in FB, looks progressing well. But the rubbish area still very mess up. Anything we can do to make that area clean? i worry it will going to be like tht forever even after we get key and moved in.

    You know in Malaysia, this kind of rubbish area, once started, everybody will treat this as normal place for rubbish to go, and in their mind, by default will throw there, i guess ppl ard the shop area contribute to that.

    i dont understand y even Econsave dont do anything abt tht,.

  690. Happy new year to all..

  691. Happy 2013!

  692. Happy New Year 2013!

    Hope this 2013 give prosperity for our new society. Any news from our 1D developer? I’ve heard this month can view our house but still cannot stay there yet. can’t wait to see view from the window. Hahaha…

  693. One of the buyers | January 4, 2013 at 10:19 am |

    It would b great if we are allowed to see the house but i thought we r only able to see it once we get the keys only..

  694. If told them that we want to measure the floor for cabinet kitchen, order curtain and anything else that need to enter the house, developer should assist us with their still holding the key. mean unofficially view the house. some developer can give the opportunity to the owner. maybe one of us can try & post in facebook account? hehe

  695. One of the buyers | January 4, 2013 at 11:44 am |

    i don’t think it is possible for to view now as this is a high rise building…if it is a landed property then it might be possible…

  696. hi all..

    just want to know, when can we get our key? can’t wait to do some renovation…^-^

  697. Any one gt update for One D. Heard that key hand over going to delay.

  698. One of the buyers | January 7, 2013 at 4:55 am |

    Delay as in when?

  699. why delay??

  700. Hi Block B Users, I’ve received the first Progress Billing from MK Land direct to my bank for payment. Has any of you received this?

    I wonder Bloack A users ever received the progress billing at all?

  701. One of the buyers | January 10, 2013 at 12:47 am |

    Yup Block A owners have received their progress billing quite some time back…

  702. Hmmm… and yet never paid a single cent till now…

  703. block A DIBS lol

  704. Not fair, they should do it for block B too!

  705. HI all. i bought a unit in block A. no DIBS at all.

  706. Really aaaa ownerA? I have DIBS. πŸ˜€

  707. Yeap, same I have DIBS too πŸ™‚

  708. Same person or different persons?

    Anyway, I have no DIBS. Started paying last year. Now it is about RM800.

  709. Perhaps due to different banks? Those who got the Dibs can share which bank they are loaning from?

  710. Al Rajhi Bank is the best.

  711. cuba,try,test

  712. Dear POPO..

    im disagree with your statment! u know why,because of this F**King Bank i have to pay the penalty almost 5K!!!

    then, i ask them to make a refund, until now (for the past 3 month), they just doing nothing!!!

    They are so BANGSAT/LEMBAB when doing this thing but when it come to them to collect monthly installment from us, they are sooo EFFICIENT!!

    For your info, eventhough im cc everything all the communication through email (BNM/KPDNKK/PPIM/KPKT) but they just ingore like they are the KING of MALAYSIA!

    here im copy 1 of the email from BNM for your info.


    Kami merujuk aduan di bawah.

    2._________lTuan/Puan dikehendaki mengambil tindakan berhubung isu-isu yang dibangkitkan oleh pengadu dalam e-mel di bawah dan memberi maklum balas terus kepada pengadu berkenaan dalam tempoh dua minggu dari tarikh e-mel ini. Sila kemukakan sesalinan surat maklum balas tuan/puan kepada Bank Negara Malaysia untuk tindakan kami.

    ——————-Sekian, terima kasih.

    Sila gunakan nombor rujukan kami di atas apabila menjawab.

    [Sila maklum bahawa kami akan meneliti penjelasan Al-Rajhi Banking & Investment Corporation (Malaysia) Bhd dan memberi ulasan yang sewajarnya kepada pengadu, sekiranya perlu]

    Sila layari atau lawati kios kami di kebanyakan cawangan institusi perbankan untuk mendapatkan maklumat am berkaitan produk dan perkhidmatan perbankan


    Perkara ini dikendalikan oleh Siti Aishah Hashim

    Unit Pengurusan Aduan dan Khidmat Nasihat, Laman Informasi Nasihat dan Khidmat (LINK) dan Pejabat Wilayah


  713. Anonymous,

    why Al Rajhi Bank charge you the penalty fee?

  714. Not Ar Rajhi BANGSAT yang charged me..but developer ler…because they are late to disbursed the money to developer… that is not my fault!

    As Conclusion, plz la wei,to whom plan to get your loan with Ar Rajhi BANGSAT, plz don’t that. if not, u will MENYESAL like me…

    you all, so soory to use that F**King word because they are like F**king S**t..

  715. For this case, developer ain’t supposed to charge buyer, it was the bank’s fault. It can be fought. I’m taking UOB though I also got the offer from Al Rajhi Bank.

  716. we have to remember MP86, in our S&P stated the late payment/penalty will be borne by customer.

    I think bank and developer have a good deal between them. huhuhu…

    once agains,PLEASE don’t take the loan from Al Rajhi BANGSAT!!!

  717. That’s a pity! Perhaps you can talk to the bank’s attorney or DAP then. πŸ™‚

  718. OMG!!!! worst case scenario nih… but syukur.. finally you have your own house. Covered by market price. πŸ˜‰

  719. bought block A ..mine DIBS..can’t wait for the Bukit’s don’t give up..

  720. Alliance Bank and RHB Bank can said that they’re never delay for the release of the money to Bank Rakyat. Currently the released of the money almost done for my units and expected to get the key by end of Feb 2013.

  721. I still wonder which bank they have loaned from for those residents in Block A who got their own DIBS…

  722. Block A Owner | January 10, 2013 at 4:36 pm |

    Got mine from Maybank. All banks have this quota on how much unit they can approve for DIBS. Mine last time only Maybank left. Affin and Al Rajhi quota all used up with better rate.

    Anyway am planning to sell it before i need to start to pay in August. Need to maximise my loan affordability for my own staying house.

    Plus my unit is Bumi lot…. Can’t sell it any higher. RM400k max. Should any of your bumi friend wanted to buy it please email me and Thanks!

  723. dibs from UOB

  724. Dear PoPo,

    of coz im appreciate and thankfull to the god…BUT,it’s not fair to us when the little napoelian doing this thing to us (rakyat Malaysia). its not about covered by market price,but this about Al Rahji BANGSAT credibility and trustworthy…

    p/s : PoPO, Are u the owner of 1Damansara Condo or Al Rajhi BANGSAT’s staff?hehe…(sapa makan cili akan terasa pedasnya)….

  725. Hai Bukit’,

    Im the owner one unit in Block A Level 5, i’m not defending any banker.. Even though Al Rajhi did such thing to you, you must investigate from A to Z,get clear info from them. Turun padang sikit la…;)

  726. I’m getting UOB too but didn’t mention of any DIBS, too… hmmm..

  727. Anonymous, which floor did you buy? Is it a higher floor? Logically the higher floor you’ve bought, the later you will be incurred charges…

    Did UOB mention to you that you don’t have to pay any interest until the key was surrendered?

  728. Dear PoPo,

    i have done more than turun padang. but they are very2 BANGSAT!i have the proof actually, but i dont want to reveal it to the Al Rajhi BANGSAT yet. i just waiting their reply letter that said “your appeal for refund is not successfull”. after that, i know what to do next. but for them to say that, it took more than 3 month..SOOOO EFFCIENT Rite???

    p/s: i thought u are the BANGSAT’s staff.. soooryyy.hehe.

    p/s: I believe maybe one of us here is staff of BANGSAT or “mata-mata” of BANGSAT… if u are the one, plz let them know about this πŸ™‚

  729. Go and see the DAP!!!!

  730. Before I purchased block b I did query about dibs. The agent mentioned that dibs was only given during the early phase of block A. I think it was an early bird incentive.

    Block B is a 2nd phase. Surely wil be more exp.

  731. Hi,

    I’m under UOB loan also. No DIBS, sadly πŸ™
    Untunglah who got DIBS package…

  732. Yaya,

    You buying Block A lot?

  733. block 18, bought in Jan2012, DIBS!!

  734. Block A Lvl 18 in Jan 2012? hmmmm I paid my booking fee in Nov / Dec 2011 for Block B… sign the SNP like 3 or 4 months later…

  735. Hi mp86,

    Same as me no Dibs as i purchase block B.. but now paying interest already since Nov 2012 and get letter from bank on the breakdown transfer. im Taking Public Bank…

    Hi Bukit’s
    I agree with u about al rajhi. Damn totally crap. before talk to 2 difrrent people in al rajhi 2 give diffrent story.. lucky i didnt do business with them again.

  736. hi Big.B… may i know which floor u have bought? πŸ™‚

  737. Hi MP86,

    18th floor bro…

  738. Hi MP86,

    18th floor …

  739. Hi anonymous,

    Are sure you got DIBs when purchase block B????

  740. hi Big.B,

    what is you margin finance from Public Bank?

  741. A-20 dibs feb2012 sign S&P

  742. Hmm… I thought Block A was like sold out long times ago… back in 2011.

  743. Today the agent told me that they are waiting for the cf and expect lo get it by march or April. The car park’s paint only will be repaint aftertower b is complete. The colour will be dark brown..

  744. 2.3%…

    Wah wait tower B only paint the car park,.

    ask the agent says Block B will complete around Dec 2013 get key maybe feb or march probably.

  745. hi Big.B… not asking for the interest… asking the loan amount given to u by Public Bank… :p Like UOB gave me 80% loan amount… I got 5% discount so the other 15% is self-sponsored…

    and your interest from Public is -2.3%? I got mine at -2.4%

  746. Haha.. sory πŸ™‚

    Where you get 5% disc? early bird promo from developer ar?

    developer give me 3% only ohhh.. so i add 17% then i take 80% from PB.

    Yupe 2.3%..

    Which floor of block B are you MP86???

  747. Yes, early bird special discount 5% and free one unit AC in living room.

    I took UOB 80% margin finance and -2.4% interest.

    I haven’t served any interest payment yet.

  748. MP86,

    Mine is block A, level 9. Eh got free AC ah? Eiii I don’t get pun. I’m taking loan from UOB too.

  749. Yaya,

    Free AC is promotion for early bird special on Block B… not sure what’s the promotion for Block A… πŸ™‚

  750. Wah,lately so many comments here..our community here bigger n bigger..maybe we can make a party (kenduri) after this.

    Yaya, we are neighbour lah πŸ™‚

  751. Actually I would prefer if we could post comments on lowyat forum… hehe… easier to manage…

    Community must be strong like the formed JMB to fight for our rights and comfort living. Especially when we want to change our title to residential that time…

  752. Ohhh Hi Bukit’s!!

    Where the lowyat link MP86?

  753. Not created yet… someone needs to create it…

  754. i didnt get any promo free a/c oh… only 3% disc for Block B that time, you very lucky lah mp86.

    But Why till now you still not yet pay any interest??? or may be you oso get free interest.. πŸ™‚

    Mine start to pay already since Nov 2012 and can see how much the bank tranfer the money to developer.

  755. I have no idea why… I thought it was same for all since there was some issue on MKLand’s panel bank.. Bank Rakyat that caused many banks not able to disburse money to them right?

    I seriously just received the first bill from MKLand directing to UOB and it did mention along with all the B-11-xx units…

  756. Ic.. did you ask your lawyer regarding this matter? bank rakyat and developer no more isue already. you bought earlier than me suppose your loan disburse earlier than me oso and start paying interest… well im not sure maybe UOB finance doing that way one lang sum ask you to pay the interest… :p

  757. Not quite on the lump sum charges.. It’s MKLand the one who sent the bills to UOB, not UOB asking to pay the money… and for the first time, MKLand is asking for 15%.

    The only interest and concern I’m having now is to ensure UOB is making the payment before the due date or else, interest charges. Even if interest is charged, it should be charged on UOB, not me. So I called up my attorney to check on this since UOB is no much help here and the one who helped me signed up has already resigned and moved to another bank.

  758. Oh.. so meaning uob already disbursed 15% to developer?
    And now you have to face new person in uob since the one who helped you resign. That’s not easy rite?

    Yeah I agree the bank will do the payment and you will getthe breakdown loan disburse from your bank.

  759. I just received the bill like a week ago and pending UOB to disburse the money… today my lawyer should give me a call on the assurance UOB to pay before the due date or most importantly, I won’t be incurred any interest charges regardless of whatever has happened.

  760. Ic… You have to make sure your lawyer/firm is working on this matter, if the bank late to disburse the money to developer penalty is on us if im not mistaken. We are paying lawyer to do all this matter not cheap ohh..sometimes have to give them a call and email to follow up regarding bank loan and developer.

    Everytime i call my lawyer, regarding this issue i will ask them give me black and white if talk only they can say alot of things.

    Hope your lawyer call you up already if not you better knock their door. πŸ™‚

  761. Yeap. Got to email my lawyer.

  762. One of the buyers | January 15, 2013 at 3:51 am |

    Yes, i had the same problem as well as i was afraid of being charged for late payment…..the lawyer firm was not doing their job well …giving all sorts of excuses…i had to literally push them…calling them everyday and etc….what made me mad is that we r paying the lawyer to do the job but instead we need to do their job…

  763. By right, developer shouldn’t charge on us, they should charge on the bank.. how can they give this kind of difficulty and inconvenience to us? we are the customers!

  764. hye guys…

    for those who are not receive anything from both side (lawyer/developer/bank),better you all call them! if not, your will die..haha…seriously, you all have to check with them.dont play2 ok with this issue..if not, we will pay the fucking interest/penalty to developer eventhough is not our mistake. its clearly stated in our BANGSAT S&P ok…

    p/s: aku dah kena wei…RM6 ribu lebih tau!!!huhu

  765. My lawyer just called me telling me that UOB will not disburse money to MKLand due to Bank Rakyat redemption letter or some clarification still not made. But they called up MKLand and a guy named Sharizal has given the assurance that I shall not be charged any interest as this is not my fault. For assurance reason, I think I would need to call them and ask them prepare the black and white for me before I got into any deep shit…

  766. You better get black and white… a copy for you and your lawyer, just play save man, anything can happen if just by words. I agree not fair for us to pay the charges, so we have to knock the lawyer door, i call them follow up with them but still nothing, so i drive to the firm i really angry that time with my lawyer and i tell her if i get late or whatever charges you are going to pay for me and give left and right make them understand we paying them…

    But after that my lawyer follow up with me in everything if there is an issue with developer or bank. I just want them to know that we are paying them and we are the boss hahaha…

    Before this i also got an issue like you regarding Bank/lawyer/developer,

  767. I’ve called up the MKLand and they said they won’t issue any assurance letter of the interest waiving. But they did mention I won’t be charged of interest since this is purely their issue on failing to surrender the redemption letter. They just recently settled for the Block A and that’s why some of the residents in Block A are getting the DIBS…

    Now they’re working on Block B.

  768. I think Alliance did a good job in releasing the amount the MK. It had disbursed all amounts (80% — maximum amount before getting the keys)end of last year.

    Anyway, for Block A residents, it is just a matter of time to get the keys. Feb/March/April is the the time we can get the CF/keys. Can start to observe/survey the renovation etc.

  769. Ohh.. thats cool.

    sounds good thou! got prove that wont charges you anything.

    So meaning block B also some of the owner will get Dibs?

  770. Actually it’s not called DIBS though… there’s no DIBS but just some issue to release the redemption letter by developer to the bank.

  771. just call mkland agent this morning, dibs will be end by end of this month.

    from block a-19

  772. It’s alright for Block A… but not block B though.. do extend till early next year :p

  773. Ya lucky for block A..

  774. @ bro bukit’s…

    just want to ask about the late charges by developer.
    how’s that work ya?

    my bank last time also late disbursed my first 10%…
    did call MK last time, they say no prob..
    now my bank release loan to 80% already..seems like no issue..

    dont want later, MK will ask to pay for late charges or somthing..

  775. Hye,

    Ok like this. for example the developer issue a letter to bank said this phase was complete and request the bank to release some amaunt to them, but our bank did’t release that amaunt for certain time and until developer issue a remind letter, then on that time u will borne the cost for the late payment. so its FAIR to us??? of coz not rite…
    so this thing happen to me…huhu….

  776. Really useless bank you are takin Bukit’s

  777. @ bro Bukit’s

    i do understand that.
    it’s not fair of coz.

    just want to know did developer straight away ask for the penalty?
    straight away have to pay?
    they send u other bills for this?

  778. Dear Anonymous,

    Actually, its very long story if i want to tell u here..

    im start here. i bought this condo 1st. then after that i bought another condo with the same bank which give me their loan. i know this bank officer at my 1st condo lah..suddently, my 2nd condo completed earlier than my 1st condo. so when i went to that developer to take my key, they ask me to pay for the penalty. if not, i cant get that key. affter a few days, i paid that penalty because if i dont do that, there is another cost incurred to me.

    after that, i call this BANGSAT bank to borne this cost. so they said they will investigated who are the responsible for this issue. until now, for the pass 3 month, they are STUPID and dont know how to settle this…

    ok, inilah kisahnya…

  779. Luckily I didn’t take this bangsat bank… their logo is already like an insult to me..

    Anyway guys, I think we should move to lowyat for discussion. I shall create the topic. More convenient there.

  780. bukit, which bank you are using?

  781. Haha..
    Whats the bangsat bank logo mp86?

    3 months on the road still no solution for bangsat bank solve it really terible.

  782. a middle finger pointing… not obvious? hehe..

    Anyway, I’ve created the thread at Lowyat.. feel free to drop the message there. :p

  783. hye,

    Which bank??? That why i use the word Al Rajhi BANGSAT…not bank…huhu.

    plz advice or circulate this info/news to your friend/family about this BANGSAT ok!!!

    Peace Yorrrr….. πŸ™‚

    p/s : this is based on the true not create anything wrong/fake about this BANGSAT bank…

  784. Alliance bank also fail to disburse amount on time, until developer sent out a warning letter to me.. Not sure interest will be charged on me or not.. Should i check with developer?

  785. Anonymous, yes u should.

  786. Dear all,

    Went there last weekend.

    Looks like almost all units (block B) are sold. Just left few.

    Chinese community might countdown on the CNY. And We might countdown on the day we get keys. πŸ™‚

  787. yeah yeah, waiting to get the key…
    but the roof and car park paint still pending??
    all the facilities are completed (eg: pool,gym,etc)??

  788. yeaa…good question, will the facilities be completed together with block A? If not, quite unfair for us to pay full maintenance fee.

  789. DIBS ended, bank start pay developer

  790. Went there today..agent claimed all facilities are ready..physically can move in already..the only pending is cf..

  791. everything ok? that’s mean there are only 4 roofs on top of block A. very weird la…

  792. Yes very weird though, then you can see not the same size suppose got 6 roof and the roof is not the same as the model house.. I don’t think everything is ready the car park will be ready after block B complete. Most of the thing there complete on proper way after block B completed. The security entrance also not yet in propper condition.. just wait and see can’t wait to move in also.

  793. These roofs ada function ke or just design purpose saja?

  794. One of the buyer | January 29, 2013 at 7:09 am |

    well as you can see the model house below the plat form of the roof there is like a room cos there is a window, but as seen on the block A roof top seems empty nothing just piece of plat form to cover with no idea… dont understand purpose of the roof like that. Can somebody to double check with developer why isn’t same as the show unit.. before i got ask they said its like that new design… What the Hack new design its just a plain plat from of roof…

  795. is solar system

  796. One of the buyer | January 30, 2013 at 3:39 am |

    You sure is solar system egent didnt mention is solar system and in the SnP oso didnt say anything bout solar system. If is a solar system it will connect to what ever sytem dude.

  797. I think Anonymous was just trolling. LOL

  798. If it’s a solar system, our water heater would all be free!!!

  799. Received letter from MK today on the utility about u guys??have u receive any??

  800. Anonymous
    May wr know which floor are you buying?

  801. I bought at level 16..the letter dated 20 jan and payable within 14 days..dunno why took so long to send it..someone told me that we r getting the key very soon once we pay the utility deposit..what say u??

  802. One of the buyers | February 1, 2013 at 3:10 am |

    just wondering how come the utility deposit that we need to pay is high??…and where do we need to pay this?

  803. I have no experience in buying new house so no idea..and yeah didn’t mention where/how to pay..any info please the way the deposit is RM610..

  804. Our utility we need to pay is high becouse we are still in comercial title very expensive almost like shops utility..

  805. Yeah, i also received similar invoice. i’ve called the sales office to enquire on the payment method,etc.., and the officer asked me to call the HQ at and look for Shahriza. I’ve called several times, but i couldn’t get hold of her.

  806. Hi Guys,

    Before you all bought the unit didnt the agent give you to fill utility form? i bought mine at block B. maybe diffrent case.

  807. One of the buyers | February 1, 2013 at 4:29 am |


    Calling the hq is a waste of time coz they will never pick up the call….u r considered lucky if u can get hold of the person u want to speak to….

    Buyer 1D,

    if i m not mistaken i did fill the utility form….

  808. Regreted to have 1D Seriously… agent now pushing and blaming or past the phone with Mr.rizal ,then past to Cik Kama… regreted ..!!!

  809. Really sad to hear that… I hope all these unsatisfactory could be ironed out before handover of Block B

  810. how to pay utilities deposit if not in KL?? Any idea?

  811. Hi..i’ve make payment yesterday of the power and water deposit at 1D site office.

  812. does any due date mentioned in the letter for deposit payment?

    I really hope MK Land will do something to improve their services/quality to bring back their reputation and not continue keeping us down….

  813. due date 14 days from the date of the letter..maybe a bit out of much budget we need for the new house i.e. kitchen cabinet, tv set, main bedroom etc. is rm20,000 enough??hehe tight budget woo..

  814. Anonymous,

    I think 20K should be ok, unless u wanna do plaster ceiling, new paint, grill could be additional cost.

    Yaaa I havent get the utility deposit. How much issit again?

  815. Thanks Yaya. so 20k can get very basic things only??then i kena kasi up sket 30k (crying)..

    deposit RM610.

  816. Deposit Elektrik RM400
    Bil. Pelbagai/Misc. Charges RM 10
    Water Deposit – Syabas RM100
    Common Area Water Deposit RM100
    Total RM610

  817. RM20k for reno can do only basic things specially kitchen cabinet and others if look into last long quality spend more loh.. up 30k shoud bw good .

  818. Do the important one first, like Kitchen, Bedrooms, Toilets. Go for instalment plan if couldn’t afford.

  819. Anyone going office to pay the deposits please help to ask any other bank in method or cheque method pls.. I received today…

  820. Hye Guys,

    i went to 1D sales office last wekend to settle all the payment. then i asked about our deposit (mine RM2K), so they said will deduct from what i paid.hopefully i can get back some money la from them after deduct maybe 3@6 month maintenance fees.

    Renovation???i guess u all have to allocate at least RM30k. based on my experience doing reno last year, almost 30K jugak lah. for dry kitchen (11ft + mini bar 5ft) and wet kitchen 6ft (tiles up to siling) + Master Bedroom wardrobe 9ft about RM15k jugak lah.. for grill about 2K. Tv Panel RM1200 + 5pcs Tiang cantik RM1K and siling plaster about RM2.5K.

    dont forget your wirering cost i guess almost RM1.5K and electricity item such as lamp,fans,water heater and etc i think around RM1.5k.

    this budget i did based on the lowest budget lah..unless u want to spent more money, u can get better quality and design. but mine, i think good enough to stay…

    my advise, plz doooooooooooooo some survey ok..and then make a comparisson. if u can, go and have a site visit to their showroom. but ALWAYS REMEMBER, dont get tooooo lowwwww priceeee,im worried their quality will be ugly πŸ™‚

  821. I agree with bukits, as before me and my sister reno a condo around that figure, if think want cheap but know lah, quality realy not match with the condo also not nice.. painting the wall sumore some people dont like the ori color of the unit so change color again.. after money finish then think to pay instalment hahaha. but lucky most share lah among sibling πŸ™‚

    Important get a quotation from contractor that going to reno our house and go to their shop ask them a book sample of houses or condo they done before sure they have if, not like my cousin the contractor quote her 25k, so my cousin say ok can go a head then contracktor say he wrong quote the figure ask to add more money the house half way done, if dont want add the figure the contracktor ask you find other people to continue the left over shit. so my cousin get panic and my cousin also crap tambah another 10k.. the contracktor smile happly lah got 10k for.. Be careful and dont get cheated my neibours of 1D becouse of to excited to reno the house and scared house reno cant complete we spend alot of money specially “Women” be strict with them even the contracktor look garang well people about money anything try to take advantage. Just to share with you all Guys.

    Hi Bukits,

    You add the 4 nice tiang where you put ar? maybe can share with us??

  822. Dear Reza,

    Tiang Cantik?hehe.. actually it is some sort like high pole and look like partition. so when u come in into your house, u will not see directly your living hall. can u imagine it?haha…

  823. Haha..

    Yes i understand now, cool good idea will consider to do that πŸ™‚

  824. Block A Owner | February 5, 2013 at 1:53 pm |

    Hi all,

    Rule of thumb for move-in cost. It will be minimum 10% from the property price. That does not include furnitures and electrical appliances.

    Happy Moving-in guys!

  825. thanks all for sharing…atleast the idea is there when i do my survey!!

  826. Agree, generally, rule of thumb is about 10-15%, excluding all those furniture and appliance. Happy CNY everyone!

  827. Buyer block A | February 6, 2013 at 4:57 am |

    Totally repect to all n’bours here sharing and care from the begining of the progress 1DC till want to complete to reno the unit still share never think individually this is what i call 1 Damansara comunity. Wish Happy CNY to all Malaysian who celebrate CNY πŸ™‚

  828. just paid utilities deposit rm610, officer there confirmed collect key in end of next month.

  829. Tak sabar nak ambik kunci ni…

  830. Really? I haven’t paid my utility deposit, because I still haven’t got the letter yet. Ada late fees tak?

    Oh sama tak sabar! πŸ˜€

  831. One of the buyers | February 13, 2013 at 10:04 am |

    I have also not received any letter for the utility deposit yet as apparently TNB rejected my form as my details were not matching, some1 had pandai – pandai signed the utility form on my behalf….so i had to sign a new form again when i went to pay a visit the other day..

  832. Hi all

    Just wondering, why i haven’t received any letters regarding utility bill and penalty fees? Do i need to contact my lawyer?

  833. Hi Anonymous
    Maybe you need to contact the developer.

  834. ehh…

    i already paid the utility deposit at MK office.
    no one mention about filling any form to me…

  835. The developer said need to pay deposit for maintenance fees, before u can get the key. not sure how much

  836. fuyoo… facilities tak confirm siap mau bincang deposit maintenance fees apa cerita ni. MK Land to make sure all facilities can be use, then the fees worth it to the resident. Otherwise Block A need to pay for useless facilities. Doesn’t matter Block B ready or not. Am I right?

  837. Yes mozzy you are right.

    How come facilities not in proper manner yet and have to wait for blcok B complition we are from block A have to pay? not fair lah like this.

  838. I received the letter and deposit mentioned is rm 610. Heard thst block a can get the key on March. The question is block a really completed and ready to handover the key? Why rooftop is not same as brochure and car parking area still not repaint? Anyone got update on this?

  839. Hi
    I went to the site office last Saturday to pay the utilities deposit. We will get the key by end of March-according to the staff. Block A completed, but all the facilities will be completed together with block B. Not sure if we have to pay full maintenance fee though. But if we have to, then I agree, it is not fair to us. The car park will be repainted, but I think not so soon. Maybe together with block B completion.

  840. yes, car park repainted should be completed after others, because car park located at lower part than others, hope you get what i meant. guys, do you know how much the deposit of maintenance fee?

  841. Anonymous,

    It’s RM610. Eh is utility deposit & maintenance deposit the same thing?

  842. Well car park will be paint later then should be no problem but the rooftop shouldn’t wait together with block b. Why the rooftop progress seems stop already? ??

  843. Yesterday just pass by one d. Block b progress very fast. However,,as a owner in block a, till now, i have not received any bill request for ultilities deposit. I think some of the pwner facing the same problem. Could some enlighten us on this matter. Thanks

  844. Hi Tm,

    I didn’t get the bill request for utilities deposit too. But I already paid it last week. Just bring your IC and mention your unit no.

  845. Hi anonymous,

    Which floor you mean the roof top progress has been stop?

  846. Block B until 17 flr d~~

    May i know anyone from block B received letter for the deposit?
    Block B owner start paying your installment d?

    I checked with my lawyer office again today, they said the devoloper haven’t collect any money from block B owner yet~

    I called to the agent, she also said the same thing~

    I have abit worry la~ is it true?

  847. Hye all,

    I think some of us get confiusss about the payment… normally when we want to enter to new house, they will ask us to pay utilities deposit for i.e tnb,syabas etc. then, we also have to pay the maintenance fees for a few month maybe 3@6 month in advance.i think the deposit payment only aplicable for block A owner only. because maybe end of next month we will get our key. for block B, i dont think so you all have to pay.

  848. Hi Micole,

    Block B still under progress yet and not yet get utilities deposit until developer finalize to distribute the letter once block B almost complete like block A no worries bout that.

    Block B i think still not yet start paying installment just paying the interest as i get letter from the bank ask to pay interest and very sure developer still not yet ask money from block B owner.

  849. Hi Big B,

    Thanks for the info πŸ™‚

    However, I also haven’t receive any interest payment yet.. XD

    Just wait lo~

  850. Hi buyer,

    U can see there are only 4 rooftop at block A. It is different from the 3d model and the rooftop design is not looks like the design in the brochure.

  851. No interest payment for Block B because the release letter still not settled. I hope they won’t settle it till next year, that’s how Block A residents got the DIBS!

  852. Hi there,

    Anyone know any available units? what’s the price now?

  853. Left 8 units, about 500K and above.

  854. Hi micole,
    Maybe you side got DIBS who knows? which loan your taking?

    You lucky then mp86, i start paying my interest already since nov.

    available unit rm500k and above !!! for block B? got potential there. once complete consider to sell πŸ™‚

    Is it corner unit available mp86?

  855. Yeap, corner units.

  856. going to sell, high floor and not corner unit, 2car parks, rm428k.

  857. Which block your selling anonymous? 430k next year price will shoot up again.
    Hi big.b,
    which floor are u staying at block B.

  858. why the price will shoot up?

  859. block A-17

  860. Well I think people appreciate the area, well some done like the damai area some like it, and public transport behind 1D got rapid bas station U8 to k.l very convenience as well as the rapid guy got tell me that once MRT complete the bus will shuttle people there with only rm1 to sg. Buluh station. I’v etry the bus from damai to k.l well 45minutes. Still my happy is the roof top lah not same and worried the unit oso my same.

  861. I’ll start pay my interest end of march.. Progress for block B very fast. can’t wait to move in. We will using public transport in future (bye2 toll,gas & traffic) πŸ™‚

  862. Off day on Sunday so just try to get bus to DD, there is 2 buses to entering DD U8 and metro bus number 100, Rm2.50 to DD from k.l .. it take me 35minutes to reach Maybe Sunday no jam. Public transport my bad, if people follow ktm can stop at kepong central station and change rapid bus U8 to DD rm1 only. Totally cool I though very hard to fond transport to DD and easy to avoid jam. I’m working in k.l so I have a choice take bus from DD stop at kepong central ktm then kepong central ktm to k.l central.. DD bus is going to sg.buluh ktm station need a taxi to stop go there . Very convenience right stay at DD. Hope you all can give a try if those who prefer public transport like me.

  863. i might take ktm as well.. heard quite jam in the morning..

  864. Cannot request for shuttle bus from One D to KTM ke? Hehehheeh. Just suggesting….because driving to KTM pun hassle too , and dunno if there’s ample parking at KTM 😐

  865. I will try to go in the morning by bus stop at kepong sentral ktm station, see hows the jam..

  866. appreciate it..please share with us your findings..planning to use public transport as well but havent tried any yet..

  867. Hi!
    Block B level 9 buyer here ( intermediate unit).
    I just want to ask u guys, the third room in the unit is supposedly the study room. What if i dont want it to be a study room, too small to be a bedroom or tv room….so, what are u guys planning to do with this room? :)))))

  868. new mrt station at sg buloh got “park n ride” there

  869. Hi block B level 9,

    I’m goin to fit that place with wardrobe and make up room for my wife. So I can continue my sleep she no need to switch on the light.Haha cos got make up room already.

    Sure I will try and will let you all know cant use car everytime so public transport is the 2nd choose. Yes MRT got park and ride. Have to wait 4 more years.

  870. Yeah Maybe we can suggest to management got shuttle to ktm.. There is few people park there well risk is on our hand.

  871. Owner of Block B level 15,

    Seem like the progress at Block B is moving quite fast comparing to Block A

    As what i heard that previously this project had been KIV for some time back to few years ago.

    Anyway, i’m happy to hear that owner for Block A is receiving the “Keys”. Here are some advice for all the new owners

    Always bring along your camera when their are handing over the unit to you, snap all the defects down and keep it into a folder

    Upon complete of defect repair, refer back to all the photos fro your previous comments. This is to make sure their do not left any shits and things undone behind.

    This is the tips from my previous company as a Developer

    Secondly, whoever wanted to reno their condo.

    Feel free to drop me an email, as i no longer been working with the developer company anymore. Now i’m running a renovation cum ID design company

    You may basic on flat rate of RM20 – RM30 / sq ft for basic renovation

    Email me at

  872. Hi Alvin,
    You doing house renovation u mean?

  873. Hi Alvin, MY friend did some survey..for something like thevshow house (kitchen cab, plaster ceiling, tv set,wardrob for only 1 room) is around 20k..

  874. Dear Future Neighbour,

    Yes, I’m doing renovation work

    Actually how much being spend in renovation cost is really depend to your own needs

    As for me, i wont spend more than 10% or maybe lock at 10% for moving in cost

    i mean 10% out from the purchase $$$ unit

    Hornestly, what will cost you is actually kitchen cabinet and wardrobe

    TV set and ceiling is something very standard price

    Why is Kitchen cabinet and wardrobe will cost you a lot? This is because it have lots of brand, type & design

    I have view the show unit as well but i won’t comment on it as i have not idea on the materials their been using but……20k????

    You may get in touch with me through email


    Alvin Lee

  875. Hye All,

    For those who intend/interest in doing some reno at your house at affordable price with good quality, you call contact me too. i can recommend to my contractor who did my house reno last year with good price and quality GUARANTEE!!! i can email to you directly the pic of my current house after reno.



  876. Hi Alvin,

    Cool Dude !!

    need somebody like you and sumore you are owner of 1D easy to look for you as well. πŸ™‚

    Hmm.. I will drop you an email regarding house budget, design and installation.

  877. Hi Alvin,

    Care to share some picture of your work? Got website?

  878. can’t wait to get the key

  879. Blk B L-15 | March 1, 2013 at 3:53 am |


    Sorry we do not have any website

    Btw, i do not snap any photos on the completed work from my client

    As i do not want my client to copy from another to another

    Secondly, my idea is “Home Sweet Home” if i am showing around to others of my client. It doesn’t seem to be good, which same as if i show around ppl your house to my next client

    I am really sorry but this is the way i work


    Alvin Lee

  880. Anonymous | March 1, 2013 at 6:00 am |

    Really good on the propgress of block B now reach 19th floor and 1st floor internal starting to complete the paint and putting the windows.

  881. Anonymous | March 2, 2013 at 7:57 am |

    Hi Alvin,

    Im staying at block B also, do you have shop that i can go have alook?

    For general? how much it is cost for intermdiete unit to built the kitchen cabinet ?

  882. This morning at 7.30am i park my bike at the show unit of 1D, around 7.40am bus arrived U8, road quite jam but u know bus big a small cars give a away so i reach kepong sentral at 8.10am wait for the train for 15minutes 8.25am, reach KLcentral 8.49am.. wow still have my time to go for a coffee before i start my work at 10am.. but today is my off day so just try to use public transport from 1D to kl. really save petrol and anergy.. well at bustop the is afew executive level aswell waiting for buses and nigro as well going to college i think, but im happy that 1D still walking distant to bustop.. hehe.. while at 10am going the same way train to kepong central then wait for bus to 1D..
    will use public transport this time not by bike or my car.
    Hope you all can give a try.


  883. Anonymous | March 2, 2013 at 4:08 pm |

    Dear All,

    Sorry to say that i do not have shop for your to view any mock up unit for renovation

    But if your are asking for kitchen cabinet

    As for One D size, you may estimate it around at least 3k and if you want some higher quality and super design, it can cost you up to 8k or more

    My advise is do not need to spend more than 6k at kitchen cabinet….

    3-5k kitchen cabinet is very nice, as still have lots of others thing that might need to spend for when you move into the condo

    i apologize as i do not mean that you are not effort for higher brand stuff in cabinet, jz some sharing info due to i have seen a lot

    Great Day & Cheerz

    Alvin Lee

  884. Alvin Lee | March 2, 2013 at 4:08 pm |

    Dear All,

    Sorry to say that i do not have shop for your to view any mock up unit for renovation

    But if your are asking for kitchen cabinet

    As for One D size, you may estimate it around at least 3k and if you want some higher quality and super design, it can cost you up to 8k or more

    My advise is do not need to spend more than 6k at kitchen cabinet….

    3-5k kitchen cabinet is very nice, as still have lots of others thing that might need to spend for when you move into the condo

    i apologize as i do not mean that you are not effort for higher brand stuff in cabinet, jz some sharing info due to i have seen a lot

    Great Day & Cheerz

    Alvin Lee

  885. Hi Alvin,

    How fast you can complete renovation for one unit?

  886. Is anybody know how long will take if I take bus U8 from 1D to chow kit monorail station?

  887. block B-3A | March 4, 2013 at 8:39 am |

    Hi Ritz,

    Nice one do a survey for future πŸ™‚ btw how the traffic from OD to Kepong & Tol Bukit Lanjan?

    Thanks Man.

  888. Hi from 1D to chow kit monorail takes 1hr if in the morning quite jam at at jalan ipoh, but after 9.30am 30minutes can reach there.

  889. well at kepong in the morning the roads jam but still moving not seriuos as Subang, puchong and Damansara sometimes stress me up. not really sure bout tol bukit lanjan.

  890. Hi, So what’s the best route to KL Sentral? Take bus from One D then KTM ya? Or got direct bus to KL Sentral

  891. The best take the bus from 1D to KTM kepong central, Then to k.l centra
    I think there is no bus direct to k.l central. For me i prefer from 1D bus to ktm kepong central. Save time and energy.

  892. Anonymous | March 4, 2013 at 2:01 pm |

    Is anyone get the letter from developer saying the key will be hand over by march? Is seems take long time to hand over the key…. Please update if you have latest info. Thanks

  893. Block A owner | March 5, 2013 at 3:24 am |

    probably end of March lattest i can say MAY couse now waiting for CF, need bomba inspection only CF out, well as been there on saturday if im the pegawai bomba i wont aprove CF, still few things need to complete especially lobby area, main entrance car park they not yet install the acsess key system and if you go and have alook at below of block B car park the indonesian contracktor staying there, they sleep and have astro aswell.. how do you all aspect to have the key with less of secure on the area yet and no managment to hand over they key?? Medan prestasi is only subsidize this project but not the one be our managment of 1D right?? sometimes i really fed up talk to the lady at the site… they can say alot of things but if youself go inspect the area then you know when can you aspect get the key. Even the block A already complete but so anoying when when lobby entrance not even ready yet. well im talking to much here sorry…it is better rextified your self to go and have a tour on the area details. then you all understand what i mean.

  894. Razi Block A | March 5, 2013 at 6:36 am |

    I just spoke with my agent ans she told end of March..well I’m worried if they failed commit in the said month. All my perabot is waitinh to be send… so excited to wait for the key…my 1st house…all preparation is making me crazy…

  895. Hi Razi,
    So you going to do open house kenduri once you get the key? πŸ™‚

  896. Sad to hear lobby, access key system, facilities and rooftop are not yet completed.
    How to obtain CF in this condition???
    MK Land, don spoil ur reputation again……

  897. selling unit | March 6, 2013 at 2:46 am |

    MKland Haha.. few forum already mention regardingthis developer but you Seem have confident that they are doing good but still worst cant even do or delivery in a good manner. Really worst developer.

  898. Sharkfish | March 6, 2013 at 5:07 am |

    Dear selling unit…

    we know that you don’t have money to buy a property. because if you do, you would just shut up and let people be. sure, after this you can say that you already bought a property here and there, but just be honest with yourself, that is just talk.

    The people in this forum has bought their respective unit after considering the pros and cons of their action. if you are so smart please show me other alternatives that is within the price range of one damansara. Sime Darby? SP Setia? I&P, Mah Sing? What is the price range of their properties? Do you have any clue?

    Therefore, stop pretending like a pro just because you browse through some other forums. that would just make you look like an idiot.

    handing over of property after completion usually takes some time. of course, sales people will sugarcoat and give us a nice time frame. but i think we should always add an extra 6 months to whatever they are saying. it does not only apply to MKland but to other developers as well. Sadly, that is the common practice in Malaysia right now.

  899. selling unit | March 6, 2013 at 8:05 am |


    Ya there is a reason why people or agent comment about MKland? if they already know they share in the forum, so from the forum we know what is happening and from there we know the developer already? here its my problem to share, just mind your own business, if you think developer is good it is good, with the price, its resnble. you ask me to compare with the reputable developer for what? you already know the price is high so just keep to you self, i also know their price is high…
    Every developer also have their internal problem even big developer.

    I agree with you from waht they are saying complete on march we add 6months more to wait, now already March so 6 more months will be SEPT 2013 will get the key… do you think all owner here happy to wait 6 more month??? i dont think so?? Back to square 1 still the problem from Mkland cant deliver on time.

  900. selling unit,

    that’s the whole idea. MINDING YOUR OWN BUSINESS. have you bought a unit at one damansara? or are you just passing by to mock all these nice people while trying to look so smart with your comments. and yes, you have 2 comments so far in this thread. or have you logged in using other nicknames?

    do you think these people are unaware of what is being discussed in other forums? of course they do! but yet they still make their decision because of their respective reasons: proximity to workplace, price, design etc. so RESPECT their decision.

    and i am not here to defend MKLand. unfortunately, like many other developers in malaysia, delivery on time is not in their vocabulary.

    I just hope that you consider the feelings of others who are waiting like the rest of us.

    Hope this ends here. Peace.

  901. MK Land may not be the best developer but their prices are still very much affordable. They own a big chunk of land around Damansara and I just wish I would have bought their condo in Damansara Perdana before the hike of the property. But I’m pretty content with One Damansara.

  902. selling unit | March 6, 2013 at 1:44 pm |

    Yes I’m 1 of the buyer at block A and will will let go my unit. The reason I really want to sell the unit bcos I’m frustrated with the agent before they can promise me end of FEB, now end of March and now 6 more month again.. Yes I know you can wait another 6 more months to get the key but how about us especially me getting more fed up already, not trying to pro or poison peoples mind regarding
    Key handling. Hows the furniture we bought early the ware house can’t wait to long for us to deliver to new house. It will be another charges to keep futures in warehouse.

    I contact few house agent and tell them I want to sell my house once get the key, they ask me where is your house and area, once I say damansara damai the agent laugh mkland ar? The reject want to sell my house. Ask to find another agent.

  903. Anonymous | March 6, 2013 at 3:14 pm |

    Dear selling unit,

    If you have know the bad about mk land and why you still buy the unit at one damansara at first place? I believe you know the developer when you make the purchase… Why now only say that the area and condo is not good?

    Anyhow, hope that the condo is quality is ok.

  904. Sharkfish | March 7, 2013 at 5:31 am |

    Dear Selling Unit,

    I concur with Anonymus. Seems very fishy that you know a lot about MKLand yet you still claim that you buy a unit at one. let me quote your own comment:

    “MKland Haha.. few forum already mention regardingthis developer but you Seem have confident that they are doing good but still worst cant even do or delivery in a good manner. Really worst developer.”

    does this look like a comment from someone who bought a unit? and after this thread being here for so long, only now that you find the time to comment here. oh, i forgot. you are too busy browsing other forums.

    and just for the benefit of the doubt, you have bought a unit. a piece of advice, go around, ask people who have ACTUALLY bought a property (from any developer). ask them whether their property was delivered on time.

    And for those who have bought a lot a furniture and have to store them in warehouse, i sorry to say that you have no one else to blame but yourselves. furniture delivery in Malaysia would only take 2 weeks maximum. can’t you just wait until you get the key before you buy it?

    as a closing note, i would like to qoute an old saying:
    it is better to keep quiet and be considered a fool, then to speak out and remove a doubt….

    i know that it is very convenient for a lot of people to comment this and that using the keyboard. and i

  905. Hi Selling unit,

    Thought we will get penalty if we sell out new purchase property within 5 years?
    Why don’t wait for another 5 years and the condo price will appreciate once the MRT complete.
    Actually its no necessary must need an agent for selling house. Maybe 1 damansara resident will have some recommendation buyer for you in future? Price is negotiable.
    Now, the most important things is the quality of the condo and management.

  906. Anonymous | March 7, 2013 at 6:20 am |

    Received an sms from agent whether to sell or rent my unit..dunno where they get the number..and hey, agent do interested with the property..unfortunely i have to turn down the offer coz i bought the unit for own stay..

  907. Block B L-15 | March 7, 2013 at 6:32 am |

    Actually late delivery in condo or housing project is seem to be normal, as i say in the forum. I’m use to work with a developer before

    FYI, you can claim the developer for the delay handover but before you do so please check back your SPA signed date. Understand from there before we act

    If the delivery date surpose to be in February and now delayed for another 6months???i think you all should have gone to their office to understand the situation

    If possible write B&W to them with register post

    You all know when you need do some claim on someone, we need to have fact & proof in written, tips: verbal won’t help you all

    Good Luck Neighbour

    If they delay my Block B that long, i am sure will whack them kao kao…

    Alvin Lee

  908. Sharkfish | March 7, 2013 at 8:18 am |

    This is the best thing that I like about this thread. More often than not, the comments are realistic, factual and matured, as compared to other forums with the so called ‘experts’.

    There’s a lot of reason why people buy a property. One man’s dream house may also be another’s nightmare. bukit beruntung, for example, is considered a godforsaken place for some (even for me). but for the workers of the perodua plant, it a steal. so, who am i to tell them that they have made a bad decision?

    In short, please respect other people’s choices. if we have something constructive to share, then by all means do. otherwise, don’t.

  909. i received sms from 2 different agents asking if i’m interested to sell or rent out my unit. one of them mentioned that if i were to sell now, the price is between 290k-300k(intermediate unit). if after the dev pass the key, maybe 320k-330k. i’m not selling tho.

  910. Razi Block A | March 8, 2013 at 2:23 am |

    cheer up guys…for those who already bought a unit = congrats and hopping everything is going well. I’m a buyer( block A)and i happy what i see on the progress. Just call MKLAND credit control and they are preparing the letter( maybe we will receive end of March).She said we will receive our key in middle of April. She said after the “zepee” not sure what is that then we can get the key…cant wait for the day. I don even bother what ppl say that the house is teruk ka..developer teruk ka..but im ok with it…im paying for something i love so much…nothing is perfect in this world..hehehe..

  911. Dear Selling Unit,

    Since you have intention to sell your unit, do you mind to send me more detail about your unit? Not necessary to involve agent if they do not border you and you can save your commission to them if you have direct buyer. You may contact me via
    Waiting for your good news!

  912. Hye Frenzzz,

    I want to let go my unit at level 9 Block A for RM370k only. This price i set up due to available unit left at block B at the 10 Floor about RM350K (under construction)…

    Interested?just email to me at


  913. Tkt 8 Blk A | March 9, 2013 at 6:30 am |


    I’m also will let go my unit once it ready,my unit at level 8 facing pool at RM390K only..

    You can reach me by email …

  914. Me too, block A level 19, RM410k

  915. Wah… The price seems gone up a lot…. Do you the the bank will approve for the loan? If not then we have to readjust the price in order for the buyer to get the bank loan.

  916. “Selling unit,

    I contact few house agent and tell them I want to sell my house once get the key, they ask me where is your house and area, once I say damansara damai the agent laugh mkland ar? The reject want to sell my house. Ask to find another agent.”

    Hahahhahahahaa….Hahahahahhahaha…I cant stop laughing…Very creonic and phycotic comment….Hahahahahahaha….Eventhough a haunted house an agent will die hard to sell as long they cant make money….Hahahahahahaha….Shame on you, bro….


    I’m agreed 100% with you…!

  917. Wow seems 1D value is very good, price increase alot ya.

    Progress seems doing will for block B i think can get key end of this year. Been there y’day well doing survey on the progress well from below i can see the tennis court green fence already, if the security guard can let me in to have alook much more better πŸ™‚ but Cant…

    Hi Selling unit,

    You are very funny owner and person based on your comment here, i dont know your words base on facts or just been created. just wish you good luck!!

  918. Hi everyone,

    Does anyone know if our unit includes all sinks & toilet bowl in the toilets?

    Also don’t forget to checkout these two expo(s).

    This weekend –>–23rd-edition.htm

    Next month —>

  919. Hi everyone,

    Does anyone know if our unit includes all sinks & toilet bowl in the toilets?

    Also don’t forget to checkout these two expo(s).

    This weekend; Modern Home Fair at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre

    Next month: Perfect Livin 2013 , PWTC 04 – 07 April 2013

  920. Hi yata,
    Yes toilet bowl, and sink included.. you can check your snp behind page what is included into your unit.
    Thanks for the information will check it out this weeked.

  921. Block A Level 15 | March 12, 2013 at 10:42 pm |

    Hi all,

    I’m want to let go my unit at level 15 Block A at 390k.

    If anyone interested just reach me at


  922. block A level 18 | March 13, 2013 at 1:20 am |

    Hi all,
    Ready to let go my unit block A level 18 at 420k. Mail me

    Any broker agent mail me.

  923. Hi,

    Selling my unit Block A level 6 once get key in April.

    Mail me

    Thank you so much Mytotallyproperty

  924. This forum now become selling their unit??? come on guys….

  925. This is a forum to discuss on one damansara, not a property selling website.

  926. hi guys…

    anyone have the exact measurement for the kitchen area…?

  927. Hi block a buyers, fyi u guys need to go
    One damansara sales office to sign syabas form, by failing to do so,these will cause delay in handing over key, they 1 st application to syabas has been rejected due to they used the old form,

  928. what is the main purpose of that form?
    I did not receive any letter regarding this matter.

  929. Hi Level 17,

    How did you know this? During the payment of utility deposit ke?

  930. Block A owner | March 16, 2013 at 4:06 am |

    No information regarding on syabas or agent ask to come to sign a form and ive call my agent she say already submit.
    Keys probably END of APRIL !

  931. What happen to the developer? Why the hand over of key keep on delay? Any problem with the condo?

  932. probably cf so delay

  933. I think what says our owner here probably add 6more month is correct, before end February will get key, then march, april now end April after that what again? May, June July? Really pain in the heart if developer continuosly delay.

    Please who ever is link with mkland do understand our problem. neighbours of ODC really want the issue solve And when we going to get the keys?

  934. End of April? not cool..

  935. Any news guys on handling the keys for block A? really not good keeping pospone.

  936. Agent just said any month that we want to hear. Is there any problem to the application? Keeping on delay will effect the owner who really want to sell their house. Haha… So sad.

  937. What..???? the agent just can say any month. what the heck!
    really piss me big time!!!

  938. Hi guys..

    You all can have a look tower A intermdte unit and pool area at youtube “one damansara by vince choy” very nice video even i can’t the unit but thanks to the person who making this effort to show it to us :)now i can imagine how nice it is when complete.. Cheers !

  939. Hi, I have watched the video which post by chor… I just want to clarify if tower A have any skirting on wall…. Please advice if you do have any info… Thanks

  940. Just plain no skirting on the wall.

  941. Only Block B got skirting.

  942. But why the video show that there is skirting??

  943. wow, it looks nice, should be able to boom up the selling price.

  944. Block B owner | March 19, 2013 at 3:36 am |

    Agree just block B got skirting on the wall but not block A

  945. Can anyone share the video link here?

  946. somehow the video is now private 😐

  947. Maybe the owner would like to make it private becouse cant sell it now while waiting the keys given.

  948. maybe it was hot cake, better hide it first due to many peoples want to buy it

  949. according to my friend..if separate block, blok a can get cf while blok b in progress..but since the condo attached via parking basement..unless blok b completed, blok a cannot get cf..can anyone confirm this??

  950. I did called site office this afternoon,cf was release and now credit control is preparing letter for handover arrangement for those respective purchaser.This is base on payment progress release by banker by each purchaser and it starting to release letter by next week onwards.

  951. Great to hear that..hope to be among the first to receive the letter been servicing the interest payment for around 1 year..

  952. One of the buyers | March 22, 2013 at 1:20 am |

    i think u guys should call the medan prestasi office…cos when i called the office they said will only get key most probably end of april cos syabas has not installed the water meter yet…

  953. Yes regarding the syabas keys won’t be given until water supply completed and most probably also May only can enter the unit seems car park also not that organize well o mean you all can have look at the entrance really messy. I agreed for some comment by owner just extend few more months to get the keys.

  954. Dear all,

    I just made a call to 603-6157 1900 and asked when we can get the keys.

    The staff said first week of April.

    I would say that now is at final stage…

  955. Cool dude !

  956. Razi Block A | March 22, 2013 at 7:22 am |

    1st week of april seem impossible..i already call their bosses and they said middle or end of april..don’t call their sales assistant call their boss :P. I did and the answer is different.

  957. Hi dude..

    Juz call d same no to check the progress of block a. Sales mention to me that still waiting for cf. they juz target end on this month o early next month juz can obtained cf. seem like sales are telling different story

  958. Razi Block A | March 22, 2013 at 7:38 am |

    yeah…credit control telling diff story..sales telling diff story…it seem that no one know the actual time…

  959. Mkland agent cant give the date… Why..????

  960. How can someone said cf already released and another said still waiting? How can they give different information to customers.

  961. really hate the agent now.. i got call the number given and said probably end of april if CF is out if CF not yet out well have to wait, letter is ready to be distribute meaning CF out letter out of keys colletion out.

  962. One of the buyers | March 23, 2013 at 11:40 am |

    The sales people don’t seem to know when the residents will get the key…just tembak only i guess….the one who seeem to know are the people working in the medan prestasi hq…

  963. Block A level 8 owner | March 26, 2013 at 2:55 am |

    Hello all,

    I just called both the credit and sales office to reconfirm what you guys have been saying. According to them they are indeed preparing the handover letters due for print sometime this week(apparently they had to stay back after work for a meeting about this last night) and are aiming for the first week of April. One of them even mentioned that they are having a “doa selamat” internally this week, praying everything will go smoothly with the handover and for the safety of the buyers in the long run.

    I guess they are pretty optimistic about handing over keys on the first week of April. I’m just curious to know.. Can they send a key handover letter pre-emptively without having the CF yet? Meaning, sending out the letters with confidence that they’re gonna get the CF before the key handover start date?

  964. Well it’s illegal not to wait for CF, got few developer handing the keys to owner becouse cant wait CF, CF have to wait for Bomba to do inspection and now they are very strick, a condo not 100% complete with all fesilities they wont aprove CV and i i’ve seen our condo its only 90% complete not include the block B, entrance, lobby, emergency door this, fire ditecter water( i dont know the real name of that thing) it has to be completed. Worried also when they said “Safety of the buyer” but hope we as the owner also hope everything is doing well and good for our place. hope they will call me next week then tak sabar nak masuk rumah baru dah ni.. hehehe

  965. Block A level 8 owner | March 27, 2013 at 4:15 am |

    A owner,

    I think when they mentioned “safety of the buyers” it’s more of a normal well-wishing thing during doa selamat. Nothing to freak out about, I suppose.

    Just like you, I can’t wait to move into the house! Bought everything already and all set to decorate and renovate. hehe

  966. do u all received unknown sms regarding sale/rent out your house (One Damansara) from a lot of agents. How can they leak out our contact without our permission. Annoying!

  967. I think we should write a letter to MK Land for such leak info, which i think this is serious….i’m sure that those agent is paying some $$$ to MK staff obtaining our info

  968. One of the buyers | March 29, 2013 at 12:46 am |

    yup i received many myself….not only that…i even received some calls as well….i was suprised that they can get our info just like that….when asked how they got my info they person said it is from a list that they have…the person quickly changed the story and said if u r not interested then it is ok and hanged up immediately after that….i m sure some1 from mkland is leaking out this information….

  969. Upper Level Owner | March 29, 2013 at 1:15 am |

    That’s why we should have this voice out and write them a official letter, i am sure MK Land management won’t allow such thing to happen like giving out all their purchaser info to the agent.

    Really can’t let this to happen, do you all realise that it can be serious as we do not know how many info had been given to them.

    I really hate and angry when such huge public listed company having such staffs doing this leaking information thing.

    As we buy their property with trust, in return our information being giving out like that to those Agent

    Anyhow, we all as the purchaser should write them letter complaint about this issue in a group

  970. hey guys,

    don’t forget to check your mailbox today, or maybe tomorrow πŸ˜€

  971. Heya guys!
    Just received a letter from mkland regarding vacant possession! So excited! Finally…. Hahaha

  972. What is the main subject in that letter?

  973. Is that means key is ready for collection?

  974. whats next yaya/ownerA??? do they provide any phone number for handingover keys appoinment or there’s already a fix date for that????

  975. Ya..when will be the handover key??any date mentioned??went there just now asking for the matter but the agent seems very sombong and just answer depends on ur soon as ur bank disburse 100% of the loan they will send letter..he keep repeating that even if we ask other wife starts to mengamok before we both turn to Incredible Hulk..we leave the scene..

  976. Tell you all before the agent now really pis me of sometimes, last week been there asking about the key handing, they just can say up to your lawyer. Cammon guys, what is the link with lawyer pula, I call my lawyer there get confused and say the developer are handing the keys to you all not the lawyer. I just wait lag until get the keys fed up following already with the agent.

  977. Hopefully can receive any good news by 1st week of April..

  978. Wuttodonext | March 31, 2013 at 3:50 am |

    Just got letter from lawyer. Got additional fees to pay. Really #%>!.

  979. Razi Block A | March 31, 2013 at 3:55 am |

    what fee?

  980. Mind to share what fee is that?

    Maintenance fee? 4 month n access card?

  981. Went to odc just now, seem like they have put the signage for key collection, yahooo

  982. Dear all,

    Received the Vacant Possession two days ago.

    Need to pay 900++. Not sure if everyone has same or different amount..

    But the access card security deposit is 50
    Insurance kebakaran is 100++
    Maintenance fee: Rm0.18
    sinking fund: another RM0.018

  983. hi guys
    i got the same amount of fees as Anonymous. no mention on date, but you have to give their credit control execs a phone call before collecting keys – they give extension numbers for this. you have to collect in 14 days, starting from the date of the letter.
    still wondering about the CF though. anyone know anything? perhaps they just handover keys without CF? can we even move in without CF?

  984. i did take a look at odc last night sneak in. the lobby all completed. and i did saw the handing key signage too. i haven’t receive VP letter yet. should i call the credit control directly? what happen to our booking money? i think they will deduct these fees with our booking $$. wtf!!! i hate too many assumptions!!!

  985. Razi Block A | April 1, 2013 at 2:47 am |

    thestigg – can i know here is the lobby :P. Xjumapa lar..hehehe go around and round but din find..hheheheh..

  986. Razi Block A-lobby/poolside/playground.. the so called keys office is at parking lot level 3 i think. didn’t manage to find it last night though.. was so dark man..been trying to call this bloody credit control this morning but still cannot go through.

  987. Razi Block A | April 1, 2013 at 3:45 am |

    Thestigg – u manage to get at the pool/playground? can we enter the area? I already call the Bloody hell credit control and being attend by bloody rude staff name Shariza. She is not helpfull at all and being sarcastic with me. Even dare ask me to complaint to her boss Razali. Luckily i have Mr Ridzuan( salas Manager) + Ms Jayanti to help me to check. If i jumpa that ms Shariza sure i slap her. Poor customer service( only by her) mad at her now.

  988. Razi Block A, what do we have to expect from the phone call ya? I mean, what kind of queries they will ask from us?

  989. hi all..

    i keep on wondering why we need to pay extra money? i mean rm 900+..
    i thought that all payment been settled after we paid rm610 few months ago..

  990. Razi Block A | April 1, 2013 at 6:37 am |

    ownerA & Mrs_zul – below are some info

    RM610 – for water n electric – need to pay by urself
    RM900++ for advance payment for maintenance etc – for those have extra cash from the loan they will deduct automatically( only for the 900++)
    We still need to wait for release letter in order for us to start deco2 your house( need to wait bank to fully reimburse total amount loan) So he say within this 2 week can settle. so i refuse to deal with credit control coz they are so unhelpful.

  991. Hi Razi Block A,

    So with who do u deal with?

  992. Anonymous | April 1, 2013 at 7:29 am |

    Well seems there is a long way to go again after this.

  993. Razi Block A | April 1, 2013 at 8:23 am |

    Yaya – Sales Manager En Ridzuan. He is so kind by checking all the details needed. I did call my bank and balance 50k++ need to be paid to Medan Prestasi. Our developer already send the request to the bank and under process. So if you guys need to know how much balance your bank hutang to Developer just call your bank k. The credit control lady is n new staff. So she don’t know much… so within this 2 or 3 week it will be done…hopefully lah…

  994. Hmm.. How do we knw that there are extra money from our loan? Do we need to contact our banker? Sorry, my questions sound silly, but pls do enlighten me..

  995. Razi Block A | April 1, 2013 at 8:49 am |

    Mrs Zul when you purchase the house we get 7+5 %( if i’m not mistaken) discount right.When i purchased my unit on year 2011 i did get the % discount. So please refer below

    Condo Price = RM 245,000
    Discount 12% = RM29,500
    Actual Price after Discount = RM215,500

    We send our loan application to bank with price RM245k be4 discount.Please refer below

    Loan Requested : RM245,000
    Bank Approved only 90% from 245k = RM220,500

    So Loan approved RM220,500 – Actual Condo Price RM215,500
    RM220,500 – 215,500 = RM 5000

    Above is sample calculation( not exact amount ya)

    For my case Extra loan is 6k + 2K(deposit) so Developer hutang me RM8k++

  996. Razi Block A | April 1, 2013 at 8:52 am |

    Mrs Zul. have you read the letter that you sign when you deal with your sales agent? all the details is clearly stated in the letter. Open back all the document k

  997. i’ve called their credit control. u r right about new staff, everything she needs to confirm with her boss. sigh!
    anyway, i was confused as to why my excess amount with them only 1k, though i paid deposit 2k earlier. weird. did they deduct anything from it without me knowing?
    did they tell u to write a letter about deducting those fees from the excess amount and fax to them?

  998. Razi Block A | April 1, 2013 at 9:19 am |

    OwnerA – you need to check with your sales agent( if he or she willing to help la) The only thing that confirm is they will deduct the RM900+ fee that we need to pay when we receive the key from our excess loan. Please bring all the document when collecting your key. That is the advice from the Sales Manager.

  999. Salam mr Razi block A,

    my condo selling price rm272 100. rajhi give me 90% disc,so that it cost rm 244890. i paid rm3k for booking n balance rm 5163 later on.
    i only get 7% disc.

    Condo Price = RM 272,100
    Discount 7% = RM19,047
    Actual Price after Discount = RM253,053

    We send our loan application to bank with price RM272k be4 discount.Please refer below

    Loan Requested : RM272,100
    Bank Approved only 90% from 272k = RM244,890

    So Loan approved RM244,890 – Actual Condo Price RM253,053 = rm 8163 (from my earliest payment before)

    so, there’s no more extra loan rite? huk2..

  1000. Razi Block A | April 2, 2013 at 3:08 am |

    Latest update –

    Developer are waiting our final payment from bank…once receive they will issue release letter. Hooray…if rajin call bank and ask..i just call my bank n order still in progress πŸ˜›

  1001. Anonymous | April 2, 2013 at 3:20 am |

    Payment Schedule

    You will have to pay each purchase price installment against the developer’s architect certificate of completion for that stage of construction, which corresponds to the particular installment.

    The due date for each installment is 14 days after receipt of the billing. Make sure you pay on time otherwise you will have to pay interest at 10% per annum on late payment.

    If you are late in your installment or interest payment for more than 28 days from the due date, the developer is entitled to terminate the SPA by giving 14 days’ notice.

    Other Payments

    Quit rent, assessment and other charges in respect of the property are payable from the date of the SPA. Service charge for rubbish collection, cleaning of sewerage system, grass cutting and etc (for landed properties) or service charge for maintenance and management of common property (for apartment and condominium) is payable from the date vacant possession is delivered.

    Completion Date and Delivery Of Vacant Possession

    The developer will have 24 months from the date of SPA (for landed residential properties) and 36 months (for apartment and condominiums) to deliver vacant possession with water and electricity supply ready for connection to you. You are entitled to claim for damages at 10% per annum on the purchase price if the developer fails to deliver on time.

    Developer can deliver vacant possession as soon as the Certificate of Practical Completion is issued by the architect even though C.F is not yet issued (which is usually the case as it takes time for local authority to process C.F application). There is no risk, however, of the developer failing to obtain C.F subsequently, as all requirements for C.F application would have been complied with before vacant possession can be delivered to you. The C.F application after vacant possession is only a formality.

    You will have to take delivery of the property within 14 days from the date of the notice requesting you to take vacant possession. If you do not do so by the stated 14 days, you will still be deemed to have done so the day immediately after the 14 days period. After that any damage of fixtures or fittings to the property will be at your responsibility.

    Defects Rectification

    If you find any defects in the property after moving in, make sure you submit the defects list to the developer within 18 months from the date of vacant possession. The developer will have 30 days from the date of receipt of your list to rectify the defects. If the developer fails to rectify within the stated time, you can then engage someone else to do the rectification works and charge the costs to the developer provided you have given another 14 days’ notice to notify the developer of your intention.

  1002. block A-8 | April 2, 2013 at 6:57 am |

    Been there this morning to have alook and you can enter to pool area or unit at lobby Block A, got 4 lift to block A unit and security room aswell not bad but only thing that the lobby is to small serious i dont know how to bring in all my funiture in the lobby after get the keys, verry stress up just now as the lobby full with post box with unit number already take almost half of the area. I got talk to Fitri the maintenance oficer for ODC i ask why lobby is small he say block A unit cheap so reasonable with the area, Block B will be more better and big space as the lobby is located at level 1 cos more expensive and in his list he said alot of anak datuk or datuk staying block B, its nor fair when he say block A is cheap and the lobby is only like this small. I hope you all can have alook at the G floor lobby visitor really pain in the heart seriuos.! i have no comment already i dunno in the in the area going to be like this……

  1003. block A-8,

    Thanks for info.

    You mean u can enter directly?!? or through staff/agent? Have you paid the management fees etc as stated in VP?

  1004. Just go to lobby there is people guard will bring I up.

  1005. block B-3A | April 3, 2013 at 1:48 am |

    Hi there, where is the lobby? must enter via carpark? I asked one of the security guard sitting at the carpark entrance. He said must have letter from mgt and access card to go inside. Please advice. Thanks in advance.

  1006. Anonymous | April 3, 2013 at 2:12 am |

    block B-3A,

    I went there last night and the guard said that OD is open from 9.30am to 6pm. the Main lobby is at the side (“perpendicular” to the college entrance and/or the resident parking entrance)

  1007. Did y’all take any pictures? Share lah…esp. the lobby, alley. I wonder how does it look like? Ada rupa scary ke ape…

  1008. Hi all,
    Called Puan Shariza this morning after 2 days trying. Phew!

    Here’s a summary of the procedures for getting your house key:
    1. Receive letter via post/registered post on Vacant Possession.
    2. Check with your bank if payment already released.
    (Intermediate normally around RM55k. Call or online banking. I prefer checking online so that I can print it out.)
    3. If payment not made, ask why?
    (If your loan is not ‘parked’ at the bank HQ, fax the letter to the branch, lagi cepat they receive lagi cepat release payment. Check your loan agreement for ‘officer in charge’ of your loan.)
    4. Check regularly if payment is made.
    5. Once payment made, go to MK Land HQ and settle the remaining RM900+ to be borne by purchaser. You will receive a Clearance Letter.
    6. Make an appointment with One D on site office to collect your key. Remember to bring the Clearance Letter.

    That’s all I got from the conversation. Hope it helps!

  1009. block A-8 | April 3, 2013 at 9:20 am |

    Tha lobby is below the block A unit G floor, there is small room as you can see plenty of post box inside and security office. I mean its easy ask the guard to bring you go there more easier. sorry forgot to take photo cos really stress that time looking at the lobby seems not like lobby like an office with lift inside it.

  1010. Anonymous | April 3, 2013 at 9:25 am |

    Been there again, they wont let me in already, need letter only can go in.. probably May will be ready and comlete specially the pool area and car park.. The lobby ok lah not Scary becouse inside there is securty office but small not like other condos

  1011. others condo no lobby at all,more terrible than ODC

  1012. Huh…

    Wow condo with no lobby?? can’t imagine how visitors or funitures to be sent. if is it Flat yes service till door step.

    You can give me the name of the condo that is no lobby? maybe i can go and have a look see how it is work.

  1013. hi! anyone here taking financing with Al-rajhi? do you know who to liaise with at Alrajhi regarding the disbursement of final payment in order to proceed with the vacant possession?


  1014. roti,

    normally there’s a specific person’s name and contact that’s in the bank loan agreement.

  1015. hye guys,

    i went to OD last weekend. then i drop by to sales office to fill up a form to contra the payment (RM900++) with our deposit. then i “curik2 masuk” to my house at 9th level n the facility floor. Quite nice their work especially inside the house. but the only thing look soooo ugly is our lobby. look like apartment house i think. and got some crack at the wall at lobby.

    i want to rent out my unit. who interested??? just let me know πŸ™‚

  1016. wanna ask my unit is ready for hand over the key or not…
    call the number but no one picking up the call….zzZZZ

  1017. Anonymous | April 8, 2013 at 1:58 pm |

    key when your bank make 100% payment to developer…I just went there today and able to sneak in to lobby…pool and my unit πŸ˜› . Interior is nice and yes the lobby is small+ have 4 lift.i will post the pic in my facebook in few min and you guys can comment k.

  1018. Razi Block A | April 8, 2013 at 2:10 pm |

    or try look at my page

  1019. hello
    what u guys meant by ‘curi2 masuk’ or sneak in? no one guarding the entrance/elevator is it? if can sneak in, that’s cool man! can do some measurement already!

  1020. Already got the key why cannot go in? Need to curi curi masuk?
    Anyone knows bout the renovation rules and regulations? When can start to renovate?

  1021. Razi Block A | April 9, 2013 at 12:23 am |

    I’m yet to receive my key…maybe this week or next…that why i have to sneak in..the guard wont allow me to get in but i say i want to meet someone in the mgt office :P. Nice place and still have contractor inside few unit(minor repair). Today i will follow up with the bank to check on the status.

  1022. Roy, u have received your key? that was fast! my bank haven’t do full release yet.

  1023. Anyone here loan with UOB bank? If your loan have been fully release, please update here okay? Thanks

  1024. Block A level 15 owner | April 9, 2013 at 8:35 am |

    As per spoken to UOB loan department they mentioned my loan will be fully released by tomorrow!

  1025. My loan from RHB, not yet release full payment. Hopefully can get the key by this week.

  1026. Razi Block A | April 9, 2013 at 1:14 pm |


    same goes to me from RHB. But today i request thier HQ to settle it by this week and they promise to settle it. I already fax them the doc needed to expedite. You may contact Ur branch and request to expedite

  1027. Anonymous | April 9, 2013 at 4:55 pm |

    Hi razi, why still can’t see the photo on your facebook? Or you have make the setting that only your friend can see your photo and profile? Really hope that can see the photo first…. Thanks ya

  1028. Razi Block A | April 9, 2013 at 10:51 pm |

    Already set the pic as public…will update more upon request

  1029. Razi Block A | April 10, 2013 at 3:04 am |

    Yes…finally after i ask bank to expedite they made the final payment by today. Already call credit control and appointment to take the key by tmr at 11am…hope everything goes as plan…

  1030. My loan has been realeased!!. But difficult to contact mk land. Dem, they dont want to take our call

  1031. razi i called uob but they havent release mine yet. what happen?
    they check their system there’s no amount disburse to the developer yet.
    1 more thing, did mk land request any statement from uob before releasing the letter???

  1032. Razi Block A | April 10, 2013 at 3:21 am |

    Thing that i do

    1st – call your main branch and ask them to expedite – my bank help
    2nd – Call contact center(housing loan) and request to expedite ( with case ID) – it help
    3rd – Call Mkland to prepare the release letter

    MKLAND will ask you to wait for the letter from bank but u still can ask bank to email to you the proof that final payment is made( my bank did help and will forward to me soon). U need to do some follow up here and there and yes call MKLAND is hard but i still manage to talk to them( around 30min waiting) So with this info it might help you guys ya.

  1033. Razi Block A | April 10, 2013 at 3:24 am |

    Please call them fast coz per day only 10 customer will be attended. SO we have around 400 unit and u imagine how long the Q will be

  1034. razi- woww good information. but still curious how you manage to make appointment for key collection as you do not have any proof yet??
    uob did call me back and they said confirm to release loan by this week.

    thanks again razi from the block

  1035. Razi Block A | April 10, 2013 at 4:00 am |

    Thestigg – Please refer below email. I already forward to MKLAND. hehehe

    Durratul Ain Binti Mohd Fauzi

    11:36 AM (25 minutes ago)

    to me

    Dear Razi,

    Your loan is fully disbursed today.

    Thanks and Regards

    Durratul Ain Binti Mohd Fauzi.

    From: BM Kota Damansara
    Sent: Wednesday, April 10, 2013 11:01 AM
    To: Durratul Ain Binti Mohd Fauzi
    Subject: FW: KDS112297 (71258100004343)


    Pls check 3270, AMAI screen, and notify borrower once disbursed.



    From: Siti Nur Syazwani Binti Barmin on behalf of CSD – Funding and Availment
    Sent: Wed 4/10/2013 9:32 AM
    To: CSD – Documentation Mass Mkt
    Cc: BM Kota Damansara; Durratul Ain Binti Mohd Fauzi; CSD – Funding and Availment
    Subject: RE: KDS112297 (71258100004343)

    Dear All,

    We will proceed with disbursement by today..


    —–Original Message—–
    From: Azlina Binti Ariffin On Behalf Of CSD – Documentation Mass Mkt
    Sent: Tuesday, April 09, 2013 6:20 PM
    To: CSD – Funding and Availment
    Cc: BM Kota Damansara; Durratul Ain Binti Mohd Fauzi
    Subject: FW: KDS112297 (71258100004343)
    Importance: High

    Dear Team

    Please assist


    Azlina Ariffin
    RHB Bank Berhad, Credit Operations | Level 5, OTC Block, RHB Complex Bangi | ( GL : 03-8691 6000, Fax No : 03 -8691 6002)

    From: BM Kota Damansara
    Sent: Tuesday, April 09, 2013 2:42 PM
    To: CSD – Documentation Mass Mkt
    Cc: Durratul Ain Binti Mohd Fauzi
    Subject: KDS112297 (71258100004343)
    Importance: High

    Dear OIC,

    Borrower received progressive claim from developer as per attachment.

    Upon checking via 3270, the last amount disbursed was RM13,230 on 13/12/12.

    Pls act urgently.




    From: Durratul Ain Binti Mohd Fauzi
    Sent: Tue 4/9/2013 2:27 PM
    To: BM Kota Damansara
    Cc: Ak Kawita Dewi; Beh Kok Kee
    Subject: FW: Scan Data from FX-AA9029

    Dear Bm,

    Kindly forward this email to CSD

    Dear OIC,

    We received a complaint from walk in customer regarding his housing loan disbursement. Based on our checking his loan still pending RM52,976.74 not yet fully disburse. He already got the instruction from lawyer to disburse his full loan, and from what he said that he only have 5 day from now, if not penalty will be charge on him. Attach here with copy letter from lawyer.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Durratul Ain Binti Mohd Fauzi
    Kota Damansara Branch

    —–Original Message—–
    From: DocuCentre-III 2007 []
    Sent: Tuesday, April 09, 2013 2:19 PM
    To: Durratul Ain Binti Mohd Fauzi
    Subject: Scan Data from FX-AA9029

    Number of Images: 5
    Attachment File Type: PDF

    Device Name: DocuCentre-III 2007
    Device Location:

    This message is intended only for the use of the person(s) to whom it is
    addressed and may contain information that is privileged or otherwise protected
    from disclosure. If you are not the intended recipient you are hereby notified that
    any use, review, disclosure or copying of this message and the information it
    contains is prohibited. If you receive the message in error, please notify the
    sender by reply e-mail and discard all its contents.

    Thank You.

  1036. What ! Mkland such a big company only attnd 10 customer rediculous and they need to stop the madness 10 a day meaning a month + only can seatle everything..??? or this is their strategic to extend the time more. but anyway congrates to block A owners soon will move in already. Cheers Guys thanks for the info as im from block B will follow up on things that what is happening now.

  1037. Razi Block A | April 10, 2013 at 4:21 am |

    Block B, that what they told me…even my appointment for TMR might be postponed to Friday coz Thursday is full. Wow…the longger your back clear the payment, the longer you need to wait.

  1038. What!! 10 custs per day?? That’s very bad man!! Do we really have to get the key in 14days from the vacant possession letter date?

  1039. Razi Block A | April 10, 2013 at 7:06 am |

    they say the customer service will only attend around 10 customer per day. 14 days is a guideline i think… once back release + need to wait the settlement letter from bank then you can refer with MKLAND. My way is ask bank to email me 1st rather than waiting for their letter

  1040. Anyone from Block B start to pay for the interest?

  1041. Hmm.. Frustrated with the solicitor.. Call them twice, but no feedback regardg final disbursement from the bank. Call bank already, n they haven’t received any letter from solicitor regardg ths matter.. Next time, no more bsnss with u!

  1042. Razi Block A | April 10, 2013 at 9:34 am |

    Mrs_Zul – Bank will always say like that and you need to give them prove. In the letter that you receive recently stated that MKLAND already send to the bank right? i did receive with dated 1st of APRIL. I forward the letter to my bank and they do it ASAP(today).

  1043. Hi all
    I called alrajhi yesterday and they informed that the remaining balance of my loan has yet to be disbursed. they also informed that they will only release the payment upon instruction of the lawyer.
    Have any of you dealt with Razif Abdul Aziz & Partners? I’ve called them and surprisingly they said they couldnt find my file and will get back to me asap. leceh.
    Any suggestions how should I deal with this situation?
    Can I deal directly with alrajhi without going through the lawyer?

    Thank you in advance!

  1044. yeahh….my uob released last 20%.

  1045. Dear Roti!

    Please be carefull with AlRajhi BANGSAT and thier useless LAWYER!!!
    I also took my house financing with them for this project with the same lawyer.I did’t make any call to them because im fed up with them with 1 of case that not settled yet.

    I already bring this case to BNM and FMB and just waiting for the date for Hearing.

    U better standby for the same case like me or u have to call every second. if not, u will pay unnecessary penalty to developer!!!

    Good Luck for u Mr Roti.

    p/s: for tali barut AlRajhi inside this blog, please report to them what i said here.

    Thank you.

  1046. Dear roti,

    Guess what? We are in the same boat! I called them many times, but can’t get any info because of someone that handled this project resigned already.. I asked them to call me back, but they failed to do so. Waiting almost two hours n i feel so angry,i called them back, n they just said that person in charge is not in the office… Very stupid answer!

  1047. Go bank Negara for bank issue and the lawyer case go to bar caunsil, before this i got issue with lawyer says that cant find my file and need time, ok i give my time then i called up again still my file gone missing dunno where there keep, i go to the lawyer office i want to see the person incharge and the head lawyer and we sit down have a good talk, i say this is about money not rm10k but almost half a million, ok if i got penalty from which ever bank becouse of your firm i have the right to go to labour law and you will pay my delay payment or what ever crap. So from that day the lawyer and the staff update me in every issue regarding status of the house.

    Roti- dont scared bout the lawyer its their job to find your file or call bar caunsil complain bout the firm, we are paying them so they have to remember that.

    Yes im starting paying my interest already since Nov 2012 for block B

  1048. Razi Block A | April 11, 2013 at 8:03 am | many problem…i thought all is going as plan..diff bank n diff lawyer have their own issue. Hope you guys can get your key soon. I know the feeling of waiting.

  1049. razi did you manage to get your key today???


  1050. Razi Block A | April 11, 2013 at 10:29 am |

    Thestigg – today appointment is full, tmr at 10 I will take my key

  1051. razi later will you update once you get the key ya. haha! mine uob will email me the statement tomorrow and my appointment for key next monday/tues
    whom did you liase with for the release letter? shariza or masni??
    i tried to fool masni today but did not manage to arrange the release letter she needs to see the statement 1st. haha

  1052. Razi Block A | April 11, 2013 at 11:17 am |

    thestigg – Masni is the best…shariza is super lazy and “clown” in the company. Even bank yet to send me the letter, Masni able to get her boss approval(based on emial from RHB)to release the unit to me. Today RHB call and will email me the release letter. I will update you what is needed when u collect the key ya.

  1053. Wao… Thanks razi for the photo update… But where’s the pool @@…. Anyone taking loan frm PBB? Actually block B now paying how many percent of interest?

  1054. Razi
    have you measured the kitchen area?

  1055. Razi Block A | April 12, 2013 at 12:11 am |

    Yes but with my contractor hehehehe

  1056. Hi T,

    Im taking PBB, now if not mistaken already 30% disbursed the money to developer so interest cant remember around 5k already i pay.

    T, from which branch PBB u r taking?

  1057. block B 9th flr | April 12, 2013 at 6:59 am |

    i am taking from PBB too, but my lawyer told me that still awaiting under taking letter from mkland in order to send for stamping.
    actualy, i am afair for the late penalty charge, but lawyer mentioned they still not yet received any bill from mkland… problem one.

    dear all, just to check ,what my lawyer told me as above, it is right ?

    thank you.

  1058. Blk B 15th Floor | April 12, 2013 at 7:08 am |

    We all won’t able to get it know is right or wrong
    At the end of the day, it might be lawyer, developer, developer sales ppl come to tell you that their are sorry for what had happened

    So you need to pay this and that due to this and that again got delay

    No matter how just beware on what documents that we are signing and watch the date is correct, some of this bastard might back date documnets

    Just becareful becareful with your signature onto anything

    Good luck

  1059. I heard the same thing from them.. I did called MK land but no one pick up..

  1060. block B 9th flr | April 12, 2013 at 7:22 am |

    wah…. so scary !!!

    Hi Block B, are you same like me ?

  1061. I haven’t made any payment yet.. i called bank loan officer they said pending SNP from devoloper.. called devoloper no answer.. called laywer firm said stamp and sign.. now.. dunno where can go..

  1062. block B 9th flr | April 12, 2013 at 7:43 am |

    Hi Block B,

    which means you just sign the SNP recently?
    your loan from which branch? my one from Wangsa Maju.

    Hi Blk B 15th Floor,
    what action shd i take to protect myself now?

  1063. I signed on Nov 2012. but like they said wrong document.. resign again on Jan.. T.T Wangsa Maju also..

  1064. Razi Block A | April 12, 2013 at 10:56 am |

    Latest Update – Block A

    receive my key today and few defect need to be done. The customer service is great and appointment goes smoothly. Thing that Developer need to repair

    – Wall have minor crack(sikit saja)
    – Wall is not that smooth( need touch up)
    – got small hole here n there( sikit saja)

    Overall my unit look ok. Get my key but the access card + car sticker need to wait( under process)

    If you guys need to do some renovation, need to pay RM1500 deposit and that all. My house will have some small reno starting this Monday. Plaster ceiling(whole house), grill, and cabinet. end of month i can move in. So happy n cant wait to see the results. Any question please pm me at my facebook k =

  1065. Hello Razi ,

    Wah syoklah everything goes smoothly for u.
    so One Damansara already got CF?
    And that deposit is refundable rite?

  1066. Razi Block A | April 12, 2013 at 11:18 am |

    Yaya – Forgot to ask them about the CF. The deposit is refundable. Monday o have to pay and get the letter.

  1067. mine bad news. due to still no cf, uob hold my last disbursemnt.
    according to mk they will get the cf by next monday and will arrange my key the following day.

  1068. Razi Block A | April 12, 2013 at 11:24 am |

    thestigg – why i can get my key…fuyo…i got special treatment la like this πŸ˜› .

  1069. Block BI dunno how much they disburse dy but I know PBB payment notice very late lucky I’m using direct debit. I’m taking PBB Kepong. Urs?

    Block B 9th floor. Last time I’m facing same problem I call the MKland’s lawyer myself n screw them up then only they gt the thing run. Try to call the SPA lawyer side for the letter. Wats the bank lawyer said bout tat?

    Agree with with Block B 15th floor rmb to check the date, mayb they pending the docs but at the end of day they blame on us…l

  1070. Razi. Y need to pay 1.5k deposit for you to do renovation?
    Anyone know can the yard be renovate to cover up instead of the originally open air one?

  1071. I’m a resident taking the unit at 9th Floor at Block B. Hopefully the process will be smooth when it comes to Block B handover. I have yet to pay a single cent on my interest yet due to release letter pending. Hope it just pending till Block B completed… hehe…

    Requesting deposit for renovation may be normal, but I doubt do they need that much? and in what kind of renovation do they need the deposit? Like kitchen and rooms, those definitely need the cabinets and wardrobes.

    Razi, R u a TM staff?

  1072. Bro Razi,

    Dun think that you got special treatment,whichever building without CF is a very serious issue

    If you move in without CF, insurance won’t cover you anything especially your personal insurance cause you are risking your life in danger so insurance won’t cover

    Then come to this MRTA or watever your house insurance will also find way not paying u anything

    No CF means building is not ready + if you start reno the unit,anything happen this bastard insurance adjustor will put blame on your head

    So your special treatment is this? Developer risk your life

    May god bless

    As for me, i never never will sign the key handover upon CF, if you do so mean u responsible for it

    FYI, im in construction line so i know all this trick the developer wanted you all sign n get the key so their can run away the LAD mean penalty on late delivery

    Bro Razi, all i can tell is if the condo dun have CF n u sign to get key….it jz mean you being con by developer ppl

  1073. Dear All,

    The deposit of RM1.5k will be refundable upon u completed the renovation

    Their need the deposit is for any cleaning or repair needed if your renovation work caused any damaged or dirty to the public area

    So no worry on the deposit

  1074. Supposed there is no CF now. CF is replaced by CCC now, where developer can only give keys when CCC is ready.

    Please kindly check with developer. Move in/Renovate without CCC is really too risky to purchasers/residents. Not Worth to do so!

  1075. Actually, they already got ccc, just the process was slow, u dont need to ask developer, u can check with majlis perbandaran also, they are the one issue ccc,dont worry guys,

  1076. Level a,

    What do you mean by “they already got ccc, just the process was slow”?


    11. What other changes will CCC bring?
    The CCC system also ensures that Vacant Possession (VP) can be issued together with CCC. This will overcome problems previously associated with CFO where homebuyers receive the house keys (upon submission of Form E) but cannot move into the houses because the CFO has not been issued.
    With the introduction of the matrix of responsibility (Form Gs), there will also be an improvement in the accountability and responsibility aspect as action can be taken on the responsible party in the event of failure or flaws in the building. Thus, work quality can improve.

  1078. razi the cf definitely get on next monday. there is no “special treatment” for you. your bank released all the amount that is why mk release yours. mine uob its in their policy once developer received cf then they will release the rest.

    with cf or not you guys will running for the keys though.. will you -__-

  1079. hi theStigg,

    I don’t think they didn’t release because of CF. My friend & I also loan from UOB, both already fully disburse this week. Maybe they just got your notice late, hence the late disburse.

    Ya what kind of renovation requires of deposit? Installing kitchen cabinet considered renovation? Painting?

    I don’t think I’ll be doing any major revovation, the maxiumumn will be just plaster ceiling, kitchen cabinet etc. This also requires deposit? Ya RM1500 is quite a big amount lah I think.

  1080. any rules for renovation? especially the grill?
    some condo will fix the specific colour and design for grill so that the whole condo looks like standard.

  1081. Razi Block A | April 12, 2013 at 11:52 pm |

    i did ask the customer service and Mr Ravi say i can proceed with the renovation. Monday i will reconfirm with them. About the grill, we can put any design(already check with them also)

  1082. Block B 9 flr | April 13, 2013 at 3:24 am |

    Hi T……thank you for your lowyer just said awaiting undertaking letter from developer,
    as now thier busy with key release for blk A.
    may i know the letter suppose raise by developer or SPA lowyer?

  1083. Hi Block B 9th floor. The letter last time I gt it frm khimat perangsang nt mk land. R u using developer’s lawyer? U may need to call to spa lawyer side n try ask bout ur undertaking letter.
    I Jz wish we gt good neighborhood n maintain all the area in clean n safe place. Especially the common facilities when blk B is done the facilities might old dy T_T if nt in good maintainence.

  1084. Hi everyone,

    manage to reach level 20 Block A today although
    got chasing by guard πŸ™‚

    feel free to view the image


  1085. LOL. Thank you for the efforts Mett πŸ˜€

  1086. I saw you mett. I was there. Haha

  1087. Raymond Lee | April 14, 2013 at 1:31 pm |

    I went around the condo today and I realised that there are still piles of garbage around. And where is the entrance of block A? Is it the one that is situated beside Econsave’s back entrance/loading bay? Honestly it looks really bad. Looks like a low cost apartment entrance. And just beside it, there are lots of garbage also… courtesy of Econsave.

    I really hope the developer looks into this matter before they start disappointing the residents. I don’t think the residents expects grade A class standards but something that is worth our money.

  1088. Hi guys πŸ™‚ a Block A buyer here. I found this write-up on the National House-buyers Association website:

    “CCC stands for the certificate of completion and compliance and is a new term introduced by the Street, Drainage and Building (Amendment) Act 2007 (Amendment Act), which came into force on April 12, 2007. The CCC is meant to replace the certificate of fitness for occupation (CFO).”


    Does this mean that, for One Damansara, we will not obtain a CFO since the system has been replaced by the CCC and that obtaining a CCC is sufficient for us to move in and commence renovations?

    Can anyone confirm or negate?

  1089. totally agree with you raymond, why the rubbish area still not clean up, it looks really really bad, even worse than any low cost apartment, for a second i sweat and feel like doing a wrong investment, coz in Malaysia, rubbish area like this, once started, ppl will get used to it and continue throw it there forever and ever.

    From the rubbish area go further, the road condition also very bad, i have to drive over all the holes on the road slowly, i cant imagine how we can move in. Is it part of the effort for developer to clean up ard the area and repair the road for us? i foresee tht should be the road visitor will come and go for OD, and i feel embarrass if my fren come and visit me πŸ™ i hope developer or econsave will do something on tht

    come on it is a 300~500k+ condo, i really cannot accept this.

  1090. Raymond Lee | April 15, 2013 at 2:34 am |

    Hi Anonymous,

    Yes, we should all voice this out to MKLand when we collect the keys. This is very unacceptable. At least we should show them that the community wants the place to be clean. Bastards!

  1091. strongly agree.