One Jalil Bukit Jalil

One Jalil is magna prima new project and bukit jalil area. It haven’t launch yet but for the location wise is attractive and some more is a 3 storey terrace house. Extimate the price should be started at RM 600,000. Very limited terrace house in bukit jalil, the ho hup the terrace house second hand value already up to RM 700,000. Paragon height also able to sell RM 600,000++. I believe this property call be selling very fast because not many unit available.

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One jalil is proud to offer the discerning urbanite a cluster of exclusive homes nestled amidst 10.86 acres of freehold land in the upscale township of Bandar Bukit Jalil, and just a stone’s throw away from the Bukit Jalil Recreational Park, a gobernment gazatted green lung.
This guarded community will be home to a mere 102 units of masterfully designed homes comprising 80 super -link terrace units and 22 semi-detached homes. Constuction of this private enclave is expected to commence between the second and third quater of 2009 and be completed by mid 2011.

So do you will to buy it? This topic specially magna ville buyer will want to see it.

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  1. gabrielle | June 15, 2009 at 3:02 pm |

    wow… if it sell about 600k onwards
    its too expensive larrr
    especially during tis tough time now

    i thought price is similar like paragon heights initial selling price, less than 500k

  2. hi gabrielle,

    i think impossible already, mutiara bukit jalil also selling rm 600,000 for phase 2. so one jalil rm 600,000 i think is minimum price. paragon heights second hand value also goes up to RM 550,000 to 600,000.

  3. get the resource from other forum mention the price will be start from RM 750,000.

  4. RM750K is way overpriced, considering it’s bkt jalil.
    doubt magna has the property clout to draw such a sum – i mean, they’re not really sp setia, esp sinc eyou read bout quality finishing comments frm their other projects.
    in this climate, if you have money you invest in good locations.
    better for them to scale down and offer more units, and make their profits on volume.

  5. Haha, same to ho hup. Recently there are selling the last phase of property. I thing is the remaining 3 storey house in bukit jalil as well. Haven’t got time to see yet. Will check it out later. Name as Jalil Sutera, the halted project few years back because of ho hup economic problem. Becuase of the second value for jalil sutera already up to RM 750,000. So the last phase will be selling RM 750,000 as well. Same to one jalil will match the same price.

  6. gabrielle | July 8, 2009 at 2:33 pm |

    how come magna website no longer have one jalil in their upcoming project??

    any idea what s happening??????

  7. Thursday July 9, 2009 (The Star Online)

    Ho Hup withdraws one of two land disposal proposals

    PETALING JAYA: Ho Hup Construction Co Bhd yesterday withdrew one of two land disposal proposals tabled for approval at the company EGM, worried that the involvement of an interested party in that exercise could raise shareholders’ objection.

    “We are still looking for options to sell the land, maybe via a joint venture with other partners but I think it will not be difficult. However, we need time to solve this matter,” group managing director Lim Ching Choy said yesterday after the meeting.

    Lim said shareholders did not support the second land disposal plan due to conflict of interest issues.

    The company had proposed to sell two plots of land in Kuala Lumpur to Santari Sdn Bhd and Permata Juang (M) Sdn Bhd (PJSB) for a total cash payment of about RM29.24 mil.

    PJSB is a subsidiary of Magna Prima Bhd whose director Datuk Lye Ek Seang also sits on the board of Ho Hup.

    Lim was also an executive director at Magna Prima before joining Ho Hup as group managing director.

    On Ho Hup’s operations in Madagascar, Lim said the company had obtained back all the machinery confiscated by the Madagascar government following a settlement and now planned to lease them in that country for some income.

    “By leasing, at least we can see some positive income to the company even though not that substantial,” he said.

    Ho Hup had been involved in a legal tussle with the Madagascar government over a terminated 400km road project.

    Lim said for the next six months, the company would continue to generate value from its property projects in Bukit Jalil and launch a mixed development project next year, also in Bukit Jalil.

  8. The project could be terminated? Any buyer want to share.

  9. I already know what is happening. The Magna Prima CEO already join to Ho Hup as Managing Director. Magna one of the director hold 24% share of Ho Hup. So I think One Jalil already no more and ho hup now launch the Jalil sutera 3 storey and semi-D in bukit jalil as well.

  10. anyhow, how come no1 mentioned abt alam sutera of bkt jalil?

    i stay in mutiara bkt jalil, just wondering the estate land between MBJ and BBJ got any future development?

  11. alam sutera frankly speaking nothing to mention. Have visit the site before the design not very nice. Last time also want to but mutiara because only cost rm 430,+++. After that also never get it, the phase 3 the price become RM 6++,+++. Very surprise.

  12. mutiara BJ phase 1 was only 350k+/-, 20×70. phase 2 sold ard 430k with 22×70, so phase 3 with 22×75 price at 600k shld be reasonable since its full 3 sty built up more than 3000 sqft.

    look at the price of 2 sty in bdr puteri & bdr kinrara aledi ask for 500k above, mutiara consider worth.

    alam sutera and paragon all r leased-hold that hold me back. only the BK, mutiara, hoehup BJ r freehold.

  13. Paragon height is 3388 sqf, some more when purchase already 80% complete. The price only RM 450,000 phase 1 and RM 488,000 phase 2 (extra features) .

  14. Follow this link to find out more about Mutiara Bukit Jalil:

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