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One South, the latest mixed development in Seri Kembangan, Selangor comprising of shop offices, service apartments and office tower is set to tap on its strategic location. It is situated just along the KL-Seremban Expressway and right next to Besraya highway, where it enjoys a ready population catchment as well as high traffic visibility.

first planned phase will offer 385 units of shop offices built in a street mall concept where work meets play. With built-ups from 500 sq ft to 2,500 sq ft, prices of its office units start from RM350 per sq ft and RM750 per sq ft for its retail lots.

Phase two to five of the One South development will offer a total of 1,200 service residences with built-ups from 850 sq ft onwards. Priced from RM250 per sq ft, these units are aimed at young couples, fresh graduates, upgraders and investors who want to live in an affordable location that is yet close to the city.

One South will be launched in January 2010 and completion is targeted to be 36 months from the Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA) date. Bumiputera buyers are entitled to a seven percent discount while all buyers get to enjoy their SPA legal fees to be borne by the developer.

The mixed development is next to the serdang skyvilla shop office. The location wise is confinient by back and front also high way. Near by Apartment and Condo are Serdang skyvilla RM 140sqf, Fortune Park RM 216 sqf, East Lake RM 256 sqf. So the price for the service apartment consider follow the market rate. However the pro for this project compare the other 3 is below having a shop office. The appreciation it depend what shop will be moving in. Definately the unit can be rent to student as around here got a lot of university, like SEGI, APIIT and UPM. However the nearest will be SEGI in South City Plaza, and recently the South City Plaza already need to built the hostel on top the plaza and rent to the student. So I think One south still a bit difficult rent to SEGI student.

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  1. hm.. look attractive

  2. i’ve registered in their website long2 time ago (i think way back in Sep’09).

    price for shop office looks attractive. but, i’ve no idea on the prospective tenants + rental rate. normall shop office rental is more than residential rate right?

    if can get around rm1500 p/m for the smallest size, possible to achieve 10% yield. is this realistic?

  3. South City Plaza and the rest of the shops around the area (up till beside skyvilla) like “kenot make it” leh for the time being… Such concept is new and untested.. Accessability not so direct, lots of bottle neck..

    Everyone is aiming for APIIT UPM SEGI IMU students, but with newer condos mushrooming around bukit jalil (Savanna, Savanna 2, Covillea, Jalil Park City, more new condos coming), serdang/serdang raya (Aman Heights, Villa Park), and sri petaling (Endah promanade), expect stiff competition, unless developer manage to pull out something unique to attract tenants..

    my 2cents

  4. oversupply 2.5 cents

  5. i think is very attractive.. population will always be growing. By the way, it’s very accessible. Good for those people who travel from sepang, nilai, kajang, seremban to kl to work. It’s along the way.

  6. Hai my name is Ms.Coral Chong, l am a Property Negotiator at ONE SOUTH Mixed Project. Please feel free to call me at 012-9338788 if you want to know more information. Hope to hear from you soon.

  7. Dear All,

    Our Sales Gallery is just next to the site, a four storey shop~corner lot. Open from 10.30am – 6pm (Mon-Sun)See you there..:)

  8. Check your details before you advertised. Bumiputera do not get 7% discount from this project.

  9. Hi Azman,

    There is a promotion for the shop office, may be you can call coral 012 -9338788 for the info.

  10. Coral,

    Understand that the retail shops and service apartments are not open for sale yet. Can you tell me when is the actual launching date? When the construction work will start?

  11. Didi, thank you fo your feed back..probably end of the year or early next year. We too waiting..have you register with us yet?

  12. Hi Coral,
    kindly provide us the link for the service apartment registration.
    By the way, does this project will have soft launch?

  13. hi terry,

    you register through us agent, we will call you once it lauching..
    give me your name and phone number for register or sent sms to me at: 012 9338788 thank u

  14. HI Coral,

    my details as per below, kindly help to proceed with the registration.

    Name: Terry
    HP: 012-7511830.

    Thank you.

  15. Terry, noted n thanks.

  16. Coral,

    Are you the only sales agent for this project? Who else can I enquire more info? Is that any show room phone number that I can call?

  17. Dear Ali,

    There are few more sales agent beside can also call our Sales Gallery at 03 89458878 for inquiry. Thanks

  18. Hi , I’m interested with the project ..
    Pls keep me update n register

  19. Dear WS Choy,

    Sure, thank you for your interest! Please sms me your hand phone number and will keep in touch with you. 🙂

    H/P: 012 9338788

  20. how abt the price ?

  21. Mr. Rui,

    Service Apartment is not launching yet, price not noe.
    We are now launching for the Office Suite only.


  22. hi coral ,sorry abit mistake ,i mean the retail unit ( shop lot) price thx u.

  23. Hai Mr. Rui,

    Thanks for inquiry, the retail shop launching very soon..selling price is from RM 1.3 Mil – 2.8 Mil. Please call me for more detail, thanks.

  24. hi coral, any shop lot between 200000 to 500000 over i million cant effort.thx u

  25. Hai Rui,

    RM200k-RM500k, u can consider our Office Suite 2nd-7th flr…can be use for retail also. Our concept is Sreet Mall ~ facing the highway next to the Sungei Besi toll. Good location. TQ

  26. hi coral,thanks again,sounds better ,any idea how big of the office/lot bagain from i mean minimun how much as well,really intresting to buy,thx again.

  27. hi,
    i am not sure that can i ask question like this here or not, if cannot so sorry to interrupt but just want to know that how can i access to the wiring contractor. hope will get some good response…

  28. Hai Rui,

    Glad you like it, min is 603-1878 SQ our selling price is from RM350-RM370 per sq and interested can come to our Sales Gallery for further detail or can contact me at any time. Thanks.

    Hai Khan, you may call to Huayang the Developer for further detail.

  29. Hi Coral,

    Please keep me updates too regarding service apartment.



  30. Hai Abu,

    Noted and will keep you inform once is launching. Thank you 🙂


  32. Hai Carol,

    The Office suite for 2nd floor finished selling?

  33. Dear Vincent,

    The service apartment is going to launch very soon, like the next one or two month. Please register/sent sms to me your name and phone number, l will call you once is launching. Thank you.

    Hai Crystal,

    Thank you for inquiry..has reply to you by email, please check. Anyway 2nd floor all sold.

    Thank you.

  34. Dear Coral, can help me for registration?
    If can please sms or call me once launch the serviced apartment, Thanks very much…
    My HP no. :0124589995

  35. Dear Neoloh,

    Noted will keep you inform, maybe after the CNY. Thank you.

  36. hi coral, im quite interested with the serviced apartment. If possible, can u let me know once the serviced apartment to be launch soon? thank you very2 much.. my contact no 0123827090

  37. service apartment already launch only the first block, no much option because most nice unit already book internally the price start from rm355,000 ++ for 1014 sqf (before 10% discount). Interested can call me Lim 012-6657857.

  38. Now AYG is the agent for One SOuth who previously Symphony Heights, they are CONS, they promise this and that but dont deliver, is not the developer problem but the agent problem, please clarify with the developer befor committing direct from the AYG agents, they just want to sell and would say any damn thing to sell, my friend was the buyer for symphony heights. Ppl, beware of AYG

  39. block E already fully book, now open block D and the minumum price start from RM 365,000 (before discount). Interest can call me Lim 012-6657857.

  40. How about the new block for shop office. Is it launching soon? Any promotions? What is the current status of development?

  41. Blk C & D will be launching soon but not know when or any promotion.
    Still waiting for the developer and their are doing the earth work now. Will keep you inform once is launching ok..thanks

  42. Careful guys. They will forfeit your booking rm300 for failure to get loan. This is scam!

  43. Dear All The Value Customer,

    Yes, the Service Apartment has launch, please contact me or sent sms for any inquiry l’ll be glad to provide you with any information.
    or you can visit me at the Sales Gallery address below:

    Sales Gallery (Next to the site)
    Near Mint Hotel
    G-39, Jalan SP 5/1, Serdang Perdana,
    43300 Seri Kembangan

    Coral Chong
    H/P: + 6012 9338788
    My off day: Monday.
    Open 10am-7pm
    See you there! 🙂
    See you there….

  44. HI Mr.R, what is the story behind AYG? im planning to deal at One south..

  45. Any nice service agent for this project? pls provide. tq

  46. FD2R:
    New project recent is making money, who able enter fast who will win.
    I already bought with them, the loan offer with DIBS scheme from Maybank, I waive to pay progressive interest within the construction period, that make me save a lot of money.
    The earthworks is completed and will complete 36 months from now.
    AYG agent is explain very clearly to me and offer a good service, I was so happy have a unit there.
    I so happy to have own house and waiting to move in here.

  47. dear sir
    hello and congratulation on launching the one south project –
    i do have a small question and i hope u can answer me with that —
    am a foraigner who comes to malaysia for vecation on a tourist visa
    i stay between 1 to 2 monthes –
    i wonder if its posssible for me to rent one of your shops on a yearly basis for a buisiness opertuninty and if that is possible–i wonder if your office can help me in optaining the liscense and the working hands that i may need along with the legal papers needed to make it happen ./
    plese if you can informe me of the yearly rental regarding the commercial shops — sizes and location ( street and 1st level )

    thank you very much for all your respones —
    wishing you all succes in your project sales.

    sincerely yours
    mr edrees —-

  48. My company doing public cleaning services for shopping mall, hotel, apartment, condominium, office block etc. cld someone tell me who should i contact in order for me to propose them our company proposal?

  49. I have a few office units to let go(loan problems). Please let me know if you are interested. These are corner units facing Highway, and also corner units facing the service apartment, 3rd floor. Very nice units.

    Also have 2 units of the sold out Service apartment. One unit facing south, 12th floor, and another one ground floor facing Palace of golden horses (with garden and 15ft high ceiling).

    All absolutely super buys.

  50. I have a few office units to let go(loan problems). Please let me know if you are interested. These are corner units facing Highway, and also corner units facing the service apartment, 3rd floor. Very nice units.

    Also have 2 units of the sold out Service apartment. One unit facing south, 12th floor, and another one ground floor facing Palace of golden horses (with garden and 15ft high ceiling).

    All absolutely super buys. PM me 012 2965723. Thanks.

  51. Hi,

    I have a One South office unit to let go (not a able to get the loan due to high commitment). Please let me know if you are interested. This unit is facing the street mall and is nearby the lifts at 5th Floor(middle unit) with Box Out. Very nice unit.

    BTW the price will be developer price, so the SPA will be between you and the developer. Absolutely great buy. PM me 016 6747511. Thanks

  52. Dear ALL,

    I hav interest for this projet… like service apartment.. E, D, C, B block…. who have to let it out… pls PM me… Tan 0123930730.

    Best Regard

  53. I like reading your blog. Thank you for your writing. Good luck.

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