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Before I move in to the new house, I am still thinking using my old Diamond master filter with 10 micro filter. However I found out a product call Puregen UF2500. The Hollow Fiber Micro is only 0.01 micro. The out casing is stainless steel. The most important is only Cost RM 1,400 and is auto flush. After use it for 1 month the inside drinking  diamond energy water filter is still white.


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  1. if it still white, does it means it does not block anything from flowing through?

  2. At least the mud and dirt is not coming in compare to the last time 10 micro filter.

  3. What is the maintenance required for this filtering system? Any warranty provided? Installation fees?

  4. I am looking for an outdoor water filter system with stainless steel casing come with monthly regular servicing of the product due to heavy dirty water. Please contact me at the email stated. Preferred Diamond Brand as I used before and now for indoor unit. It has been proven to me on the product.

  5. Hi Soony, I no longer selling this product. But the reseller in Puchong, you can search for it. Already using it for 7 years, still working good condition. Just change filter 1 time.

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