Pangsapuri Persanda 2

Another new apartment in seksyen 13 near to UITM and MSU in shah alam. IF anyone miss out the opportunity in U1 shan alam. This time is the great opportunity, now is only open register. I think azman and rohaniah will be aware of this property as well. The hr united is the developer and can call them for register.

The current rental for pangsapuri persanda is full unit RM 1,000 with full funish. It is because MSU still under construction, if MSU is completed. I guess it can be rent RM 1,300 to RM 1,500. Persanda 1 when launch only RM 125,000 not persanda 2 is 100% increase of price because of MSU.

Starting price RM 239,200.
Built Up: 920 – 1,031 sq. ft
Type: Leasehold

Corporate Office :
19th Floor, Plaza See Hoy Chan, Jalan Raja Chulan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur.

TEL : 603 – 2053 1988

FAX : 603 – 2026 8898


Sales & Marketing Department :

Ms. Amy Chong
Mr. George Lim



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50 Comments on "Pangsapuri Persanda 2"

  1. hey, thanks for mentioning my name in your article.. yes, i’ve registered a while back but still not sure about the price.. quite expensive for leasehold prop in s alam IMO..

    what i know is that they will have Persanda 3 as well.. of cos they’ll price it higher for P3.. =) so maybe can take adv now..

  2. Yes, all this developer target to the university and just built many as possible. They know investor will look for property near university. If you buy earlier you can gain more. So if wait until P3 i think the price will goes up to RM 350,000 and not much appreciation that time. Now I can see the gain most is the persanda 1 owner.

  3. but if u can successfully sell your villa park at RM230k, why not after that invest in this? haha..

  4. wow, my villa park wanted to sell you also know ah, incredible. Or you have one unit there as well. you must alert of

  5. hehe.. i got my name mentioned in the article too..
    thank you mytotall..
    the developer is reputable.
    but curently i cant really imagine the exact location la..
    thid evening when i pass through federal highway, i will loot at the area carefully

  6. haha, where else? i’m not vested at villa park..
    exact location should be here:
    not only MSU to target; there’ll be a bus terminal complex around there, opposite subang hi-tec..

    but have to compete with other nearby condos/aprtmnts i.e. alam prima, U1 condo, brunsfield, puri aiyu, subang andaman.. but for me, Persanda is the best located among them..

  7. Haha,(aznan, rohaniah and me) we are the same gang of property hunter.

  8. where else? haha.. i’m not vested at villa park..
    exact location should be here:

    not only MSU; there’ll be bus terminal complex beside balai polis opposite subang hi-tec..

    but have to compete with other condos.. U1 condo, alam prima, brunsfield, subang andaman.. but i think Persanda has the best location..

  9. yes.. u are right mytotall,
    the only difference i thnk i have compared with u guys are my limited salary.. making my loan affordability limited.
    btw, i think i know the condo.
    it is near the ‘parit’ rite?
    i just mistakenly thought it is of different name
    poor of me.. haha

  10. No problem rohaniah we are all started, may be azman is experienced.

  11. no lah, my 1st prop is still under cons..

  12. there’ll be bus terminal complex near to this apartment.. will integrate with ktm komuter nearby as well.. so, can target lots of ppl, rather than students alone..

  13. i read from the wikimapia comment, is there ghost there?
    can anybody verify this?

  14. ‘ghost’ issue depends on public perception of that area; even if there’s no ghost, ppl still won’t stay there.. u have to ask general public on that area.. so, it’s difficult to comment..

    lots of apartments coming up in that area, notably U1 condo, Persanda 2 & 3, Alam Prima Phase 1 & 2, Subang Andaman.. not to mention existing ones such as Puri Aiyu, Brunsfield & Indarisa.. the cheapest so far is Alam Prima; i think the nearest to MSU would be Brunsfield, U1 & Persanda..

    this area is going to be a transportation hub for shah alam, plus there are factories nearby.. so i think there’ll be no issue of oversupply..

  15. Hei, azman thank you for your explanation. You really well know about this area. I think you definately will get one unit of persanda 2 already. Check with the agent got introduce fee or not. If got after buy a unit post it here to introduce more buyer.

  16. no lah.. as i said earlier, it’s expensive.. already >RM250psf.. i’m thinking about Alam Prima by spnb (30% right?.. haha..

  17. azman, ur explanation really soothe me..
    but deep down, i will try google on this issue first. hehehe
    you are rite. the are apartments and condos booming in this area.
    i heard that the location is not favourable before. maybe because of the sugar factory and liquor factory there.. makes the area look old. this is the reason why i did not interested to place a booking on alam prime when i visited their booth last year.
    but now, looking at the place, i believe there are potential.
    azman, u buy one unit already eh? got buyer get buyer commission or not?
    is the show house ready?

  18. alam prime, when i visited the booth last year, it is just 130k.
    i am not sure the current available price.
    u have any idea, azman?

  19. eh, why my last comment got cut?

  20. mytotall sabotage u.. hahaha

  21. i am not sure did not cut anything… 🙂

  22. hehe..azman, do u think alam prima is a good buy?

  23. no, i’m not interested with Persanda.. not because it’s not good, just that i think it’s difficult to get decent cap appreciation.. From SPNB staff info, Alam Prima Phase 2 (now is Phase 1) will start at around RM170k only for 900+sqf; Persanda & U1 already charge >RM230k+.. Condos nearby will ride on the highest price in that area.. IMO Alam Prima will definitely sell >RM230k upon vp..
    maybe the facilities/quality/workmanship is different, but in terms of investment, i’ll personally target the cheapest in that area to maximise cap gain and to get good rental yield.. plus minimising risk..
    for family, i think <900sqf is just too small.. IMO family will be interested with at least 900+sqf unit.. should be easier to sell in the future..

  24. yes, azman. I have the same thinking also. The current property that i have is lowest than RM200,000. Except cycberjaya (but loan not approve yet). Cycberjaya the property with 3 room can rent RM 1500 without furniture. However another 4 years there will have another 3000 units will be constructed. So the rental might be drop a bit. May be RM 1300 to RM 1400, so I will try to invest RM 230,000 for the cyberjaya property.

  25. you have a good point azman.
    i am thinking of alam prima too since the building is already up.
    hm.. its good to have the 2nd phase.. hehe..
    how many unit still available?

  26. yes, WC.. u’re the best person to give comment based on your villa park experience.. i think we can see some similarities bet villa park and alam prima i.e.RM200k in the future..

  27. Hehe..I still have one property in cheras the time i bought RM 127,000. Now appreciate to RM 180,000. I think still can be appreciate some more. but still paying the loan 🙁

  28. i am now wondering whether bank will think that i am eligible to get another bank loan.. since the domain @nocyber is still in process of disbursment.
    mytotall, your cheras property, is it apartment or linked house?
    when didi you buy it?

  29. already constrcuted 2 years, is apartment. again is near to UCSI. Guess the name of the apartment name?

  30. puncak banyan? i think can rent above RM1k..

  31. haha azman, you know the answer again.

  32. azman has sixth sense, is he?
    i read your review on puncak banyan.
    is the private college students are much better than ipta students?
    from my study, i almost want to conclude that.
    u know, i heard a lot of comments on uitm shah alam students.. they do not pay on time.

  33. in puncak banyan i rent to middle east and affrica before. Affica they willing to pay and quite high rental. However they would not take care of your house. It also give a bad impression of your condo environment. Middle east they pay on time but will negotiate on the rental. So i prefer rent to middle east people.

  34. african students always create nuissance.
    i personally dont like to rent my property to them too
    i have witness it since i was living in the same floor with them in residential college when i was in university.

  35. back to your question rohaniah on whether alam prima is a good buy or not:
    -rental: i dun believe u can get rental of RM1k per mth for a 800+sqf aprtmnt in shah alam to get 8% yield
    -for subsale: i think there’s no similar aprtmnt in that area with that size i.e. 800+sqf.. that’s why i said it’s ok if u wait for Alam Prima Phase 2, where the units are bigger but the price doesn’t differ that much.. then u can compare with U1, Subang Andaman and Persanda.

    Just my 2 cents; i may be wrong.

  36. i just called the salesperson of alam prima.
    the rental price there starts from 750 for empty nit to 1200 for a fully furnished one.
    the available unit for the phase 1 is around 155k.
    maintatnace id 0.14 sen psqft = rm119.00
    there are more than 10 units available.
    for alam prima phase 2, there will be 618 unit. 904 sgft.
    price starts from rm165,000 for 904 sqft.

    i did some calculation.
    consider loan 90% for 30 years at the rate of 3.85%
    the monthly repayment is rm654.
    654 + 119 = 773
    but the rental min rate is 750.
    looks like the rental is just enough to cover monthly repayment and maintenance.
    no positive cashflow..

  37. what is your opinion on the calculation.
    is it still good buy?
    can we depends on cap appreciation only?
    i forgot to ask about any discount..
    does we need to pay 10% as the deposit or there is any discount?

  38. RM 750 only mention by sale man. You have to check whether really high demand there. Of course you can bundle with full furnish, so you able to rent for rm 1,100 to rm 1,200. For me i would not invest there because the university is a bit far.

  39. Phase 2 has 618 units? too bad, that’s a lot..
    but the price i believe is the cheapest around there.. below is the rental for Puri Aiyu (opposite Alam Prima)- RM900 for furnished 1100sqf unit:
    IMO, Alam Prima will be rented by local MSU students; foreign students will most likely go to Persanda, Brunsfield & U1.

    For subsale: Alam Prima is freehold; Persanda, Brunsfield & U1 are leasehold props.. i believe Alam Prima’s price will pass at least RM200k mark upon vp (esp for Phase 2).

  40. the upcoming bus & komuter terminal complex for Shah Alam will be the connection to KL for I-City..
    who knows maybe the k-workers of I-City in the future will stay around here cos of the med to high-end condos.. i know it’s quite far from I-City Sect 7, but the possibility is still there..
    I’m still waiting for serviced aptmnt in I-City to be launched, but i dun know when..

  41. subang andaman is freehold too.
    but i dont like the layout.
    hm.. i think i want to visit the showhouse of alam prima and persanda2.
    yes, its quite far from i-city.
    will any expat living here or subang andaman since facilities in subang andaman is more complete?
    the alam prima salesperson told me that msu willing to buy all unit in 3 floors to be converted to hostel.
    but pkns dont want to sell to avoid buyers upset.

  42. interesting point there rohaniah.. i guess this means Alam Prima buyers are majority for own stay..
    but still i’m not convinced with Alam Prima’s rental yield.. i’m quite sure about its cap appreciation.. IMO, it will reach RM200k when vp..

  43. i double confirm with rain, the salesperson of alam prima.
    there will be 646 unit for alam prima phase 2 including shop lots.
    not the figure he mentioned before.
    but this is still high desity, rite?
    i think the phase 1 is more low-dens

  44. yes, too high-densed.. if like this, i already lose confidence in Alam Prima.. other than Alam Prima, only Subang Andaman is priced below RM200k for a 2-bedroom unit.. need to see the show unit 1st..

  45. Lim, got studio in Persanda 2 @ 500sqft la.. but pricey at RM350psf.. means around RM175k for studio..

  46. I think they already change the layout and design. Let me study first.

  47. azman, i heard rumors that kristal heights will be launched end of this months. to what extend it is true, we just wait…

  48. hello,now for pangsapuri persanda 3 second phase is open for registration now.the name call Utower1.for enquiries please call 017-3366680.will let u know more information.thank you.

  49. bodo ke ape design dow…

  50. Good post, thanks for sharing. Cya.

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