Platinum Lake Condo

Platinum Lake Condo, located in Danau Kota very near to Tarc and Utar. Very convenient if study stay there. Is a new condo, so look clean and tidy.

Location : Danau Kota, Jalan Genting Klang
Unviersity : Utar and Tarc
Rental without furniture : RM 1,100 to RM 1,200
Rental with full furniture : RM 1,600 to RM 1,800
Market Value : RM 248,000 – RM 265,000

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3 Comments on "Platinum Lake Condo"

  1. PV4 has already opened for booking. Launch will be somewhere in Mar 2010. Starting price = <RM290k. In the future, they’ll have Tesco & Parkson there. Platinum Walk is also full with ppl at the moment. As per DBKL plan, they’ll be a star lrt station here, extending from sentul timur lrt station.
    In Mar 2010, they’ll likely increase the price again. But it’s leasehold.
    Tesco + Parkson + star lrt + TARC students.. too good to resist? haha..

  2. if LRT extent to here is fantastic, my condo price will appreciate again. Thanks. It mean worth to hold it for another 2 years. Make sure the JMC do a good job in supervise the condo management. This will ensure the condo keep its market fair value.
    For Platinum project will most prefer Freehold Melati Utama. Leasehold eventually will see the price different compare with freehold. And Danau Kota condo I guess at this time is over supply.

  3. Anonymous | May 2, 2012 at 8:47 am |

    melati 的 PV 已经沦陷了!!!
    market price and bank valuation 差价+-50k,自住还是免了 …

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