Residence 8 @ Old Klang Road

8 residence
Residence 8 @ Kuala Lumpur

Two Blocks of Condominiums  at Old Klang Road

Gated & Guarded with Leisure Facilities


4 Rooms 4 Baths

Build up from 1,203 – 1,411 sf.

Special Features:-

* Dual Entrance Concept – Separate Entrance to Master Bedroom

* Low density – 7 units in a floor sharing  three lifts

* All rooms with outdoor view

* Separate wet & dry kitchen

Please register now for Early Birds Rebate!

Just next to Sri Jati 1 and Jati 2, price for sri jati for 1200 sqf around RM240,000, so hope the price will be around rm 280,000. Old klang road is the convenience place to stay, as the transportation is so many.

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43 Comments on "Residence 8 @ Old Klang Road"

  1. Good for investment? Sri jati very high density and near to mosque.

  2. Good for investment? Sri jati very high density and near to mosque.

  3. If the price for 1203 sqf sell for rm 280,000 still can be consider. But not sure the developer will sell how much.

  4. How to register? who is the developer?

  5. Ong Chong realty

  6. Judging from the layout & features, 380k is more likely.

  7. Called developer this morning.
    1) Selling price – RM384k++ for 1203 s.q.f. unit
    2) Early bird discount – 7%
    3) Maintenance fee – RM0.20/sqf + 10% sinking fund
    4) 1 car park provided . option to buy extra.

  8. yes just find out is rm 384,900.

  9. Worth buy? as compared with Sri Jati 1 & 2?

  10. quite hard to compared with sri jati 1 & 2. Actually look at the sri jati is not worth rm 230,000 but because of the location, may be is still worth it. residence 8 selling price rm 384,900 after 7% rebate RM 358,000 may be still worth it. is because of location and the facility and low density, 7 units for 3 lifts is consider low density. However must remember the smaller unit is 1203, but the external look modern. Still remember a property in bukit serdang, the sanderson the price is already rm 300 per sqf. So compare to residence 8, i think still many people will buy this property. Sri jati the rental for smallest unit rent for rm 900 to rm 1,000.

  11. I got a friend who rent an apartment at Sri jati 1300sf for $1000 only. Okay for own stay but not investment!

  12. rent for 1000 ?? rugi lorrrr

  13. but old klang road consider is a central, go kl only 15minutes
    subang 5-10 minutes. consider located in central

  14. All,

    I am from Oman and looking for an appartment in KL for my family to stay during our vacations. considering location + price + Quality do you think residence 8 is good option for me.

    Remember for own use and not for rent.

    Any other suggestion please let me know. budget is RM 350,000 – 450,000


  15. Dear Talal,

    It is good deal for your own stay bcoz the mosque just nearby but no matter how it will be very much secure and more prospect rather than u invest in Dubai.

  16. Residence 8 @ KL
    Block A (RM384,900 – RM459,900)
    Block B (RM418,900 – RM507,900)

    BLR – 2.3% whole tenure
    Lock in period 3 yrs from 1st release
    Capital repayment, any of thousand(s)
    MRTA/MLTA (Optional)

    Email me for further inquiry!

  17. I have a unit sell @ RM 374,205 call me if anyone interested. 012-7611502

  18. Dear Koo,

    Thanks for your advise.


  19. when Residence 8 completed? Who can tell me.

  20. Dear all,

    HLLOH –> Around 3 years.

    Pls do not hesitate to contact me for financing services.

    Thank you.

    Maybank Mortgage Consultant

  21. Hi any new buyer? want to share-share the introducer commission. 😛
    text me 019-540 1688

  22. Hi Everyone,

    I just bought a unit. Anyone plan to buy? Perhaps we can share the intro commission of RM1,000 (RM500 each). pm me if you are interested. Thanks.

  23. Hi whatever you didn;t mention your email address how to PM you.

  24. Hi, my email address is

  25. However, the traffic at jalan puchong junction (at the police station) is terrible especially early in the morning.. is there other way to avoid that jam? does it link to OUG?
    im considering to get a unit there.. pls advice..

  26. Indeed heavy jam every morning from both Klang Lama and Puchong towards the traffic junction. Resident will have to make use of the existing traffic light turn in front of Sri Jati to join the jam to KL or PJ. Mosque in only 300m away, convenient for muslims. No direct link to OUG, hv to go to OUG/Kesas highway/MRR2 via Taman Yarl. With so many units, there will be No outside parkings for additional cars!

  27. would like to ask, will it build MRT station near by in future???

  28. Hi my friend has a unit for sale with discounts 5%. He can contact you for further detail.

  29. Im interested to buy a unit for myself, anyone wanna release pls contact me at 0123006428 . Thanks!

  30. Hi, I am interested on this. Pkchong, can I have your friends email address for further contact?

  31. Hi Pkchong, I am interested on this. May I have the details?

  32. Hi i interested to get 1 unit in Residence 8,anyone here selling?

    The price still from rm380k onwards?

    Please email me for more information please..thanks^ ^

  33. Hi there, is it still got any unit for sale? i am interest for this

    what the price for this? pls e-mail me for more information


  34. Dear Chan,

    I’ve been to the sales office yesterday and it has only left those high floor units with the price starting at 487k onwards for 19th floor onwards if not mistaken). and another low floor unit at 6th floor just above the utility room (or something) selling at 503k since the sf is bigger. hope it helps. =)

  35. Clement Teo | April 5, 2011 at 1:58 pm |

    —-> Talal,

    For foreigner to purchase a property in kl&Selangor area. The property prices should not be less that 500K on valuetion report. In order to, local land authority to allow the consent to purchase for the say property.

  36. Hi, anyone has a unit to sell..? smaller unit at price not more thn 450K

  37. anyone want sale his unit? i want buy email me plz

  38. i have 1 unit to sell at 16 floor, 1226 sqft. anyone interested pls email me at

  39. developer unit still available or sold out already? what is current market price? thanks

  40. i think left top floor. bigger unit around 550k.

  41. how much the unit now?

  42. Anonymous | June 21, 2012 at 1:53 pm |

    anyone still wana let go at 5% rebate?

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