The Sanderson Bukit Serdang

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New condo locate in Bukit Serdang, Just behind Technology Park Malaysia. Very nice design and silent place. However surronding no shop lot and have to passby light industry, hope it have a road access from villa pavilion. Is more suitable for own stay. However the TPM behind have a gate to allow tenant and studentΒ passby. So judge your self whether want to invest or not. Of course the price should be reasonable compare to bukit jalil.

Address: Bukit Serdang, Seri Kembangan, Selangor
Property Type: Condominium
Land Title: Residential
Tenure: Freehold
Land Area: 8 acres
Built Up: 900 – 3,370 sq.ft
Bedrooms: 3+1/4+1
Bathrooms: 2/3/5+1
Total Units/Lots: 376
Bumi Discount: 7%
Completion Date: Sept 2013 (Expected)
Posted Date: 01/07/2010

Developer by : Newfields Property Management Sdn Bhd
Suite 17.1, Level 17, Menara Weld, 76 Jalan Raja Chulan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: +603 2031 2888 Fax: +603 2031 1998

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  1. the project’s name is catchy la.. like in europe

  2. yes, if you search google is a london hotel.

  3. VEry nice design.. can i register for soft lauching? if do so ,where to register?

  4. Hi Aln chan,

    you can call them to register. I think this property will be launch very soon, as they expected to complete on sept 2013. So the launch date will be sept 2010, they might start selling before launch as discount price.

  5. Hi All,

    i had called the developer and done with the registration.
    They told me that there will be no soft launching and the launching might held on the end of this month. Maybe you can call to confirm again.

  6. Hi all,

    I called up newfield as well. The price for 900sqft is around 250k above and 1400sqft is above 300k… hope have some early bird discount ! πŸ˜›

  7. mean they will straight away launch the project. However the show house also not build yet. I believe they will launch by phase. If the first phase good respond and increase the price of the second phase. That is why they want to built the show unit.

  8. If no show unit at least got sale gallery to see the model . Will it be at newfield there?…

  9. Hi,

    I went to the site , the site is on elevated ground . Not bad . I have register through their website and got a auto confirmation from the developer to be invited for the exclusive pre-launch . Seems they going to launch in September 2010. Access to highway is good . Price not sure … mm I will call them.

  10. Anonymous | July 9, 2010 at 5:00 pm |

    Hi mazzle

    Just wish to know are you register at iproperty?

  11. Hi all,
    I’m not familiar with Bukit Serdang area. I heard there is only 1 road to access there and is it very jam! any comment?

  12. access to bukit serdang actually got two roads, one is access from serdang raya and another one is near TPM. Of course TPM road will be nearer and already open for two – three years.

  13. By the looks of it, this will probably be the best thing in Bukit Serdang when it’s complete! Looks very promising! πŸ˜€

  14. Hi Anonymous,

    I did not register in I-property . I register through the developer .

  15. Anonymous | July 13, 2010 at 2:38 am |

    Hi all,
    the price is about rm220 or rm240 psft.

  16. i had registered through the developer also but can you all share out the news once they have called to confirm the launching date?coz i scare they will miss out my name…haha…

  17. Good for flipping, bad for rental

  18. I’m not familiar with this area. Is it good for investment? i mean if we want to rent, can easily get tenant?

  19. if you want to see whether the place is easy to rent out or not. Go to the search for the near by condo got any unit for rent or not? The most common is villa pavilion, it looks like almost occupied and very less people for rent. Althought the sanderson is quite deep but same to villa pavillion you also need a transport because LRT not walking distance. the distance between villa pavilion to sanderso estimate only 5 minutes drive. So is not so bad. I think still a good investment for this place, as bukit jalil the condo like green avenue and greenfields already RM 300,000 and above. Sanderson look better environment . The price should able to appreciate if the surronding also constuct with highend terrace house and condo.However it depend on other developer, and MPSJ will they force the developer make a road access from villa pavilion or not. The Bukit Serdang future plan will be out by MPSJ on september, i hope it has a better structure. The only tenant could be the TPM staff or students. If mention about RM 250,000 monthly payment is RM 1,300, so the road is the major issue to rent higher. However this is only my comment.

  20. sanderson having a preview on this sunday 9am in the bukit serdang show room. I think you may start to buy it if you are interested.

  21. Is there any other method to pay deposit other than cheque?

  22. i think credit card also possible, i did one of my property.

  23. when to the show house on sunday, surprise me 900 sqf all sold out, why so hot because of the 9% + 1% rebate, mean no need to pay downpayment and 0% interest cost. The price is around RM 300,000 after rebate + the 0% you could save rm 50,000. so the actual cost around rm 250,000++ minimum. So the lowest price is rm 280 per sqf. The external block A and C is nicer but more expensive because bigger size and low rise. Still got plenty unit on block A and C.

    Not sure the price will review during launching on this 26 Sunday or not.

  24. According to the staff there, the price will back normal on next week,means no more the 10%discount because it is for early bird only.
    the showroom open on 10am and i reached there at about 10.15, there was already sold 50% but lucky i still get 1 900sqf with kl view.
    when i accompany my fren to go there afternoon around 2pm plus, almost fully sold but left 3units for 9oo sqf.

  25. i think it must maintain the 10% discount only can attract buyer to buy the block A and C. as there are still many unit available on this two block. However the price is more expensive , not sure how much can reach after launch.

  26. hi all,

    just came back from the developer’s office. i bought 1 of the units in block c (villa). block b (suites) only 1 unit left. block a and b got a few units available.

  27. what is the price now, last time i went is around rm 440,000 for block C,

  28. please advise , is it worth to invest for this property.?

  29. for my view if rm 330 per sqf is not worth it. the price so high is because recently in bukit jalil, happy garden all the price launch at rm 350- rm 400. the see hoy chan in happy garden mention going to launch at rm 500 per sqf. I think definately the price will increase again may be to rm 550. however are all this property after completed really can get back the return or not. may be can but not immediately. If you have more money and not rushing to rent out if the price cannot cover the loan then go for it. 300,000 loan is about rm 1,500 for 30 years. do you think it can rent for rm 1,500 some more for 30 years. Normally my investment is the rental can cover me back with in 15 years. Yes you may ask, all the property now is so expensive, i worry i miss the boat. However you still have to study the location, some other project still can be think about like velocity, damansara avenue but the price is more expensive rm 500per sqf. This few years i might stop buying property or just go for auction unit. Then wait for three to fours years what economic will be happen.

  30. i have the opportunity to have a look at the price list for block A and C. actually the price varies.

    for block C (villa), the price range for ground floor is rm500k upwards (if i’m not mistaken – sorry, i have a short memory). the price range for level 3A (top level with private garden) starts from 600k upwards. 1st floor, 2nd floor and 3rd floor ranges from rm470k to close to 600k. the one i bought is 489k at level 2. all villa units comes with 3 car parks.

    as for block A (sanderson homes) they have prices range from 300k to 500k (again, if i’m not mistaken – sorry). the higher the unit, the more money you have to fork up from your purse. the lower level up to 13th floor in block A comes with 2 car parks. level 14 onwards comes with 3 car parks. only 2 penthouse units are available in block A (it costs more than 1 million as i have been informed) but both penthouse units have been snapped away.

    aln chan if u ask me whether its worth for investment, i would say it depends on the person. location wise, a lot of people will say this place is not so promising in term of investment – rental / flipping. but who knows what will happen along the road in three years time, right??!.

    however, the immediate neighborhood surrounding the site is calm and full of greens. if you are thinking about buying one of the units to live in, i would say go on (provided you like greens and you have no qualms about lack of public transport and the nearest carrefour is a few kilometres away). next to this project is a new condo and you will see a few 2-storey terrace houses lining along the road towards the site. the immediate neighborhood looks presentable to me.

    BUT before you arrive to the site, along jalan PBS 14 u can see rows and rows of empty shoplots. it does looks like an abandoned cowboy town (minus horses and people with cowboy hat). this is a major turn-off, i have to admit.

    i bought a unit because of the rebate offered by the developer plus the no progressive interest package up to VP. and its hard to get a 1,500 sqf condo nearby kl nowadays for the price this developer is offering. and i still have 3 years down the road to figure out what i really want to do with the unit i have bought. yes.. as at this moment, i dont really know the real reason why i bought a unit from them. i wish good luck to me and the rest of the purchasers.

  31. Hi Rimi, the price 489K for block C is before or after discount?
    i bought a unit in block A during the preview, the day is really like a warehouse sales and everybody is busy to place order…

  32. not sure why the sanderson facebook no more exist. I create another the sanderson bukit sedang group in facebook.

  33. hi maybe, the price 489k is before discount. i guess you were there earlier than me because the sales person attending me told me the same story. its like sogo sales πŸ™‚

    i went there yesterday and the sales gallery wasn’t packed at all.

  34. Hi Rimi, can you share with me why you decided to get a Villa rather than the Block A’s condo ? I’m still thinking which to get…

  35. I am not so sure about the price different between block A and C. If the price of block C is a bit difference i will choose block C mean the villa as well. Low density, facing the swimming pool. Not facing the east and west sun. Nearer to the walk way, so just come down you can jogging. The beauty of sanderson is because of the landscaping. So if able to choose the villa is better choice. Can anyone tell me the price difference between block A and C?

  36. Hi Vic and all,

    I think mytotall had answered your question. i agree with him. but in term of pricing between block A and C, i have my own thought.

    i went to the developer’s office knowing that almost all of the suites unit (block B) sold out already. so block B is out of question. initially i have fixed my mind to get one unit in block A (if i decided to buy). after a couple of hours with the sales person, i decided to buy one unit in block A at the higher level.

    but then it came across me that some units in block C (villa) comes with more or less the same price with the units in block A at the higher level. you can compare the prices between units at level 13 upwards in block A with some of the units in block C. it is more or less the same!!. so i bought a unit in block C after also considering the followings:-

    a) all the advantages as stated by mytotall above in respect of block C
    b) less competition from other unit owners if i decided to rent or re-sell my block C unit to a third party. please note that there are more units in block A and block B. subsale buyers will be spoiled for choice. if you have a 900 sqf suite in block B for sale or rent, so does many other owners who bought one during “the sanderson sogo sale” a couple of days back πŸ™‚


  37. I was there during the official launch today, I agreed that some unit of Block A is actually same price with Block C (around 500k), but after having some deep thought I decided to book for Block A middle floor based on the following reason:
    – budget is not more than 450k and better if after 9% discount can be less than 400k.
    – I like the floor plan design of Type A2 as shown in the showroom.

    Btw, I found that the level 13 of Block A seems like not many people interested on it, as of yesterday all 8 units are still available, and today I saw only one unit is sold on that floor. I understand for 13A people may not like it because of it’s actually 14 floor….not sure is there any special reason or maybe I’m just being skeptical :p

    Glad to see so many buyers and neighbours here πŸ™‚

  38. Congrats for the purchase, Vic. Like i said earlier everyone will buy or will not buy because of all different reasons. Glad to know you bought a unit too πŸ™‚

  39. i hear that block A 14 floor and upper confirm get 3 car park which is same with block C, so if you think to get 13 floor at Block A than you should consider 14 floor too(with extra car park).. but i not sure what is the price difference..
    how about yours loan process? pls share here.

  40. The difference is around 10k++ for 3 car parks. Most of the bank are giving BLR -2.2% with 3 years lock in. Some giving -2.3% with 5 years lock in period, haven’t got time to survey all the bank today, so probably will go there tomorrow again to see how’s the sales and apply loan from few more banks.

  41. Actually i was quite surprised when the developer told me that i can only enjoy the rebates if i get my loan from certain branch. i know a few banker friends who can help me to get cheaper rates. but i guess i have to let that go for this time πŸ™

  42. Their panel bank are Maybank, Affin, AmBank, CIMB, OCBC and Public.

  43. i went to sales office today .. respond quote good ..Villa & Block A respond not bad today .. All banker offer almost same package .. trying look for -2.3% for 3 years lock in .. chances slim πŸ™

  44. Max, did you bought one ? πŸ™‚

    I will go there today and see how’s the sales doing, and apply bank loan from other banks as well.

    Btw…when we are signing S&P and paying stamp duty & other fees, can we use credit card ?

  45. looks all the bank are giving same package, so far they only offer -2.3 with 5 yrs lock in or -2.2 with 3 yrs lock in.. will update here if able to get better rate.

  46. Hi,

    I went there (the show room) after getting my keys to Villa Park. Was intially thinking of browsing the new site around this area, but I got attracted with the lanscape and whole structure designs for this project. Truely, it is hard to get these at this price around Klang Valley. So I got myself a unit at C, reasons being:

    1. Allocated car parks are just infront of the unit, and low density on each block. There will be only 8 units of tenants are using the same lift, value of privacy and elegant.
    2. This area has future and good prospect. There are 3 (or less) lots of land surrounding it. With overwhelming responds from Villa Park (3 years ago) and Sanderson now, I believe the remaining lots will get developed soon (in 2 years), with higher end residentail hopefully.
    3. At around RM350 psf, there are stil having room for price hike in future. Look around this area, the price shout be around RM400 and more soon.

    Between A and C types, I don’t like to park my car at one end and walk to the lift at the other end. Then wait for the lift and fight the space especially at peak hours.

  47. Hi guys,

    I also bought a unit in sanderson which is the type C. Me and my partner like the landscaping of this project and the developer offer quite an attractive package.

  48. how much is block C selling now? I intend to get another unit for my sibling.

  49. Hi anonymous,

    Block c around rm 470k to rm 600k depending on the floors. You can call or go over to the sales gallery if you wanna know more.

  50. hi.. js wanna noe hw do u all get to noe new proj b4 its launch?

  51. Hi Vic,
    Yes, I brought one unit in Block B
    So glad to get one unit at the 1st day pre-launch
    Applied loan to all banker (except CIMB, since rate given not good as compare with others) n waiting for reply now
    Better check with SA there for stem duty n others matter ..

  52. Hi Shawn.

    I have been informed by the sales person that for block C only 2 lots of the allotted car parks will be situated right in front of the unit. the other one will be located somewhere else and that is up to the developer to decide. But i guess its ok. i dont have 3 cars, anyway.

  53. Hi,

    According from SA, we are supposed to know the allocated car park(s) upon signing the S&P, which is quite surprise me. From my previous experience, I only got to know my parking lots on VP. Since there are stretch of car parks opposite the Villa blocks along the main road (supposed covered too), I believe the 3rd parking should be just infront of it (logically). Worst still, it will be at the main car park below the Block A and B. One of the reasons why I got my unit near to the main block.

    I should be going to site office again in these few days, to settle my loan, snap a few photos on the show unit (as reference) before it is torn down, and check my Villa Park unit…

  54. One more thing, it will be a jackpot if the access road is built directly connecting to Villa Pavillion. The price for this Sanderson and Villa Park will just appreciate 15-25% instantly…
    Buying property and investment are just try our luck, with some supportive studies. This road should be there, and will be there based on total households of at least 900 units on combination from these two. Else, the community can request for another access road to ease the load on current road.

    Most buyers (about 80%) are mainly Chinese, there may have another Chinese based primary school soon. Not only to cather the needs from TPM, local people are on the rise for Bukit Serdang area.

  55. Well said Shawn, that’s what I’m thinking too. Have been talking to some friends who staying in Bukit Serdang or nearby, they’re quite happy with the traffic so far and they’re very optimistic that there will be more roads built to access bukit serdang in the future.

  56. Hi,

    does anyone know whether the signing of the S&P is carried out in sales office or at their appointed panel solicitors?

  57. I will sign S&P tomorrow nearby KLCC.. Anything i will update you all.. How they arrange the car park? The SA mentioned 2 car park in front the villa and 1 more at the main condo block A/B.

  58. so fast? you loan all settle? still no one call me to sign the S&P..
    is all of us will assign to the same lawyer and sign in the same place (near KLCC)?

  59. hey block A.. who are the SA that call you for S&P signing?? I receive a sms today from Richard that he will be away until 10/10..

  60. lawyer firm called me directly

  61. Still got 2 days countdown……

  62. block A… wow… your banker really efficient… πŸ™‚

  63. Luckily the 14 days of S&P are extendable……

  64. wow more and more owners popping out =)

    Please join the Sanderson facebook if you haven’t do so.

  65. anyone bought block B, 900sqf?
    can you share the price? before and after less 9%

  66. i am stil waiting for the loan approval ah…duno y it take so long to process…so scare my application will get rejected. then i cant be the SANDERSONIAN liao…hahaha

  67. me too…still waiting…PBB just called me and told me they have a new policy to enforce everyone to buy MRTA at least for 5 years in order to get the loan approved…damn

  68. i have approached a few bankers to submit my loan application for the sanderson unit i have booked. so far there’s one bank came back to me saying that probably i cannot get 90% loan from them. there is a strong likelihood that i can only get 80% loan because there is a guideline from bank negara stating something like this:- if the property that you want them to finance is the 4th property that you have bought, the bank can only offer you 80% loan. and he said he is so sure that any banks out there will tell me the same thing.

    i’m not sure if that is really from bank negara (the guidelines). or probably it was them being polite telling me that they don’t want to give me any loan. but this thing really struck my nerve! man, i have to fork up more from my own pocket.

    have any of you guys out there came across such policy from bank negara before? i’m so scared now. i am dying to be come a SANDERSONIAN too! hellpp!!

  69. Ambank is the first came back to me, with -2.2% without MRTA. Will wait for other bank’s replies bfore making decision.

  70. Received call from Ambank, with -2.3% with MRTA. d rest still pending.

  71. same here, just receive their call at 8.45pm today. They are very hardworking to process our loan application. Just submit my loan application 4 days ago and today got approval. With -2.2% MRTA and more than loan amount RM500,000 can get -2.3% MRTA.

  72. so you guys all buying MRTA ? for how many years ? financing together with loan ?

  73. I bought 20 years. 5 years of installment….Around RM100+ per month

  74. so far who has receive official offer letter from bank?
    i did receive many call from bank say the loan ‘will be’ approve and rate is how much etc, but not one able to provide me the offer letter, loos like it still need time to proceed??

  75. Hi there..
    -2.2% w/o MRTA
    -2.3% w MRTA
    is quite stadard for all applied bank (except CIMB)
    some bank called but still don have any firm result with black n white yet πŸ™

  76. Hi,

    Seems to me the banks are quite slow in approval my previous dealings with foreign banks are super fast. So far I Affin came back but am waiting for CIMB whom I think might give the best deal. No one seems to want to show the offer letter which makes me very pissed.

  77. AmBank housing loan package is compulsory with MRTA, which it can be pay by installment in term of term loan. So far CIMB will not offer the rate better than others, unless u are their privilege customer. Btw, if u are not decided to take their offer, no bank will gave out the letter offer, just to ensure that u dont use their offer to counter-offer with other bank. Business technique, just have to accept it.

  78. not really…I got offer from AmBank -2.2% without MRTA, but if you want to fight for -2.3, of course u need to buy MRTA.

    yea I heard CIMB is the worst of all….giving very low rate….

  79. Surprising about CIMB. I don’t know why our banks are so shy of competition, I have never accepted the banks at face value, just show the offer letter and negotiate. You must always negotiate with banks, think about it they are making nearly double the purchase price in the long run surely they should want to be flexible, because a legitimate customer buying a property always looks good on their books + if customer defaults for Sanderson its a good property to re-po. Also MRTA must be flexible, reject a bank that makes you take MRTA. Anyway I am sure that one day Bukit Serdang will be the South Mont Kiara, lukily there is enough Freehold houses and geographic restrictions around that are to no be so crowded. Also so many young people buying is actually a positive thing as they would be more inclined to be owner occupied. BTW the Newfields management people are mostly ex finance industry big timers, I hope they appreciate that deliver on excellent quality means everything.

  80. I bought MRTA from Ambank for 20 years, but got -2.2%. If u want -2.3% that mean u need borrow at least RM500,000 property which informed by Ambank staff.

  81. Hi,

    I’m from Maybank mortgage, if you need a housing loan for this Sanderson (panel bank)
    do give me a call.

    now we are offering
    tenure up to 40yrs
    90% finance

    contact: 012-294 8810

  82. Hi, i am one of the early booker of a block a1 unit. Nobody calls me yet for S&P / banker loan though i have signed it a week ago, anybody has the same issue?
    By the way, does anybody know about the booking status of this project? Fully booked already / all taken up yet?

  83. hi Mark, actually they buyer can start to apply loan already, as i know the Sanderson has been sold out alot of unit. Do you mind to leave a contact to me as i can explain the loan detail to you. Or you can call me at

    Maybank mortgage
    012-294 8810

  84. Hi CK,

    Thanks for the info, i paid a visit to the site and actually got some bankers to explain to me. Your colleague has actually attended me there.

    To fellow buyers,

    BTW, i found that there is a telecommunication tower visibly just next to the Sanderson office when i passed by today!! Pretty close from my visible sense and i am no sure if anybody sees that and how far is the distance from sanderson actually??

  85. mark, the tower is nearby the staircase to TPM right ?

  86. Hi Vic,

    I do not know the exact location of the tower. But you will see it quite clearly once u bend in from the junction where Villa Park on your right. Just see straight (the tower bottom portion is hiden behind trees).
    I guess it is quite near to site and might not be good.

  87. Yea I saw it last time too, it’s just next to the staircase to TPM, still quite some distance from the actual site I would say.

  88. hi guys,

    is sanderson fully sold?

  89. Hi Vic,

    I think it is nearer than that (from my visual feeling).

    Hi CB,

    I went there yest. Block B fully sold long time back. There are several (less than 10 i guess) units for Block A and also that for villas.

  90. Hi All,

    By the way, has anyone got the bank loan offer letter already? what is the best offer? Has anyone signed the S&P also?

  91. thanks a lot mark for ur information.

  92. LSS, i got the offer from Affin bank -2.3% without MRTA and the locking period is 5 years. but i choose OCBC -2.2% without MRTA and the locking period is 3 years only. that means i can sell it right after the completion without any penalty from bank.

  93. I got offer letter from affin with -2.3% without MRTA locking period 5 years. its okay for me as i planned to stay and not to sell it back. but my problem is the lawyer still didnt contact me yet.

    anyone with same problem as mine?

  94. i think i will go for Ambank -2.2% without MRTA, but same case…lawyer haven’t contact me also…

  95. Hi Terry, I got few banks offer letter eg. Ambank, OCBC, Maybank, Public bank etc. Maybank & Public bank are my priorty choice by considering the convenient of ATM machine & their branches are many and can be found every way. For my opinion, you can choice PB which do not have locking period. You can sell it once you receive the key.

    Dear all,
    You can check the bank’s offer letter which state the solicitor eg OCBC is Lavinia, Dell Akbar, Tee & Partner. And can call the office tel no. for further info.

  96. Im still waiting for the bank reps to call me… after almost 2 weeks.

  97. Hi shawn,

    Let me guess. You apply only Maybank rite?

  98. still can’t decide to take -2.2% 3 years lock or -2.3% 5 years lock..
    now is think for own stay, but what if i change my mind during this 3 years time…..

  99. i think better take -2.2% lock in 3 years, since this 3 years interests are going to pay by developers….after 3 years, if you want to get a better rate or change another bank, you can refinance; or else if the price is good, you can sell πŸ˜€

  100. Hi, i think most banks can offer -2.2 w/o MRTA. getting -2.3 is a surplus….
    i heard CIMB / Maybank have reached quota and they can loan max 80% only while PB loan must c/w MRTA (company policy)…so it looks like we can only bang on Maybank, Affin and Ambank now!!!!
    I am still awaiting these banks to come back to me and my duedate to sign SPA is this Sunday (Running out of time now ;- Sigh)

  101. I have been aiming for The Sanderson since June this year. Eagerly waited for it’s launching, I made several calls to Newfields asking for the actual launching since July. The week prior to the launching I was told that it is firm that the launching will be on the 24th Sept.

    I made the necessary payment for the Villa unit floor 3A that comes with the garden on top. I like the fact that this unit comes with this open sky feature for my hobby of stargazing (I’m a stargazer wannabe). The lower level itself with about 1600sqft I think is spacious enuff, so I am guessing the upper level will suit well for my gaming needs.

    I put on applications to 5 banks and the results are as below:

    1. OCBC – direct reject due to the fact of the bank has fulfilled their quota of some sort. I was told to not put on hope the very 2nd day after submission of papers.

    2. Public – Offered me 90% with MRTA & 30yrs term, BLR-2.2%, 3yrs Lock. Their 90% amount somehow is far less than the rest of offers I received. They said it is due to the bumi discount and everything… bla bla bla… Something is dodgy there, so I turned them down.

    3. Maybank – Offered me 90% with MRTA and 30 years term, BLR-2.3%, 3yrs Lock. It sounds tempting to me already, with a bonus fact of I have been a Maybank2u users for almost everything I paid online.

    4. Affin – Offered me 90% NO MRTA included, 30 years term, BLR-2.3%, 5yrs Lock. They offered a ceiling of BLR@10%, which other banks dont. However, the “NO MRTA part” killed my intention to sign with them instantly.

    5. AMbank – Offered me 90% with MRTA and 30 years term, BLR-2.3%, 3 years Lock. Their amount of 90% is only a few thousand less than what Maybank offered me, this makes the monthly difference of AMbank offers is RM200 less than that of Maybank. This edges out Maybank already.

    I didn’t favor CIMB for the fact that their I have bad experience with my current property financed by them. I didnt put in any application to CIMB.

    I am due to sign the papers with Ambank this Sunday, together with the SPA onsite this Sunday the 10th October. I really hope that this project lives up to it’s expectation, not so much of just a hype.

    Any of you guys signed the papers already?

    I saw that new road being constructed at that corner near to the stairs to TPM, where does it lead to?



  102. that road is going to the new industry area, is not going out to any place yet. however not sure about the future, as the industry beside it is the cyberjaya highway but the developer mention it would connect to it until the highway approve.

  103. Shall take up A?bank loan offer -2.3% + MRTA + 3YL as the only bank reverted me thus far n believed is a best offer among panel bank.

    But no news on SnP yet.

    Plan for stay n really hope the final product deliver as per planned concept with utmost rustic luxury n quality work completion. (Newfields, Pls do not disappoint us n wish u climb up to another level after tis project)

    Seriously look forward on future alternative access.


  104. Can someone put the AMBANK agents number here. I am keen to swicth to Ambank because all the banks are so slow.

  105. AmBank Loan Consultants:-
    1. Kelly Cheong 012 667 8004
    2. Fida 016 603 1622
    3. Karen Choo 012 3100 432
    4. Chen 016 338 2226
    5. Carmen Ma 012 383 2832

    I would like to recommend you call Kelly Cheong. πŸ™‚

  106. Only two solicitors appointed for this project:-

    1. The Law Offices of CL Heng
    – located at Off Jalan Kuchai Lama
    – most likely handling Block B

    2. Lavina, Dell Akbar, Tee & Partners
    – located at Bandar Sunway
    – most likely handling Block A

  107. Getting to sign SPA tomorrow……

  108. No news on SPA .. nobody call .. keep waiting ..

  109. Hi Halda,

    thanks a lot for you info, may i know why the β€œNO MRTA part” killed you intention to sign with Affin bank?
    I thought most ppl don’t like to buy the MRTA from bank directly because buy from outside insurance company is cheaper? that is why some of the bank will force you to buy the MRTA with them in order to get the cheaper package.
    is all the locking period are calculate from first draw down?


  110. I am directly call the sale person who entertain me on that day of soft launch(although the person seldom answer my phone or can said no after sell service) & the developer office to follow up.

    Notice that future Sri Kembangan will be connected by MRT also based on info from The Star.

  111. Hi Maybe,

    I am buying the unit in Sanderson not for investment. Its for me to live in the future. I just prefer the MRTA to be included with the loan itself, rather than taking a split from elsewhere.

    If i am not mistaken, only Public bank calculates the term of locking period from the 1st drawdown. The rest of the banks count it upon fully disbursement of the amount.

  112. actually maybank also start coverage from construction for the mrta,but for this project there is no finance for the mrta since got DIBS, so you have to pay by cash. Or you have the option to take from other insurance company. there is no compulsory.

    Need to apply home loan for Sanderson unit???

    CK Chow
    012 294 8810
    federal territory

  113. AmBank, CIMB and Affin – lock in period start from first disbirsement/ drawdown

  114. That is video in youtube, looks nice..

  115. Yea look really nice, lets pray the developer can deliver that, finger cross ~

  116. Yesterday just sign SPA & had paid RM 350 for it plus loan agreement. Found that the montly service & maintenance fee cost around RM0.20 psf. And DLP for 2 years. Looking forward to sign another agreement. Anyone know where to buy MLTA?

  117. plz ensure the lock in period start date…dont believe wat the sales ppl said…confirm it when you received the offer letter.

    AFAIC, CIMB start after full disbursement…

  118. I have CIMB and AmBank offer letter, lock-in period is determine from the first disbursement.

    BTW, RM 350 is just meant for the SPA, the stamp duty for facility agreement, DA & PA wll cost another 2K++.

  119. I am so excited after signing the SPA. I really really really really really really really really hope that the project is going on well, and new access to the place will be available.

    Is it true that there has been effort to gain access for Bukit Serdang to the Maju Expressway? If there is, thats a blessing to us all i guess.

    I have signed the SPA, and due to sign the Loan agreement afterwards.

    I was also told that the remaining charges i.e stamp duty is somewhat 0.5% from the amount of property value. Correct me if I am wrong.

    What is DA & PA ?

  120. The solicitor provided the quotation of stamp duty as below:-

    SPA – $350
    Facilities Agreement – Loan Amount x 0.5%
    Deed of Assignment (DA) – $40
    Power of Attorney (PA) – $40
    Letter of Offer (LO) – $35
    Supplementary LO – $10
    Statutory Declaration – $40
    Others – around $800++

    ** Total payment of stamp duty is range between 2K to 3K for Block B

  121. Hi Brothers/Sisters,

    Getting confused now. I always thought that i only pay the 1% (downpayment) and all other expenses borned by developer (as i am the earliy bird who signed up).
    I am actually buying one (block a) for investment and think of offloading it after the completion.
    Can anybody confirm on what other payment i need to pay till i sell my house after VP said 3 yrs later?





  124. Thanks Terry,

    Does that mean if i use the panel banker / being the early bird, i still have to pay the 1) Loan Stamp Duty when i sign and loan and SPA?
    How about all the MOT and etc?

    Forgive me as i am a newbie here thinking of making a profit out of selling the unit 3 yrs later.

  125. I just got a loan approval from Maybank, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. It is come to my shock and frustration when I contacted the sales agent/Kim Reality to inform that my loan was approved, he said that I am not entitle for the discounts/packages as the Branch is not one the panel bank. He said that only Maybank KLCC, is one the panel bank. What a bullshit? Maybank is the EF and panel bank. I search in the Promotional Package (which was given to us when u book the property) if there is anywhere mentioned that you have to apply a loan from the panel branch (not even panel bank) in order to get a discount/promotional packages, however there is none. The agent said that he will check with the developer. I think something doggy is going on. Is the developer try to cheat on us? Even the agent did’nt inform me when I am about to aplly for my loan on this matter. I already sent an email to developer and agent to get thier clarification. Can anyone advise me on this? Really appreciate it.

  126. I did ask the agent before apply the bank loan, they did tell me only can choose selected bank/branch/marketing team in order to get the zero interest/benefits etc…
    hope you case can be solve.

  127. Hi Terry, I had check wt Maybank that the loan interest during construction period is paid by developer except the MRTA. That mean I need to paid the interest (let said RM 20++ per month) which start from the next month if the agreements had signed. Because once we sign this SPA, 10% of our puchase price will be release by bank to developer (Based on SPA Third Schedule-Item 1)

    And my first monthly installment will start if the construction is 97.5% completed. That mean if the developer finish 97.5% in 2 years and I need start to paid the installment already. Pls correct me if wrong.

  128. maMai,

    It is true that not all branch is entitled & fully aware of the package offered by this project.

    The Maybank agent onsite (I wanted to put his name up, but it is best not to) who collected my application form, with copied NRIC, salary slip & all relevant docs NEVER PICK UP my call or reply my Text when I asked for the loan application status. At least he shouldve said something if he think that I am not eligible or what not or hamsap.

    I then go to the branch i have my savings account opened, Maybank Sogo. They put in my application through. Initially they couldnt find a single info on this project & said they can only give BLR-2.2%.

    I asked em if they really want me to consider their offer, they shud make an approach to the developer to gain what is required for me to be entitled for a good offer. It took them a few days longer than other banks before they can give me an offer, but the offer was nice with 90% loan and BLR-2.3%. The only reason i didnt go with Maybank is that their MRTA costs a lot more than what Ambank offered me.

    There is something dodgy with ur bank branch. If they are serious enuff, they could’ve done something like Maybank Sogo did to me. Do the homework.

    All the best maMai.

  129. Spoken to Richard today, he say should be “ok” if the loan is taken from non-panel banker/ branch, as long as it is from the panel bank. But, for your own safety, please fax the copy of LO to the developer (if you already signed) and get a confirmation from them.

  130. Mark,
    Dont forget about the ‘Real property gains tax’ (RPGT), you can refer:-

  131. the lawyer still hv not call me. but newfield staff do call and said that its ok if the developer or lawyer delay to sign S&P but after u received call from the lawyer pls make sure u sign S&P within 7 days.

    anyone from block A have paid any fees (stamp fees and etc)? can i hv d details of what u have paid?

  132. Under the Deed of Mutual Covenant, the monthly service charge + sinking fund is not stated as RM0.20/sf as per agent told. It is just state something like ‘to be determined and at developer discreation to charge’. Is this normal?

    Today the SPA n DMC executed today. RM 350 disbursement fee payable.

  133. Hi Mark,if you are taking the loan offer from panel bank and being the early bird, what u need to pay is the RM350 + the stamping fee (RM2k plus for block b). thats all. no others hidden charge.

    Hi LSS,
    According to the lawyer firm and my loan agent, during the contrusction, we nonit to pay a single cent. We even nonit to pay after the completion until the developer pass us the key then only we start the repayment.
    But i am not sure whether this wil be different if taking the offer from different bank. (FYI- i am taking the OCBC)

  134. sien. just got a called from public that they cant loan 90 percent. waited so long thought got good news yet this is bad news to me. need to pay another 10 percent if i want to take loan from public. told the person plsssss cancel my application.

  135. Halda, Terry and others thanks for the advise. I spoke to the agent this morning and he said that I am entitled for all the benifits and discounts although Maybank Jalan TAR is not one of thier ‘prefered’ bank (Maybank is EF and all branch are Panel Bank). In Cash Bonus documents stated that we have apply a loan from developer panel bank ie not panel branch to enjoy more discounts etc…It is very difficult for me to resolve all these matters as I am not recide in Malaysia at the moment…. thanks again for all.

  136. hi maMai, so how/when r u going to sign the SPA? bcoz i oso not reside in Msia at the moment.

  137. maMai & slim10

    You two have to plan your journey in such a way that you will sign the SPA and if possible the real loan agreement when you are back home. The latter will only be prepared upon completed the signing of SPA.
    And that better be not too long from now.

  138. Halda and slim10

    We don’t have to go back to Malaysia to sign the Loan and S&P Aggrement. I already consult the agent and the bank that they can send to me via post, provided I have to bear the postal cost. Once I received both documents, what i need to do is to sign up the documents at Malaysian Embassy for the witness and post back to Malaysia. My housemate also bought another property in Malaysia and he did the same thing. slim10 consult with yuor agent and bank, i’m sure they can help you out.

  139. Hi All,

    Saw an upcoming project near Sanderson, is that good to Sanderson buyers?

  140. i think depend , bad is a industry factory but is highend because very expensive. the good things is it might have a exit to kl-putrajaya highway.

  141. Agreed. That is not residential project but hope to increase the chance for another road access build n connect kl-putrajaya highway. Otherwise, the existing road condition will be damaged due to big truck.

    Another bad thing people opinion is, Bukit Serdang equal to Industrial Park…

  142. oh no, if Bukit Serdang = Industrial Park guess will really affect the Sanderson value..

  143. Hi,

    I think most of us are not sure about the plans/developments neighbouring Sanderson as if we just have Villapark/TPM as our neighbours and North / South / East / West by greens.
    Called up the Vantagewell (developer) and they confirmed that their development of industry area is just next to Villpark and the completion is September 2011.
    Good or bad…i think i still have no idea…but when i called up Newfield, they told me that my booked unit price went up RM9k fr the price when i booked last month!!!!
    Anybody who knows about our neighbouring developments other than these??

  144. Can someone share with me whether the loan apporoved by the bank is at 90% of the listed selling price (gross, before the rebate) or 90% of the net selling price (ie after rebate, 90% x 90%)?

    I was informed by PBB that they only approve loan at 90% of the net selling price, which mean we (the buyer) have to fork out approximate 10% cash.

    Pla share. Thank you.

  145. For example, my unit original price is RM500,000. Normally We need paid 10% downpayment (RM 50,000). But 9% (45,000) are absorbed by developer (Earlybird promotion). I only paid 1% (5,000) only from my pocket. The less 90% (450,000) borrow from Bank. And need extra paid for (eg 5,000)stamp duty etc. But once I get the house key, I will get back the 5,000 cash bonus by developer (Earlybird promotion). Totally i paid only RM 5,000 to own 1 house! πŸ™‚ Hope above are in order. Pls correct me if wrong.

  146. LSS

    The 1% deposited paid for early bird shall be refunded upon vacant possession based on ‘net’ selling price. Thus in your example shall be RM 4.5k (based on my clarification with sale agent during pre launch day)

  147. finally i got the call from lawyer to sign the s&p. i paid the deposit on 24/9. And finally too my maybank and ambank loan approved today but only 80% and 85% financing. Now appeal to 90%. Then i think i still have to wait another 2-3 weeks time this round.. Sien!!! my loan application submitted right after 2 days i paid the deposit and waited for almost 3 weeks for the approval.. fainted!!!!!!!!

  148. Hi All,

    I finally got my loan approved. Pending for Offer Letter now.
    Some many negative info about the project recently that makes me sleepless.
    1) Telco Tower
    2) Next to industrial park
    3) Wonder if there are any other surprises developments from North, South , East , West of the site?

    Did anybody do a cancellation of purchase for the same project? Can you claim back a portion from the deposit (1%) u paid upfront earlier??

  149. Hi LSS,

    I am using your purchase price of RM500,000 as a example.

    As usual, we will apply 90% loan margin, which is equivalent to RM450,000. However, one of the bank said it’s the management to approve/grant the loan at 90% of RM450,000 (ie RM405,000), and not based on the original contract amount. Hence, i need to fork out additional RM45,000 on top of the 1% deposit paid as downpayment.

    Is this being practising by other banks?

  150. After budget announcement tomorrow, i can foresee some changes over the bank loan structure. All this effort is to cut off / reduce the buying power from major ‘players’ on properties short-term investment. Thus the property prices will hopefully depreciate to the appropriate value within coming two years.

    Now, the question is whether this project will suffer in term of actual value when completed? No one knows…

    As for future development on the neighbourhood sites, there is this light-industry park at the junction before turning into Villa Park (some distance away for Sanderson). If you did venture into the real site (which I did), the Block A and B (at East) are really close to the Villa Pavilion blocks. The space is only able to accomodate and reseved for road. If your units are facing KL, you will have view on the Villa Pavilion blocks before real KL view. Over North park from this project, hilly site is reserved land from TPM. Over South and West sides, very high potential it will develop into housing area too logically. That few pieces of prime lands will be developed into similar concepts too, as the good turn-out from Villa Park and Sanderson projects.

    Back to basic question, is Sanderson good for investment? Personally, I don’t think so, but I buy this because of the design and concept. Very unique and deep in from noisy traffic and congestion.

    By the way, I’m still waiting for the banks to provide their proposals after 3 weeks. So slow… Maybe they are waiting for Budget announcement!

  151. Hi Anonymous,

    What I know is normally the bank approve the loan based on House Original Selling Price. Not based on after discount price. If based on it, was unfair to buyer. The buyer had paid 10% (RM 50,000) and need to topup another (Rm 45,000)which is equal RM 95,000 by cash. I think the developer will be bankrupt because not all Malaysian are Millionair πŸ™‚ You can refer to your bank offer to double confirm.

    Dear Mark,

    I buy the unit at Sanderson for my own staying because:
    1) Attractive promotion package (Not need paid the big amount in cash)
    2) Among affortable price if compare to Mont Kiara, Bukit Jalil, Cheras etc within Klang Valey in catagory of Luxury Condominium.
    3) I always thinking after 3 years the development area are better that now. (May be around Sanderson got Jusco or MRT station) I saw infront of Sanderson land had explored by others. Or can look through Google Map.
    4) The Telco Tower are quite far if based on radius measurement. Who know after 3 years it had gone.
    5) If for investment, I can rent it to high level management officer staying who working at factory area. Some time the factory will become as shopping mall, Food court, Show room like IKEA concept etc. Who know?
    6) If all people know the future of Bukit Serdang Area is “Gold” Area. I think my message will not shown in this website ard.

    Hope this Website will be keep in touch to all people here “Sandersonian” until 3 years and more :)and keep update latest info to each other so no one will be miss.

    Haha πŸ™‚

  152. Hope got good news for today Burget 2011….:)

  153. Hi LSS/Shawn,

    Hope Mr Najis will announce something humanly today!!!
    Your views about the project is encouraging. FYI, i buy a unit in block for pure investment – will sell right after VP to make small money as i do not see it good (in terms of payback) to rent out especially i go for a RM400k++ unit. A ultra high rental is not fetchable at the location but a low one will not be able to service my loan amount though.
    I do understand that it is a gamble now where i will know the result in 3 yr time.
    I have to salute the developer who came out with this brilliant selling strategy that tempted everybody into buying during its very first days.
    Good Luck!!

  154. Haha LSS you have a lot of good assumption but we always think realistic. As i mention before bukit serdang although can;t compare to bukit jalil, happy garden, bandar kinrara those surronding area. however it still have is advantages as some of my friend when they shifting house they still move back to bukit serdang. If sanderson locate i bukit jalil what is the price they will launch. like the treez (rm 500++ per sqf) or convilea (rm 430,000++ for smallest unit, the current price not talking about early launch). Sanderson the access actually not really bad, if you have friend stay in bandar kinrara and puncak jalil, you can ask the morning traffic how bad is it. you might stuck in the jam for 20 minutes before reach the sungai besi highway, if no jam only 3-5 minutes.

    I don;t think there is any shopping center or lrt around as the lrt already link to puchong. However the beside land i believe it will have more highend property being build, i hope it will be terrace house.

  155. Hi Shawn,

    you sure the Block A and B (at East) are really close to the Villa Pavilion blocks?? because what i know from Kim sales person, Block A and B are actually locate in the other(reverseοΌ‰site.

  156. Yes i think the Block A and B is facing the other side (the KL view is actually facing the Palace of Golden Horses and The Mines). I’ve verified that many times before I decided to choose KL view.

    You can look at the Sanderson video on youtube, they have a map showing the actual site.

  157. Hi all, any1 hvnt not spa yet?

  158. My loan already approved and till now no one from Sanderson call me to sign the S and P.

  159. Just called the Sanderson sales person. They still havent allocate lawyer for Block C. Once they have allocated the lawyer, the lawyer staffs will call us to sign the S and P. Hope this information help.

  160. Tq cb. my loan also approved already but I will go back to msia to sign the s&p next month.

  161. CB,

    I bought a unit in Block C. I have signed the SPA a week ago. The lawyer has been appointed since beginning. Now is that the lawyers are too busy with many buyer needs to sign their papers.

    It is just the matter of coordinating the right time with them to put pen on the papers. I am still due to sign the actual loan agreement. That should be done soon in a week time when the papers are ready I guess.


  162. cb

    if you loan have been approved and you have accepted the offer, your bank can call the developer to check who are the appointed lawyer; then you can sign both SPA and facilities agreement at the same time. Save a lot of time, and only need to go once for the signing.

  163. Hi all
    when i look closely, there are parkings infront of block C are open parkings. If that the case, i think as the local authority requirement, for mid-high/high cost apartment there will no open parking allowed. However, im not sure 100% about it. Anyone can advise on this? We should ask the developer to cover it up if the regulation is as what I mentioned….

  164. hey guys.. if you use the Google satellite map, you can have a better view of the site.

    I do agreed with Vic that the Block A and B is facing Palace of Golden Horses. Villa Pavilion is likely to be at the West side.

  165. Hi All,

    Anybody who can advise me if how can i cancel my booking without having my booking fees (1%) being forfeited other than getting a rejection letter from banks (as i doubt bank will not do so as they only reduce your loan % only)?


  166. Hi maMai,

    are the parking lots for resident in Block C? Or these parking lots are for visiotrs??

  167. Dear Anonymous,
    I am not sure about that. But as a buyer for block C we will get 3 parking lots, at the moment only one parking covered infront of the block while others are open parking….

  168. Hi Plane
    I don’t think they will take off all of your 1.0% downpayment, instead they will deduct RM500.00 from whatever amount u paid. That what I understand when I consult the agent before making a booking. Ask you agent again to confirm. Anyhow, you will loose some amount if you cancel your booking due to loan rejection or your own decision.

  169. Hi Plane,

    developer will deduct Rm500 if you fail to get the loan, or forfeit your 1% if you fail to sign S&P/cancel you booking.

    if you own a Block B, you may try to find other replacement because i hear that is a lot ppl are in the waiting list for Block B, change name only charge RM200.

  170. Hi Maybe,

    Thanks for the info. I am actually a Block A buyer; you have any idea how to save me from getting my 1% booking fee forfeited?
    Many Thanks.

  171. Block C garden | October 16, 2010 at 4:55 pm |

    Hi plane,
    Why you decided to pull back your booking?

  172. Sorry Plane, I was unable to help you..

  173. Hi Plane

    Like most of the advises already given here, you will at least forfeit an amount of RM500 from the process that has been going on. If i remember it correctly, you will only forfeit the whole 1% amount if:

    1. You managed to secure bank loan to the right amount of 90%.
    2. You changed your mind not to pursuit the purchase.

    If only you are both of the above, there is highly likely that you will loose your 1% deposit. However, if you are a serious buyer but unable to get no 1, you will be refunded your 1% with a RM500 deduction.

    I hope that answers. And, what is the reason you want to pull out?

  174. Hi,

    Thanks for the advice.
    I only think of pulling out bcoz:
    1. I feel that buying unit in Block A for investment ~ RM400k++ (subsale) is not a good gamble after seeing so many downsides as industrial area / telco tower and most importantly i do not see that the price of it will come to say RM500k++ 3 yrs down the road.
    2. I maybe wish to look for projects somewhere which is cheaper in cost as serving loan of RM400k++ after yrs while waiting to let go the unit is killing!!!

    Anybody who has interest to take over my unit as i heard a change in name is only chargeable at RM200. My unit is in Block A facing KL View where i booked during early bird time.

  175. Hi Plane

    I do aggree with you that the development is good for investment instead ideal place to live in. That is the main criteria for me when I choose to buy it. Hopefully less people (the lesser the better) bought it for investment. When we bought it for living we will take care of the house and surroundings (public facilties) with care and more responsible. That way, the whole development, hopefully always in a very good conditions.

  176. Just finish signed the disbursenebt doc. last Sat. Now looking forward the countdown for Sanderson finish in time & move in. But for me the Sanderson of Feng Shui quite ok. Located at the hill.

    You can call your sale agent for your case. And the color sticker can be pull out from the layout. I heard still got alot people want to buy Block A. Soon the people will take over from you by change the name. Hope can help you.

  177. LSS, how much did u paid for disbursement fees etc? you brought which block? i’m still haven’t sign the SPA.

  178. Nouvo, My disbursement fee is less than 2500 for block B. Quite cheap. You can call your solicitors directly instead of keep waiting his call…

  179. Thanks LSS for d info. Last week the developer called me and said that it take some time to process and just wait for the solicitor to call me. But today i’ll call them instead of waiting.

    Anyone in block A still have not sign the SPA?

  180. Hi Nouvo, me from Block A as well still waiting the call from solicitor, i’m assigned to Mah-Kamahria, how bout u ?

  181. Hi Vic, for what i know they said mine is assigned to Lavinia Dell Akhbar Tee. But i will double confirm again with the developer. When do you purchase the unit? during the launching or before? me on 25 sept 2010 and take only 1 week to get the bank loan to approved.

  182. Nouvo, i bought at 24th, took 1 week for the loan approval also, but i just signed the bank offer letter last weekend, probably that’s why the solicitor haven’t call me, maybe they want to wait for me to sign bank offer letter first ?

    Btw, heard many people said they couldn’t apply loan on some banks because they reached the loan application quota. I feel bad as I’m one of those who applied for few banks for comparison, and this actually taking up the quota for all the banks I applied….I didn’t know about this until my banker told me when I was signing the offer letter, so I’ve called the other banks that I applied to cancel my application and release the quota for others.

    For those who had signed the offer letter please remember to call the other banks to cancel the application too.

  183. Hi Vic just now I called the solicitor and they said they need some time to prepared my SPA and they will call me once it done πŸ™‚

    I have cancel my application to other banks too after knowing my loan was approved.

  184. I just got call from Mah-Kamariyah for tomorrow S&P signing, but I opted for another date later so that I can sign both S&P and loan agreement together without going there twice.

  185. Vic

    Agree with you. Those who had multiple loan approval please choose and let other banks informed that you reject thier offer. Hope this will help anyone who still struggling to obtain thier loan approval.

  186. Hi Vic, do let me know how much u have to pay for S&P & loan agreement once u sign it yer.. tq.

  187. sure nouvo, for S&P the guy told me RM350, for loan agreement not sure yet but should be 2-3k (there’s a formula to calculate based on your purchase price)

  188. loan agreement should be based on your loan amount, instead of your pruchase price. πŸ˜›

  189. yea should be loan amount :p

  190. On my loan issue, I’m still waiting for their proposal (from Affin and Ambank). After 4 weeks, I’m still at this point. And S&P is still far from my current status.

    As for the geographical location for the Sanderson blocks, for East facing block A is viewing part of Villa Pavilion blocks (quite directly), block B is having relative clear view to Taman Perindustrian Bukit Serdang and further is Turf Club. For West facing blocks are viewing park of Villa park on the right, and Vista Impiana on the left. KL view is facing North, after TPM blocks.

    I visited the site yesterday, the pilling mechinaries are at site. But work isn’t started at this moment. Next 10% payment is requiring soon.

  191. Do any one know before we get the house key, we have to pay some amount for the MOT and utilities deposit (correct me if i’m wrong) how much is that cost?

  192. Hi,

    I’m from Maybank mortgage, if you need a housing loan or other bank quota has been finished for this Sanderson (panel bank), as maybank still has quota…
    do give me a call.

    now we are offering
    tenure up to 40yrs
    90% finance

    contact: 012-294 8810

  193. the rebate of 1% upon completion of the project will used to pay the MOT and utilities deposit (basically like sinking fund)… then the balance will be refund to purchaser… thats what the agent said..

  194. how the hell block A and B that facing East are so called “with kl view”.. in fact the kl view is at the North side of the project… this is so frustrating…!!

  195. Anonymous
    What the developer mentioned is so correct. I think you get it wrong. You should orientate yourself correctly before do any purchase (if you purchase any) U have to realised that Sanderson is located very near to KL/Selangor border ie located in Selangor. Developer said the east side is KL view which is true, KL view doesn’t mean KLCC or KL city, instead Cheras, Sungai Besi etc also considered as KL.So ensure you get right at the first place.

  196. Based on my understanding if we purchase a unit around RM430K++ we have to pay the MOT around RM8K++.

    This is the calculation that i found at the net:

    Memorandum Of Transfer (Stamp Duty)
    Purchase Price (RM) Tiered Rate
    First 100,000 1.00%
    Next 400,000 2.00%
    Exceed 500,000 3.00%

  197. Anonymous and maMai,
    For the orientation of the view and exact location, best is visit the site and view it yourself. Or google map it. You will get to view as what I mentioned previously. Ground work, for the location of block A and B, villa are already well marked. Anyhow for KLCC view is supposedly at East-North position.

  198. MOT is not payable upon completion and hand over. It is sometimes where strata titled issue expected 5 years later.

  199. Thanks Cheeshion
    I google mapped it but haven’t been to the site as i live and work abroad at the moment.

    Anonymous or anyone
    If you don’t mind, could you advise on the payment that we shall pay upon signing the Bank Loan + S&P, after that until house completion and before move in to the house. I have very minimal knowledge on this as this is my first property in Malaysia (although I am Malaysian).

    Thanks guys…

  200. maMai,
    You can try on the WikiMapia, just locate the piece of empty land (out of all greens) beside Villa Park. You will have better picture over the actual site, as if you are standing on the land / site. I should be there again on next Monday, and I will show you all the picture and views from every angles.

    By the way, I just got loan application approved from Ambank, after so long.

  201. Cheeshion
    Congratulation. Mine is with Maybank. If you could show me photos that very good, really apprecaite it. Will visit my parents next year in Malaysia and definately will visit the site :). Thanks again.

  202. Normally, piling works will take 1 year finish icluding testing, monitoring etc. before start built stucture/building which will take 1 & half year finish. M&E work will start on month of 24th & take 1 year finish including architect works. So totally take min 3 years handover to tenant. After get CPC, tenants will be cover by DLP (Defect Liability Period) for 2 years in this project. That mean any water leakage, sanitary plumbing not work, wall finishing damaged etc all are under waranty & repair without additinal cost. The Countdown still got 1155 days start from 22/10/2010 (Target finish on Dec 2013). In this 3 years let us see what will be big changed in Bukit Serdang. πŸ™‚

  203. I have just signed the loan agreement, all the papers with Mah Kamariyah Lawyer an hour ago. Paid the necessary & I believe that has now became final, am taking the loan with Ambank.

    Go Bukit Serdang! Make an access to the MEX ……

  204. Hi,
    Actually i’m interest at Sanderson, especially block b, just wonder is there any unit available? if yes, what is the price now?

  205. YY, block B is 100% sold, block A left 8 units and block C left 13 units i think.

    halda, I’ve just signed S&P today with Mah Kamariyah around 12pm today as well. Do we have to call the bank ourselves to appoint the solicitor we want to use for the loan agreement ?

  206. YY,

    I believe the right way of doing is to call your bank officer for them to check with the appointed lawyer, in your case it is Mah Kamariyah; when is the loan agreement ready for your signature to put on. I believe since Mah Kamariyah was handling your purchase (SPA), it is very likely that they will do your loan agreement as well.

    I did just that earlier this week by calling the Ambank officer, but he seems to be too busy he put me direct to his voicemail, and didnt return my call. It does sounds like a fricking typical bank officers, once they’ve got you confirmed in their book, they are not so keen to help with the remaining process afterwards.

    Since I have known that Mah Kamariyah is the appointed lawyer on my purchase (after signing the SPA 2 weeks ago), i just called the lawyer’s office and speak to make an appointment today. They made the lawyer(s) on duty onsite to bring my papers and that was how I completed the signing today.


  207. YY,
    If you are really keen to get a unit at Block B, you may try to contact each and everyone of the Sale Agents. Bugging them for some left-over units, once in a while there will have someones who couldn’t able to get loan approved or just backed off from purchasing. Just you hardly have any choices, and mostly are above RM300k (RM340 psf or more).

    May I know how’s the rate offered by AmBank?

    I forsee Bukit Serdang will turn to high-end residential area. More high-rise buildings will soon get developed.

  208. Shawn

    I signed for Ambank with BLR-2.3% for 30yrs. They initially offered BLR-2.2% when I handed them the application documents. But they later came back with -2.3% and included the MRTA into the loan as I requested. Ambank’s offer ended up being the least amount of monthly to be serviced in comparison to the other two banks which I have shortlisted from the initial 6.


  209. Anyone who know about any MPSJ master plan to improve infrastructure or propose new access road connection?

    What have been done on the S’gor state government or MP of this area?

    P/s share… Thxs

  210. Dear Vic Mark the tower is for telco without it no coverage same go to the one near all your home small or big holding small tranmission frequency no different if scare this will affect you the normal one that you see at top of shop office is the same , i a tecnical guy

  211. I just bought a unit at block C , waiting for loan to approve get quite confuse of all the loan amount & what need to paid .anyone can advise

  212. HSS,

    What needs to be paid?

    1. Generally, you pay 1% of the Property Value, as an offer to purchase the property. As an early bird, you are entitled for the 9% discount plus the 0% interest free during construction stage (3 yrs or earlier pending completion) plus the Free Legal Fee on SPA, DMC and other ancilliary docs prepped by your lawyer.

    2. Then your loan application takes place. If your bank offers to loan the 90% of the property value, then you are fine. If not, you may have to top some $$$ for the amount to make up to that contra to the 90% property value. If you read this thread carefully, you may find that PBB have been offering buyers NOT 90% of the prop value.

    3. For the SPA & DMC signing, you will have to pay RM350.

    4. For the loan agreement on Banking Facilities, stamp duties to the documents; this varies on the amount of your loan to the bank. I have just completed all of these and also bought a unit in Block C. I paid about RM4k on this stage.

    I hope this shed some light to your query.


  213. Dear all,

    Hope you all successful signed your all loan/doc. & looking forward the countdown of Sanderson finish in time.

    Need to share with you all.

    Developer: Newfields Property
    Architect: T&T Architect Associates
    C&S Consultant: ??
    M&E Consultant: ??
    Main Contractor: ??
    Sub contractor:
    (a) Lift contractor: Schindler/MS Elevator/others?
    (b) Plumbing & sanitory contractor: ??
    (c) Electrical contractor: ??
    (d) Aircon contractor: ??
    (e) Architecture contractor: ??
    (f) Piling contractor: ?? (But going to start next month)

    Seem the Sanderson yet firm up the construction team for this moment. I saw newspaper The Star dated 23/10/2010 Newfields still looking for a team for their new project. This developer bit new since this is their first time involved in highrise building. Looking back their records, the first project is shop lot Gateway Square & Sanderson is their second project. (Pls correct me if wrong). But I hope this developer can perform well, employ good record contractors & give us good results in Sanderson & finish in schedule.:)

  214. Hi LSS,

    Yes, this developer is new and currently their projects only puchong gateway and phase 2 puchong gateway. I think Sanderson is their first high rise building. I have signed Snp last saturday and checked with lawyer which finacial party newfield will engage, he said apparently NO! because they have enough capital to roll !anyone heard about that ?

    Hey All, since we are future neighbour, create FB for sanderson as discussion forum, what are your guys view??..

  215. hi all,

    if we brought a unit during early bird, we get a promotions of
    1) free legal fee on SPA
    2) 1% rebate after completion
    3) free legal fee on loan agreement/documentation

    and during signing loan agreement, we just paid for stamp duty, disbursement and etc (no need to pay for the legal fee, right?)

    can someone calculate it for me, if my bank loan is around rm389k how much should i pay for the loan agreement etc? i have signed my SPA last Saturday with Lavinia Dell Akhbar

  216. Dear LSS,
    just type at search bar in FB: The Sanderson Bukit Serdang. But the review and feedback super damn slow.

    I purchase block c…almost 1 month now, my loan still not approved yet. have been chasing the bank officer over and over again…jisshhhhh!

    if by this week still no news, i want to cancel my purchase πŸ™

  217. Dear Anonymous,

    How many banks you had apply? With sharing to you, I had apply at least 4 bankers and I told them “First come first served” that mean who the first prepare the offer letter & I will sign it. Finally i sign with Maybank which take 2 weeks although I got other bank who said my loan had approved but when i ask them when can i sign it, they said in progress and i said i cant wait ard. Finally Maybank come out the offer letter immediatelly and email to me have a look with their manager signature. πŸ™‚

    Hi YY,

    If you still keen to own a unit in Block B, you properly can wait at least 3 years because some of block B owner are investor. That mean they will markup at least RM50K of orginal purchase price once the get the key & sell off but depand on market price on that time.

    Hi Joe,

    The next election coming soon, we can get some info from the existing tenant at housing area what is their expect of future Bukit Serdang. We now got choice ard. Pakatan Rakyat or BN. See who can offer better future plan for Bukit Serdang & vote them:). If not we can have a vote on another election during we move in Sanderson. But Our IC need to change to Sanderson adrress first πŸ™‚

  218. I just get sign offer letter from Affin Bank which offer me BLR -2.3% for 45 years but without MRTA, lock in 5 years. My unit is in Block B and there have assign Mah Kamariyah as my lawyer.

  219. Dear sandersonion & villa nion , the tower mention above yes is too near our condo for confort , can we submit pertition to telco asking for them to relocate it further away for residential area , is very near villa park just in front of guard house to protect our house value apart from hazardous effect , heard a lot of success story of complain that telco remove their tower

  220. Hi LSS,
    I have submitted my loan application to 3 banks: AM,Public and Maybank. My bank commitment is very high…but my records with banks are good, maybe that’s why the banks hold my application πŸ™
    SO far:
    1) AM have rejected
    2) Public only give 70% and now in progress of appealing for 90%
    3) Maybank verbally said ok but need to put 40k in FD

    What do the otais here say? Shall I continue my excitement of being future sandersonian or just cancel it and open my mouth frustrationly when the sanderson fully complete?

  221. Hi Anonymous,
    mayb u can try the OCBC bank, they approved my loan application in 1 week time and my situation is almost same with you- having high commitment. If u need the person in charge number, kindly let me know or u can ask the property agent there.

  222. hv anyone pay the loan agreement? pay by cash or cheque? on the day of signing the loan agreement or can pay later?

  223. Hi TM,


  224. REVISED

    Hi TM,


  225. tq terry, which block r u buying? how much the solicitor charging u on the loan agreement? we dont hv to pay for the legal fee on loan agreement right?

  226. hi tm,

    i think de legal fees is borned by de developer. i am very pissed now! initially ask me to pay rm 3000 plus and now i got to pay rm 7000 plus.

  227. Hi CB
    I think S&P Agreement is bourne by developer, somehow we have to pay for the Loan Agreement… that is what the person from Mah Kamariah told me. He also mentioned that for Loan Agreement cost us from RM3000 onward depents on the unit you have bought. On top of that we have to pay RM350 for S&P after signing the agreement. Anyway can confirm on these?

  228. Hi maMai,

    i am very confused here. so in total how much are we supposed to pay? initially de developer told me i only need to pay rm 3000 plus. and when de lawyer fax me the payment it is rm 7000 plus????

  229. TM

    The lawyers prefer to take cheque, as they didn’t like to carry too many cash in hand. If it happen that you speak to their clerk on the main office, she will say must pay on the spot.

    What I did is that I paid cash on the spot. Then they will issue you a detailed billing with a fine print at the bottom that actually says – ” The amount is payable within 30days from the signing date… ”

    So, its your call…


    You oughtta read the offer to purchase document that you signed with Kim Realty, and if you read it carefully – you shouldnt be pissed off. It actually clearly states that the Legal Fee for the SPA is paid by the Developer. But you must know what comes next after that, which is the loan agreement. This is where the big portion comes in that requires you to pay in as the final stage to conclude the purchase process.


  230. Hi CB & maMai,

    I was told from the developer that if we brought a unit before 26 of Sept 2010 we will get early bird promotions; free legal fee on SPA, free legal fee on loan documentation, 1% rebate after 3 years (all this has been stated on the documentation from the developer after we paid 1% deposit). but i also was told by the solicitor that we hv to pay around rm6-7k for loan agreement during signing the SPA. now i’m getting more confuse. why this happen? somebody pls help us regarding this issue especially who have signing the laon agreement. tq

  231. Hi halda, thanks for the info. just wanna ask u something, if at my purchase document stated free legal fee for loan documentation meaning free legal fee for loan agreement right? because the solicitor said something that hv to pay now (rm7k) then later went we get our key just pay around less then rm50 for MOT stamping. but based on my understanding, if e.g i brought a unit at block A i should pay the loan agreement around rm3-4k then after nearly 3 years then hv to pay the MOT that cost us around rm8k.

  232. Hi halda,

    Thanks for de information. the legal fees is now waived after i called up de sales person. They never inform the lawyer on this matter. Right now, I need to pay rm 3000 plus.

  233. CB, can i know which legal firm?

  234. Hi blur,

    lavinia dell akhbar tee n partner. the lawyer firm said de developer didnt tell them on the free legal fees part (it is bourne by de developer. value around rm 4000 plus. pls make sure you guys check before paying or signing anything.

  235. Hi Anonymous

    Normally the bank will base on your financial background. For my understanding if somebody had invest on more than one properties by getting loan etc, the bank will only approve less than 90% of purchase price. But in your case I am not sure. Your can refer Terry recommend OCBC banker whether can help you. Hope you can be one of the Sandersonian πŸ™‚

    Dear all,

    There were no MOT for Sanderson once complete. The MOT issued when strata title issued. Calculation is 1st 100k 1%, next 400k 2%, thereafter 3%

    Let us make a conclusion here:
    We based on purchase price RM 300,000

    During soft launch:
    1) Downpayment : RM 3000 (paid 1% of purchase price)
    2) Free legal fee: Yes
    3) SPA : RM350
    4) Loan Doc (Stamp duty etc) : RM 2,500 (Depand which block or loan amount)
    5) MOT : Pay using early bird 1% discount of nett price
    6) Deposit for maintenance : 4 months (estimated RM200 x 4 = RM 800)
    Total need to paid unitl we get the key : RM 6,650+

    During Official launch
    1) Downpayment : RM 30,000
    2) Free legal fee: No
    3) Loan Doc (Stamp duty etc) : RM 7,000 (Depand which block or loan amount)
    4) SPA : RM350+
    5) MOT : RM 3,000
    6) Deposit for maintenance : 4 months (estimated RM200 x 4 = RM 800)
    Total need to paid unitl we get the key : RM 41,150+

    Pls correct me if missout.

  236. I receive at letter from the developer setting the lawyer firm is lavina dell akhbar for SPA , but my loan no sound no pic , do i sign the spa first with lawyer or wait for bank letter offer .
    Confusing car park also allocated by don’t know where i book block c
    anyone know where is your car park

  237. HSS

    I bought a unit in Block C as well, and I didnt get the parking in tandem to the building. I got all three on the opposite side of the road, but all 3 are in sequence.

  238. halda, are they all covered car parks ?

    I think I’m quite lucky, both of my car parks are just next to the lobby, btw I bought block A.

  239. My one not in sequence , don’t know cover or not not seen the map
    Walau if allocate far then need to walk

  240. Vic,

    It was said it is going to be a covered car park. Correct me if I am wrong, I thought I saw the pamphlet of artist’ impression / Sanderson video on YouTube shows that the opposite carpark is covered. The only difference is that we have to cross the road to reach it, rather than the one in tandem to the building itself.

    I was also told by the Kim Realty dude that mine is considered lucky as all 3 is in sequence to another. Some are scattered with the 3rd parking (for Villa owner) located quite away from the Villa itself(which is not in a vision distance, as some of the Block C owners 3rd car park are assigned close to the Home / Suite).

    I asked them if this is changeable, but was given a big NO by the dude. I really wish I knew somebody in Newfields earlier on who can help me with that. But now that all the papers has been signed with the allocated parking lots has been designated, sounds like a little bit too late.


  241. Halda u are lucky then my one not in sequence then cannot change according to Kim or who?

  242. Hss

    I was told that it cannot be changed according to Kim’s agent. He was also saying & I quoted as “The parking lots has been allocated by the Newfields’ management …. bla bla bla… ”


  243. Hi,

    My allocated car parks, 2 front-back parkings just below my villa window. Third car park is at the front of Block A, at ground floor. At least it isn’t so far to walk from my unit (C5) to the third one, furthermore third car park is served for my guest. Most important the first two…

    By the way, I will sign the SPA on Monday at site. Loan agreement will be much later, but it has approved.

  244. Guys any update in site progress. Pilling etc… has started?

  245. shawn, what level are u?

    I am really not satisfied with the car park allocation.

    mine is villa block C13 , which is near the entrance, but the 3rd car park is allocated at block A!!
    i asked the developer n the respond is : because level 2 and 3 are cheaper, so the car park assigned is further… what the $@$%@%#$^%

    rather park outside of apartment at visitor parking n walk in to my house through pedestrian..

  246. maMai,
    They are doing the pilling now, at the Block A and B. Villa C, they are still doing the pilling on the C3-C6 are. Rest are still empty. At this level, they should take at least 6 months for the next 10% payment.

    My unit at level 2, I have 2 back-to-back parking lots just infront of my units, third car park at Block A. It is just beside the main exit. So it is not so far from my unit.

    By the way, once i processed my photos i will upload to show you the views on the site.

  247. Hi Shawn,

    Do you know who is the Architect, maincontractor & piling contractor or not for this project?

  248. yesterday bnm announce 3rd property maximum home loan only 70% some investor on sanderson must be happy because just approve the loan. However some haven’t approve not sure will follow which one.

  249. Dear all,
    HAve you paid the processing fees RM350 and the stamping fee ?
    because the lawyer firm only collected the processing fee rm350 from me but yet to send me the invoice for stamping fee.

  250. Terry

    The RM350 is just when u’re signing the SPA.

    U’ll need to pay more when you sign the loan documents, depending on the loan amount – which includes every other fees & stamp duty. Maybe 2-4k for a typical loan amount, but if u’re the one who bought the Block A Penthouse, i’m guessing that would be a lot more.


  251. Hi Halda,
    Thanks for your info. actually i had signed the loan documents already, but they never contact me for the fees.
    i bought block b…

  252. hi shawn, i have the same car parks allocation with u which two of it are front and back below my unit and 3rd one at Block A…
    but i am at block 13 ,a bit far from block A ..:(
    during the launching, we had voiced out this concern before, the person told me it wont be that far and should just allocated beside or opposite my block :S

  253. hi guys,

    i have finally sign de spa and settle all the payment. i guess most of the people buying block c (level 2 and 3) will have the same problem of having the 3rd car park allocated on the ground floor in block A.

  254. HI Mytotal,

    what if the property is under joint holders? For instance, 3rd property for 1st applicant, but 2nd or first property for the 2nd applicant.

  255. Hi Terry, i think you should have 30 days to settle the loan agreement payment, better check it with your solicitor.

  256. Hi Vic,

    Thanks for the advice, i will contact the solicitor on monday to c hows the thing going on….

  257. Wondering what is the impact of the 70/30 for 3rd house

  258. yeaaa!!!! after month of waiting, finally my loan approved!!! 87% from maybank. yippieee!

    now, i can proudly say to all here: “hello there neighbours!” πŸ™‚

  259. congrats, how come so wierd 87%, not 80% and not 90% ?

  260. Vic,
    they give me 2 choice:
    1)90% loan and i need to flash FD 50k
    2)80% loan

    so i take no 1.. suddenly, they called said only 87%. never mind lorr…just take it.

  261. A little undecided whether to proceed after paying 1%. Villa Park seems low occupancy and rental also low. What do you guys think? Is it worth purchasing even though the other access road not confirmed? Appreciate any comment, positive or negative. ;_)

  262. For my humble opinion, i think for our own staying is okay. but for investment it will be 50-50…


  264. me and terry same.

    investment so-so..hopefully developer will do some kind of magic touch to the accessibility.

    cross-finger lorrr.

  265. Gov new 30% for those who ask only apply when
    Buying 3th property with bank financing only impacted ( that mean the first 2 house still under financing )
    If u have already 2 house but 1st house loan fully settle , u can still apply for your 3th house under 90% loan ( if i read the statement correctly )

  266. Nomad
    Villa Park just get vacant proceesion cert , tenant /owner not move in yet
    Rental not so bad empty unit RM1000 i see at I property , selling also not bad at RM 270K compare to the original price that less than RM200K
    But not many unit for sales or rent i think less that 30 units
    other maybe owner staying

  267. agree with blur , own staying good design investment if can fetch good price when complete may consider sell off , anyhow happy garden condo see hoy chan new launch 1300 sq feet RM 700K , i think sanderson still got potential as the design much more better

  268. Hss, yes you are correctly. The 30% down payment is only affecting the nature individuals who currently having 2 outstanding mortgage loan and intend to take on the third.

  269. i bought block c11. i got 2 car parks opposite the road. another 1 is at block a side. it’s actually quite far from my unit. but i think positively, i can park at 3rd parking at block A if i want to go for facility/gym area or convinient store. For guests, i think it’s ok for them to walk to enjoy our beautiful landscape. or we can just drive to fetch them.. i believe i wont have guest visit everyday..
    so, neighbours, pls think positively πŸ™‚

  270. Hope the landscape will be as nice at the mock up design show at showroom

  271. Tx for comments guys. What about amenities like shops, eateries, banks etc? Where is the nearest commercial centre? Do we have to go to Sri Petaling/Puchong area? I don’t see decent looking shop lots in the vicinity.

    Actually am glad to hear you guys planning to stay there. My usual principle is if it’s a place ppl are willing to stay themselves, then it’s a place other ppl are willing to rent and stay there too πŸ˜‰ If it’s a place just bought for investment I feel value also drop and usually will not be well maintained.

  272. yippie..maybank gimme -2.4 blr n waive in loan processing fees! at last, after looooooooong wait,finally they give me reason to smile πŸ™‚

  273. wow that’s a good rate, did you take MRTA ?

  274. nope.. hihihi.. planning to take MLTA but not now. Now have to save some money for lawyer fees.

  275. How much is your loan amount?

  276. wow without MRTA then -2.4 is really good !

  277. my loan is RM592k

  278. anonymous, good offer you got here. mine, i accepted -2.3 without mrta at 3 years lock-in…

  279. Shawn, What’s your loan amount?

  280. anonymous, i got 350k only cos i don’t want to get max available loan amount. it will later translate with higher commitment. mrta, i will get it by Dec (before my birthday, cos it is count by current age).

  281. Hi Shawn, I think u shd get max available loan since we have developer interest bearing scheme. otherwise, u will lose interest on the amount u paid during construction period.

  282. Wow -2.4 really good deal i only got -2.2 which bank

  283. Maybank. I got -2.4 because i am one of Maybank preferred customers. According to them laa.. My loan RM592k, 35yrs, monthly RM2500

  284. how to become a preferred customer?? i am also a privilege customer, but never get such a good deal.

  285. Becoming a preferred customer includes having a good credit history, doesnt matter with any bank. But it is a lot better if you already have an account with Maybank of some sort, be it savings, hire purchase & others too. I only have my salary credited to Maybank’s saving acc, and with this plus other bank’s hire puchase records – i was also being offered the -2.4% blr recently. However I took other offer which is better for me in general.

  286. th SPA is still not stamp yet… hmm… taking it too long…

  287. yes… i’m still waiting to sign the loan agreement… now is more than 3 weeks

  288. Anymore updates on the future development in bukit serdang?

  289. adui.. maybank, ocbc, cimb quota is full.. πŸ™
    have to opt for affin or ambank. sighhh….

  290. Guys anyone can tell me what is the update on site progress? I am very remote…

  291. They just started pilling for block C.

  292. Villa park condo for sale RM 230,000 for 956 sqf on level 14 facing east south (facing the sanderson and TPM) block B. Selling price RM 230,000 already got fan, light, grille, water header and cloth dryer. interested call 012-6657857 mr lim.

  293. Thanks Anonymous, really appreciate it.

  294. did everybody have sign the loan agreement? why did they takes so long to prepare the loan agreement? i have signed the SPA around 3-4 weeks ago but still hv no news on loan agreement πŸ™ is this normal?

  295. Blur which bank

    loan agreement will be ready quite fast , my one take only 10 days
    I sign my SPA & loan agreement same time 10 days after booking
    Better check with the bank sales person

  296. hi hss, bank loan with affin. a few times check with the bank, but they said that they have to wait until the solicitor give them the SPA copy with stamping then their processing department will prepare the instruction letter to the solicitor. but why do they take so long and it really confusing me…

  297. blur, my loan agreement took 1 or 2 days after the u better check with the affin bank and get the confirm answer from them.
    because from my pass experience…the service for this bank is really…..huh….!!

  298. tq terry for the advice. will double check again with d bank.

  299. Usually the bank just give instruction to solicitor to prepare for the loan agreement, not necessary wait for SPA to be stamp..

  300. the solicitor called me after i sms her. she said the instruction letter was given to them on d 1st of nov. meaning they r d one who delay it.

  301. havent sign my loan agreement too..already signed the SPA about 3weeks ago.. :S
    how come saw some ppl need to pay RM2-3k and some doesn’t need to pay apenny for the loan agreement?

  302. it seems buying a property in malaysia like a nightmare….., especially the banker, now say no problem, when u pressented your application for loan, they will tell u a lot of grandama storey, x approve lah due to…. , file a complaint to bank negara

  303. talking about loan, it really depends on your luck.. especially the developers are all attach with mobile sales team.. very hard to meet someone that is responsive.. most of them just want u to sign the LO, then everything is “bye bye”… no more follow-up.. no customer service..

  304. just signed my loan agreement last saturday. the invoice is around RM2800K++ for block A (corner) facing swimming pool. i have 2 weeks to pay the amount. will be bank in through cash deposit machine. for those who still haven’t sign the loan agreement, i guess u better call the person who in charge your SPA. Ask them when can u sign your loan agreement.

  305. Hi Guys,

    May I know what the next step should I do beside waiting after signing all agreement and paid all the fees?

    Btw, I still not yet get the official receipt from sanderson. Anyone?

    Note: Purchase on Preview Day.

    Thank You.

  306. Hi Raffles
    What do you mean you haven’t recieved official receipt from Sanderson. You should have a receipt from Newsfield (developer)once you made a payment.
    Also, chase your lawyer for SPA to be stamped. Besides that, chase your bank to issue LI to lawyer firm so that your Bank Loan Agreement can be finalsed and stamped as well.
    Don’t just wait, they will process yours as the last one otherwise. As you know they have thousands of application/agreement to be done.
    I’m chasing them every 3 days on my agreements progress yet the momentum still slow….
    Good luck….

  307. to all the experts, what is the future of bukit serdang?

  308. Hi Racheal

    Future of Bukit Serdang (BS):
    1. Extention of LRT will have a stop at BS
    2. Developers intention/apllied interchange from the nearest Putrajaya-KL highway
    3. Benefit from KL Financial Centre (Sg. Besi airport at the moment) if this project is realised
    4. Near institutional (UPM), Research/Office area (Technology Park) and Sports complex

    I think it has a very good prospect…….

  309. Daer all sanderson buyer ,

    i have check with developer ,they will send us an official receipt of 9% rebate equivalant to our purchase price on end of dis. ur guys can f/up with developer.

    furthermore ,when i received s/p doc frm lawyer .i found the last 4 pages where explning the bulding description . i see the wall tiles isn’t same as brochure indicated when we get in gallery sale office last time . it’s just a normal wall tiles in the bathroom instead of quality tiles. anyone notice it or not in your own s/p agreement? pls check and may be we can consult to developer together ..

  310. No wonder the SA kept saying the actual tile used may be different from the show unit.

  311. Hi maMai,

    Thank You for your info.

    I just checked with the lawyer, mine S&P already stamped.
    But the Loan Agreement still pending for Stamping and this is process in batch after S&P stamped.
    May I know what is LI stand for?

    As for Official Receipt, I only get the Offer to Purchase from SA on that day.
    I just called NewFields, they said that Official Receipt will be issued by postal after the S&P is stamped, probably by Next Month.

    Thank You.

  312. Hi Raffles

    LI stands for Letter of Instruction from the Bank to the Solicitor to proceed with the Bank Loan Agreement process.

  313. maMai,
    Thanks for the info. Out of curiosity, where you got the info? I search search and search can seems to find what you mentioned =p maybe i blur blur

  314. Hi Racheal
    You can find in KL Structure plan for the LRT. I gained information about the interchange from one of the internet forum while for KL Business Centre, was announced by Najib (joined venture project between Govt of Malaysia and Mubadala Co. from Abu Dhabi). Keep searching and share the news with us… cheers.

  315. maMai,
    You very clever le. Thanks for sharing ya

  316. Hi, I have one friend stay nearby there and I heard from him that there are many negro stay at that area now (those apartments and flats nearby). And my concern is if those who bought the house for investment rent their unit to them, what would happen to the environment there… as we all knew what kind of activities they mainly involved in this country… anyway just my concern only, no offense.

  317. oh God…please don let the n#g#o stay in our future home compund. pleaaaaassseeeeeee…!

  318. hi maMai,
    i din see any new LRT extension near by BS??

  319. I think MRT has the possibility but the detailed plan yet finalize by government. LRT is non-existance in the plan.

  320. MRT or LRT is just different term and system, cut the story short there will be the train system near the development. Info from my Architect friend working with DBKL.
    As the black people (please don’t call them Negr* as it is himuliation to them) potentially living in the area, I have no problem as many buyers are for own stay. Again don’t judge them, we never know one day we will live in african country, then you know how it’s feel….WORLD PEACE!!!!

  321. Please becareful with Kelly Cheong@Andy 0126678004. I have applied loan with them and after few days later there is no news from them. never return call n sms.wasted my 2 weeks time.

  322. Dear maMai

    Perhaps some people would confuse with LRT and MRT, they are two totally different transport system. MRT is going to be kick off and the tentative plan will have stop in serdang but exact location is unknown and the date of materialization may take a decade…

    We may have this link to understand better…

  323. Serdang, I don’t agree with you. She is very professional in handling my loan, fast and efficient. I think if you are qualified for the loan, she might have call you as which sales agent don’t want to close sales?

  324. Has anyone get back the SPA (with stamp duty) from the Solicitor?

  325. Hi all. Im new here. Do u guys have any idea if I still can get 1 unit of block B. Already asked the developer and sadly he told me it has been sold out. Anybody want to cancel your booking??

  326. Hi Obe, I think you need wait after 3 years construcction finish. Normally they buy it for investment. or you can offer at least rm75,000 higher or more than current purchase price. Then you can have it. Assuming additional RM25,000 increasement per year in kl/selangor area. Good luck.

  327. Everyone got their xmas card & mag from developer? Not bad huh. First time.

  328. Happy new year to all of u……

  329. Trillionaire | January 2, 2011 at 2:22 am |

    HIHI im New here , everyone good ya

  330. Happy new year…. Hi trillionaire… is that you are? Trillionaire…. hahahaah

  331. Trillionaire | January 2, 2011 at 3:47 pm |

    Yeah hope so wahaha

  332. How many zero are there in a trillion?

  333. Anyone interest to takeover Block A ground floor unit with garden? Please sms 012 2929181 urgent;y.

  334. anyone has visit the construction site? how is the development now ? if someone have photo may be can tag here .so everybody can view it ..

  335. till to date, block c 2 units available, block A 9 units available, block C sold out….

  336. but the piling work quite slow…..

  337. I heard that there will be building another access road, can anyone here validate is it true?

  338. I think so. I got to know all the “lori hantu” not using the slope access road to enter the site. There was another road at Villa pavilion to enter. Hopefully, the road could be permanent and not serve for temporary used. ^^

  339. why the piling work so slow ? there are already 4 mnth has passed since the soft launch in sep 2010 ..why do the block c has yet start the piling work ?furthermore ,the developer hasn’t yet send us the receipt of rebate in jan2011 as promised.. everything seems to be very slow moving.

  340. yea…i visited the office yday, the guy said the piling work will be done after CNY around end of feb…hopefully that’s true.

  341. Peeps,

    Piling works are very important baby stage of a construction as you all know. It takes a lot longer time for a construction of a highrise, compared to a low rise. What is the worry about construction when it has only been launched for over 4 months?

    We need to be realistic about this as well, i rather wait and let the piling works pass & acceptable than being sorry afterwards when the building is completed that we had problem with it due to some poor piling works.

    I dont exactly know for how long a piling works should be completed, but let us see what is happening in March, like the guys from their sales office said.


  342. No need to worry… bank haven’t release a single cents so technically developer onli taken your 1%. As far as i am concern they can take their own seet time as long as they pay the LAD in 2013/14 on time. kekeke.

  343. I’ve visit the sanderson show room yesterday, and left RM 450k~550k units at Blk A and C only @_@
    the sales person there never mention got RM230k++ unit.. possible is sold out…

    btw, bandar puteri puchong being developed and traffic jam for so many years, and the extension of MRT just a proposal until now… u all really believe there will be a stop at BS? but the showing… the extension not even ‘touch’ TPM… O_o

  344. do anyone received their official receipt from developer?

  345. guys any one could update on site progress todate? Need your help as I am ver remote… thanks πŸ™‚

  346. Site progress is slow. Not much changes at site. A few of earthwork or piling location is set only

  347. you can go to the sanderson’s official website at and click on “work progress” to see some pictures uploaded by them.

  348. Anyone here are owner of Villa Park and want to sell their unit. If yes, please email me, i am interested to buy if the price OK…

  349. opps my email is

  350. i just received the official receipts from the Newfields…

  351. Same here…..

  352. me too… πŸ™‚

  353. I really wish you all along the Journey with The Sanderson.

    I dun really look good on this property and the whole package altogether either for stay or investment.

    Accessity is terrible. Every day afterwork I can see the road behind the old Mint hotel is jam (coming from KL). Not to forget future One South also using the same road once completed.

    With the price so high for non landed property in such a area, you will better off buying landed property about the same price. And I very doubt the sustandability of the non landed price as the price has went beyond those of landed property.

    I have read Aziz Ali recent post where he has sell off most of his properties. So I think he know something is wrong.

    Another point I could found from this post is PPB have not loan up to 90%. Which I think they are cautios of possible property bubbles. So once they really pull the hand break, it hard to let go even with low price.

    It take 3 years to get the key. By then, thing could reallly changes.

    Good Luck Guys

  354. Hahagang. Thank you for your negative views. I respect your own views but I don agree wt you.

  355. Does anyone know who are planning to sell the sanderson condominium? I’m looking for one. Thanks. Is there any owner wanna sell?

  356. They still have around 10 units to sell i think, and still having 9% discount.

  357. Last 2 weeks i went there ofor collect the Newfield folder, only left 1 unit block A. all Block C & B sold out ard….

  358. Wow really ? I went there 1 or 2 months back it still have around 10 units. It’s a very good news as it’s almost 100% taken up ! πŸ™‚

  359. I went to their sales office last weekend, block A still got 2 unit(Penthouse) and block C got 2 unit(Villa) left……

  360. What is your contact SS. I am considering selling mine. Jut considering but could have a chat.

  361. hi , anyone of your unit of the loan has released according to work progressed recently ?

    who has any idea the sanderson land is encumbranced to any financier institution by vendor ?

  362. Hi, vivian you can email me at thanks

  363. Just received progress billings of 10% from Newfields, Now thinking how to paid the 10% to Newfield…can through ebanking? or….

  364. hahagang
    thanks for your sharing. but i think the price selling here is acceptable which is less than RM300 per sqf.
    nowdays, it is very hard to get the price like this.
    you may go to survey first.

  365. LSS,

    can you kindly explain what do u meant on progress billings? we have to pay 10% to Newfields? i’m guessing bank should pay it for us right? then we will pay back later.

  366. Yea i thought so. Newfields is asking the 10% from bank, and we don’t need to pay any interests during the construction period.

  367. unless if u hvn’t taking any loan from bank and pay by your own… πŸ™‚

  368. I had been told by Richard i need paid RM60++ to Newfield due to 1st stage progress and 2nd stage will be soon and may need paid another RM++…Still doubt…..

  369. nvmla…just paid for it…

  370. Shall there still got empty unit for sale? How much for now??

  371. Hi guys… didn’t catch up for a long time.
    I went to the site couple weeks ago and really like it. To be honest that was the first time i went there as i live abroad and i purchase the unit based from my friend recommendation. Honestly, the site is wonderful and the show unit is amazing. They really put lots of efford to make it look really presentable. Well done Newfields for the good marketing stratergy.
    When I was there, there are 2 lowrise (5 storey) most top floor (penthouse) unit still available and its cost 700K. It was only 660K when it launched. It is very good apprecaiation (about 40K) in 6 months which added a good value to the development.
    As per progress payment (applicable for those who took bank loan), it shall be paid by the bank not purchaser. The invoice from Newfields was addressed to the bank and CC to the purchaser.
    Hopefully, the project will runs smoothly without any dealy πŸ™‚

  372. Last week went to sales office, only 2 penthouse left at Tower A, all sold out…..

  373. the progress billing are some give to buyer who has only financing 80% of loan ,after that the rest of loan will be paid by banker till vp.

    as far as we know ,the 2 unit of penthouse is still available and 1 unit of block c as well.

    thanks to the newfields staff ‘s good effort to retify numerous problems of purchasers facing in the past 6 mnths.

    we can keep contact with newfield ‘s staff on progessing of project at site if some of us have no time or inconvinient to visit the site .they can provide info to us.

    let us together pray that sanderson smoothly complete built up on time and the weather is good ,so that the worker can work smoothly without any incidents.

  374. I just received a letter from newfields regarding the 10% completion of Sanderson construction. In the letter stated that I need to pay RM0.20 (twenty cent only). I try to clarify by calling up their office but always end up with no one answering my calls… Any1 can help me on this? Thanks.

  375. You can try to call them again and talk to ms tan at 03-20312888 or else email to hope this will help u

  376. Thx Blur! Will call them on 2moro. Anyway, there are works progressive photos in the Sanderson website for the month of May. Check it out!

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  378. ……..

  379. Hi all, what’s the latest progress with Sanderson ? Btw, I’m a Villa Pavillion owner and my unit is overlooking Sanderson, such a beautiful sight πŸ™‚

  380. Hi Moonyakov, since you are owner of Villa Pavillion overlooking Sanderson, can you see how’s the progress like at the site and let us know ? Since we couldn’t see it from outside and I only check the photos uploaded on their website to get to know the progress.

  381. In front of Sanderson is Semi-D & town villa (which similar to Block C called “The Park @ Bukit Serdang”. The Semi-D I think will be more than RM 2 million++, which the Town Villa will be start at RM600k++. Good news is a new road to be build but exit to Serdang Villa Apartment. Now hoping to get a new road to Jalan PBS 14/1 or Bukit Jalil Highway in future.

  382. Hello There. I found your blog the usage of msn. This is a really neatly written article. I will make sure to bookmark it and come back to read extra of your helpful information. Thank you for the post. I’ll certainly return.

  383. An outstanding share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a friend who had been conducting a little homework on this. And he in fact bought me lunch due to the fact that I found it for him… lol. So let me reword this…. Thanks for the meal!! But yeah, thanx for spending some time to talk about this issue here on your blog.

  384. property seeker | August 23, 2012 at 4:43 pm |

    HI, I Would like to check if anyone can provide me an answer to my question. My loan was just approved by the bank and they mention under their clause that if the CF is not release by developer, they will demand me to pay them back?Is there really such a term by any bank in malaysia…seeking anyone’s advise. Thank you.

  385. I’ve recently started a blog, the information you offer on this site has helped me greatly. Thank you for all of your time & work.

  386. There are some interesting deadlines on this article however I don’t know if I see all of them heart to heart. There’s some validity however I’ll take maintain opinion until I look into it further. Good article , thanks and we would like extra! Added to FeedBurner as well

  387. Good post, thanks for sharing. Cya.

  388. Simply wanna comment on few general things, The website design is perfect, the articles is rattling great. “Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment.” by Barry LePatner.

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