Zest Kinrara 9

Since there is someone mention the maintenance fee for this service apartment only RM0.16 per sqf. I was interested to wirte this property. I already know this property on last year 2008. This property just launch onFebruary 2009. For the location wise is convenient to Puchong, sunway, to KL just near the interchange of kinrara golf course. Near by is Giant supermarket .

The most attractive view is facing the golf course. Below of the residential area is the commercial shop lot. Near future the LRT will be built opposite of this site, again don’t know when it will built. The zest web site mention 9-10% return. However nearby no college, the nearest could be APIIT in TNB and IMU in Bukit Jalil. The other college is in Sunway and SS15. For me I will prefer for own stay, especially select the golf course view.

Is there any promotion right now? Zest agent may be can introduce more in this site.

Location: Bandar Kinrara 9

Type: Service Apartment (Freehold)

Price: start from RM 225,000

Built-up: 1110 – 1419 sqf

Total unit : 720 units

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  1. I am the first time buyer and i saw the advertisement very attractive. Because is near bukit jalil and also puchong. I prefer the golf view, I buy it for own stay. Is the place worth to buy and the developer is it reliable.

  2. zest kinrara 9 location wise is quite good. If the ramp from puchong is really constructed. So in and out is very convenient. The other good things like giant just can reach at short walking distance. Golf view is my selection, if for own stay. The shop lot depend on want business will be doing here. If the shop consist of bank, cafe and high standard shop. It will bring up the value here. So it is very depend on tenant.

  3. i did go to sales office, the salesman only able to show me in computer design. i don’t feel confident since economy is badly down and the site is totally not yet start, no foundation build at all. may be i am wrong, may be not, but i wont choose to bet. what you all think about?

  4. hi i just bot a unit with the sales person, Liew. He gave a very thorough intro and won’t force ppl to sign straight away. He encourage us to go around and see the area which is good for buyer. Saw the location and love it. Love the idea and mine is facing KLCC view.

    For all those ppl out there who is interested, find Liew and you’ll have a very good service.

    happy house hunting!

  5. Hi Michael,

    please visit


    the first 4 storey shoplot already erected till 4th floor.. construction is already on the way, mind you, the project is not even officially launch, with 90% sold for Block C and 30% sold for Block B in just 6 months.

    We manage to gather close to 50 buyers in lowyat forum alone with the project only started just 6 months since booking started end of last yr.. we even hav our own Zest facebook with more than 40 over members 🙂

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    By limwc78 at 2009-05-14

  7. I’m also a first time buyer.I purchased a unit on the Highest floor, facing KL. I think, for the price & the amenities, it’s quite a good investment. Once the LRT station & Ramp are built, the value will jump higher. Am waiting for the show-unit to be finished so that we can see what the actual thing looks like.

  8. wow the zest kinrara like selling hot cakes in recently. The show room also not ready but already sell off 70 %. look like this link road from bukit jalil to puchong is a protential location for future. However the government had built a lot of low cost apartment around this area too. Hope in the future more high end property built around here.

  9. Latest Sales figure:

    Block A (total 240 units)- about 60% sold

    Block B (total 240 units)- 90% sold

    Block C (total 240 units)- 100% sold

    This is one development which has no “easy ownership scheme” and all buyers still required to fork out 10% downpayment amounting RM 22k and above.

    Yet responce is very good although it was only make known to public in less than half year..

    We have seen a lot of other projects giving “easy ownership scheme” to buyers, but responce is not as good as Zest.. 🙂

  10. wow, this is incredible,as this economic and such good result for zest kinrara 9. I got a friend pla to buy zen residence and i ask him to look for zest kinrara first. As this is the hottest property in klang valley. Did all agree.

  11. congratulation to all the buyer. You all have make a right choice.

  12. i stay nearby at mutiara bkt jalil, heard that zest might be 1 of the very attractive investment.

    btw, where will the ramp located since i cant figure out any emthy land for the ramp.

    besides, where will the LRT stn located?

  13. The ramp will be from puchong site and across to the zest kinrara. However the work haven’t start, so not sure how true is it. The Sirim there last time also promise to build a interchange from puncak jalil to sri petaling but until now no news. They just make a traffice light on the Bomba there to solve the issue. LRT propose to be opposite of Giant supermarket.

  14. You have to understand that the there will be LRT track lay on the sg besi puchong expressway.. Developer and LRT authorities already had a few round of discussion earlier on how to position and construct the ramp and track so that both structure and construction will not interfere each other… Since the LRT is still in the infant stage, ramp should not be rushed and should be planned properly in order not to interfere the track.. The whole ramp story change when the developer come to learn that the track will be constructed in the middle of road..

    Its unfair to compare the sirim junction with this.. Have to understand that Talam went into trouble at that time..

    3 Stations will be constructed near Kinrara, 1 infront of Hapseng star which just infront of BK9, 1 at Giant Kinrara, 1 at Kinrara industry.



  15. wow, in front of hapseng star means within walking distance from my house. heehee!!! sure boh?

  16. yes, i think they plan there long time ago and never change it. should be there, the lrt should locate into a convenient location. We can see the lrt quite near to shopping center, Giant, IOI, Tesco.

  17. intan nor malissa | March 31, 2011 at 4:46 am |

    can u please provide me with usefull info about this property.

  18. Hi all, i am intrest on this. do email me if any 1 wish to let go.

  19. Anonymous | July 10, 2011 at 6:45 pm |

    Is there any to let there,,partly of fully furnish

  20. The zest already over price 100 % ! Anyone can comment on this ? Got such property increase price 100 % within 2 years ?

  21. Now is March 2012, the project was already completed a year ago but the shop lots and apartments still vacant. Those buy for investment die standing…

  22. go and see yourselves the amount of renovation on going.. key started collection 2 months ago and still on going .. dont blame you for being property noob.. i didnt know ppl can move in without renovation and furnishing…

  23. transacted price ranging 450k to 500k.. unit rented out ranging from 1400 partial furnish to 2400 fully furnish… dont be a noob plz…

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